• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-01-09
  • Current Version: 2.5.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 33.00 MB
  • Developer: Rakshak Kalwani
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 675


SwipeTrix brings the fun of solving puzzles in the shape of a really polished art style and grueling level design. Swipe to Move the character. Collect all the diamonds to clear the level but watch out for enemies. ! There is no time limit so take your time to figure out the solution and advance through exhilarating levels. ◈ 100+ hand-crafted levels. ◈ Daily Challenges: 9 unique mind-twisting levels every week. ◈ Dodge Enemy AI, Move through portals and collect diamonds. ◈ Unlock unique characters for free. ◈ Neon Retro type artwork. ◈ Intuitive gameplay. Easy to learn but hard to master!. ◈ Compete with your friends-Game Center.



  • Clever puzzle

    By yachty kid
    Very challenging puzzle lots of fun
  • Great Fun!!

    By KStrege79
    Great game!
  • Great concept but little re-play value

    By GoneGuardian
    ST could potentially be a great 2D-puzzle platformer but sadly, the entertainment value of it is short-lived due to it’s inherent lack of features & innate redundancy. Surely, the presentation here is great: what with it’s sleek design, unique & cryptic sounds, & minimalistic intrigue...but unfortunately enough...the appeal stops at essentially that. At it’s core, ST certainly provides the player with a promising premise, with him/her trying to navigate a neon-colored square through a “maze” to reach it’s finish, but this appeal comes repetitive & formulaic, & after about 20 levels, you’re left wondering if there’s any more dimension left to this game. I reached abt level 55 after realizing I could “easily” graduate to other free games with more challenge & depth to it. At the same end, ST comes through w/ beautiful music & the levels indubitably arrive with a fair amount of challenge and cerebral-ness, but it would’ve been nice to see more customization options, enemies, & perhaps maybe even bigger levels. There’s very little “payout” for completing a level (aside from a kinky & slightly humorous interrogative that appears at the top of the screen upon completion) & this game is just far too linear to really be able to extract any poignant or lasting meaning from it. Not a complete time-waster, but I’m fairly certain that there’s far more enlightening & accessible puzzle games out there to be explored...but if you’re bored on a rainy Sunday afternoon, & yr looking for a solid head-scratcher with little to no frills attached, then this one might be for you.
  • No more ads

    By Tooclassiq
    Seriously no more ads I like the game but the ads get in the way I understand branding and certain aspects but the frequency is too high for my liking
  • Now works great

    By Mlisagor
    Please help. Love the game. Even paid to remove ads but now I can’t unlock anything. UPDATE: works great now, thank you
  • Great game but....

    By BibityBop69
    There's a glitch we're if you swipe while your moving your change direction before you hit a wall. Usually not even within a square.
  • Great Game!

    By spoopylol
    I just got this game and it has been a blast! Very nice graphics combined with tricky puzzles and awesome gameplay is a formula for fun!
  • Short-lived

    By Guile3432
    Gameplay is great but it’s a puzzle game with only 118 levels (currently). You can max the game out in 2 hours and have nothing left to do. I definitely regret the $2 to support the devs and to remove ads. Blah.
  • ZAza man

    By odin ZAZA man
    it is a good game it hase fast skills in it and eazz to play
  • Spectacular

    By Jmajjjc
    This is by far my favorite game in years ... simple but thought provoking ... Love it ... Would recommend to anyone who loves puzzles ...
  • Please no!!!

    By ^zenday^
    Hate ads!!!!!!
  • Therapeutic

    By Nyamimi
    Reminds me of those gyms in Pokémon when you had to solve a puzzle to get to the gym leader. Super fun.
  • Fun little time waster!

    By Crimsonblade2086
    I didn’t buy the Ad Remover just for your knowledge, I just play it when I want to play a neat little puzzle game. The advertisements aren’t a big deal to me. They only interrupt your gameplay with an advertisement in between a few puzzle rounds (not during the actual puzzle round as you try to figure out how to complete it, which is a huge plus!), or after you end up clicking retry a few times on the same round. You also don’t always have to go up and down, left or right. If you are fast enough, you can swipe at an angle and it’ll work around some of the weirder puzzles to complete! This is a big help. This may also be a mistake that the developer didn’t anticipate and will probably fix this. I think this game is a lot of fun, I’m glad I stumbled upon it.
  • dam dude

    By yung poopy
    this is fun
  • Bug

    By xxZebrAxx
    Just to let you guys know if you don’t already there’s a trick say you where stuck from going left and right you can swipe to the side and swipe down really fast and go down in a row you shouldn’t be able too but it’s bugged so you can
  • Recommended

    By Brunomatsing
    Smooth and Simple.. Keep it up!
  • This is a deal breaker!

    By Pnwranger
    This is such an awesome game but the cookies & selling personal information ruins the whole experience for me. I appreciate that you’re upfront about it in your terms & conditions however no one wants their personal information sold off to someone else & being spied on isn’t okay because then there’s a breach of trust and zero privacy. Any game that has advertisements every few seconds also is annoying. Please remove the cookies & spyware otherwise people like me won’t play the game or accept your terms.
  • Updates

    By DriftingEgg
    Amazing game. I finished every level and every daily level. Got all characters. I’m loving what you guys have so far. I know you guys are probably already working on more levels, for each update I think you should add 100 new ones, and for the characters you should somehow add challenges to unlock them. Or every level we beat we get some sort of currency to get new characters. Also for more customization, you should add some trails for characters every time you swipe there’s a cool line that follows behind them. Each trail should have different customizable colors, and there should be multiple trails.
  • Nice Game!! 😄

    By Toulse Gaming
    I absolutely love this game and I’m already on the 44th level and I haven’t stopped! It’s something about the perfect difficulty challenge or the very nice art of everything! One of the only complaints I have is that on the level counter, the 4’s kind of look like 9’s and it can get confusing. Also, the game could have a couple more objects and a goal to get to at the end of the level to escape. Overall, very nice game!!!!😄😄😄😄
  • Horrible company.

    By Figment'06
    There are no rules to explain how kills occur, why you can and can’t go certain ways, and if you PAY FOR NO ADS YOU STILL GET ADS.
  • Awesome

    By Itzo84
    I like how smooth the game is!!
  • Simple but Fun!

    By CJM-XD
    Great game to play while waiting or just when your bored!
  • Pretty good

    By FuzzShock