Cube Surfer!

Cube Surfer!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-02-15
  • Current Version: 2.3.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 292.16 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 132 335


Try to pass over the blocks! 9 different cube!




    By LuigiSpan1sh
    Worst company actually. if you play this game your IQ is legally below 1. This game is great for getting your brain filled with adds and the game never ends it just repeats the same levels eventually. Also if you choose not to watch an ad the game makes you feel like you “missing out on something” overall bad game and bad company. It’s possible to make money with out advertising something every 3 seconds
  • Worst

    By Hollywoods Spotlight
    The game has such inappropriate adds and there are adds in the middle of the game and before and after
  • Game

    By kfenlyn
    This is a wonderful game but why in the beginning it’s hard and why don’t you let us get too ten at the beginning
  • Lagging

    By _ocxenic
    It’s.. fine. But it lags way to much
  • Fun until you do all you can do

    By Abse7
    Fun for a day until you uncovered all the different cubes and riders and then there is really no point to this app other than waste time on something mindless- which can be relaxing but boring.
  • Forgot to mention this in last review

    By Idek_miley
    I’m also a bit mad at this game because sometimes I get a bunch of cubes and then the orange squares and lava part ruin it and I can’t go all the way to the end of the level. I have no choice. That’s pretty annoying so not happy about that but everything’s else is fun.
  • Great game

    By keimem
    Love it ❤️
  • Good game

    By OFC Bayern Munich
    It’s a good game
  • Ads are annoying

    By someperson😶
    Ok so the actual game so far is pretty easy but every two easy games is an ad ! Like seriously !! Can games just stop having 50 million ads , people just want to do something with their time when they are bored
  • Way to many ads

    By Mr.Folger
    It has way to many ads you all need to cut down the ads every 10 seconds there’s an ad
  • Eh

    By phteven 777888
    This game is not very good. I mean it was interesting for the first few minutes but it is seriously just waaaaaaaay to easy. At one point it’s just not fun anymore. If you wanted to die, you would have to try. 👎🏻👎🏻
  • Garbage

    By ehdjfnc fjeirjf
  • to many annoying ads for me

    By 44JJ44
    If the game didn’t have so many ads it would be so much more fun
  • game

    By jdkckendoskn
    it’s just the adds that’s bug
  • Mollie

    By mick. D
    Just got the game it ok
  • Meh

    By ItsDerpyLogan
    It’s fun for a little bit and then once you get all the cube skins and character skins, then it gets boring
  • It great for a week

    By AzshaJ
    Loved it (while it lasted) BUT I’m not on level 207 and I have 40k diamonds I can’t spend cause I’ve bought and unlocked everything. On top of that, levels are repetitive. So now it’s not fun. There’s no goal any more. Just repetition.
  • Amazing don’t let anybody tell you different honest rating best game I’ve ever played

    By uususshs
    It was a Amazing game I have so much fun with it
  • I hate this game

    By jewnandan
    This game is so stupid when you get to the end you get small like that is so stupid how are you going to win the game or you your small
  • I paid but get add after every game

    By theredsaguaro
    I paid the 299 but I get a add after every game try

    By Bella wants to go🦜
    I see it always on tik tok and they look so fun so I downloaded it and I decided to do what they did they did like keep swirling I tried it and didn’t work but it was my first try so I kept going now I wanna get it harder😆😆😆
  • My Rateing

    By Modou V B
    So far I really like it is relaxing but it can be raging thank for letting play this game>:3
  • trash

    By jimmy bob booty
    worst app creators, just putting ads after every level
  • Infinite ads and not even that fun

    By Potato Cheese Turtle
    very bad
  • Please make more games

    By nidiline
    I love your games oh my God I love I.o games these are great 👍🏾 thank you keep making cool games. You make peoples life change
  • Good game

    By erd36
  • It’s an okay app

    By ghkqcsdbjkddv
    When you get this app, you’ll probably want to delete it after the first few rounds unless you’re a tik toker. I kept on wanting to delete it because it’s sort of boring but every time I was going to do it I thought to myself, “Just one more round!” And that’s how I ended up keeping it for like 5 days. The things that pushed me into deleting it were these two: the ads, not being able to retry and not being able to win every round . After EVERY SINGLE THING YOU DO you’ll be watching an ad, so if you’re given a choice to get something for an ad, do it, because you’ll be watching an ad anyway. And then not being able to retry levels. When you pass the level, but you didn’t do the best you could do, there’s no way to retry! So you’re just stuck with the score you have. And, it’s not even possible to win every round! They give you a certain amount of cubes you can get, and even if you end the round with the highest amount possible of cubes- you probably won’t have won it. Anyways, if you’re a tik toker get this app! If not, yeah I don’t know if I would recommend.
  • The ad for is trash

    By bscdvba
    This game is too easy I hated Add and don’t put a bad person on there for an ad that’s just messed up
  • Okay

    By flymekhi455
    It’s a great game although there is allot of ads.
  • don’t recommend

    By ocean loves rouses
    The app can be super fun! The game part of it is great, but the adds are VERY annoying. There’s a add about every 15-20 seconds if you are that broke to have so many adds you shouldn’t have made the game in the first place. You should have sold the idea then the app would be way more fun, also do not get the updates they make it worse. It also gave my phone major bugs and even a virus 😰 I do not recommend this app. Please do not download
  • Fix

    It’s great and all and I love the app but I have all of the avatars cubes and max out the online and offline( not that I go offline) so that I always start with five and have waay to many purple gems cause I keep getting x20 please come out with more things to spend money on because I’m stuck with these and have nothing to do with them it’s a fun game it just seems repetitive and now that I’m not working to afford new characters and stuff it’s kinda boring. Maybe you could add backgrounds to the game that you could buy or a race against another player so that you would see who had mire cubes or diamonds than the other just something new to make it more interesting is all I ask. Also there is only one girl skin please add more or you could add a create your own avatar so that you could design it to look like you.
  • Why

    By Mrs. Hayley W
    It is fun because when you sart you can never stop!!!
  • It drove me insane

    By Eli Jones.
    If you say hey this game looks good. Don’t get it just don’t on level 12 I drove insane
  • 🙄

    By Lj❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Curb surfer

    By Val456456
    I think this is a good game it just needs more details
  • More stuff

    By firebyrdjr
    Hey so I finished this game in like a week got everything and done all of it please add more stuff to do
  • Jeans Hgsjskdkdld

    By beezygangfrlol nocapcuzzyslatt
    Hehehdydfhsdhydjdhdbdjd Dnhfhdhrn
  • So. Many. Ads.

    By BiPenguin
    In general, this game is very enjoyable. However, 75% of my time was spent being directed to Ads. A 30 second Ad for 20 seconds of game play? Complete trash.
  • Read this now

    By mmmmmmkkkop
    OMG this game is so good I can’t believe I spent my whole day on this but I was supposed to be school so play it before I get in trouble
  • Love it

    By kiki kiersten
    It is awesome definitely recommend
  • Meh

    By lacey mucal
    It’s alright, very raging, I think it could be better but I’m not 100% sure it could be better but I’m sure it can be! (Also I’m picky on games so this is just my opinion, you should def try it and see if you like it, it’s not for everyone though)
  • Very good

    By number one halsey fan👍🏻
    I love this game I am at level 187 but this a trick so th re is no adds turn on airplane mode when you are playing, no adds more fun😁
  • It could be better......

    By That dancer Blaire
    Hi and I really like cube surfer, it’s definitely a time consuming game....but I would like if you could change the levels a bit, there practically all the same. Another thing is that please add more girl characters!!!! But other than that, it’s a GREAT game!
  • Fun but needs more skins

    By Mikemikeld
    I maxed out on the skins and cubes so it’s a little to easy and repetitive
  • Fun to play but too many ads

    By Roberto 💖
    It’s a cool game to pass the time but there as too many ads between every level. For example if you lose and there’s the option to view an ad to skip and you hit retry, there’s still an ad anyway it makes no sense. I get it make your money by any means but at what cost if the player can’t enjoy the game?
  • Game good ads horrible

    By gfthvhvtbghchgn
    This game has way too many ads. if you’re running out of time to play a game you should not choose cube surfer!
  • The game used to be fun

    By Adelyn333
    I used to like the game a lot and I liked how you can still play it without internet, so overall it’s a good game. But the longer you have it the more you see little problems one of the main problems for me is that I have sooooooo many diamonds because I have nothing to spend them on. Please make more skins and different colored blocks. Also there are lites of ads but you can’t change that. Thank you. :)
  • Why

    By thisisurmum
    Why the Tic Tok ads it gets super annoying to the point where I want to delete this app so show little Tic Toc ads
  • Fun at first but then boring

    By so, whatever
    I started to play this game and it was so fun at first but after I got all the cubes and characters and max levels there was nothing to do and now I have over a million diamonds and nothing to do with them and now the game is boring and repetitive