David’s Disposable

David’s Disposable

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date: 2019-12-21
  • Current Version: 1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 44.96 MB
  • Developer: DD Disposables Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 4 499


Hey, it’s David!! Let me know what you think of my new Disposable App. It’s super easy to use! Just open the app, take your photos, and wait for them to develop. At 9AM every day, you will get a notification that your photos are developed and ready to be viewed, similar to actual disposable cameras. Plus, no more having to waste money buying cameras from the store. We’re bringing high quality film to your phone. And the best part… you can actually order your photos as prints direct from the app straight to your home. Say goodbye to waiting 3 weeks for the shop to call you back. I hope you enjoy taking photos with this app as much as I do!



  • Someone please update this app

    By geefc
    App doesn’t work with iOS 14 on iPhone pro. When it was working I loved the app; even paid for the premium version but please, someone update this app … at least respond to reported issues otherwise it makes no sense to build that option into the app.
  • ???

    By @kissingcartshh
    worked for a day but now it won’t let me take any pictures at all even after reinstalling the app and restarting my phone
  • Please fix the bugs

    By nishatila
    I loved this app and I have so many great photos and important memories here that I simply can’t see because the gallery keeps crashing. Please fix this and it would be a 5/5 app the pictures are great
  • Keeps Crashing

    By Wonney200
    Everytime I scroll through my disposables it crashes. please fix this
  • bad

    By SerenaHuns
    the app crashes every single time I use it. wouldn’t recommend
  • App crashes

    By kayleighxwhite
    i love the concept of this app! just every time i scroll through my developed photos the app closes out. i would really like to use this app all the time but that bug is really annoying.
  • FIX IT

    By Aaaaajjjjjjea
    Fix the gd app dude. I don’t know why I ever paid for this. Can’t even access the majority of my photos. Cool idea, executed and maintained very poorly
  • Flash

    By im heather &luv david
    the app keeps crashing when i try to find my old pictures
  • Photo Access

    By Sorry I guess
    I love this app and I think it’s super cool but when looking at the photos I have taken in the past if I scroll too far the app will glitch and close out. This means I can’t see any of my older photos which makes me sad. I hope you guys fix this because I want to be able to see my memories.
  • It was good.

    By Vvaaaal
    I used to love this app and i still do but the app keeps crashing. It doesn’t let me pass a certain point and it logs me out. Please fix this!
  • This app has gone so far down hill.

    By Kryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Back in February, this app was awesome and so fun. Then an update came and made all of this pictures incredibly dark and gloomy looking, not the fun flow it used to have. Moreover, there’s a glitch where I can never scroll past a certain point in my camera roll on the app before it glitches and shuts down. I cant even see my pictures past February— fix this!!
  • App quits when I view my pics

    By bvicwhite
    I love this app, I love the filter. It’s amazing. However I’m starting to get annoyed because it shuts off and closes when I scroll through my pics. Even when I swipe individually, it quits.
  • Great app but glitching

    By anonymousoliver
    I’ve had this app for a while now and love it! I just wish they would fix it... there’s a glitch where you can only scroll so far down in your album without it crashing!! Very frustrating. Also, there are no accounts so if you lose the app you may lose all the pictures. Really wish this would be fixed it’s been a problem for a while now but the app is amazing and so much fun besides those issues
  • Disappointing

    By marina😳😳
    You’re honestly better off using the huji app instead. The filters aren’t cute enough to wait for. And the app keeps bugging and turning off. There are just too many glitches to be workable. This app honestly wouldn’t be much if it didn’t have David’s name tied to it. Overall, the app’s disappointing.
  • it logs me out

    By 18838472199204948
    I love this app it gives me really good pictures but for some reason every time I try to scroll down it logs me out of the app. My friend also has the app and it happens to her too. I don’t want to lose all the photos I took so I don’t want to delete the app pls fix this. I can’t scroll left either it will log me out :(
  • fix the mf app bro

    By ncat11
    it’s been 5 months dude please fix the app!!! it keeps crashing and we just want to see our old memories and pictures
  • Fix it we want to be able to see old pics!

    By 12josy1999
    I love this app since day one but the crashing has not been fixed in 5 months! Come on it crashes LITERALLY ALL THE TIME. It keeps getting worse and worse Please Fix it.
  • please fix your app :(

    By ava229
    i used to love this app and i have so many wonderful pictures saved on it but it’s been glitching for awhile and will not let me get passed my 50th photo. Makes me really sad because i lost really good memories. would not recommend this app to anyone unless you are willing to loose your photos. disappointed.
  • Crashing

    By jeocjwibdbfnwka
    App crashes about 5 seconds after I open it every time so I have no way of saving the pictures I took all year long!!! I’m so sad!
  • App Crashes

    By CABoykin
    Love the pics, but cant access like half of them due to the app crashing every time I scroll down.
  • Love the concept but filter is too dark

    By lauracrosas1
    Love using this app to no longer bring a disposable camera around. I just wish the pictures wouldn’t be so dark. It would be cool to select a couple of filters( daytime disposables) that are more washed out rather than darkened.
  • Crashes

    By cmcg1223457633822
    The app is super fun and I love David so I had to download. However the app crashes all the time when you try to scroll through old photos. Its extremely frustrating! I hope they can fix it soon
  • help

    By Caroline2112
    i love the app, however, every time i try to view my images, the app closes out and doesn’t allow me to do so.
  • filter change?

    By E.B. the bomb dig
    i got this app in january when my family went on a trip and i absolutely loved it. there were very subtle edits on it that made it look like film without being too over the top. i kinda stopped using the app after and recently started using it again. however, it looks like there was a filter added to the photos that make them look very brown and dark. i’m not sure if it was an update or something but there is a very obvious difference in the images. i was so excited to use this app again but now i don’t like the way that the pictures look at all. has this happened to anyone else? and is there anyway to go back to how it was before?
  • My pics come out weird

    By itslolamarie
    So for some reason my pictures come out pinkish greyish... when usually film photos (including the one’s that david uses as examples) come out more green like an actual film camera. Is it only my phone? They also seem to highlight a lot of details instead of comi g out a littlw blurry like the real film cams do. My friend also tested out this app and she also gor her pics pinkish.
  • crashes alotttttt

    By crashes all the time :/
    so many pictures i can never look at bc it crashes constantly
  • Love but...

    By TiffaniAmber92
    I love the app but I would like for it to have dates on the photos.
  • HATE the new filter

    By AnnikaM23
    I loved the app and the look of the pictures but the recent update made the pictures look dark and I do not like it!! Please change it back to the old filter! The pictures look spooky now!
  • Filter

    By abe776
    When I first got the app the filter looked pretty good and matched the disposable vine. I’m not sure what happened but after a little while the filter became more dark and it didn’t look as good idk :(
  • Crashes

    By ginarose19
    I love the app but I’ve been trying to go through the photos on the app and it crashes way too much so I can’t go through them
  • good but bugs are overtaking the app

    By anii m
    i love the pictures but recently the app crashes all the time it needs to be fixed ASAP
  • Very Glitchy

    By Dina DJ
    The app was great, but now it won’t even let me open the app without kicking me off. Now I can’t see any of the photos I’ve taken :/
  • Great app but crashes too much

    By emily foreman
    Just want to start with the fact that I have never rated an app in my life. I’ve just never really felt strongly enough about one to report on it. But this app is different because I used to LOVE it SO much... like ‘hundreds of photos’ loved! Going out, I would use this ALL the time! But with all the bugs infesting it now, I don’t use it as much, if at all. Every time I scroll past a certain point, the app crashes. It won’t let me view old photos and it lags when I try to save the new ones. Someone please update the app so I can use it again! Lol
  • Disposables

    By yandel parish
    I love the app it’s amazing I love everything about it. But every time I go on it and try looking at my photos I took the app just crashes and It’s a little bit annoying you know I hope u can soon fix the problem ! <3

    By caseystarr
    After you take 80 pics it starts crashing if you try looking through them. Wish I would of know that before I took some very sentimental photos that I cannot access or look at! I’m so upset
  • would be 5 stars if had option to upload a photo

    By adn4ma
    LOVE this app but please add the option to upload a photo and it add the filter. i forget to take pictures with the app :( i always end up using the regular camera. i love the filter this app gives the pics. if y’all could add this it would be perfect!
  • So many bugs

    By cefon5
    I’m giving it a one star until some of the bugs are fixed. I was a huge supporter of this app when it first came out, telling everyone about it and hyping it up so much. Unfortunately, I can’t even access the first pictures I took, and, like many others, after I scroll for a while, it just kicks me out. This app could’ve been so cool, but it seems like they launched the app and then just forgot about it.
  • Needs improvements

    By otaku l0v3r
    great app, the quality is also great. but it constantly crashes and i’m in between about having to see the pics til 9am. it gets irritating sometimes when you can’t share the pics with your friends right then and there and sometimes you just forget. And again IT KEEPS CRASHING!!
  • Ok app.

    By Balls KID
    Pictures are great but the app has a glitch that kicks you out as you’re scrolling through your taken pics. Very annoying and should be fixed. Still doing it after upgrading to premium.
  • Glitching

    By jjsmilesatchloe
    I loved this app. It produced a lot of good pictures, but recently it has been glitching out on me. I have tried everything to see my past pictures, but if it is lower than 2 finger scrolls the app will just freeze and close off.
  • Love the pics but keeps crashing

    By JJ17review
    I love the pics that this app takes and never had any problems until now. I took so many great photos and candids on vacation recently and the app crashes every time I scroll through them and only lets me see the first 100 before it closes out. Also will not allow me to order prints. Please update because I will be so upset if I can never see/lose all of those pics.
  • New filter?

    By lallers_
    I guess there was an update that created an ugly sepia filter to your photos, i hate it :( please bring the old filter back
  • no bueno

    By emyytk
    Every time i try to scroll down to see my older photos the app glitches and logs me out. so i can’t see any of my pictures after the last 15
  • Ugly new filter

    By 07199109
    Used to love this app when it first came out, used it all the time and told so many people about it. But then one day the pictures changed, now all of them have a weird sepia filter on them. A dark brown filter to where most of the color is just gone. Makes me sad, I miss the old photo filter. Sometimes it’s hard to even make out the photo because of it. I tried reinstalling the app and cleaning my lens but it’s still there. Hate it. I reached out to support a few times but have yet to hear back. Hope it gets fixed so I can use it again.
  • App keeps crashing every time I want to see my pictures

    By bruh moment for david
    I take a lot of pictures and wait for them to be ready at 9 am of course, once they’re ready I go to check them out and as I scroll through the app keeps crashing and keeps crashing. I had to save some pictures and then delete them off the app just to look at the rest of the photos. BUT other than that I enjoy the app because of the quality sooooo....
  • great pics, needs an update!

    By acd29
    i love the app and my pics always turn out great but the app crashes whenever i try to look at older photos:(. i’ll try and go back to my earliest ones and the app will time out.
  • Useless

    By deweezlybeat
    I enjoyed this app but it constantly closes when I want to view my photos taken on it and it makes it useless to have
  • I love but...

    By Jayjaysong
    This app is amazing! I love how the pictures comes out and the effects it puts on the pictures. However, the app is constantly shutting down, and it won’t let me look at my previous pictures before shutting down. I really hope it gets fixed so I can save the pictures.
  • Crash

    By Abautumn
    Let me get something clear: I love this app! The pictures always turn out just how I want them. I don’t have a problem with that part. However, for the past month I can’t scroll down my photos past a certain row (no matter what speed I scroll) without it crashing. I really want those pictures so I’d appreciate it if there was anything that could be done to help! Thanks.