• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-02-19
  • Current Version: 1.0.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 27.15 MB
  • Developer: Randonauts, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 4 271


Wander into wonder with Randonautica, the official app of the Randonauts. Randonautica takes you on a journey of true randomness. The adventure is yours to have and the legend will be yours to tell. Welcome, future Randonauts! This app provides you with totally random coordinates within a set radius. You can then choose if you’d like to adventure to the point. It’s been said by the Randonaut community that breaking out of what’s called your “probability-tunnel” can bring about meaningful experiences and provide great fun while journeying into the world around you. 

Just getting started? Here are some of the features of using the app: - The app uses both a pseudo and quantum entropy sources for randomization - The app provides a set of coordinates that can be opened in a map to navigate to or the user can digitally explore the coordinates - The app allows the user to submit a trip report and share to social media



  • Good app

    By UrBoiRoy
    Took me to an abandoned barn
  • Random point to waste time

    By babyfaceJeff
    I tested this app out since I saw a lot of tiktok videos about it. I tried it twice. First time it took me to a parking garage that I would have had to pay for even though my intent was luck and getting rich. Second time my intent was the same and it took me to random person’s house. I live in Los Angeles so most of the points are located in private property. This app is pretty much Pokémon Go but instead of catching Pokémon, it’s tricking people into thinking this is magical.
  • Don’t download

    By jjxnxb
    Do not download people will follow u home and DONT LET UR KIDS DOWNLOAD PLZ
  • Needs documentation...

    By Jaedendak
    Interesting concept, but there is not very good documentation on all the options.
  • It kept leading us to peoples houses

    By Amber the ugly fat rat
    But ima try it again and see what happens
  • Awesome!

    By hsjskzkvncmsmsz
    Yesssss i love this app i find such cool things at the end
  • Disappointed

    By Blade0117
    Me and my dad finally had a chance to go do this I was realy happy when I got it because it sounded really cool but when we went nothing was there we keep on trying and trying but it didn’t work I’m super disappointed with this and don’t recommend it
  • If I manifest a girlfriend, will I get a girlfriend? 🤔

    By caacaapoopoopeepeeshire
  • pretty fun!! but..

    By Mal 💞
    my only complaint is that it always brings us to houses/streets instead of cool views/places .. any way to narrow it down would be dope. other than that this app is AMAZING and be careful w the intentions my fellow randonauts!!!
  • Randonautica gave me the chills..

    By Bye i love this game
    Bro I was scrolling in tiktok and saw a video where randonautica sent a person to a suitcase with a dead body In it... but this app IS AMAZING!!!!!
  • How does this work?

    By TheDuchess81
    Who adds the pins? Is this all just a completely blind guessing game? Find a spot on the google map and a bot randomly adds a red pin? I haven’t found anything other than private property signs
  • Creepy

    By galaxy.purple
    don’t trust this app.
  • This app is AMAZING

    By drummerdrums
    So I was skeptical. Didn’t really understand how it works either, until I read the theory from the developers on the subreddit. Tried it. Lead me to my intention every time. I tried to keep it realistic and not too vague yet not too direct. It answers via direct answer, metaphorically, deep answer or blatantly. This app truly amplified the saying “Be careful what you wish for or you may just get it”. Even trips to the points felt different and changed my mood and awareness. Truly an amazing app! Thank you so much for it!
  • A fun app during a time when we need more joy.

    By SanFranKim
    Because it’s random gps points, it doesn’t always take you to where you were hoping. However there have been a handful of really serendipitous ones. It definitely passes the time, and it’s like being the protagonist in a mystical, and sometimes thought provoking, journey. Look for ‘signs’ and try to be ‘open.’ ENJOY!!!
  • Creepy

    By Daylynx
    It directed me to my own house. Everybody who has ever slept in my house has confirmed seeing some paranormal activity in some part of the house

    By truama in my brain
    Found a dead body 5/5
  • Doesn't work in my area

    By ThisGirl12876443689187
    I was so excited to download this just for every starting address I put in to not work. I'm disappointed to say the least. Not sure what ”outside the array” means. I didn't think Michigan was too out there.
  • Dumb and a waste of time

    By hauntfreak13
    All it does is generate random coordinates, some of which are private property or sketchy af. Don’t waste the time or gas. The likelihood of you finding something ookie are slim.
  • It’s great, but the users aren’t.

    By oliveroof
    People who say it doesn’t work or it’s disappointing- you’re wrong. You’re just plain wrong. You need patience it’s been proven to work. It’s random generated too.
  • Heat stroke

    By heater skater
    Skateboarded to the coordinates and pretty much died of heat stroke
  • Scary...

    By vjmmmna
    I downloaded this app it took me to a place I went with a group of friends but one of my friends didn’t go because she said what if it’s people that are trying to set you up to take you or something
  • Annoyed

    By Agent105
    I like the app, but very annoyed I bought the premium and NOTHING CHANGED kinda few ripped off for a couple bucks.
  • The government should use this also Area 51 like omg

    By Mr. Super Awesomeness
  • This app is weird

    By Huge hey
    So I had the app and then it just uninstalled itself then it said I never even downloaded it, creepy
  • Took us to places we couldn’t go 😫

    By Zasoloco
    So i know this is a new app with small developers! I support that but the app wasn’t giving me good locations to go....i live in the coal region so like there’s nothing but mountains and woods....first time i did it it took me be-hide the person in my town that was saying no trespassing:( second time took me to my friends house ok cool after that it took me on a 12 mins ride to a WA waste area where that’s private property! Then today took me to someone’s backyards not knowing it was a drive way and hit cursed at 😜 honestly i didn’t mind the running around and it was fun but i was disappointed i could not go to the location it was taking me and i even did some pre ones to see where it will take me and half of them are on property that is own...so i give this app three stars still fun but disappointed...i hope the app gets better soon because i want to experience what everyone else did.
  • Love it! 🥰

    By iliketrainsboy
    I love this app! I’ve been so boted and I decided to go on a walk with this app!
  • Not a game

    This was number 7 for top free games this is not a game🤡
  • White Screen

    By httpsmaddieeee
    I downloaded this app bc i thought it was cool and was planning on using it throughout the week with a few friends but every time i went to open it, it just gave me a white screen. I tried restarting my phone and then opening it but that didn’t work. This would be a great app but that bug needs fixed and fast.
  • Annoyed.

    By Dycarr
    I paid to be able to search for my own intent and every time I try to type one in, it tells me I need to purchase the package again.
  • You bad

    By AbstLavi
    Creepy ass people who made this app
  • Bad idea

    By Rig ratty
    This is an amazing way to get trespassing charges or shot for going through the wrong field and finding something you shouldn’t find

    By ughhhenery
    I was using this app and searched “travel” I soon came to this beach with a suit case. There was an a full smell and I called the police....3 hours later they found out it was a dead body....

    By xoctb
    This app doesn’t work & crashes constantly .
  • Won’t connect to bot!

    By bdsjixdh
    I’ve tried everything but it won’t connect at all!
  • Great Concept, Needs Lots of Work

    By kplamp
    Very cool idea, but is so buggy. Today all I can get is “unable to connect” I tried with two different ISPs, both worked for all other apps. Last night 50% of requests returned no page. (You can’t there from here?)
  • Annoying

    By ilobilliee
    The app is great but the locations I’m getting are all addresses. It seems a bit creepy to see someone drive slow and park at your house multiple times. It might just be my city though. Other than that, the app is great and a way to pass time!
  • Love the app but it won’t work

    By cole desantis756438
    I got this app on my iPhone XR and every time I’m on it it’s like I’m not connected to the internet and it doesn’t work it says looking for bit and never gets passed that, someone please help?
  • Doesn’t work! Please fix it because I’d really love to use it !

    By tierramadiss
    It says connecting the entire time and won’t send any of my messages. It’s either a white screen or it’s still loading. Please fix it. I was looking forward to using the app but now I can’t because it won’t work.
  • It’s fun until it stops working

    By olivianoelle28
    I’ve been using this app and it has been working perfectly fine until this morning . It says finding a server and I’m connected to my WiFi. I’ve deleted and downloaded this app all of 3 times and yet it’s still not working . Fun concept but there’s many things that need to be worked on.
  • ??

    By mnch3s
    Is there something wrong with the app?? It never connects no matter if I have WiFi or not?
  • Horrible

    By elonalashay
    The app is not working it just will not load
  • Suggestions??

    By Monsterkitty18
    Just downloaded this app. I can’t seem to get it to load. Says it’s trying to connect to bot but it’s been doing it for hours I’ve tried deleting and re-downloading using the website, phone off and back on etc.
  • This does not work

    By Roll3y
    App just says unable to connect to not. Please fix this.
  • If you’re an explorer, this is perfect.

    By mmaechkaa
    People are using social media as a tactic to scare people from this app but it IS INTENTION BASED. If you read the directions 🤪 you’ll learn how to use the app easily, go for nice walks with friends. Find cool new areas around your living area you didn’t know about. 5 stars. I understand the slowness of the app bc it’s up and coming! Wonderful app!
  • Doesn’t connect to bot

    By nayxwasxhere
    I downloaded this app thinking it would work. It doesn’t. I downloaded it and it worked for a few minutes and when my sister and I decided to go out and try it, it stopped working. It kept saying it was “connecting to bot” but then it would say “taking longer than usual.” We both did hard resets on our phones multiple times. We deleted the app and redownloaded it and still. Same thing.
  • Doesn’t work; can’t connect to bot

    By Rainbowsrule
    Downloaded and it worked great but as soon I left to actually try it out it couldn’t connect to the bot and even connecting back to WiFi did nothing to fix it. It permanently says “taking longer than usual to connect”. Spent literally an hour closing and reopening the app, deleting and redownloading and nothing works. I am so disappointed. I don’t know if the server is busy but neither me or my sister could get it to work.
  • Won’t connect to bot

    By LittleAngry
    Downloaded the app for the first time today. It would never connect to the bot for us to even do anything with it. Disappointed. Seems like a really cool concept tho.
  • great but not connecting

    By nahimgoodschaeffer
    it’s a great app but suddenly it won’t connect to my wifi
  • Doesn’t work

    By Colaa_10111
    I really wanted to try and all I get is “⚠️ Taking longer than usual to connect.” I currently have 128 Mbps download and 23mbps upload. There is no reason why it would be unable to connect. So mad. I’ll re-download and try again in a few weeks.