4.56626 3D

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-12-05
  • Current Version: 1.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 292.97 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 172 542


Discover the smooth drawing experience of now in 3D! Create your zone, avoid others players and colors unique 3D shapes! Collect stars as you play and reach 100% to unlock new levels and bonuses!



  • Super fun!!

    By Betonycoons
    This game is super fun and I love it but then l had the exact problem as super ashley #1 ☹️please read there review To see what I mean.
  • It’s ok

    By hdhe djekjdbdbe
    They need to at new levels I have had this for over a year and it hasn’t gave new levels But still love this
  • what i like aboutthis app

    By hi im kim kardashion west
    i realy 𝔩𝔬ve this 𝔞𝔭𝔭 but i had to redownload it because it had a realy bad glich and i lost all my data on the app but now its fine and i enjoy playing the game.
  • 🤩

    By everynicknameidoistaken
    I gotta say, I’d don’t do reviews unless the app/game is either really bad or really good. I absolutely LOVE this game. I first want to start off with this game helps calm me it’s such a calming game and is super fun! But the thing that really made me do a review are the characters/avatars they are sooo perfect and when you take over land, there are either trees, cinnamon rolls or planets depending on what you choose. I earned a lot of characters to choose from my reaction was “wooow I absolutely love the details” they have a gingerbread man, and when you take over land, there are candy trees, and cinnamon rolls. That’s one of my favourites tho I really love them all! Another close favourite of mine is the solar system your avatar is a planet with a ring, and when you take over land there’s a BEAUTIFUL black colour with white stars and other planets! If you didn’t know these thing details are 3D! So the trees, planets all of it it’s literally POPPING OUT! It personally really astonishes me how much effort they put into making this game absolutely perfect. And I gotta say, they are spot on 👌. I also just really love the shapes you go around it just makes the game even more satisfying! Overall If you couldn’t tell.........GET THIS GAME. Please you won’t regret it that’s a promise. Anyways this is the best game ever and once my phone stops working, I’ll get This game on my next one bc I soo love this game I wish I could give it infinity stars because that’s what it deserves! I hope that one day the creator sees this review and knows that this game means so much to me! From the truest part of my heart ❤️, Rebecca
  • Why I love this game

    By Rokatan
    I love this game’s so realistic it blows my mind!!!!
  • I love it but......

    By adathyst11
    I love it I’m addicted but the thing is there is to many adds every time I lose I have to watch them I don't like that every turn I have to watch a add please remove them otherwise I love it, make a 2020 one to with less adds thank you.

    By Audrey vail kelley
    I lllllllllllooooooooovvvvvvvveeeeee iiiiiiiittttttttt
  • It freezes or shuts off constantly!

    By LaciD.
    Fix the game!!!!
  • STUPID GAME!!!!!!

    By MWB79
    Ok so it’s fine but it won’t let me play🤬🤬🤬🤬
  • Has bugs

    By TownsleyJ
    This game is good but it lags and crashes when I start I can play for a while then it lags next it freezes and goes out of the app and doesn’t even save the progress I just got can you fix this? Oh and the app still deserves five stars.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Kaylee rhodes

    By thebugaroo12
    I love this game you should play or download it it is just the best game ever
  • Yeeet

    By asdfgh imo ur ewqeyuncx. f
    Sup ladies YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedseeeeeeeeeeeT0”1234567890-/:;()[email protected]“.,?!’€€€€€€!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ BRO
  • The Game

    By Little Maniacs
    I enjoyed the game, but was too short. I finished it in a few days.
  • love it, update with more levels please

    By simmersyd
    yeah it’s glitchy and it can really piss me off but it’s still super fun and addicting and i’ve beaten all the levels got every zone and character and i wanna keep playing but when there’s an actual challenge. so please update with more!!!
  • Why am I still seeing ads

    By Larn23
    I paid for a no ad experience but I still have an ad at the bottom of the screen and the occasional ad after a game. Good game otherwise but I’m annoyed.
  • Horrible

    By eggosam
    It was horrible it kicked me out when I was about to cover it out there is to many ads and when you close the app while it’s playing the ad your progress will not be saved
  • 👏

    By P-PERF
    This game is amazing it is fun and it has almost 0 ads! could be funner like comps or levels like cover this much or do this or kill this or you are 2nd in the world you know all in all tho this is an awesome game😋
  • Fun

    By gamerrrrl
    Fun really fun
  • Delete adds

    By wtfjsksvakx
    Why is there so many adds bro the hell I get mad enough from me dying and then adds pop up it makes me even more mad I’m not trying to complain about the game I like it but the adds are way to much
  • Doesn’t work

    By Ronakku
    App launches to an unchanging black screen. Deleting and redownloading doesn’t help.
  • Decent but please make a online player option

    By C the noob
  • Need to be read!!!

    By bossRAPTER1984
    The small version of the main figure is infested. It is very hard to move and I keep getting killed. But I love the game and it is fun to play.
  • The game is really fun

    By bulldog an youtube😍
    I can’t get in the game thought! Let me in it works on every other device but mine it loads and then goes back to my main screen on my phone I am sooo mad 😡 my friend is getting way ahead of me let me in
  • Great but...

    By 7383847252619
    It’s all great but then when I tried the satellites it would glitch my extra life and when I’d spawn I would fall in someone else’s area. It also gives CONSTANT ADDS
  • Bugs!!!!

    By jordannalovesyou13
    Hey love the app but not enough levels I’ve completed them all where’s the update? And I need help! I have tried playing a level but it keeps bringing me back to life even though I didn’t ask for it. When I play this particular level it won’t let me finish it even though I’m at 99 I can’t reach 100 because I’m not actually existent. I can still kill normally but the other player barely can but I can’t see what I’m doing because the whole skull is my skin and when I try to finish off the last piece I need more and more of it expands and doesn’t allow me to finish. It’s like the whole thing is covered but new players are dropping in like it’s empty. Please fix it. I think it’s bugs or something. Thanks.
  • I Love the game

    By liliauan
    It is so fun to play and win and have fun 😁😁
  • Happy person

    By cookie.crums29
    Love this game!❤️but I wish on the map it will show you if anybody is near by so we can see them and make them lose or something pls fix it but everything else is super Fun!!!!
  • Glitch

    By fkdkfkfjccjcjcjc
    I was 46 percent done when someone randomly spawn on me and killed me😡
  • It’s okay

    By MissRhe
    This is a really fun game but the fact that they have bots and not real players is annoying but other than that is a good gam
  • Hate it

    By 1231231230000000000000
    It is so bad I will list 3 things 1 I has so many adds 2 it glitches so much 3 when I don’t get killed of kill myself it kills me it is so annoying I hate it
  • VERY frustrating

    By Paper 3D
    This app does nothing but crash, so annoying to have to keep starting over and over
  • Super fun

    By R A C H E P
    I actually really like this game, I do wish you could pick the color of the plain block because the skins aren’t really my style but of course that’s probably not an issue for anyone else. I haven’t had any problems with glitching but I finished all the levels and don't know what to do now but when I hadn’t finished them I had a blast
  • The first best

    By Ben 10 omniverse 30
    I I’ve this game
  • Love!!!!

    By Sami2216
    I love this game so much!!! The only complaint I have is that I’ve already beat everything! I need more levels! I could not put my phone down until I finished everything!! I hope there are more levels coming soon!
  • Needs more

    By May Day 27
    I have beaten all the shapes and all the smaller ones, and I’m getting quite bored. They need to add more courses.

    By LordFarqued
    There’s to many bots and I hate it SOOOOOO MUCH and every time I play it I got to turn off my WiFi so I don’t get ads literally everytime I die
  • Poopy. Thomas Gennarelli

    By addy111213
    Why did you make this game it is so glitchy
  • New levels please!

    By ThatPeskyNargle
    I love this game but would appreciate more maps to beat in a future update please!
  • Ugh!

    By M.M :)
    The camera controls make me nauseous. Unplayable.
  • HORRIBLE!!!!!

    By usjddbnepdhsbdkdbhed
    HORRIBLE APP it’s always logs you out and I was listening to music and it started making it break up and lag and make static and I logged off and my music was fine then I went back on and it happened again. IT ALWAYS LAGS.
  • Love it, but there’s a problem..

    By ThatMarshinNamedAli-A
    I love this game, and I would definitely recommend it! It’s really fun and all, but there’s an issue. Every time you die, and there’s no revive, you get an ad. Every single time. It’s really annoying for an ad to pop up every time you die. Maybe you can make it where there’s not so many ads? It’s REALLY annoying. But other than that, I love it! It’s really fun and I enjoy it! Have a nice day/night! :D
  • Scary

    By zetyop
    My friend died after playing this game
  • Should Create more levels

    By DCohenS
    I enjoy very much this game. However, it is my opinion that is not fun that the satellites need to be finished 100% in one try. I have been forced to delete and download again the game 4 times. It is a shame.
  • Love this app

    By huubububio,
    You can get a little mad but it is so fun try out the other paper iOS it is a lottt of fun I really love this no glitches no nothing but fun
  • Please read!

    By 😈🎉🌧
    I love this game! It’s challenging but it is possible. 2 reasons I gave three stars: 1. it glitches a LOT. 2. I finished all the planets and satellites and was expecting more planets to unlock. Well that didn’t happen so there’s not really much else I can do on the app. I really hope more planets get added fast or I’ll have to delete the app. Another thing, I got all of the skins besides for the three that you need to earn by reviving a certain number of times, but I never saw an option to revive or anything. Please explain how to revive! Thank you!
  • Somethings wrong 🤨but so addicting 😍

    By checkout my chanell please
    I downloaded this app last week but now there’s this sort of glitch I am not able to go in when I try to it doesn’t work when I want to play and i have to re download this app but this game is really addicting I want to play it every day so please make sure to fix the glitch if can’t it’s 👌 ok😄
  • Good game

    By ftgtvbubuubu
    Good game but ads
  • Niven was the day

    By RachelV41
    Thank you so much for your game
  • Love

    By iwonoywe
    I love this game