Draw Climber

Draw Climber

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-01-24
  • Current Version: 1.14.00
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 144.04 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 169 177


Funniest race you ever played! Draw your legs to win the race! Any drawing will make you run! When you are stuck you can draw another shape to pass!



  • Fairly good game

    By merrili22
    It is fun, but it is just way too easy
  • The ads

    By crituque
    People there is ad removal for $3 that’s it if you can’t get payment information on your phone then GET A GIFT CARD. I have noticed thr are bugs but overall it is a pretty good game. It is also time consuming which is good, for me cause i’m always bored, and well, this is a fun game.
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  • It’s short pls read

    By cvhjhcjckhvchkchkgcghkcgh
    So my question is why is this for 12 and up why that’s all why tho
  • Amazing no other words

    By Goecsjiwvdivsivsifds
    This game is fire
  • Love it!

    By Missperdy
    I love this app and I keep winning it! I am so happy that I am able to win it at all! You know I saw this app on a ad and it looked like it was hard! It’s not hard at all! Thanks for listening if you made it this far. Bye!
  • Update?

    By Dancashmoney
    This app has been sitting on my phone for two years. Still waiting for an update brah. The only thing that changes is the app icon.
  • Hi guys

    By are fat
    How about the baby
  • Great for a mobile game, but there’s a problem

    By Dono Plays
    So I download this game and I’m having fun, you know, upgrading, racing and whatnot. But then it’s getting boring for some reason, but I can’t pick out why. So I decide to keep playing, and then it hits me. Find a shape that works, and then there’s no need to keep changing it. So great game, but you need to find a way to make the core concept more interesting.
  • Bad just bad

    By De. Kevin para Coin Master.
    Full of ads also ur doing it against bots make it more fair we all know your community is getting so much money if you make it less ads and I’ll give it higher rating
  • Amazing!😍

    By kitten772021
    I love this game it is fun and so addicting I love to draw the legs all the reviews say there is bugs🪰🦟🪲🪳🐜🐞🐛 not real bugs but I don’t see any.
  • Ok hack?

    By ok hacks
    All you have to do is draw the letter C and win all the time! Can you make the game more difficult please?
  • GAME BAD!!!!!

    By Aaden2009
    Game had me no like fix me angry help game bad
  • It’s ok

    By Sunny110017
    The whole drawing race thing is pretty good but I really hate how the opponent gets a boost every time I get ahead of them which makes it really unfair every game I play.
  • 3 hrs and done

    By Ftn1313
    Game was really fun, a little annoying with all the ads, one after every single game, but they were only 10 sec long. If you wanted extra rewards you could watch full length ads. The real problem is after 99 levels it goes back to the originals. So, unless you want to play the same levels over and over, the game is only good for about 3 hrs of entertainment
  • Fix your game

    By Autotune man
    The game is good but there are a few problems the first problem is I can’t claim the reward after I get to 100% the second problem is the game crashes a lot but other than that the game is pretty good the AIs need to be a bit better but other than that it’s okay
  • Awesome

    By ☻︎cool dude lol
    This is so satisfying win every time 🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🐡
  • Was great

    By AbroSKEET
    After a few days of playing it my experience has gotten only worse. It seems as it only runs on 5 FPS now and crashes left and right. Even if I have no other apps running it will not work smoothly. I am confident that my iPhone XR has more that ample ram to run a poor quality game such as this. I typically can play ark or cod with great frame rate. If they fix this issue it’s easily a 4 star.
  • Not ok

    They say failure when you lose but nobody is a failure
  • I have been waiting 1 year for arms

    By uuuudhdvbdb
    I like this game but there is one problem.😡 I have been waiting for arms for a year now and it said coming soon and 365 days is not soon!
  • its nice

    By iittss nniiccee
    its nice i t s n i c e
  • Ads and glitches☹️

    By ☹️✨🐒FredWEASLEY🔥🐸✨
    My internet is perfectly fine on any other game but this one. It glitches so much to where it can not be playable at times.Ads literally appear every time I am done with a round. Very annoying game but can be fun at times.👎 would not recommend unless glitches are fixed and there are not as many ads then totally
  • 1
    By G1!tch3d
  • Game plays like ad simulator

    By unsatisfied pokemon fan
    The levels are short and basic and then you have to sit and watch a minute of ads. Not worth the time!
  • Addictive

    By Saphiye
    I played for 4 months and I got so addicted
  • I love this game🥴

    By Chanel_pytdontuse
    I like it and like it’s a dame for to use your imagination to and it’s really fun
  • Awasome

    By ehneuhfnechdn
    The game took just a little space on my iPad so I deleted it but as I said please add my upgrades I was talking about and also for the pencil costum you should have it so it could have chat box

    By jlozano
  • It’s great

    By HEY its belllaaaa
    So I gave this a 5 star rating nothing is wrong with it but there is just one small problem There are so many ads like when u start back to the finish line there is an ad it’s great and I think u should download it too!
  • Repetitive and full of ads

    By Travisthetallguy
    Each level is basically the same as the one before. It gets old and boring very quickly. The levels only last about 10 seconds and there are 10-30 second ads after every single one of them. If you play this game, you’ll be watching ads more than actually playing
  • Awesome game

    By UrijahGames✔️
    U guys did a amazing jobbb
  • It gets old

    By Dias.C1983
    The game has been saying new skin and arms but nothing changes in the game. You can only have so many coins and the game is super sluggish
  • Fun at first, some suggestions.

    By RedstoneRocker7
    It is fun for a little bit, but the levels are very repetitive and get boring quickly. Also it only puts you against bots. It would be cool if there were power ups you could collect for a bit of variety.
  • Nice

    By Blake1777
    It’s a great game. The problem is that it tends to freeze up when I hit the speed part. Still recommend however.
  • I can’t wait for leg update

    By 94thoughts
    I love this game so Much i play almost every day i can plz add the leg update soon!!!
  • Where are the skins????

    By hfotdoyxitdoyc
    It’s a good time killer, but one problem. The update thing keeps saying that there are new skins but I never see any. If this is a glitch, then please fix.
  • No

    By djr ja dnm
  • amazing

    By Man n thicc
    so fun so goodbye
  • Stops working

    By shane lizard
    You can only play for a limited time until it stop loading halfway
  • It’s ok

    By chst me plz
    A lot of adds but I still play
  • Dexter

    By jessicapez
  • A pipkin

    By a piipii
    I have to reinstall the game to even play it?!?!?! I got really high upgrades. Fix bug pls. This would’ve been a 2 stars if I could actually play the game
  • Nice!

    By Super Pie Gaming YouTuber
    Very good game, there is s perfect amount of ads, it’s very good, try it out!
  • Pls fix

    By chiefcamjim
    Pretty good game but when you get ahead of the opponent they teleport right next to you. I find this hard to play the game now because I can’t win when they do that
  • Great, but could use some changes...

    By Missn28
    This is so fun and entertaining! But could use some changes. 1: whenever you lose, it says “FAILURE” 2: it needs a bigger place to draw your legs cause you can’t make a round circle! 3: LESS ADS AND LAG!! Thanks, And please at least answer one of my questions
  • I love it!😃😊🤩🥺👏

    By XxPetal BerryxX
    It is just so amazing I love trying some of the easy and hard trends that people make out of this simple game. The fact that it is multiplayer is even better I could get more better and friendlier online friends! Even though people say “It’s just drawing and connecting with predators/strangers!” I still love it 😊 I get to play with all of my real life and online friends when they are not available. Good job creators!
  • 💗

    By Imad Al Dine Benadla
  • Two players winning

    By Piper Aaron O’Brien
    So when I was writing a review I thought that I was racing my cousin or my friend Olivia but then I realize she won and I won I was very confused then she FaceTime to me then she said how did we both win then we all the time went on around and we kept winning please fix that

    By jsndjnu
    Soooooooooo I turned off network for no ads but I went out of the game and came back in AND THE LOADING TOOK FOREVERk went in and out but it still won’t work DUDE! Ppl who made the game plsss fix it! If u are reading this than thank u bye!😎