Agent Action - Spy Shooter

Agent Action - Spy Shooter

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-05-17
  • Current Version: 1.5.12
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 206.62 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LTD
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 36 197


► Who’s that suave handsome stranger in the suit? Action’s his middle name. Actually, it’s his only name, and he’s the all-action star of this all-action shooter. Landing right in the heat of the action on his heli-umbrella, Agent Action’s a sharply dressed sharp-shooting spy with a license to do some absolute carnage and an awesome range of ballistic weapons. Race through exotic locations, chase down the bad guys on land and water, and bring down colorful supervillains in epic boss battles, all with dash of old Hollywood style. ► A fast-paced shooter with smooth retro stylings! • Ready, aim, fire! Agent Action offers bite-size chunks of adrenaline in multiple action-packed levels of shooting mayhem. Dive straight into the action, pick a target and let rip against an endless stream of bad guys. • Hold to shoot! Neat game mechanics make Agent Action easy to play but endlessly entertaining, with enough tactical challenges in weapon selection, targeting and fire-rate to keep more experienced players engaged. Between levels, you’ll have the choice between health boosters, armor or more awesome firepower, and your choice could be the difference between victory and death. • Classic spy-caper style! The game’s slick graphics and funky soundtrack recall a host of classic spy movies, as you blast your way across deserts and the decks of cargo ships, along railway platforms, through train carriages, and into the high-tech lairs of supervillains, all while retaining the ineffable cool of an international man of mystery. • Follow that boat! Car chases, boat chases, and a series of heavily-armed bosses keep Agent Action on his toes and ensure plenty of variation in the game. • Nice arsenal! Complete levels to gain dozens of perks in the form of shotguns, sniper rifles, SMGs, RPGs and all the other deadly initials, as well as a host of pyrotechnical explosives that open up a variety of new gameplay options. You can also customize them to your own personal playing style. • Make friends on your travels! Every action hero needs sidekicks, and Agent Action has an address book full of useful contacts. Get cash for completing levels and use it to unlock these colorful playable characters, all paying tribute to classic Hollywood heroes and heroines. ► A world of action at your fingertips! Easy to play but as gripping as any classic spy movie, Agent Action’s a game that brings big-screen thrills right to your phone. Indulge your inner international man of mystery, download Agent Action now and start saving the world one dead villain at a time.



  • Money glitch

    By mawmaw of 3
    Hello developers your game is awesome! But for some reason I had so much cash around 15k cash and when I got back on the game it for some reason reseted all my cash to 0 and put me back to the first level I am very very angry about this so can you please fix this,And I do not know if that thing is part of the game but I don’t know why it did it I watched lots of videos for money and now it resets me, it also saves my agents and attachments to my weapons please fix this or tell me why this happened, Please read this devs, I am really curious why this happened to.
  • Can’t use progress on other devices even on the same account profile

    By just buy the app
    If you have more than one device, everything is limited to that device…progress, weapons, everything
  • Buggy

    By fart smell 1111111
    The game has reset itself twice and I’ve lost my progress both times. 1 star
  • Good but

    By I hate when thismhappens
    This game is a great game but there are lots of glitches for example sometimes I get stuck in the shooting mode and die.
  • Developer is not developing game

    By Rotogrover
    This game had potential but hasn’t been updated in a while and seems as if the developer has moved on. The gameplay does not get harder and is repetitive. I’m on level 300+ and have killed the same bosses dozens of times. I have all the agents. There is no enemy even close to as powerful and equipped as me. It’s like a joke. Only reason I keep the game is to let my kid play it when I need to keep him occupied with a super easy game.
  • By kaiden

    By kaidenfloods
    This game is the bomb
  • Nice Game “Too much Ad”

    By shakuboy
    It is an interesting Game! But what I don’t enjoy is the “Ad”, it is too much... I think it should be reduced even tho we have to watch “Ad” to claim rewards. Please try to work on the “Ad”.
  • Easy

    By gamerdad3480
    Simple Easy Fun
  • اعلانات

    By alMajhool79
    الاعلانات كثيره وتخلي اللعبه خايسه مع ان اللعبه حلوه حيل
  • Too Many Adverts

    By u7jyy7j
    It’s enjoyable but there are WAY too many ads. After I complete every level I get ads and in the middle of every level I get ads. I can hardly play the game.
  • All right

    By monket man
    Is a fun game but what is it with the adds my dude. But overall 8.7 out of 10
  • needs fixed

    By big cilo g
    fix the boat when your in the boat cover doesnt work especially when they shoot from a plane i get hit pretty much ever shot they shoot and it's impossible to stay alive
  • The ads for other games were killing me, so

    By dwinwestlinn
    I paid the extra for no ads and free weapons. So annoying- still getting ads, nothing really new seems to happen.
  • Ads Galore

    By dr. phil_osophy
    There used to not be so many ads... After every level - Ad. And the ads are more annoying! You press the close button and it doesn't close. It takes you to another page! STOP CRAMMING THE ADS DOWN MY THROAT. I don't even play the game as much as I used to.
  • Zumcash

    By zumcash
  • Ads ads ads

    By themidtownman
    Too many ads. When ads last longer than the level it’s not worth it to me. Maybe do ads every three or four ads or make it a basic .99 for ad free.
  • Lost all progress

    By Human_Zoo
    Got to about level 145. Then without notice, the game restored to level one. What a waste.
  • Al

    By al1836756473829394
    To many ads delete time
  • Mildly fun

    By Lynchski
    But really just one long and repetitive commercial. I’m watching more commercial than I play. Will be deleting app same hour I downloaded it.
  • Cool!!!

    By mga002
    ;) It reminds me a little of Star Wars Uprising, the best phone game ever. It was so depressing when it went away!
  • When you love the game a lot

    By breemarie7
    I love this game so much you can collect different guns to this game is so good! and it’s pretty easy to me what do you think about the game? I love it anyways 😀😁😄
  • Trackers

    By ghostisbacknow
    This app is more for ads and less for what it is supposed to be and they track you. Stupid app
  • Great but too much Ads

    By HtinLin92
    Great game but too much ads after every missions that lead to close the game.
  • About the game

    By the gun game🔫
    I don’t like it that much because you don’t get that much ammo
  • Inappropriate ads for kids

    By mynicknamecoop
    Inappropriate ads for kids. Ads for DOP 2 where it shows people erasing people clothes. Even shows a bulge on a blanket covering boys lap and shows you erasing the blanket. Real pedo stuff. Remove that dumb ad and will change to 5 stars.
  • Ads ads and more ads

    By The Reidster
    The game makes you watch an ad after every mission. Ridiculous.
  • Too many adds

    By yurpletu
    Every level and in between there's an add. Spend more time watching and skipping the actually playing.
  • Camera

    By Jay4235150
    When are yall gonna fix the problem with the camera rotating so you cant see.
  • Ads on Ads

    By jaburg2389
    Textbook poorly designed game with an ad after every round so they can make a buck.
  • King Coby

    By Im Coby
    The ads not that long and they don’t always pop up as much if you just continue to your game. It should get more interesting to more you play and you get shot too.
  • Diversity NEEDED

    By Cheep scape
    Would like to see a good looking woman of color as an agent!!! Don’t want to buy what I can’t identify. Also would like to see a little more challenges with the agent. Like interactive puzzles and codes to decipher. James Bond meets Indiana Jones!!!
  • More weapons, stock

    By Phfred666
    There are many empty slots for weapons. Will there be an update to the game? Or an upgrade?
  • Ad shooter

    By WillSS87
    10 seconds of game followed by 30 seconds of ads...don’t waste your time.
  • The cool game

    By chsd the cool
    It is much fun and my sister loves it
  • The amount of ads are utterly ridiculous

    By mighty420
    You watch more ads than you play the game freaking useless app! All because of a million ads!
  • Can’t get new weapons

    By mattpelt
    I have played close to 1000 missions. And have not got a single new weapon since the initial weapons. I deleted the game and reinstalled it. And have played it almost another 300 missions and still no new weapons, etc. the upgrades they give are the same ones and they don’t upgrade the weapons. For instance it will add extra bullets to the guns from 45 to 50. But once it reaches max bullets it will still act like it is going to give you 5 more and it won’t give extra. Please fix this. I paid 10$ for no adds, and then this crap happens. No update fixes it either. Great game aside from this.
  • Do not pay for anything

    By KKalama
    I paid for the for the upgrade to not have the commercials and all that. There are still commercials and they are very loud and obnoxious. You can’t mute them either, so I will say don’t bother. Just play for free and don’t let them sucker you into anything. I miss the days when you could just buy a game and leave it at that.
  • Disappointed new update doesn’t work!

    By Akrimay
    Today is May 24,2021..updated the game & it doesn’t work with my iPhone XS max..very disappointed! 👎 👎
  • The heck with the ADs a of a sudden???

    By Call me Agent Ad...
    Well looks like it’s time to delete another once-great game after yet another developer sold out to choking the gameplay with SO many ads that the game crashes between EVERY SINGLE FRICKIN STAGE. Not level. I mean every. Single. Little. Take. Out. Three. Bad guys. Stage. You spend more time watching & shutting off ads than actual gameplay now. Ad content used to be at the player’s control; if you wanted more gear you watched the ads, if you didn’t you went thru with what you had, not any more… Here’s the gameplay now: Win a stage, AD, the app crashes, restart app and win the next stage, AD, it crashes again. You restart and win the next stage that’s supposed to end with a supply refit and guess what? AD, and it crashes again. Restart and you come back at the next stage without the refit. So if you needed any armor or health you’re S.O.L. This game used to be smooth playing without ads, too bad it didn’t last longer…
  • Love the game

    By Eenanny2
    Play with my grandson. We love the game. The adult advertising is not appropriate at all (Comics Bob which appears to depict a male entering a shower without consent with the intent to rape). The low score is from the sexist ads.
  • Perfect

    By 123456****()()()()())
    Great game
  • More ads than gameplay

    By Navesauce
    Levels are shorter than the ads.
  • Love it, but it has glitches

    By Ti Doc
    I have been playing this for a long time. Love the game. Latest update is giving me problems. I have no problem watching ads. After watching an ad it kicks me out of the game.
  • Nearly lost my phone

    By usjxbdozbskams
    At some point the app gave me a grey screen and almost froze my phone. Might just be a me issue but pls fix if you can
  • Great ad game

    By Andreousb
    Great app in which you are able to watch lots of ads and for short periods of times they even have a game you can play!
  • Good game

    By TheKAyiDee
    Rolling thunder Reminds me of my arcade days Playing rolling thunder who remember that game can y’all bring it back as it
  • Your game

    By DexterJaekel
    It’s so fun and it macs you fell like a agent
  • Aiming stays on airplanes

    By CrocodileEMT
    Aiming stays on airplanes even after you blow them up. It stays shooting in the air, at nothing!!! The ads are also way out of control!! I do not mind ads, but when they last longer than actual game play, it’s very annoying.
  • Fun but not challenging

    By DakAttackify
    The concept this great, love the upgradable features to the weapons. Yeah, the ads are annoying, but I just play on Airplane mode so I don’t really have a problem with that there. My issue is that it’s repetitive, and not challenging whatsoever. I have yet to fail a level, and I’m on level 139. On one game I died and turned Airplane mode back off to watch an ad to restore my life like nothing happened. Add some difficulty, work on the damage output versus enemy health, especially later on in the levels. Also, obviously, add some more maps. Playing the same 5 areas over and over with the same bosses gets tiring, especially when you’re hoping for more only to get disappointed and on level 139 (which is 138 more than I should have played). 3 stars for concept, -2 for execution.