David’s Disposable

David’s Disposable

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date: 2019-12-22
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 42.93 MB
  • Developer: David Dobrik
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 2 765


Hey, it’s David!! Let me know what you think of my new Disposable App. It’s super easy to use! Just open the app, take your photos, and wait for them to develop. At 9AM every day, you will get a notification that your photos are developed and ready to be viewed, similar to actual disposable cameras. Plus, no more having to waste money buying cameras from the store. We’re bringing high quality film to your phone. And the best part… you can actually order your photos as prints direct from the app straight to your home. Say goodbye to waiting 3 weeks for the shop to call you back. I hope you enjoy taking photos with this app as much as I do!



  • Why can’t I see my pictures

    By kakakaksjsjdhdb
    I took some pictures and told me to wait like till 9 and they still are not there?
  • David

    By catbugcaneatalot24924
    It is the best app and how did you become the person you are
  • aleena

    By Aleena 🤠💘
    it’s good and all but i just hate how we have to wait at 9am
  • Love the idea but bad filter

    By elizabethramona
    I hate how fake the pictures look. I took plenty of pictures just to see if it was just one bad picture, but i just don’t like how it doesn’t look real. Doesn’t look like how a disposable would. It’s too edited-looking.
  • Great app

    By insta christelle barafundi
    10/10 would recommend great for photos and it’s free
  • Crashes a lot

    By miaramirez05
    I loved this app I loved the quality and it didn’t crash until yesterday so me and my sister went to Disneyland and I took all the pictures on the app because I love the way the photos come out but it keeps crashing it keeps taking me out of the app and I can’t see my pictures it’s a great app but it keeps crashing and it’s very frustrating cause I can’t see my photos I’ve used this app before and it never did that ultimate yesterday
  • I love u David !

    By hdndkskalskn
    This is so much fun, it’s so cool ! And it’s free I’ve always wanted a disposable camera, because if David, and now I have one for free!!!! ❤️ love u Dave !
  • keeps crashing

    By MonsCoolio
    i loved this app and i’ve taken about 500 pictures almost. the thing is, i’m only able to see about 12 of my pictures because the app crashes immediately when i scroll to look at my pictures:(
  • Crash Issue

    By Anjdurbehe
    This app was cool at first but once I got to see my disposables, it wouldn’t let me look at all of them. Every time I got to certain point in my photos it would exit out the app/crash. Pretty upsetting taking photos that I’ll never get to see.
  • Love idea but keeps crashing!

    By hannahquillin
    I would love to see the photos I took but it’s keeps crashing as I scroll down
  • Glitches

    By david pls fix app
    Pictures comes out really cute and it’s easy to use. When i’m on my gallery and look trough the developed pictures it shuts down the app and when I try to purchase a print ITS SHUTS DOWN THE APP. I tried sending a report to the issue service through the app but It won’t let me send it.
  • crashing

    By sazzypup
    david it keeps crashing when i open up to look at the photos :(
  • Love it

    By Dylan is a zend
    Loved my pics, great idea. Thanks david!
  • Trash

    By Shnsidid
    CEO of making bad apps
  • Love it

    By MairienL
    I love the app! the quality of the photo is so raw and the tones and hues are exactly like getting a disposable cam, omg! I wish getting premium could also add the ability to view my photos quicker! Please add this feature🤞🏼
  • Great Quality

    By JAM0423
    You actually get the feel like your using a disposable camera!
  • Great app needs work

    By skyhighinthesky
    I love the idea of the app and that it’s everything a disposable camera app should be. I take TONS of pics on it. The only problem is I can only see about half the pics I take cause it force closes every time I try to look at them all
  • Buggy

    By Makfornbebsjwbzbxbhsjnsmwmxnd
    I love David dobrik and the vlog squad but this app is extremely buggy. It didn’t even show any pictures I took and when an ad pops up and the little “x” appears to exit the ad, it won’t let me exit it. I think it has to do with having a larger phone (I have the iPhone 11) because the little “x” is wedged in the corner and inaccessible. I get it there’s either paid apps or apps that are paid for by advertisements but like if there’s an option to exit them and it doesn’t work and I have to close the app every time and relaunch it, that’s tedious and irritating. Do better so we can actually use this.
  • I love this idea of it buuuuut umm..

    By @Izlamarieofficial
    Okay so when you first get the app it’s awesome but after a day or two of having it, it just bugs out like I doesn’t work, it freezes and kicks you out the app, I upgraded to “premium” YET I still get Ads ?? And the worst thing is that I can’t see all my pictures because the app KEEPS KICKING ME OFF!! Sooooooo can y’all like get this shut together and fix it???? Cuz this ain’t it sis....✌🏼😘
  • Love the app

    By ffffompalimpa
    Hi David dobrik I love you😘😘😎😎

    By dndnmsne djsm
    David you outdid yourself!! 💪🏽👏🏽👏🏽⭐️ I love this camera app!! :) The camera is wide enough to capture the whole moment :) I also love the app design it’s very realistic! Absolutely incredible :) Thanks!! 💪🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🌸
  • Very Honest Review

    By Alina Ponce
    This app is amazing I love David and I low key downloaded the app to just support him but it’s literally so easy. The pictures are wonderful and I love printing them. I love the whole vlog squad and David and I am so happy for this app. Thank you so much David .
  • Just hype

    By Killzone3443
    Honestly the only reason why this is getting so much hype is because it’s David Dobrik. The purpose is to take pic and not wait there are other apps better than this one out there. Also I know that it makes u wait because it makes it feel like u are actually using a disposable camera but seriously if ur gunna do that might as well just buy a real disposable camera and use that one.
  • Question

    By bryan12121212
    If I take a photo at 8:59 am will it be done in a minute? 🤔
  • Love it, accept...

    By 116_on_point
    Just a bug I’m sure but on the iPhone 10 or newer, you are unable to close some of the ads due to the “x” being in the top left corner, I have to close out the app and reopen it. Needs a looking at
  • Love it but hate it

    By hollywo0d143
    I took a lot of pictures during the New Year and it has been crashing from then on constantly. I’m unable to see a handful of my pictures because the app crashes so many times while scrolling. Please fix da bugs!!! It has great potential!!!!
  • ADS!

    By Alexandra47560
  • Do not get this

    By david johannson
    The app is very bad. You have to wait till nine am the next day to see your picture!? Plus, it is very bad quality. Do not get it
  • i’ll open up the app again

    By Ellie199669
    you can tell the app wasn’t half assed. the attention to detail is outstanding and the app gives off the same type of energy david does. maybe he helped make it?? not sure but whatever. but here’s an example of what i’m talking ab. ex: the premium upgrade. it says a cheesy advertisement line. see? same vibe. also,, i love that you have to wait until morning to get your pictures. it makes it like christmas in a way. ppl who say otherwise probably have no sense of fun lol. one last thing, the camera click and processing sound effect is perfect because it’s clean and clear. there are smooth transitions all throughout the app as well, like when ur clicking buttons and such. -Ellie
  • <3

    By hi lol what
    David i love you
  • I love it!!

    It’s literally free and gives you such perfect vintage pictures and you only have to wait til 9 am. This is my favorite camera app and i deleted all the others cause this was perfect and all i need
  • 1888 is better

    By no-Lol
    i downloaded this app to see if it would be better than huji or 1888. i never really liked huji so when 1888 came out i was ecstatic. after trying david’s app i can say with a lot of confidence that i’ll be deleting it and sticking to 1888. the ads are annoyingly ridiculous, and having to wait till 9am the next day is stupid plain and simple. not sure if there’s a feature to upload pictures from your camera roll cause whenever i tried to find it a stupid ad would pop up (and they take up my entire screen to the point i can’t even click on the X to get rid of it i just have to exit the whole app). i also can barely see through the small hole that’s there to take a picture. if anyone is looking for a better app, download 1888. you won’t regret it.
  • zero point

    By ethanw3210
    don’t you love it when an app makes your technology worse? this is a terrible idea and riddled with adds and you have to buy your photos which is the dumbest thing ever... and for the people saying it takes better pictures you are insane this app can’t make your phone camera better i am very disappointed in david
  • Thanks David

    By Adrianna36
    I love this app it’s so cool
  • Love the concept but don’t love the app

    By Jim Feltersnatch
    I love David so I was gon download the app to see what it was all about n I was kool tryna take pictures but I had to wait 13 hours for them to come in and it looks like there is jus a filter over the picture and I can Just go Snapchat to put one on and doesn’t take 13 hours
  • Love the idea of the app but I can’t use it now :(

    By 150030
    When the app first came out it worked flawlessly, but since it has updated I can never actually view my photos. The ads come up and there is no way to get rid of them. You can’t even wait them out. Don’t get me wrong I like David’s work, and love the idea of this app, but until it becomes usable I can’t give it a great review.
  • Just a camera

    By exdyismydog
    The concept is cool but I guess I don’t really get it! It’s just a normal looking photo the only catch it you just have to wait till 9am to look at it
  • cute app ✌🏿

    By 5 stars babyy
    I don’t get disposable cameras b/c I really don’t know where to get them. Now I’ll always have one with me at all times. To the people who are unsure of getting the app, just get it. It’s fun and quirky.
  • Needs an update

    By Annapick
    It keeps crashing. Every time I try to go on and save my pics it crashes and I go back in and save two more pics and it crashes again. Also, I wish there was an option to save multiple pics at once, instead of having to save each pic separately.
  • If I dont see my pics in five seconds I’m killing David

    By jacob phong
    I want my pics know

    By Booty thang
    My original review... “Overall great app! Very easy and the pictures come out great!! However I paid to upgrade for NO ADS but they still keep popping up and every time I scroll through my developed picture the app closes itself out. I’m taking soooo many pictures because I love this app so much. But I haven’t seen them all bc it glitches out. I hope they fix this issue ASAP. Still rating 5 stars bc I love the photos and the app is so so sooo easy& simple to use. And I am also I’m a huge Fan 💜” Now I’m rating 1 star bc I deleted the app to redownload it again to see if it could fix the glitches but now i lost ALL my pictures.
  • Dissapointed

    By Tilldough
    I cannot for the life of me, close the trivia crack ad and it is ruining the app for me. I can’t even see my pictures to have a real opinion on this app.
  • Best app in a while

    By Sir Jackie boy sir
    not only do i love david but i think this app is amazingly creative and innovative it’s not a hassle and is super convenient.
  • Keeps crashing

    By Abby12345621495
    This app takes really good photos, but when I go to view them after they’re done, it crashes. I can’t even get any of my photos because it crashes before I can click on them. It is soooo frustrating and extremely disappointing because I used it to capture a lot of memories and now I can’t see them at all. Not even going to use the app until they fix this. I’m sick of giving ad money to them in order to get into the photos just for it to crash and then have to watch more ads to get to the photos again, and, it crash again. So stupid.
  • really

    By spookyyblack
    why the hell I gotta wait til 9 am every day for pictures to “develop”. this isn’t a real disposable camera, it’s my phone.
  • Amazing!!

    By decresenza
    Thank you David !!!
  • Poop

    By icantusethenamesiwanna
    Poop ( this app vibing tho ) Issa good app thing
  • D

    By lionsinscanor
    This is awesome I love how the pics came out it’s super nice!!
  • Fantastic

    By TColes_1
    So dope that the app develops each picture individually. I love that it looks like an old school disposable picture. Great job, guys!