9 Months

9 Months

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-03-25
  • Current Version: 1.13.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 367.38 MB
  • Developer: Green Panda Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 41 881


Are you ready for a most amazing journey? Well you and everyone else in the world have already been a part of this but we give you this unique opportunity to live those moments again! Get ready to relive those incredible 9 MONTHS! The latest version of 9 Months contains an exciting new boost system. Here are the drop rates of our loot boxes: Small pack: Common 80% Rare 16% Epic 3% Legendary 1% Big pack: Common 70% Rare 20% Epic 7.5% Legendary 2.5%



  • Shuts off

    By NBaumann
    I’m trying to play this app and it always shuts off and goes to my main screen fix this app so this won’t happen again
  • Ummmm yesss

    By tailye
    Ok I just started and I really like it. This app is so good it’s accurate and a really cool app. 10/10 yesssssss
  • The game

    By xfcvvb bd bgb
    I love itt💯💯😍🥰😘🥴🥴
  • Amazing

    By vdngjkkj
    I love this
  • The game stops once they turn a year old

    By berrLicious
    I gave this game a 3 star only because I have all 5 babies & once they turn one year off age the game tells you more to come later on. I really enjoyed watching them develop into toddlers but now the game stops their 😩please hurry up & finish developing this game
  • Play it I dare you to play it

    By something yt
    This game is the best I cannot stop playing it I just can’t it’s so addictive and fun and relaxing I can’t forget the relaxing part I swear I play this for like an hour and I’m out like a light and thats what I love about it I have a hard time falling asleep and this is my go to game at night just try it and you’ll see
  • Glitches

    By ToyaB Designz
    Can’t make any real progress because I keep getting rest months days and everything keeps going to lower numbers
  • David

  • I agree!

    By Uyeno Family
    I agree with Monie🥵 she is right! I like this game even if it took me a week! This game is fun, cool, and joy like u are taking care of your own baby!!! The game tells I about baby facts and how they develop/grow. If u want to have a baby well, this is wut u play! I hope u enjoy and of u get a baby then play this game first, and u will understand the real world of a parent, enjoy this game and hope u like please put good ratings (ofc) I like this game because it will increase u and your baby to become part of your life. This is the real life of being pregnant. Hope u will enjoy and also, write a good review!!! Thank you, bye!!!
  • Nine months

    By Siri Mary awesome
    This is the best
  • 9months is perfect

    By Alicia denise adamsq
    It is a great experience it teaches you a lot about babies
  • Good Slow game

    By then dahlia
    Hi I love this game but it is a little slow
  • Boring and takes too long

    By liz19872019
    Title says it all, really boring and takes way too long
  • Takes Forever

    By australianbabiee
    At first I didn’t think it would take forever but it does I’m pregnant so I downloaded this game to see how a baby looks at different stages of pregnancy and it has facts as well but it takes forever for the baby to grow I downloaded it a week ago and I’m barely on month 2 by the time I’m done my baby will be here😂😂😂
  • Needs fact checking

    By maireen3317
    A lot of the facts are inaccurate.
  • Game

    By sillybean72403
    I love the game but it takes to long I swear I’m starting to get bored before I finish the first baby.
  • 9mouths

    By Mrs T4life
    I love this app and it has been my favorite game on the iPhone so please do download the app so much better than the other apps 😘😘🥰🥰🙏🏽🙏🏽😂❤️
  • Fun and Educational

    By Mariee louu
    I’m learning about the growth of a baby!!!
  • grow button

    idk of its a glitch or something but my grow button doesnt work anymore idk why but im gonna try to fix it by deleting and downloading it again
  • Not accurate

    By LexRDMS
    The depiction of the fetus is not accurate. I am an ultrasound Technologist. A fetus has long skinny arms and legs by 12 weeks. My fetus on this game is currently at 21 weeks, but it actually looks like a fetus with the gestational age of 7 weeks.
  • Cool

    By ienjfjrut
    It’s fun to know this was me as a baby
  • Rated for ages 4+!?!

    By Rjsrt
    When your 8 y/o is asking odd questions and you find it’s coming from this app I was appalled. Then I was showing my teenagers and they couldn’t believe it either. So much for parental controls. Please change to a more appropriate age category!!!
  • 9 months

    By Desmond10101101
    I think it’s fun time consuming but enjoyable
  • I’ve never hated a game so much!

    By Dill Moe
    I hate this game, but feel I’ve invested so much time into it that I at least need the baby to be born. It’s maddening how much I hate this game. It take forever and nothing about the process has been satisfying.
  • I love it lol

    By Let💙
    I love the game so much , it takes some time I see but it walks you through the whole thing and teaches u things u mate not have known. I love the fact I get the see “ my baby” grow & pick how he/ she looks , I’m just 1 month and 8 weeks along but I’m loving it & hopefully I’ll be done by next week or something.
  • My review about “9 Months” Logan Housel

    By DisManLoganHousel
    This game is fun cause you can just kill time if you need to it’s also fun but informational at the same time cause you can see how a baby grows then grow the baby to like an adult or something I’m only at 5 weeks old and it’s all ready really fun.
  • Too pricey for early stages

    By carryuy
    This game is take forever to grow the baby because the prices for cells takes allot to upgrade and enhances growth bars... Like i’m at 3month and feel like I can’t grow it because the sell price is already 1.45T like why the cell bars gotta be so high... makes it hard for me to refill my grow bar This game pretty much to get really anywhere in the progress of your baby? in the game you actually have used money so you can afford to refill your growth...
  • Crap

    By jzartproductions/Youtube
    Needs fixed on iPhone 6plus it started me over please fix thanks
  • Fun but need more options

    By Dimps085
    The game is fun but why is their only one default race?
  • Fix this please

    By kimmi.mar.74
    It won’t let my baby grow something need fixed been stuck here for A while keeps telling me it’s ready to Grow but won’t let me
  • FUN!!

    By bluefaceîžžÿ
    fun game to see and learn abt how babys grow
  • .

    By CodySwee
    23 weeks 😭
  • Interesting at first

    By Every ZYX name taken
    This game is interesting at first but there’s not much to do. You repeatedly tap a button. With a few buttons that are ready to be tapped at random times. You can ‘speed’ things up or get gems by watching ads. It also seems to have a glitch, I played for over half an hour and the time didn’t change. What was interesting was that while you tap the button interesting facts scroll on a thin line across the screen. Only 2 problems, first on my cell phone it’s extremely tiny and hard to read. But that’s okay because by the time the ‘fetus’ reached about 2 1/2 months the facts had repeated often enough that I was able to read them. I also enjoyed watching a simulation of the fetus developing. However without new facts, something to do and/or getting unstuck so I can get the fetus pass 2 1/2 months, I cannot think of any reason to keep the game.
  • Great Game, Little Thing Though

    By Mjckdwgirl
    I absolutely love this game, it is so cool and realistic and fun. My only problem is, I really want to be able to age up my baby past 1 year old, to be able to continue her life and watch her grow. Maybe a few features that come with that as well, but being able to grow her up bigger is probably the biggest thing.
  • Nice

    By Kacper Gogola
    Helped me and my boyfriend to learn about making babies #proudparents #Oscar #gaypride #GLM
  • Gross

    By Bambalisha
    I hate this, it scares me. It’s disturbing, don’t download this. I have never hated anything more then this stupid game. I hope this game gets deleted. I’m sorry if you have downloaded this. I really don’t care Sincerely A hater
  • Some things I would like to see in the game soon

    By AliCat1128
    For starters I really enjoyed the game and the process. It does take a while and I understand why. What I would like to see in the game is, for one, being able to go past the age of 12 months. I would also like to see more options when it comes to what the baby will look like. Like maybe have straight hair as an option or different types of facial features you can choose from. I also think maybe being able to put in what the parents look like rather than what the kid will look like. Instead of putting down in the beginning what the kids features will be, like green eyes or brown skin, you put down what the parents look like and let dominant genes add to the randomness to what features the kid will get. Like say you have two parents and you can choose what they look like, the mom has brown eyes and the dad has green eyes. Brown eyes are dominate so most the time the kid will have brown eyes but sometimes you can get green eyes. That kind of thing. It’s more accurate in the randomness then just being able to pick and choose what the kid will look like. And if someone wants to pick out exactly what the kid will look like they can just put both parents as looking exactly alike. I would ask like more facts you can see with every age. Like maybe have a list of the development that has gone on so far in the kid and go into detail about what’s developing both physically and mentally. You’ve started to do that already but I’d like to see more facts and info. Also, maybe add in an automatic clicker for the people who bought unlimited nutrition, so it can automatically click for you and grow so you don’t have to sit there and just click for 30 mins.
  • 9 months

    By ckfiydghvjmxg
    It’s so fun it’s so good
  • A long time to grow a human

    By Starrangel2219
    A lot of people say it takes a long time to grow, but it also takes a long time to grow a child in real life y’all
  • Way to long for the baby to grow

    By treebark1
    It takes Way too long for the baby to grow
  • Worst game ever

    By Versachiswag3
    If you tap too fast it kicks you from the game and you have to restart! Mad do not recommend!
  • Looks gross!!

    By Amber216
    I’m. A kid theirs kids out their playing this!! Gross!!! I just down loaded it I don’t wanna be rude..
  • Too long

    By unknownangel1234
    This game takes way to long to progress. And 29.99 for full nutrition is just robbery.
  • good

    By skkkkkkkkkkyyyyyylaaaaaau
    i like it
  • Unrealistic timeline and constant work

    By Pipez18
    This baby takes literally forever to grow. It’s not even worth it and when you’re offline it doesn’t grow. I went to bed and in the morning it was right where I left off. It only grows by spending hours watching adds and tapping the cell button. It’s so much work. Also the baby’s growth timeline is very unrealistic. At 12 weeks it still looks like a seahorse with a tail and no head. I know from my real ultrasounds that the baby doesn’t look like this when you’re that far along.
  • Ayva

    By Mac and Mandy
    This game is so fun you should get this game NOW🥳🤩
  • Slow

    By Reecw
    It is too slow and takes way too long to grow the baby.
  • Baby is so cute!!🥰❤️😱

    By Baby idiot
    The baby is so cute!!🥰❤️😱
  • I love it

    By bfjggh
    Ok bye