The Cook - 3D Cooking Game

The Cook - 3D Cooking Game

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-03-21
  • Current Version: 1.1.20
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 545.51 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 100 383


Start your cooking adventure today! Imagine you have a food truck of your own, what would you do? - Travel across the world! - Discover new recipes! - Make dishes you never heard of before! - Get your every single customer happy! And of course, have lots of fun!



  • Waste of Time

    By Veritas liberabit vos
    Do not download. Infested with nonsense ADS. ADS time is 90% out of play time. TOTAL WASTE OF TIME
  • One thing

    By idkwtph 🥸
    A few to many adds and it gets annoying other then that it’s ok 👍
  • Don’t buy this game!

    By efj3
    Filled with ads even after you pay $2.99 for “no ads”. Absolutely ridiculous.
  • Not the best :/

    By #Adoptme fan
    This game is not the best because whenever I am playing it it freezes on me like what the! And another thing is the ads whenever I’m making something an ad pops up plz fix the game
  • Best Game I’ve Ever Played.

    By Jabez Boy
    I really like this game, so much so that I convinced my sister to download it too. I like how you can unlock new stuff like a blender, and other knifes, and I don’t think there is many ads, so overall, 10 out of 10.
  • ads

    By savannah44444
    way to many ads...way to many
  • Belle

    By izzzy1125
    I LOVE IT That’s all Bye 😽
  • This was a good game after all

    By Shrek🤍
    I love this game so much!! But the one thing I have to say bad about it is that you can’t have unlimited ingredients.You can only have a certain amount of ingredients you can use to make a dish. Other thank that and all the ads tho game is pretty great! I would ever recommend this to a friend( with a disclaimer). this game is good !’
  • The game

    By my review on toca boca
    I love this game so so much but the bad thing is I wish there was more cutting time sometimes I am in the middle of cutting and I have not even done with half of my stuff and it just takes me to fry
  • Fun but annoying ads

    By Kyuubi Truesdale
    Fun game but the ads are obnoxious. Sure you can pay $3 to get rid of them completely, but as someone who doesn’t really spend money on games too much I find no desire to do so. Again the game is fun and I enjoyed it when I played it but the amount of ads you have to go through, along with them even popping up mid gameplay just makes me not want to play it anymore. Watching ads to get extra rewards would be fine but the fact that they pop up like every other click on something is annoying.
  • Ha!

    My son likes this game, but he can’t play it without continuous ads popping up. You know what fixes that though? Turning on airplane mode and turning off WiFi. I’d understand an ad maybe after a few rounds, but this is just ridiculous!!
  • Great but a little annoying

    By yo mom the real mom
    So this is a fun concept but it gets ruined by one thing.... ads Every other thing you do you get an ad really annoying. And the only way to get rid of them is to pay 2.99$ that is my only issue though.
  • Cooking is amazing

    By kylie ris
    This game is amazing. I love to cook. When I can’t cook in the kitchen I can play this game I would recommend it to anyone who likes cooking. Or doesn’t have the stuff to cook in the kitchen.
  • Hi

    By tammysreview
    Hey I’m not trying to be mean but this app gives too much ads! Please put less ads this game would be perfect if there was no ads!!!!!!!! Please put no ads 🥺
  • Bad

    By hehrjhjhjdjudhue
    The game is amazing. It is the best!
  • it almost ruined my phone

    By Auroxaxo
    this app is actually very fun but I have 1 problem. After adds were over my phone kept freezing for like 3 minutes then stopped. Then my phone froze and everything was laggy. I tried deleting the app multiple times, but it didn’t work. Everything was freezing and lagging really bad. So I turned off my phone. It took a whole hour before it turned back on. Then I could finally delete the app. Now everything is back to normal.
  • Great

    By Zzzsinperbear
    It’s funny and good for children but it teaches bad eating habits
  • You could add way more fruit and also you could make us get for money

    By Cami Boo Malani mann
    Camila Mann
  • Needs update

    By j1zzlover
    Wow amazing superb tremendous app but when choclate heats up.. it melts!!!!! sp unrealistic 😣😣😣😣 pls add 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻!!!!!!!!!!!!😄😄😄😄
  • Good

    By Class 2020
    I would give it 5 stars but in the. Smoothie maker it i yellow then green so I filled it to green and it said it was wrong
  • Horrible game

    By RTVMatt
    Can’t play it cause so many ads
  • Ads ads and more ads

    By AmandaChick101
    I can’t get through anything without seeing constant ads
  • I purchased this app so I wouldn’t have to see adds and I still get adds! Please fix!!!!!!!

    By deanaMicky
    Purchase so I won’t see adds and I still see adds! Please fix!!! It refund my money!
  • Too many adds

    By daisiistorm
    I will say, the game is really nice. But there are wayyy too many adds. Every time I get cutting my customers meal up there is an add. I would say after every couple minutes of doing something there is an add.😔
  • Sweet but Sour

    By Reviewing.Games2
    They have a low amount of ads. But they always make you win, which I dislike.
  • Great but there’s a bug

    By Lotus rae
    The game is great! I love everything about it except that every time I play it, after a few minutes it kicks me out. I hope you can fix this bug but overall great game! Edit: I still love the game, it’s just kicking me out sooner now! I’m not even in the game for a minute, and then I get kicked out, please try to fix this!! Edit #2: it’s better with not kicking me out but it does it when I try to do the events, please please PLEASE fix this, it’s been months since I’ve written my review yet the problem hasn’t been fixed.
  • Good Game

    By vshdjjsjdj
    Good Game but it was too many ads for me but I love this game 💯
  • I wish there was more

    By Mrs. So what
    It’s a great game, simple concept, fun to play. I never had issues with the game besides how many ads it had but I do wish it had more. What I been by that is I wish there were more produce and meats you could get like maybe chicken or pees. I also wish there was more dishes you could make like pizza or spaghetti. I also thought it would be nice if you could add more ingredients into a dish not just with the money cap and I thought it would be better if you could just keep chopping the food items. In all it’s a pretty good game I love playing it but I just wish there was a bit more.
  • Kinda boring

    By Meow VMivienne
    Okay first I will start with the good things. first there is lots of different types of food u can choose and second its a good game if u are bored and just need a way to spend your time. Now the bad stuff٫ there are a jillion adds and they are super annoying also 1 I watched was not even appropriate! Also u can never pick the prize in the box! And last its super glichy and glitches when u are cooking something and you burn it! it would be better if it got updated it would be much better!!!
  • Wouldn't even load 🙄

    By Fdhcgvggedbcj
    I've had this app for less than 10 minutes, and I honestly can't tell you whether or not it's a fun game. Every time I've tried to play the game it's crashed. I can't even get past the loading screen! For the time being, I'm willing to keep the game and chalk it up to a bad internet connection, but if this continues, I'm going to have to delete the game. I was so looking forward to playing, to. I'll end this irate review with lots of eye rolling. 🙄🙄🙄
  • It’s stupid

    By Howgreatthouart
    It’s honestly stupid you chop your fingers off and make people canables it’s really dumb please don’t get this stupid game
  • Best

    By hyui7ubghhhhhhhj
    The best
  • Illegal, deceptive advertising

    By Meriannna
    Bought the no ads to support the devs and you still need to watch ads to unlock things. Extremely rude and hurtful of them to program that way. I’m going to request a refund and report the dev studio along with filing a formal complaint to the FTC. I hope that they will reconsider this malicious behavior in the future.
  • Eh

    By Jennlreyes
    I saw the adds I wanted it eminently cause I’m the commercial he cut oof his fingers so I wanted it but when I got on there he did not have other hand so I could not have fun by cutting my fingers of on this game!!!!!!
  • Amazing game, one issue

    By oof oof oof oof oof oof ooff
    This game is entertaining, and all. But, on one level the order was popcorn, whenever I start to make the popcorn the whole game freezes. Not sure what it is. I've tried resetting my iPad and the app, nothing. I was wondering if this is a fixable bug? Overall, great game to play while you're bored!
  • A little problems

    By Dominipue
    This is a great game and highly recommend it! There is the perfect amount of ads on the game and it’s so addicting! I really love it, only a little problems. First of all, When you complete all the levels you have to keep repeating. It would be fun if you added more levels on the app. Next, They show inappropriate adds. It’s for 4+ so why are the adds inappropriate? For example, I saw this add. I saw a man cleaning a window while a girl was showering! Really unacceptable. Last, please make more bosses for each level. Right now in the game, there is 1 boss for each level. It would be more interesting to have maybe 2 or 3 for each level. It would really make it more and more addictive. That’s it! Over all, this is a great game. I highly recommend it. Thanks for reading this! I hope you have a great day and a blessed day! I hope to see you soon. Bye!
  • Recommend for anyone

    By Xaria Rafferty
    Too many ads but that’s ok super fun and easy so enjoyable
  • Plz read developers!

    By seaymama

    By mrs with and s
    I had this game for a while then I decided to delete it because I was bored of it from playing it so much. The today I saw a ad for it on my phone and as soon as I saw it I downloaded it, this is the on e game on my phone that will never be deleted. So YES I recommend this game 100%.
  • Like it but

    By ew cat
    I’m so sorry but I don’t like you can’t decorate the pie and I don’t like the. Popcorn. But I love ❤️ the game it’s so fun a good game mmmm and make a New island I I have all of the islands so ps thx of the game and the time you put in the making of the game again good and cool game : ok it’s 20201 now I sill have the game but I LOVE THIS I LOVE THOS I LPVE THIS I LOVE THIS GAME😁
  • Ads ads ads!!!!

    By Ah bloo bloo bloo~
    Purchased no ads still get ads everywhere! I want my money refunded
  • Lacey kitty

    By ldyxisgsjus
    I love this gamee
  • Horrible clickbait lies it’s evil

    By bfjshskssk
    0 zero stars clickbait trash the ad is a lie you can’t ruin the food I hate it so much you cant even do what they said in the ad
  • So many ads

    By Shishanii
    I just downloaded it and you spend so much time on ads and not get to play the game to understand what it’s about...sad
  • Good but more stuff like...

    By Jesse000357
    Cheese burger and more later
  • GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Levi g gamer
    This is amazing.
  • Improvements 🙏

    By gsngdhdhegshsh
    It’s a great game but I wish I was able to put anything I want like if I want salt and pepper but there is only pepper and if I want hot sauce or something. And I think the customer should be able to ask for all the things the want in the stew,pie,salad. And we should be able to put toppings on the pie and you should make more dishes. And I mad because I don’t get ingredients anymore.
  • The best game

    By nybabysocrazi421
    This is the most Best game ever I love it I really want to be a cook now
  • Not ever Playing

    By Cgb2403
    We as a team gender Pacific