Agent Action

Agent Action

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-05-17
  • Current Version: 1.5.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 206.72 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 23 756


Agent Action is a spy whose sole purpose is to save the world from all kinds of evil. His main nemesis is doctor EVIL who has a plan to destroy the whole world by unleashing a massive strike of nuclear warheads. Agent Action is humanity's last hope. Run. Shoot. Cover. Take action! Save the world!




    By regguidsfhuidfsguu
    I love this game and would play it until I die, but I can’t because almost every time I try to open the game it crashes. I keep trying but nothing works. Please fix this so I can play the game.
  • Great game

    By eestfhjufdrgjj
    This game was good then after the update became great. It is fun, and easy to upgrade the guns and agents, if you are willing to watch a few short ads, and a good time killer. Only suggestion is to continue the updates and add new guns and maps and harder bosses. Update 11/20: I hope developers don’t read this and change the game, but I went ahead and paid to remove ads and if you do, you get all three upgrades each time the lady comes to give you the choice of Health, additional guns, etc. I like this option. Only downfall is I can’t seem to ever get the Deagle pistol, the UMP, the P90, the XM1014, the Draganov, or the Laser gun, no matter how much I use earned money to buy the Lucky Boxes. Maybe a flaw? Update 1/2021 Great game. Got all the guns and agents. When is another update coming out? Need more boards, new agents, new guns, etc.
  • Cool

    By RonThaWriter
    The coolest game in the store by far my favorite👍🏾
  • I like this game so far

    By jeff nice sr
  • Too many adds.

    By Donmob1
    Too many adds
  • One of the best games

    By luke9427
    I love the action and the guns and how I shoot and this is one of the best games I have and I love and will never deleting it for no thing
  • Changing review

    By Bill102
    I’m on the deliverance level and it’s busted. Almost every enemy shot hits while in cover, and I couldn’t get armor or health because I couldn’t get to the supply stage quick enough. Broken! Game otherwise has been a good time killer
  • Agent Action:

    By jlenard311
    Is a marvelous game and it’s fun and exciting, whoever made the game deserves a serious raise!!!!
  • Agent Action- I’m addicted!

    By Grampa_Tom
    The improved graphics are great, and the wider choice of weapons and a variety of villains add more interest to the game. It’s worth the small price to get rid of the ads which makes the game run without annoying interruptions and makes playing it more fun.
  • You switched Crawler from Black to white and thought I wouldn’t notice?

    By Thosprime
  • Funny glitch.

    By Gregory Bryans
    On the White Devil level, you can kill the boss before he runs to the back to get inside that robot tank. Just fire the rocket launcher at the evil boss as he runs to the back. You can kill him but the game doesn’t continue. You’re stuck at that part of the game. Overall, I love this game though.
  • Too many ads

    By rey2579954433
    Many many yards not worth downloading
  • Repetitive but fun

    By donthatetheplayerhatethegame08
    Basically a good, solid game, it’s repetitive and a little too easy but it is fun.
  • Game

    By T-lew01
    They luck box they have set up is ok and all for attachments but getting guns horrible can’t get the smg or handgun all I’m getting is mag upgrades witch is dum as hell!
  • too many ads

    By John134134134
    too too too many ads
  • Ads

    By Locofireman
    This is an awesome game but has entirely too many ads I understand that’s how the bills get paid but enough is enough

    By EMinEntgaMEr424
    I think it needs multiplayer and ads at only start and end of missions possibly
  • Cool

    By gugghgf
    👍👍👍👍 Wow
  • Omg awesome

    By Ggdhhgsudjheu
    I love this game I have no problems with it what so ever I love the game the strategy is so deep 5 stars for you also plz make a zombie character plz
  • It’s alright. Too many ads. You collect weapons you can’t use in every arena. Very annoying.

    By Bobaloo2345
    It’s alright. Too many ads. You collect weapons you can’t use in every arena. Very annoying.
  • Good, but horrendous ads

    By Kevin A! ]~<€€#£+•
    The game is pretty fun, but there’s just ads everywhere. Why can’t it only have ads when you select ads for an extra item or life?
  • Upgrades

    By BigPoppaPump
    I’ve been playing this game for awhile I am on level 189 and I’ve been getting nothing but bullets in the bonus boxes but there is still weapons and upgrades for weapons that are not available will there be available soon
  • Should warn us before update!

    By lorioster
    I loved the game. Did an update yesterday and now the game won't open because my phone is older. Why didn't you give me a warning???? Now, I have to delete the app. Thanks idiots!
  • Love it...BUT TOO MANY ADS!!!!!!!!!

    By Akrimay
  • ‏لعبة عجبتني😘😘

    By ممتااااااز✨🌷
  • Fun

    By VGL_Lynx
    I like it but I have a million bucks and there is nothing you can purchase but gift boxes. There’s either more useless money or old gadgets you already have in the boxes. I’ve got all the other agents but the red ninja. 10 bucks for him?
  • Simple, fun game...

    By BegoneAds
    Too many ads. Would prefer game devs to stop bombarding players with ads then offering to rid them for a monetary fee. Instead, make ads optional and offer a cosmetic item or such as a reward.
  • Stolen Adds

    By CBWel1
    I thought I was getting another game, but this is the one it gave me. It showed me a different game!
  • Thrust

    By daeescobar
    Best game EVER!
  • so good game

    By سيششس
    Thanks to make this game👍👍👍👍
  • Sound

    By DDV09
    I paid for this game because I like it and I would give it five stars but..... every time I claim something through an ad, the game mutes. It’s super annoying. Please fix it! Cool game though.
  • Wow

    By I am chuck
    This new update is DYNAMITE !! Thanks for this game it’s great ! What’s the deal with the agent shooting at someone off the screen and you have no control? Certain death !!!☠️😳
  • Too glitchy

    By rerererererereererer
    I played the boat level and once I destroyed the helicopter and it wouldn’t let me shoot the other guy in the boat
  • Good game but....

    By Very very fuunnnnn
    I was buying a new agent that was 25000 and I realize it was a low damage dealer it heat seeks but it has low damage can you buff up the damage
  • Ads

    By p-pistol
    Way to much ads
  • Too many ads

    By Spudlips
    Again, too many ads, deleted.
  • Would be great if it didn’t lock up all the time

    By Ameriscottish
    Fun game to play, but it locks up when trying to play ads and I have to half the time I don’t. 🤷‍♂️
  • Ads

    By Apple is incompetent
    Ads in the beginning middle and end of a mission. And they’re all the kind that you have to X out of it 3 times and it still opens the App Store. Should be illegal. I’m tired of it.
  • Started okay but became trash

    By Rrtyhd
    Ads after wach scene? Auto redirect to app download all of a sudden? These type of interuption can’t be justified. Deleted right away.
  • Stop resetting my progress

    By LorenzoDejesus
    Pls devs stop resetting my progress because you reset my progress 5 times already.
  • Fix your sound

    By Getrdien
    Fun game but after the last update after a mission or sometimes not even a full mission. The sound turns off and you gotta restart the game. All my other mobile games work flawless 🤷‍♂️
  • Awesome update

    By Workinhard555
    I love the new update new levels animations characters features etc all great fantastic game
  • Some things need to be fixed

    By danafales
    I love this game but..... there is a glitch when you duck and a plane/helicopter hits you it breaks your boxes and I can’t get past barbosa level I think that’s what it’s called anyway i cant complete the level so..... I hope to see inprovemet I will play again august 12 2020

    By RoSSA2054
    I loved the game but the adds r ridiculous fr like y adds every 2 shoots lol
  • Good game

    By faze mic
    I have
  • Awesome offline game.

    By Captain roninja
    Awesome offline game. There are some issue in playing in the dark. When I play in the dark , I got headache . Look about this issue
  • To many ads

    By Jjnastogo
    To many ads
  • Goood game

    By Powerpuffgirlcc
    Why can’t we get an African American girl as an agent and why do the dead go in the floor
  • 😸😀

    By guudhhe
    i love it! Just one thing you should add more levels and weapons. I’ve been playing for 4 days and i already have the 6000$ agent its great! and I just love it!