4.5 3D

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-12-06
  • Current Version: 1.1.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 236.00 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 65 819


Discover the smooth drawing experience of now in 3D! Create your zone, avoid others players and colors unique 3D shapes! Collect stars as you play and reach 100% to unlock new levels and bonuses!



  • Frustrated

    By in case you wanted to know
    Way to many advertisements. Could be fun but right when you’re getting into it it stops and goes to an advertisement in mid play. Over and over again. I just deleted it.
  • Fix the bugs please!!!

    By qwertyu dnsbbz
    So many glitches when I get really far, super disappointing

    By Kimi_23
    This game is really annoying sometimes. It is easier than 2 but if you die you can only come back once after that your done. Once I died at 60% and then relived and died at 90% which was really unfair. I don’t like how to get the “prize” thing you have to get 100%. Because sometimes you die when your like over 60% and can’t relive. Also once I moved my finger to turn left but it made a loop and killed me but I didn’t do that. Other than those annoying problems the game is good and fun.
  • Crashing!

    By 25Qetuo1
    I’m not saying anything new here. The game is great except for the fact you can’t play it. It keeps crashing!!! Other glitches as well.
  • Glitches all the time

    By Barry saloon
    Some time when I’m at like 32% it’ll say 0.0% . And some time when I’m about to WIN as soon as I touch someone else’s land I die because of lag
  • Obsessed

    By Kckburns
    Didn’t expect to get so addicted to this game but I cannot stop playing it! Please add new levels! I never want this to end
  • More fun. More glitches

    By 1percentmore
    A lot of fun. The glitches can be very frustrating. So many times I have been above 95% only to have the app close and my progress lost. Sometimes my color changes mid game and I can’t create a path that will fill in or my land disappears entirely. Twice however, the game glitched and gave me 100% when I was only at about 30%
  • Bug

    By Schrobby Boeder
    Some times it will not let me go in one place like I circle the spot and touch mine but it will not count it but other than that it was really good Good job
  • Needs fixing

    By hehdjdvdjd
    My land keeps getting cut of and when I try to fix it I can’t the game is deleting my land so what’s the point on playing if my land is getting deleted can you answer that one?
  • Glitches

    By aka.Queen
    I like the the game but every time I play it there’s always a glitch even after the update it’s still there
  • NiCe

    By yeetztohina
    NiCe nice nice nice nice nice
  • Love this game!

    By nure17p
    I am addicted
  • meh

    By Amelia Pitati
    i really enjoy it, it’s just laggy and hard to move. overall good idea i guess. too many add
  • Great game! Don’t get me wrong.

    By Lauraw222
    Crashes constantly!!!!!! I have to reset it feels like every 30seconds. I’ll be so close to making a full 100% covered and bam, shuts off. Please fix bug!
  • So many bugs.

    By Idkk Reallly
    So a little while ago I downloaded this game and I enjoyed it. I got through almost the whole game but I couldn’t handle it anymore when it kept crashing, playing ads, and it glitches so you can’t expand your space anymore! I don’t usually leave bad reviews but this was just terrible.
  • I hate this game

    By kkjru
    Every time I try to push the button to get stars and it won’t let me because your game is stupid the only thing I like about it is the different levels you can do I hate this game
  • Love it!

    By Wykiki
    Great game!!! Can we get some new levels/ shapes?
  • Awesome Game. Need more levels

    By Orangegirl1976
    This game is so fun. I love it. You need to add more levels please!
  • Robot players

    By mfyhejfiwf
    All they do is kill you to make you rage quit don’t recommend
  • Decent

    By dig25
    Way too many adssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But a good game
  • i love this game but..

    By RaggedyHolmes
    i've loved all the games but this one seems to have issues. im giving it 4 stars since i love the whole thing there just needs to be a bug fix soon. i was currently playing and had over 50% and suddenly the game lagged and i lost all of it and some how went down to 3% of the map covered. also at times i have pieces that randomly disappear but it is still counted towards my percentage. hoping voodoo gets on it soon and fixes it.
  • Great game, could be improved

    By Omiced
    The game itself is quite fun for how simple it really is. Making the levels 3D changes up the levels and what strategy you decide to use for each stage. I think more customization options would be nice, but it’s a pretty game where it’s at currently. The only two issues I have are the occasional glitches which halt your progress for a bit and when an AI spawns out of nowhere and immediately kills you.
  • I like it but...

    By PandaBob2
    It’s a good game but it’s SOOOO BUGGY. It crashes like every 5min and struggles to load adds some times it just goes completely black with out you doing anything
  • Good game but....

    By 1548bestpurple39
    I love this game and think it’s super creative and fun but there are a lot of glitches like I’ve seen people say. I’ll be in the middle of a really good game and it will bring me to my home screen and it’s super annoying. Also, I might be 80% done with the shape and someone else will land INSIDE of my my land so I have to go back and fill in that area again. Please try to fix these glitches bc I really want to be able to play this fun game with no interruptions. Thank u! 🧐🧐🧐
  • Awesome so 3G

    By crazy house flipper
    It is good
  • Really fun, but wish there were more shapes

    By Angelannihilate
    This game is fun, but once you beat all the shapes and satellite shapes, it becomes boring since there’s nothing new to play on.
  • Extremely fun and creative.

    By ddoneleven
    It’s definitely a much better improvement and a lot more fun than Paper IO but it crashes quite a bit. It takes much longer to pass the levels than it should because I’ll be in a streak and then it freezes up and exits the app. Hopefully it will get fixed so I can play it more often.
  • More shapes

    By Bundleofun
    When will there be more shapes/levels available to complete?
  • It’s okay

    By H. Caluag
    Pros: - Cool concept. - Graphics are amazing. - Good quality overall. Cons: - Continuously asks for my data. - Advertisement after EVERY game. - Sometimes spawns you in a place where you immediately die, and, even after the shortest game, you are gifted with a 30-second ad. Yay. - Sometimes spawns CPUs in a place where they instantly kill you. - Computers are stupid and do the same thing every time. - Crashes when you’re about to get 100 percent. You can make your own decision based on my review. I neither recommend or discourage downloading it. I still play it despite the cons.
  • Bugs have been fixed. :)

    By fvfgthyjhgf
  • Crashes

    By FacebookLiveGirl
    Every time I start playing now (after the update) the game just crashes. Please fix this, because I used to love it!
  • Good, but....

    By yeetellie ansbs
    I gave this app a four star rating because it’s fun but, there are some bad things about it too. Like if you get a super big space it sometimes will shut down and you lose your progress. Also there are no skins and the loading screen is super annoying. Overall its fun but needs some things fixed
  • It keeps turning off!

    By pearly dragon
    I love the idea but it is SOOO laggy to the point where I can’t even play it! I hope this gets fixed soon...
  • Ads /crashes

    By Billypatckickjones
    This game is terrible ads in the middle of the game which causes you to die.the app crashes on me every 2-3 min it’s annoying
  • It still needs work but amazing game

    By 499252)
    I was playing it and a add popes up I mean I hate that cause it made me die and it kicked me out while making me lose my streak

    By Macy_22
    this app was TERRIBLE. it was a good and fun app up until a PORNOGRAPHY video showed up in the middle of my kids playing. i do NOT approve. this app should be taken down immediately. do NOT allow your children to play this app.
  • Good games BUT.........

    By 🌌unicorn🌌
    I know this is a good game in all but the bots are crazy every time I spawn in I get killed pls make it be where there are ACTUALLY HUMANS PLAYING pls fix it and if you do I will give five stars.
  • I hate voodoo games

    By Vexus06
    I hate how the game company voodoo always puts too many adds in there games you guys should know now that people hate ads popping up every time you die or every time you die twice.
  • glitchy

    By hehe...sorry
    i love this game! so addictive! constantly kicks me out of the game. it also gets rid of my area after i just got it. don’t get me wrong it’s an awesome game, just a few issues
  • Ads ads ads

    By awdrgyjikpzcbm
    This game has way too many ads. I am not just talking about ads in between rounds or to unlock items. You will literally be in the middle of the round moving and it will cut to an ad.. the game then continues hopefully you don’t die or get your area taken over. It’s not just once either it seems to be set on a timer or a percentage.
  • Stop ads

    By OMGitsDeadChris
    Stop ads it’s annoying
  • Would be a great game if not for all the glitches

    By Walwy😎👍
    This game would be really fun, and at times is, but the glitching makes it kinda annoying
  • Fun and addictive but needs live multiplayer

    By Pboyce007
    I’ll be honest, I didn’t realize that I wasn’t playing against real people for longer than I should have and I feel kind of dumb. It is a beautiful, smooth, and fun game with a few glitches but it was so addicting I played all weekend and even downloaded 2 as well (which is way harder because you are more zoomed in and claustrophobic). I paid to remove ads which get obnoxious by themselves but you will still get long video ads when you try to revive. I hope the developers have success with this game and release a Online or update this game for it. Enjoy this game as I have and hopefully one day you will see me on the battlefield of Paper.IOnline!
  • Great game need more levels

    By Lorene1968
    This game is so fun I think I’ve beat all levels in 2-3 days.. I need more levels!! Please update with more. Only problem I’ve had is when I’m doing really well sometimes the app will crash and I’ll have to start over again. Super fun though

    By Himan567876
    i would clearly take the person/bot areas but it wouldnt regester and i wouldnt get anything. Also if you go into someones area sometimes it would instantly kill you even though they arnt near you, u need to fix this or else this game is unplayable
  • Paper io 3D too little levels

    I really wanted to give paper io 3D a 5 star rating but I just gave it a 1 star rating because it had so little levels it only had 12 levels and 12 satellites I passed them all 100% and ran out of levels I loved the game it was awesome it just had a little bit of levels if they can make more levels I will give them a 5 star rating
  • Only 12 levels? And glitchy?

    By carlosn
    Great game concept, poor execution. Are there really only twelve levels? I’ve gotten past every level and its’ satellite, but there are no more levels after the whale. I’ve seen some “new” starting shapes (like a popsicle and a clover) but they’ve not shown up as actual levels. Plus, why is it so glitchy and no updates have come out? How many more people need to report the issues before the developer actually does something about it?
  • Ok good, but eh

    By Lily Loves Pandas
    Okay, obsessed with this. One thing, I cannot change my color or thing that covers what it is. Please respond giving me the answer. Either way, best game on that planet.
  • This game is fun, but has flaws

    By Nomers83
    This game is fun. Suggestions: I know it must be hard to make games, but add more levels. Animals plz. Dolphins, kittens, maybe a dog. I also want a sphere. There is a couple bugs other than these three things, the game is enjoyable. I really like the idea of this game. One: the game crashes, getting rid of my progress. Two: only about 40% of the time I actually get an extra live when I watch an add. Three: randomly slices of my land, area, whatever you want to call it, disappear! Four: I was minding my own business when a random player spawned in with a HIGHLY DISTURBING name. I will not say the first word, but the second was fine: chocolate