Find Proof - Cheaters puzzle

Find Proof - Cheaters puzzle

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-03-24
  • Current Version: 1.1.8
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 464.67 MB
  • Developer: FTY LLC.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 25 487


Want to sneak into your boyfriend's phone? You get angry if you do it in reality, right? But ok, this is a game! This game is an application that unlocks the smartphone that was hung in various ways without barre to the boyfriend. Can you release it without your boyfriend?



  • This game is so cool l like this app l all ways like to watch Likee all the time.

    By vguyrddfhkoiy
    Hey lm Big
  • Do not get!!!!!

    By poopypants1230
    I had this game for thirty seconds and I hated it. It is so hard!!!!
  • You will get bored of it fast

    By Tinytocagirl
    I played this for a day and after that I quickly deleted it. It’s not as fun as I thought. I’m pretty disappointed, I don’t recommend downloading this app.
  • Pretty good!

    By XxPanda_girlUwUxX
    soo..interesting-. i'm pretty alright with it, Idk why there’s so much people talking about like so much ads..It really doesn’t bother me. It’s alright but it glitches it just me or it’s just my iPad having bad wifi? Ok anyways, The phone thing reminds me of someone hacking everything- Idk what i’m talking about 😐 I was amazed at the first level but than came a ad. I think there’s a ad 30 secs...? I was just looking at the comments, Although your game is good– it just needs working so it could improve and you’ll get nice comments! 👍✨😄
  • Just a little bit of problems.

    By That rta
    Okay so, 1. OUTRAGEOUS ADS! I’m sure other people have had problems with this due to ratings and reviews about it, there is just TOO MANY. 2. Your game is pretty good, BUT it’s always the guy cheating on the girl whether you choose: GIRL/BOY. So fix that if you can. That’s all but you REALLY need to fix the OUTRAGEOUS ADS. Thanks for reading.
  • Terrible game

    By Thi Doan Trang
    Closed down too much it is boring this is not for a child it is more for adults bad sample to children delete this app now
  • Ok

    By &**+*^*(((
    This game is fine but when ever you fail or finish that round you will get a ad!!! So if you think you can not fail or stand the ads go ahead and download it!.!.
  • 5 stars

    By Zoey cleo
    It’s so funny at the end you get to slap the person who cheated it was so funny I was laughing so hard it funny so I am sure this app is safe no scams no stalking like talking Angela nothing like that is a funny
  • Ema

    By h sa mjdndh
    Best game ever
  • So fun

    By chyna. dool
    It’s. So cool
  • Summer

    By gfhfhhdj
  • SLAP

    By *^^~Suki~-~Chan~^^*
  • Ok I guess

    By truther reviewer
    When I saw the add, I was immediately intrigued. After reading the reviews, I was a little worried about downloading it. Overall it’s sorta fun. However, it has a few issues. 1. Why do you care what your headquarters looks like if your there for 5 seconds? 2. Why can’t you change what your character looks like? 3. What’s the point of the trash level if all your doing is throwing away trash? How does that help you find the cheater? 4. What’s the point of unlocking the phone if sometimes you don’t get to see what’s in it? 5. Why are the text messages always the same? Thanks for reading my review!!!
  • Chris

    By 8456490969
    This is the best game ever but their are a lot of add’s but it is so fun
  • To many ads

    By Roblox instructor
    Like every time you finish a task there is an ad like it’s ridiculous
  • Not so bad i guess.

    By vbmihfjgc
    I jsut wanted to say that i really don’t hate this game but i do. What’s so annoying is that i get ad at least 30 seconds😐. I only reason i got this app what because i saw it on another ad and i thought it was going to be amazing into i downloaded it and i started playing it for at least 20 mins and i just got ads, LIKE how bad can that be i rather rage then just have thousands of ads. after a while i saw the other reviews and saw that someone said that when they downloaded the app it took forever. What i do recommend for this game is that they should add more characters and more cool ones. Also another one is that they just take away so many ads🙄. i understand that they won’t be able to take way thst many but they absolutely could take many. Another thing hey should add is, more ways to find proof of cheating. That’s all i wanted to say. Thanks for reading my review 🤍.
  • To much ads

    By hacking not good
    I put a 1 star cuz theres WAY TO MUCH ADS so at first in the game I didn’t cared of the ads but then every each time I finish one finding proof a and keeps combing up and I DONT LIKE THAT TO MUCH ADS SO PLS DONT DOWNLOAD IT

    By Gacha life lover 97
    Ok too much ads nothing works it just a -1000000000000000000000000000 stars!
  • Dndkdjrrj

    By dhdhdjdjjdfj
    This is rue gg wif
  • The game review

    By 900000 star
    Loved it but the bugs and stuff
  • This game is so fun

    By aishaamsjahd
    So this game is fun
  • Meh 😑

    By FREE ROBUX!!!!!😃😊😀
    I like the app but if is kinda boring and there is adds every 2 seconds! Please take away the adds. how is this catching cheaters?!?? But over all I think mostly little kids would like this app
  • Why is it only guys?

    By But ripper
    It’s a good game but why is it only the boys cheating in this? And not also the female. Kind of getting the wrong message here.
  • 👍🏻

    By 코리사랑
  • Asome game

    By sniee
    Thank y’all for making it
  • Kinda tacist

    By black lives mattr
  • Fix it😡🤬

    By zukaryia
    FIX THE TRASH BIN it is glitching it has pick stuff on it
  • A a saqs

    By GreenWeenieWizard
    It’s cool and I have 3 ex’s and this makes me feel good about my self some how
  • Not a good game

    By Da,bed
    It’s the worst game ever I just played it and it’s wired and never ever play it again >:(
  • Hate love it

    By Aya jackson
    This is a good game but also a little bad for me because if you pick female it only dose the opposite gender and I don’t like that and it gets a lot of glitches for me so it is not that good
  • Please fix this

    By Dj_V0yag3r
    This game is sexist because it’s saying that only boys cheat on girls and nothing about girls cheating on another girl or boy.
  • Find proof

    By oilova
    I love it it’s the best make more games like it
  • Way too many adds

    By MJayJ314
    Might delete this game, they have waaaaaaaaay too many ads. Hell I’d rather that I can buy to remove ads like a lot of my favorite games have.
  • So fun

    By lola lola ekkk
    So much fun bc I can see if my bf cheating
  • Why

    By 8marios
    This game is just sexist
  • Too Many Adds

    By Brooklynpandagamer123
    Starting off this game is fun and addicting! One reason I am a bit annoyed is how many adds you get. I mean I know all games have adds, but every time you complete a level, or you fail a level you will get a add, Also some of the adds there will be a x to leave the add but there was a add and it wouldn’t let me click out of the add. So I had to reset the whole level I did. Now I was pretty angry about how many time that has happened. But except that this game is pretty fun!
  • Game changes

    By princekellz15263
    I love this game but I’m confused how we’re trying to find proof but we can’t choose the cloths we want to be in, it would be cool to put in something like there’s proof of a guy cheating but he wasn’t cheating something like that, also can you make different levels the trash can bin especially. But so far so good keep up the good work
  • I love it

    By Leah____Squad
    This is amazing but hard with the letter password so this will get 4 stars
  • Improvement

    By Advicexxgiver
    This app is okay I guess it just needs to stop having so many ads , and needs to have more of the colored people in the game
  • This is awesome

    By Mia Hamm26374
    I hate that said review
  • People!!!

    By Jamison:)
    You should be able to choose your spouse (male, female, other, and edit them!) You should also be able to edit your character!!! I think I am not alone that wants a LGBTQ+ couple on this game
  • Not the best

    By big nene periodt
    It not the best game ever bc it has so many adds after one investigation and it’s like they take forever 😐
  • Best game ever

    By l-i-l-l-y
    I play it all the time when I get my Device get Find Proof today
  • So fun

    By Auggie bear13
    A little of adds but fun
  • gender...

    By Bowers beech
    every time i pick girl it gives me a boy when i close the app out..
  • My review

    By vanilla puppy dog
    The reason I gave it four stars because you should probably add some music to the game and maybe other mysteries to solve but I love the game and please respond if you can
  • .

    By JujuBear2006
    Fun game, but it breaks without an internet connection. Are you that reliant on ads?

    By 4jcjvhdjskdmmc
    I can’t even play the game what kind of game is this like if I did win guess what AN ADD like I gust go this game I will give this 1 star I gust want to play the game like I do want a game wit just a little bit of adds in that game
  • Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads

    By ads,ads,ads!!!!
    I could understand and even live with an ad every level. You have up to five different sub levels to solve the case. So five ads per level. Screw you and your ads.