Johnny Trigger

Johnny Trigger

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-12-14
  • Current Version: 1.4.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 181.05 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 112 453


Do you have what it takes to take down the underground world of mafia? Less talk, more bullet.



  • Good

    By darthmatt513
  • Micah

    By Micah and Maly
    I love it so much thanks for making this game
  • SOOOOO MANY ADS, & no premium option!

    By Hollywood Hexx
    This game is super fun, I deleted it after a few short minutes because the ads are insane. There is literally one after every stage. Seriously?! Do better. Don’t waste your time on this game. The ads are that annoying they ruined the entire fun factor of the game for me. Shame.
  • Fun and easy

    By x5WaSh1LiFe3x
    Too many ads is the only downfall
  • Awesome game ever

    By tinymaximus11431
    Omg this game is so awesome it is very addictive and I play it 24/7 and it is a wonderful game.
  • Great, but.. somewhat buggy

    By OOF4life1o3
    Okay, first off the up-side. The game is VERY addicting and the animation is amazing. I found myself on level 15 in the first 15 minutes i downloaded it! I really like this game and if you download it chances are you’ll love it. Now, for the downsides. (DUN DUN DUN) Okay, i don’t know if i’m the only person experiencing this, but there’s this glitch on level 29, second obstacle. (Might be on other levels too, i don’t know yet.) So, you know how there’s a red laser telling where you are shooting. Well, when you have the laser on the guy and click, It goes about a centimeter away from where you shot! And i’m a pretty good aimer not to brag. I tried it again. Nope. So, i solved it by aiming about a centimeter away and shooting. Headshot. I don’t know if it’s an update, my phone, or my aiming, but please fix this. But anyways, good game, recommend it.
  • It’s fun

    By BeanieLogic
    The title saids it’s fun but the ads are just too many and they can’t be skipped. The best thing is to disable all internet connection then it asked to track my information to better the game. And you can’t opt out of it!
  • Riddled W/Overwhelming Amounts Of Ads

    By ceLLCUbe0618
    While fun, this game is riddled with advertisements. At the end of almost every level, when you buy guns, die, unlock an outfit, you have to watch an advertisement to continue playing. There is no option to remove advertisements, so you’re forced to sit through it if you want to play. It’s unreal.
  • Fun but...

    By Soiroia
    It is fun because timing it’s the key, and there are different ways to eliminate the targets. Customization of weapons and outfits are a good idea but it’s taking longer than expected to get them. Maybe add challenges to make the game more interesting. HOWEVER, having to deal with ads every time I best a level is annoying. Most likely to stop playing for ad spamming.
  • Fire

    By Abu Sakinah
  • Level 63 is impossible.

    By Annoyed Up To Here
    I love this game. I have played it a bunch. Level 63 is not beatable. One of the last enemies shoots you before you can even get your ricochet shot to hit him, and you cannot shoot him before that moment. I have tried for an hour and it just IS NOT POSSIBLE TO BEAT. I don’t know if level 63 is the same for everyone, but I simply CANNOT get past this guy. It’s impossible to have a bullet reach him in time.
  • Must play

    By Arieli57
  • Can’t click on bonuses

    By Remington2618
    So this game is actually pretty fun, except for the fact that you’re points basically work towards nothing. Every time you get a bonus outfit or gun you’re supposed to click on it to receive the gift. Well you CANT click on the darn thing! Downloaded the game today, will be deleting it today.
  • Too many ads!

    By Jrp228
    As far as the game goes I would have given 4/5 stars but it’s virtually unplayable due to the amount of ads you have to watch or click through.
  • سبب الاعلانات

    By سبب الاعلنات
    سبب الاعلانات
  • More ads than i have ever seen!!!

    By #MikeB_33
    I dont normally leave reviews but this game is fun and i like the idea but the anount of ads is insane!!!! And not short ads. Each one is like 30 seconds and its like every other minute. About to delete...
  • Scam

    By nickelbackisbackalright
    This game will not let you play after the first couple levels unless you agree to the terms that they can use your personal data for targeting ads and for them and their affiliates.
  • Cash grab

    By D dog Dave
    This game is a total cash grab, that’s all.
  • Great but it needs new stuff

    By boioboi92828
    It’s a great game but it needs some new stuff like suggestions from fans . 1 new gun upgrades like more damage and ammo 2 new skins (for guns and characters) 3 music like plants v zombies music that would cost 5000 If u add these than it’s a perfect game
  • Really the best phone game 😂

    By theynotgivingmeanickname
    Got Hugh so I said why not , turned out the be the best game ever facts no cap
  • Comments

    By Ronnie239519
    To many ads

    By kkyaknow
  • HOLY MOLEY!!!!

    By Fetters11
    Wow.. a masterpiece.. I never thought I could play an average game AND be able to watch 3 ads every 10 seconds. I’m learning how to practice patience while I wait for 16 ads about Geico. It truly takes talented and skilled developers to come up with mind numbing play surrounded around the main boss... mr ad watcher. A must play.
  • Ad glitch

    By Jiminay2247
    Half of the ads do not allow you to exit them, so you have to keep restarting the game. Deleting.
  • Absolutely un-playable

    By SoSophisticated
    You literally can’t play this game there are so many ads. Every 10 seconds there is an advertisement. Instant delete
  • Boss 14 Made

    By Got14Chu
    CleaN Shoot Out
  • I cant get a character?

    By BillyMcBillingtonJr
    I try to close the ad. Though you should not have ads to claim characters
  • Good game

    By suitymantis58
    When I first saw it I got interested so I downloaded it I love game a play it every day now I’m like level 364 but please Their are so many ads like every single time I finish 2 levels a ad pops up but other than then that I love the game theirs a lot of guns to pick from and a lot outfits but I LOVE the game saygames continue the make more games.
  • The game is fun

    By niyah44
    I love this game sooooooooo much
  • Awful game

    By Joe102014861839402
    Do you like playing a game that reiterates the same 10 stages ad infinitum without presenting any new dynamics or difficulty’s? Do you enjoy performing the same mundane, simple task over and over again? Do you ever find yourself wishing you could see advertisements for other garbage games every 20-30 seconds? If so, I highly recommend this game for you.
  • I’m

    By buuhuyyt
  • Too many ads

    By Utt920
    Can’t beat/lose a single level without having to watch an ad.
  • Yeah

    By CrystPyBacon
    Very cool
  • Addict

    By j.strit
    Addictive from the start🤦🏼‍♂️I love it
  • Easy boring game with ads that are longer than the levels

    By Trainer Quinn
    Game is trash
  • Great game

    By akxjdusjd
    This game is great. I’ve seen this on adds and I thought to myself that this would be a great game.
  • Good game

    By savagebpy3456
    Love the graphics like the music and like the game so good . And is it available on pc because ima about to get one
  • Higher Gameplay Update

    By Mjones_750
    I really love the game but it’s a problem that I’m losing interest in it. It has so much potential but there are a few issues. One is the style for each boss, when they never change except when you play the different bosses. They should be able to move instead of standing in one spot. More variety in the different levels. It’s not that enjoyable playing the same levels over and over again. Higher levels are just as easy when you first start the game. I think the laser or guidance should be decreased and the slow motion of the performance is sped up the higher in levels you get. Last thing that would help is the addition in difficulty. Some people, from reading reviews say it’s too hard. So helping people go at their own pace will help pull them in. The harder the difficulty the better the reward. Along the side of the bosses moving make something change to so that the regulars I shoot are harder to kill. A punishment for being shot should be implemented into the game also.
  • Awesome but spends more time watching adds

    By Chrisjsg
    Like the tittle says. You spend more time watching adds then actually paying the game
  • Johnny trigger

    By Karlo2Barrels
    Love the game and the theme music that comes with it definitely fits the game
  • look

    By zaignk
    Great Game But To Many Ads
  • thank you for the work

    By xxkill95
    thank you for the work and tomorrow night at work i’m going to play it😃🤣🙃
  • Ads kill this game.

    By Hotrod714
    Every time the ad plays I have to close the window and reopen the app.
  • Ads

    By Asmofqwerty
    Way to many ads. Also no real control over player. The game could at least give you the jump control.
  • Read this now

    By Abdullah Anwar Abdullah
    Johnny nigg-
  • Why So Many Ads😩

    By O-Block300
    This game is sick!😎... except for ads being way too frequent! I just stopped playing a second ago because I got to one of the prize vans and got some money, but then watched two ads for more cash and then a gun and I thought it was over. Nooooo no no no no no.. another ads comes up between the next level, like come on there’s got to be something you guys can do to cut the amount of ads back
  • Repetitive

    By santificada
    Game does not get more challenging and is basically the same level over and over. Fun for a little bit. Would not recommend that much.
  • Missing video rewards

    By Iptharnfearhand
    Level 32 bonus gun award and others missing
  • 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

    By DiegoKarioca
    You can’t play 3 minutes without comercial