Coin Runner - Happy Every Day

Coin Runner - Happy Every Day

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-12-28
  • Current Version: 1.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 137.48 MB
  • Developer: baihua Lu
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 549


People have so many things to do yet only limited time. Most of us might ignore doing exercise and got buried in trivia. But don't worry, Coin Runner is here! Coin Runner is a 100% free-to-play game. The primary purpose is to encourage you to exercise as much as they could. Please do remember that every step you make would transfer into coins or diamonds in the game, which you could use to play multiple entertaining games we made like Lucky Turn and Lucky Spin for tons of rewards. Life struggles, but every step matters!  Download Coin Runner now and get yourself back to the top!



  • Coin runner

    By Tina Klink
    A total rip off you don’t ever get your gift cards I emailed several times and they don’t get back to you so don’t play !!!!
  • No customer service

    By Stacyleigh91
    I cashed in for a gift card and it’s been almost a month without receiving it. I tried to contact customer service and nothing. If I actually got my gift card this app would be fine but it seems like a scam currently.
  • Game player

    By lettlebite
    Yes I have over 15 million token and I redeem them one is $5.00 and another is $10.00 amazon gift card so where are my gift card I reed them it been three weeks that I redeem them so where is my gift cards. It sure be nice you guys honestly honer my gift card
  • Not worth the trouble

    By Mazix the conquerer
    Been playing this for a while now. Finally got just enough to cash out for two dollars in amazon credit. Now it’s stuck and won’t transfer. I tried to contact them only to find out that the email they have set up doesn’t work! It’s a way of time to play and only gets your hopes up. Seems like they are only after getting paid for us to watch their ads and not paying out. Such a scam!
  • Don’t waste your time

    By KiZaire
    Don’t bother with this app. I played long enough to reach 10,000,000 diamonds to receive a $10 amazon gift card and been “waiting” to receive for 3 weeks now. I’ll update or remove this review if I do get it.
  • Dear developers, when will you issue gift cards from redeemed ‘diamonds’?

    By Crispin from LA
    Dear developers, I have been using this app quite a while and redeemed the ‘diamonds’ I earned for 3 of the $10 Amazon gift cards back in May 2020. As of now, July 2020, I have not received anything and the status has remained at ‘waiting’. I’ve e-mailed 4 times to the referenced email address but have not had a reply. I’m writing this positive review in hopes you will see it take action to issue the gift cards. I’m fine with only earning the virtual currency of ‘diamonds’ but the redemption needs to be actually done. Please assist in resolution.
  • It is a scam

    It is a scam! It is set up for them from ads and. You don’t get anything. I have enough diamonds to get a $10 Amazon card, I filled everything out several times and a code was never sent to me. I tried to email the three times and each time I got a message saying my email was rejected. Don’t waste your time!

    By ughto
    We played since...forever and only have 7$ what kind of game is this I saw this on a ad and thought I could win tons of money.all I have to say is take this down

    By McNasty19
    1. You will never make the $10 threshold required to make a cash withdraw. Once you hit around $9, they stop rewarding you with monetary rewards. I have been stuck at $9.90 and no matter what I don’t receive money rewards anymore. 2. In order to redeem you “diamonds” for Amazon gift cards, a screen prompts you to input your Amazon account number and your phone number, so that you can be sent a verification code. I am not even sure I have an amazon account number. I have sent emails to clarify, but the email is not legit and I receive message undeliverable notices to my email. 3. You cannot contact anybody. The email to contact the admin is junk and not legit. I have tried to email admin and I receive “message undeliverable” notices in my email inbox. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS GAME!!!
  • Scam

    By Sluggerred
    Tried to cash out 4 times and nothing. Tried to send email but comes back undeliverable
  • It’s a scam

    By lilpat69
    I’ve been playing months and have cashed out for $15 in Amazon gift cards and it’s been a month and still have not received it
  • Scam

    By Hccw84
    It’s a scam. Don’t waste your time on it. I redeemed a $5 gift card back in March and still have not received anything. Emailed the customer service a couple times but never heard back anything.
  • Not Complying To Agreement

    By Angelscry2o
    Ok this is my SECOND formal review. My first one was also five star to get folks attention on JUST HOW BAD THIS APP IS as is this one. The first one is no longer posted which is why I’m writing this one cause I was posting updates in my first review. Apparently they do read reviews they just don’t care enough to respond to the complaints. There is one review that thanks me for information I posted in the first review to help. I do have screenshots of this. I also have screenshots of my first review. Now they owe me $22.00 the first was requested on the 15th of February, second February 16th, third April 8th, forth May 7th, and the fifth on June 6th. It takes one month to get enough diamonds for a $5.00 gift card. But getting them to comply with their end of the agreement for users to download their app, watch their flippin ads and play their games. They are making the money and not not fulfilling the agreement. Another thing their email address is 110% bogus. You write it bonuses back as not found. Read critical reviews you’ll see for yourself they don’t and haven’t paid not one user!
  • Hi

    By johnsully5
    Worst app ever you don’t even deserve a star
  • Never pays out

    By frustrated cajun
    I have “earned” two gift cards so far and neither one of them were ever received. I contacted support and got help with purchasing the cards but when asked what was status of order I was ignored. Horrible app. Will delete
  • Scam.

    By its fake fake fake
    I wasted my time on this stupid game. Not even allowing to even redeem the diamond for gift card . It’s say to enter email Id and telephone number for sending verification code but don’t even get a code. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 I wasted my time please you all don’t waste your precious time
  • Rip off

    By budderflygirl65
    Turned on for a gift card months ago never received and if you contact them it sends it back saying undeliverable
  • False app - Do not use!!

    By Racegirl351
    I have been using this app for months and I finally earned enough coins to cash in for a $5 Amazon card. When I tried to enter my info it was grayed out and wouldn’t let me complete the process. When I have tried emailing support and the emails bounce back as undeliverable. Beware!!
  • SCAM!!

    By Bannybear240
    I’ve played this game for months to build up enough diamonds to at least get an amazon card. Now that I have the points I can’t figure o it how to redeem it. It shows where you put in something for the amazon Id or whatever then your number to get a code. It won’t submit it!! I’ve emailed y’all and not got a response! I EXPECT a response ASAP or I’ll be deleting this game! So if you want a better rating I HIGHLY and STRONGLY suggest you respond so this can be corrected! Thank you.
  • Not true

    By Yvette438
    I have been trying to cash my diamonds out for a $10 Amazon gift card. Contact customer support twice and still no answer
  • Scam

    By gdhjjghh
    Never let you redeem a dime!

    By scooterb75
    After playing this for months I finally have enough tokens (10 million) for a $10 Amazon gift card. However, when you try to redeem, it lets you put in your email, and nothing else. It won’t let you click on “submit” afterwards. Complete waste of time, stay away.
  • Coin runner

    By perrismith
    I cannot redeem my diamonds for the amazon card. It will not send me the verification code ?!?
  • Deceiving

    By Newbie cinderella
    I have been playing this for couple weeks until now there is problem claiming your prize. This games should be banned in apple store. It deceive people. I try to claim it several times since march 2020. Until now its pending. So i did not play it until they gave my prize. It should be file complain so that this developer name should not go in the market.
  • Total Scam

    By Sherid117
    I’ve earned enough diamonds to redeem for $5 Amazon gift card on April 14th and was told it would be sent to my email within 7 days. It’s May 25th. No gift card. Emailed them twice. No response. Deleting app, don’t waste your time
  • Can’t redeem a thing!

    By Bryan7877
    You will get to $9.95 and then stop earning any money. I expected that, but played to redeem a gift card. When I tried that, it said several times it texted me a redemption code - it did not. I emailed customer service with no reply. I’ll update if needed, but this is a complete waste of time.
  • Scam

    By winorlooseimready
    Collected 10 million diamonds and tried to collect amazon card They wanted a account number of my amazon account. Would have given 0 stars but in order to leave this review had to give 1. Tried to email support and email says return to sender
  • SCAM!!!

    By smileigh45
    This is nothing but a scam. I tired to turn in my coins for a Amazon gift card and it will not send me my verification code after they ask you for your cell number. It says that a code is being sent but nothing ever comes through. I’ve sent them 6 emails with no reply ever. The last 2 emails said FAILURE that it didn’t go through. Clearly this is not a legit site. They just reel you in to watch their ads that they get paid for very ad you watch. I wouldn’t even rate this a one star but had to rate something so this review can go through. Totally big disappointment!!!!
  • Do not download

    By 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
    They never payout prizes
  • Theirs No Cashing out!

    By CreepygameLover
    OMG I literally have 702$... When I started At 0.00$ Their was no Cashing out. I’m giving it a One ⭐️. If you Update or change the game For cashing out I would Give A second Comment And give A 4-5 Stars
  • S C A M!!!

    By NewBald
    Went to cash in my $15 amazon gift cards from them 2 weeks ago and got nothing back. Went to email them for answers, and it’s a bad email address. I’d say this app is the biggest scam app on here. Get it together.
  • Unhappy player

    By mpc/rgc7375
    I have been playing this game for quite some time and I just requested my $10 Amazon gift card. Not sure how to redeem cause all it says is to add in an Amazon account, phone number, and verification code. Does not give you anything else. Not sure what the heck to put in for Amazon account ( not sure why my account would be needed to redeem the gift card ), and the verification code? What and where do I find the verification code? Anywho, I emailed customer support to get help, and my email came back stating that the email is invalid. So I will be deleting this app, I don’t even have the energy to bother with it. Don’t bother playing unless you have time to waste

    By Anon727838715516
    UPDATE 5/9 — IT HAS BEEN 3 MONTHS AND STILL “WAITING”! SCAM APP!!! ——————— UPDATE 3/12 — IT HAS NOW BEEN A MONTH. My card is still “waiting”. They have NO INTENTIONS of giving me my hard earned amazon card. Email is fake. No way to contact anyone bc they don’t care. So mad at this app company. ——————— UPDATE 2/27 — Developer, your response is over a week late! I did the 0 thing, my amazon card has been stuck in “Waiting” since 2/15. So much for getting a reward within 7 days of verification. Why don’t you address that problem we are all having?! What’s that? Oh, because you’re scamming us? Ah, right. Got you. AVOID THIS APP!!! ——————— UPDATE 2/25 — it’s been 10 days and still no amazon card. Definitely a scam. Emailed twice, no response. Avoid this app!!! —————— UPDATE 2/15—thanks to AngelsCry, if you put a 0 in front of your number, the verification will be texted. Now I’m waiting the 7 days to get it, but at least there’s progress! Thank you AngelsCry!!! —————- I finally get enough to cash out for an amazon gift card, put in phone number...and never get validation code. Looking through reviews, everyone else has that problem. Scam app, stay away!
  • Waiting

    By Ryan Coolong
    I still haven’t gotten my gift card I ordered it on March 19th 2020
  • scam

    By lexytwit
    total scam... i played for so long only to get nothing. so many hours wasted for no reward. the producers of this game have bad karma coming their way.
  • Lies and Lies

    By Studgrams
    I have been waiting a month for a $2.00 gift card! Messaged them several times and no reply! Nothing but a scam!!! Update: still nothing from this app! I have sent several e mails and nothing??? 9 weeks waiting??
  • No reply

    By barbiad
    Been trying to reach them for months. My email address is not even acknowledged. Does not even show my profile, no history of the game. Nothing! Going to delete.
  • Worst

  • Scam

    By Italianv21
    They don’t pay out. It just stays in “waiting”. I have been waiting for over a month. I tried several times to contact without response. Don’t waste your time and energy. There are many legitimate apps out there.
  • Rip Off: Do not Download this

    By 55211232011
    I have tried multiple times to contact them as I am not receiving the code to redeem my diamonds for gift cards with NO reply. What a waste of time.
  • Never pays

    By beat cheeks
    After I did this stupid app for months I get to cash out for a $10 amazon card that has been saying waiting now for weeks. I’m doubting it will ever actually come.
  • Total Scam - Don’t waste your time

    By meowsicat
    I played until I accumulated the required 10m in “diamonds”, presumably enough to cash in for a $10 Amazon card. Shocking then that the redemption option does not work and the customer service email comes back as undeliverable. Additionally, I was able to get up to $9.90 cash (supposedly you can cash out for money to your PayPal account at $10) but have not been able to break through to the $10 mark. Have been stuck at $9.90 for weeks. Total rip off and waste of time. Do yourself a favour and don’t download.
  • Scam

    By meme5532
    No one answers any emails , you can’t redeem gift cards says it sends a verification code And you never receive it.Tried to contact them message always unable to send. It’s a waste of time to play and watch all the videos to get no where. Has any one ever heard back from them Been over a month reward still pending
  • Total ripoff

    By once was young
    Don’t waste your time. Total ripoff with no payouts. These apps should have consequences for this fraudulent and misleading games.
  • Legal Action Awaits

    By KatAntillon
    Most Game Apps are NOT lagit. I am taking note to those Shaddy App Accounts and will seek out an attorney to purse legal action. (Kinda similar to the legal action over my workmans compensation case .. worked twenty long years with intense dedicated hours .. took ill on the job .. legal action against Bank Of America .. permanent damages to my health). My attorney and I are currently wrapping up the case with a Fair Payout amount. As a Juror, I have assisted in five cases where I participated in making non-bias decisions to finalize the case(s). I too along with an attorney, will pursue legal action .. if this App is too, Shaddy. Keep in mind, people work hard and long hours where they Must get paid!
  • It is a scam no payout

    By Readerxreviewer
    Exactly what the title says, I emailed them for customer support on my suppose gift card I never received from them to amazon. No reply and no card. Don’t waste your time. Scam
  • No gift cards

    By 83flower
    Please don't waste time, never win, and luckily you have points, never have any gift cards...
  • Lie

    By Hecgerach65
    Don’t loose your time playing it you never get your rewards
  • Are points worthless?

    By thelastheckrodt
    Redeemed points for gift card but never got it. I know one other person who has been waiting for over a month and did not get hers either. I will update and change rating in a few days based on what happens.