Coin Runner - Happy Every Day

Coin Runner - Happy Every Day

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-12-28
  • Current Version: 1.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 137.48 MB
  • Developer: baihua Lu
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 105


People have so many things to do yet only limited time. Most of us might ignore doing exercise and got buried in trivia. But don't worry, Coin Runner is here! Coin Runner is a 100% free-to-play game. The primary purpose is to encourage you to exercise as much as they could. Please do remember that every step you make would transfer into coins or diamonds in the game, which you could use to play multiple entertaining games we made like Lucky Turn and Lucky Spin for tons of rewards. Life struggles, but every step matters!  Download Coin Runner now and get yourself back to the top!



  • Fun

    By GrimReaper69691970
    Lot of fun
  • redeeming

    By brittney shep
    I can’t figure out how to get the money out and i have collected a decent amount but i’m struggling to figure out how to redeem them. I really would love some help if you know how ?!
  • No real money

    By treyballin
    There is no way to actually connect your PayPal to the game
  • Coin Runner has no cash value

    By LeVonneL
    Even though it claims you can use PayPal to get money, when you read the terms, it says there is no cash money value.
  • Fun Game

    By Mac Daddy B
    I’m still trying to figure it all out but it’s fun and hope to win some BIG money one day soon.
  • Coin runner

    By Ruthyluis5
    I so far just downloaded it so far so good though How do you transfer the money to PayPal please let me know thank you.
  • The spinners are rigged

    By shahabandbxyskns
    Do not download
  • Love!

    By Nahhhhgemmmm
    Very fun and addicting
  • Don’t waste your time!!!

    By Mykal Hamner
    Just a bunch of scum bags just getting you to make them money.
  • Cheap scam

    By ghghvhj
    This is nothing but a cheap scam to lure people into thinking they can get money out of it. I tried the spin wheel, there are 19 prizes on the spin wheel and 2 which you will lose all your bet. Each bet is 4000 diamonds. There at least 8, 9 prizes that will win you coins (equivalent to real money) or over 4000 diamonds but after 100 spins, my chances of getting 7000 and 10,000 diamonds was 3/100, nothing on the coins. My chances of getting a lose all sign was 10/100. If this was random, I should at least be able to win money or coins since my chances of winning something greater than 4000 diamonds or coins is much greater than lose all (8/21 vs 2/21). However, the only thing I got were either lower than 4000 diamonds or just lose all. I strongly advise people to not download the app and get scammed by these people. They only want you to watch the video so they can make money off of advertisement. You will win nothing here.
  • SCAM!!

    By SharpFlame288
    The scratch offs claim you can win money but you only win diamonds, the spin.., again only diamonds..., and other one if you pay attention you can see it hesitates on the money squares EVERY TIME before it initially stop but it then switches to the diamonds! Absolutely a scam and a lawsuit thanks to fraud!
  • Never gonna win big

    By Senceka1
    What a lie the ads are win big no way to win big its all to keep you playing and them making money
  • $$$

    By Vernon09.
    Fun game I love it $$$$$$
  • Read this then you will boost to download this app

    By Deydreamer
    I like this game because you get real money and YOU ARE GONNA BE RICH! That’s why unspeakable is so so so so so so so so rich buy this app plz!!!!!!!!!! Real money real rich you can buy anyyyyyyyyyyyything you want a Bugatti a truck a big mansion for 1000000 dollars then you can also own the whole whole whole whole whole whole whole whole entire world 🗺! And any any stuff you want!
  • Lame

    By Mario Segali
    This is a scam! It’s misleading and lie as well as lame and poor quality. Developers are probably a bunch of losers
  • The ads are a joke

    By nikky1337
    You don’t win all that money the ad portrays they are pieces of crap making you think your going to win money so fast.
  • Had high hopes

    By Dethcar
    I had high hopes for this game, but non of the mini games provide true “chance”. You can tell they’re all based on losing algorithms as anytime you win it’s very rarely more than you put it to play the game. Very frustrating to see a prize wheel full of prizes but you always land in the same result.... no actually “chance” statistic in this app. Don’t waste your time.
  • False advertisement

    By Dylan Caroon
    Ads for this app showed players transferring funds to PayPal which is not possible
  • Yeeee

    By Ramboslimjimtim
  • The Negative Reviews Are Right

    By Carmela Countz
    I read all the negative reviews, but I thought oh well let me see what this is about, it’s ridiculous. The amount of ads are very frustrating. I won $1 but there is no option to transfer to PayPal. You win lots of diamonds, but what do you use them for? This game is totally misleading and a fraud. First indicator is the game is free are we winning free money? Are the developers paying us out of their pocket?
  • Commercials

    By pjfos
    It’s fun getting all these scratch offs and I know you have to use commercials to make your money but 29 commercials during a set of 41 tickets and getting nothing but tokens. The add for Coin Runner makes it look like you get more money than the other games.
  • Nope

    By maxandmitzi
    I don’t know about this. It sticks when you get close to cash So nope especially since it’s like ten cents
  • Fun and easy

    By zhanaja
    I love the app came across it in an ad and I love it
  • Love It ! ! !

    By Love It ! !
    Love It ! ! !
  • Run from coin runner!

    By alleymap
    It claims that you'll win cash but you only win a dollar here and 10 cents here. I've never gotten past $4.50. And you can't cash out with that little amount. Lots of Advertising so you would think they would have lots of cash payouts. Don't bother. Isn't worth your time.
  • Terrible!!!

    By LamboRedd
    Supposedly you are going to win cash, but you only win the fist scratch off of a $1 and after that every one is only the diamonds 💎 that you win. This app is definitely not going to low you to win cash. Also, it’s impossible to gain the ridiculous amount to redeem any gift cards.
  • Cool

    By paul delvalle
  • I like it

    By BigWinner555788
    It seems easy, just watch ads so the devs make revenue and eventually you’ll win some prizes. Pretty easy to do laying in bed watching Netflix.
  • Money

    By togle7569
    The ads for the game make it look easy to when money but all I’ve won is a couple dollars.
  • I feel bad for this game .

    By queenSuave
    You Game Creators Are CRAZY . why waste your amazing idea and creation to not stand by the ads your promoting yeah it’s all for money you don’t care about the people playing because you know we not making anything much from it . the diamonds are a waste dumbest thing and the amounts of money we should be winning IF WE ACTUALLY LAND ON IT 🙄 should be 5$ and up . We Aren’t children 1$ 2$ .60cent .50cent like WHAT IS THAT WASNT EVEN HAPPY ABOUT WINNING NOR LANDING ON ANY OF THEM. BE FARE MAKE THE GAME WHAT ITS SUPPOSE TO BE IT CAN BE WAYYYYY MORE POPULAR WITH REAL 5 stars not the ones y’all fake put up there for people to download the game . HAPPY 2020 tho try not to do the same stuff BE DIFFERENT 💯 (Don’t need your feedback or response) LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS #Period 📍
  • Scam

    By jonnysicker
    It sed I won 150 coins but dident give it to me. Not happy this app is a wast of time
  • Play for free money

    By dragonmoose69
    This game is no better than those in the same genre, full of ads, very few chances to win any cash, I thought I’d give it a try, played for and hour, watched several dozen ads, with only a dollar to show for it, I get the ads, but where’s the part that keeps you wanting to come back?, not there, so I deleted.
  • $

    By kktdude
    Looking forward to that first win
  • Why

    By pogi YT
    Why I can’t win a money even one times and a lot of advertisements and you only win a gems not a money. Why did you guys made a ad that says you won 1k but there is no one thousand price and you can’t win any money just one in a million!!👎👎👿👿🤬🤬😾😾😈👿👎
  • Lies

    By smash 76
    I have 350 and still can’t do anything this game is false and just wants to wraste your time
  • Mad money

    By william aaden genelle
    I love it so far great game I haven’t won big yet but I no I’ll get there
  • ⚠️⚠️Do not install⚠️⚠️

    By CleoDéNile
    This game is A Lie YOU DONT NOT WIN ANY MONEY 💰 SO DONT WASTE YOUR TIME .. The objects of The game was to win diamonds 💎.. On A Spinning wheel .. But You never win money 💰
  • It’s okay

    By chrissy 85
    I like but was told you when free money but I have $130 and no way to cask out
  • False Advertising

    By ChrisGT96
    There is no way to win real money. The terms of service explicitly state that the coins in the game have “no monetary value”
  • Excellent

    By Bullish bull market
    Excellent excellent app excellent excellent application excellent excellent app excellent excellent application excellent excellent app excellent excellent application excellent excellent app excellent excellent application excellent excellent work app excellent excellent app application excellent excellent app excellent excellent application excellent excellent app excellent excellent application excellent excellent app excellent excellent application excellent excellent app application excellent excellent app excellent excellent application excellent
  • Money withdrawal limit

    By Ashleyn33
    Hi I’m Ashley thank you for making this game. I’m just wondering how much do you have to reach before it ask you that.
  • this game is very fun and very easy to win

    By 5E84369CF9
    For this game I have won around $2000 dollars more but it's can't be cashed or transferred to Paypal so I only gave one star and will delete this game from my cellphone 😁😁 but this game is very fun and very easy to win ,, as we all know, no one will give us money for free.😁😁 Good luck ☺️
  • Just 1 US dollar

    By Dean725
    Just 1 US dollar so far 😞 too many hours just to get that but it's free so I recommend it if you have the time on your hands.
  • Umm

    By TweetyBird416
    This app is great but how do you collect your money?
  • Very misleading lies lies lies

    By bully boo boo
    Your ads are very misleading you are making it look like the girl in the ad hits big every time she spins. I’ve been playing for 3 days and only won a 1.00 wow huge win for me I guess
  • Lol

    By 力量0086
    I have no idea what hell is going on yet. So far I’ve watching videos over and over. No money No honey yet!!!
  • Hiya

    By A. T. B.
    How do I transfer my coins? I don’t have a button or anything that says I can transfer them to my paypal... if you know please help!!
  • Scam app no money to win

    By Cat man doo
    Don’t play
  • Misleading Ad

    By latejaded
    Play This Game It Never Pays High Dollars Only Worthless Diamonds Ad Is Misleading