Blend It 3D

Blend It 3D

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-02-15
  • Current Version: 1.3.24
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 276.88 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LTD
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 63 115


► Blend It 3D – Never-Ending Blending Are you ready to become a smoothie operator and the starriest of baristas? Blend It 3D is a super-fun, super-casual cooking and restaurant-management game that whisks you away to a tropical island and puts you behind a bar on the beach, where you can test your blending skills to serve a colorful array of customers delicious (and sometimes disturbing) drinks with exotic ingredients and beautiful decorations. An intoxicating blend of cooking, design, and restaurant management with a dash of surreal humor, Blend It 3D is a game of exotic, healthy fun for all ages. ► Aren’t you a smoothie? • Blend it like a pro – just tap on the screen to blend all sorts of delicious food and some more unexpected ingredients. Sounds easy? In this game, every ingredient has a different consistency and blending speed, so you’ll have to time your blend to perfection to ensure you get the proportions of your customer’s order just right. • Here comes a regular – you’d be amazed who washes up on your tropical beach. Serve a fascinating array of customers including pirates, robots, Einsteins and Frankensteins, all with their own very particular tastes, not all of which can be found among the regular food types. Who do you think prefers rotten fruit smoothies? And who goes for a subtle blend of old sneakers and cellphones? Blend, decorate, and serve their drinks in style, and you’ll be rewarded with heaps of stars for every satisfied customer. • It’s in the stars – spend your rewards on upgrading your bar to turn it from a simple shack to a luxury tropical paradise. You can also improve your business by collecting new equipment, glassware, decorations, and ingredients, meaning you can keep an even more varied clientele happy in the game and go on blending to your heart’s content. • Don’t forget the coffee – sometimes your customers demand a break from smoothies, so pick up a coffee machine fast and show off your barista skills to brew the perfect cup and decorate it with beautiful coffee art. • Now we’re cooking – bright, beautiful graphics and a funky soundtrack enhance the tropical vacation experience, making Blend It 3D a game you’ll always want to go back to. • My favorite blend – Blend It 3D combines simple gameplay with a dizzying array of game mechanics and a wide variety of upgradable features, making for a casual but highly addictive playing experience that will keep you coming back for just one more delicious smoothie. ► Everyone loves a happy blending… Love cooking games? Like the idea of designing a tropical beach bar? Looking for fresh, entertaining mobile fun that’s easy to play but very engaging? Enjoy the smoothiest of casual gaming experiences with Blend It 3D, the tropical restaurant game that gives you plenty to process. Download it now, happy blending guaranteed! WARNING: DO NOT TRY THIS IN REAL LIFE




    By KarisAudrey13
    This app had a 30 second advertisement and a fat, hairy chested, bald man was soaking wet and naked. He was using his hands to cover his private are. And there was a blond headed girl trying to close her eyes but peeking. The add said “MAKE HER HAPPY” and the goal was to draw the naked man some pants on… My 8yo had to sit and look at it for 30 seconds. Are we trying to normalize our children seeing naked men and helping them get dressed? So creepy.
  • False Advertising!

    By Ethan Effinger
    So When I see an add with someone cutting their hand off I think “Ooooh! Finally an interesting game!” And when I go in… SAFETY BLENDERS! WHY WOULD YOU KEEP AN ADD FROM OVER A YEAR AGO AND USE IT TO PIQUE PEOPLE’S INTERESTS! UGGH! Anyways good game.
  • My sister said she heard the people say kill me when there happy is scary I Don’t like it no more

    By ndjdbznnansbsbys
    I’m done
  • Amazing so cool

    By Ryder David Emrani
    Your game is really fun what I mostly like about it is Blending the fruit and making the coffee and I put lots of cream so they would like it a lot I liked it a lot so I got more coins and now I’m down to 200 and hire I don’t really want to prizes I just want to earn more money and prizes a A Prize I get is a new blender but I don’t really want it I just like the game I like The money and prizes game title amazing so cool
  • Multiple ads

    By tatum eddie
    I thought I made another smoothie multiple ads pop up and it annoys me when I asked to hit the button multiple times I’ll give it a five star if you only make it to show up one ad
  • I Love This Game

    By Jovs888
    Talking Angela
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    By OmaLucie
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  • Some problems

    By Eliza Boston
    This is a good game, I have some glitches and problems with the game, so I’m just gonna number them from the worst problems, to the mildly annoying ones. 1:The Carrot Juice Glitch This is a popular glitch. It’s impossible to play with, and there is no end to it. EVERYONE WANTS CARROT JUICE. LITERALLY EVERYONE. I tried closing and re-opening the app, to reinstalling the app, it just gets to a point where everyone wants carrot juice. Please fix this. 2: The Difficulty The game is too easy: I mean, you can literally try again, unlike most of these games. At least give the players pressure, or a consequence if they get something wrong. I understand that the developers wanted the game to be different than the others, but, maybe a time limit, or making it harder to get it right. ( For an example, making the ingredients go down the blender faster, making the hand more vulnerable, etc. ) 3: The Ads I understand the developers need to make money in some kind of way, but the amount of ads is INSANE. Every single time I finish a level, I get an ad. Even when I say no to getting something like a new hand for an ad, I get one. I EVEN GET ADS WHILE MAKING THE DRINKS. I suggest making it so you can buy stuff in the game with real money, or exchanging real money for in-game money, just so you can make the players watch less ads. It’ll make them happy. 4: Crashes Sometimes when I open the app, it crashes as soon as I touch the screen, or randomly crashes whenever I’m playing. It’s probably just a minor bug, so it can wait to be fixed if these problems and/or bugs do get fixed. 5: The Blood This game is for 12 and up, right? I don’t think that twelve year olds should be witnessing their hand getting blended in with a drink ( INCLUDING BLOOD ) if they get that far. I think it should be 15 and up ( If that’s a thing. If not, something higher than 12. ) I don’t mind the gore myself, but this is an adult who’s addicted to mobile games that’s writing this. Not all people are okay with this. Like I said, this game is a good game, but I’m just pointing out the bugs and problems with it. It’s a very interesting game, has its own own unique style, and is a decent boredom buster. The developers did good. I hope someone sees and fixes at least one of the things I’m pointing out. ESPECIALLY THE CARROT JUICE GLITCH. Sorry this was long for five problems, I just had the time to write this, and ended up with 7 paragraphs.
  • Ridiculous

    By C the awsome
    When it gives me the little claim this for a ad I press no ads and end up watching a ad anyways normally I’m not the type of person to leave bad reviews but this is just annoying. And half of the time when I get ads it makes my game freezes so I have to exit out of the app so and I am so tired of doing this RIDICULOUS
  • Hi

    By hfyrfg
  • AWFUL 🤬

    By bff_pancakes
    This game is awful whenever you give something other than juice they will always say “I LOVE JUICE” and stop thinking Mexicans always wear sombreros and mustaches and please bring back the hand thing and put 13+ it will make the game better that is it when you change all of this i will give a higher review.
  • Used to be fun

    By shea_4784348
    I used to love to blend the hand and pretend someone was freaking out and it created a whole detective scene but now it’s gone Yes I understand it’s for all ages but I just would like if that was there again
  • Karen’s

    By emi the lover of games🥰😘
    I’m so sorry about the Karen’s and the blood 🩸 I love this game so much and I allow my kids to play it is just blood we bleed 🩸 so ya 5,000,000 🌟 love it
  • Glitch

    By Sadierreal
    It glitches when I load in so here is my review,
  • Pretty Good

    By 😊😄😁😀
    It’s fun and relaxing, but I don’t think there are a whole lot of ppl who are going to want toilet paper, pencils, or Elmer's glue in their drinks.
  • I had no idea what to write up here

    By Jim5287
    The game is fun and all, I’ll admit that but the amount of times it crashed for no apparent reason, because I was just playing the game normally and it just started crashing a lot. Congrats I’m uninstalling!
  • Okay, but way too much ads.

    By anjana laube
    Please take a moment to look at this review. I like the other version this version has many ads. And is more like not that fun in my opinion. I usually write short reviews so thanks for reading this. I’d actually give this 4 1/2.
  • Yay

    By blvmbkv
    So fun
  • Blend it

    By tete1110
    This game is fun and addicting also has a lot of ads!
  • Great game

    By ayoJayy210
    Cool game not that bad
  • The game is fun but

    By dncnxnd
    The game is gory
  • I’m going to get 1000000000 coins

    By sjsks7/7/[email protected]'kiniij&&&
  • I don't like it

    By Normos214
    I don't like it all
  • Privacy

    By lia🙄🥳
    So I wanted to play this jut when I opened it it said allow me to track and I clicked allow accidently so do not download this for the love of privacy.
  • I like this game

    By bcjfjfjf
    I love it

    By gaem reviewer
    Cmon dude let me serve my customers a blood and finger smoothie please
  • Ok

    By Msrbrson
    It ok but the thing is I’m on level 30 and it won’t let me remove the protection thing :(
  • Blend it 3D

    By ayvie baby
    It is fun playing this game
  • Best game could play this all day

    By ryleethequeen13
    Best game could play this all day
  • Why ?

    By gbd1234567890
    In the ad you cut of my hand so I got it but it didn’t cut off my hand
  • Fix adds

    By OceanRock2000
    It’s an amazing game but the adds never work to get blenders, hands, and mega spin.
  • Once

    By fdgdgfgfghhffh
    Yea Vfvdvdvd dvrvevevr
  • One problem

    By smith423
    Ok first of all I love the game but there is one slight problem the sound effects on this game are really weird and I have to mute my iPad when I play also there is blood.
  • Don’t get it it’s asks you to allow them to see your location!

    By Xx_Music_Wolf_xX
    So I was having a normal day playing the game then. POOF!! It asks me for my location! Weird right? It’s very creepy. It’s a great game otherwise I don’t wanna die that’s all! I suggest this game for older people not children. They should’ve listened to me and like everyone else lol. Next day a kids missing and to parents are found dead! Me : (Being smart and deleting and making this comment about the game) People who allow the location : *dead* Me and the people who listened : *alive and dabbing on dem haters*
  • Blood

    By toolsies
    In my opinion this is a fun game in overall, but it doesn’t make you not lose half of your arm. This game does have splattering blood when you go to far with the blender and I do think it’s right that it says 12 and over but if you find things like this disturbing this app is not for you, but I have to give credit for the idea of this game because kids will love it with all of their hearts. Just please take away the gore, that way that when kids play this wonderful game they don’t have to see this scary blood. So this game is great but please take away the blood that way more parents can allow their kids to download this app. Thanks!

    So I was pretty bored today so I decided to go to this game and right away I got a notification that asked me to allow them to track my location in order to “keep the app free” so I said no obviously and it just kept asking after everything I did don’t get this app it shouldn’t ask you those questions
  • Fun but wants my info

    By AvaBLM101
    It’s a fun game but after I started playing for awhile I kept getting this question to keep this game free blah blah blah please access tracking. I thought this was weird so I am deleting please read and see if this happened to you aswell
  • S.O.S

    By ukjkjhjjhkjk
    I just heard that this pusher isn’t working please update it!
  • Booo

    By hwbsbs
    Old version was better because you blend your hands
  • Bring the gore back

    By gravediggerdan
    That was the only thing fun about the game now it’s really boring!!
  • Scary

    By The Moody
    I came on here to know that this game is not OK they asked to track me just so they can keep their game free I do not recommend this download to keep y’all safe for anyone younger than 12 do not get this app is dangerous and if anyone you know has this tell them delete it immediately
  • bs

    By Emi💕💕💕
    I rated this game one star because i keep getting this pop up basically telling me to allow the game to track me.
  • Glitch alert

    By Go caps!
    Well I have a glitch and it will not let me tap the screen any more so please fix it.
  • Blend it 3D

    By bbhvjcjv
    This is the best game ever but it gets weird when the robots eat toilet paper
  • Dhdgey

    By hdhdhdudhdg
    Hshhdoo Ho s
  • The customers

    By Nicki Jai
    The game overall is fun but the customers don't look to realistic. The black girl customer has blue eyes and blonde hair. I'm not saying that black people don't have those. I'm just saying it's not as common. Also Why is everyone so skinny? (Not body-shaming) Some people have different body types. I think the game would be much better if everyone was included. :)
  • It’s the best

    By merobloxfan
  • Not sure.... (read before purchasing!)

    By puppeies
    The thing about this app is that it has WAY TO MANY I bet you can guess it...Adds. The reason why I’m saying this is because after every drink you make you get a add. But the good things are that it’s a really fun game and pretty relaxing. I like this app a lot but please get rid of all the adds. ~PrimRoseGaming

    By 29AB
    The only challenge is getting the ingredients right. I like that it doesn’t have a lot of challenge and is really fun and easy.