The Cook - 3D Cooking Game

The Cook - 3D Cooking Game

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-03-21
  • Current Version: 1.1.17
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 548.02 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 93 487


Start your cooking adventure today! Imagine you have a food truck of your own, what would you do? - Travel across the world! - Discover new recipes! - Make dishes you never heard of before! - Get your every single customer happy! And of course, have lots of fun!



  • Too many ads

    By bebrbrbekihxfshw
    Way too many ads and game experience to by itself please fix this or I might delete the game.
  • Popcorn

    By qhshxhxhdndmskhxhdndbxhc
    I thank you should add Butter for the popcorn as a topping
  • Buggy up 23333

    By meg beg sheck
    I give this game zero stars. It stinks. The adds are kids. They made the adds lies so they will get money. It is so laggy on every device. I hate it so do my friends.I give it zero stars but it won’t let me so just know I give it zero stars. But I have to give one cause I can’t send this without rating so zero stars.
  • I love this game

    By Disneytrout
    I love this game And it has to do so fun to use it to get it
  • Needs a bit more

    By omgzejvzyjvzsjk :6$:
    Overall it is a good game, but i think there could be alot more challenges, and when you get into the harder levels it kind of gets boring
  • Good game

    By 1801703
    Good game
  • Look

    By Earring Master 3-D
    I love this game I love getting new stuff and seeing the peoples requests
  • Adssss

    By Kyla.Hghes
  • Great

    By kljtaterbud
    I love this game is so you know me . I play it every day with my friend . My mom even plays it LOve y’all 🥳😎🤩
  • Good game just one problem

    By narwhal be like
    Ok so I love this game a lot but when your done cooking the food and the Pearson is eating it weird colors fly out of their mouths in chunks that are not the color of the food it’s weirtnd kJ da gross do they have dirty teeth or sometiing
  • Amazing game ❤️

    By iikímçá$hii
    The game is awesome I love it but theres too mouth ads. In my opinion it’s an addictive game and I would show this too everyone I know :) great 👍🏻
  • To many ads!!!

    By cupcake215
    Don’t waste your time, there are way to many ads! As soon as you start to make a dish , there is an ad. One right after the other. Totally not worth it.
  • The game

    By i like the game csn yo
    I like the game
  • Good

    By Coltennnnnnn
  • Why I like it

    By hggubhfghvg
    I gave this game a five star rating because it is amazing and I love the graphics. I like how it tells you how the customer thinks about the food too.
  • It’s okay.

    By DaddyLongLegsKing
    I recently got the game for the second time, I deleted it the first time because it was way to boring. The first thing I noticed was the update, it was fun for a while but then it just got repetitive. I wish you could make more food instead of just doing the some of the same dishes every time. I also think it would be cool if it the costumers give you an order every once in a while instead of you making your own combinations. Also, the ads? I can’t even finish a single dish without 3 to 5 ads popping up. It’s very annoying. I hope this can get changed.
  • To many ads

    By qazvhiplmgb
    Great game and great concept but the ads really kill it

    By jdhdudndisjenei
    I wanna be a chef so good game because I love how it keeps on giving you the same ingredients so when you keep on making the food you can figure out what they didn’t like and keep on making out better
  • Good devs

    By gyfggggyfgehugtrhhht
    Ok, you goobs, turn off the WiFi for no ads
  • Best game every

    By ryleethequeen13
    I whould play this game day and night such a good game
  • Needs more places to travel!

    By Ava2012
    Hi,This is why I rated y’all a 3 star review!Y’ALL NEED MORE PLACES! OMG!
  • Fun but...

    By RainsK2
    This game is fun and entertaining but I is to easy to beat the bosses and to easy to make the customers like your food. And thar is not a lot of map versions. But yes you should get this game
  • Kentucky Kensley

    By kensleyBROSS
  • Good but one major bug

    By Misspanda211
    I love this game but there is one major bug it keeps on crashing me.I really need someone to fix it.
  • This game is great!

    By -Killua Zoldyck
    I would really recommend this game! It is so fun!!!
  • I love the game

    By vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvbb
  • The best way to cook

    By Werd5starsfreelives
    I love it because it is a great way to make food great 👍
  • Fix this...😬

    By shenxop
    Why is it that in the ad for this game you can add SO MUCH food but in the actually game you can’t? I was expecting to be able to make large sums of food. Is this a lie to get players or is there something I’m missing? Reply now please.
  • Meh

    By dafreakgamerx
    It’s not bad, the gameplay is fun but there are adds after everything, it’s so annoying
  • OML.....BEST GAME EVER!!!!✨⭐️💫

    By hfgbhjh'bcdfn
    I love this game so much there’s no better game! I could spend all day cooking and it’s so awesome and I definitely recommend buying it and if you don’t then like you’re missing out! Big time!!!!!! 😍🥰😘
  • Too good

    By poopy butt 1000000000000000000
    I love the app and it is very detailed! When you cut the food it is so satisfying! although there could be a couple changes like telling what they want in their food! But overall great game and I will keep playing! 4.5
  • The cook

    By you are supite
    I love the game but I have a little problem with it. When you what to cut your food up to put in the Bounderl it will not let you cut it up all the way so if you can change that would make it so better
  • AMAZING One problem tho

    By Reviewer2.O
    This game is the one game that helps me through quarantine. I love cooking but I don’t like making a mess and having to clean up. So here I practice and it’s fun. The one thing I hate is the ads😒 I don’t like them , you get a price , ad, you want a plate, ad ( ad ad ad ad ad ) there aren’t too many but it’s annoying.
  • Ads

    By Yukimoro17
    Too many ads...
  • I love it

    By Katie route
    I got this game and I was like oh my God I need to try this and once like two or three weeks I was like oh my God I love this game and I fell in love I have not played any other game that’s as good as the sky I love this game
  • Just get a different game.

    By its isis
    You see what game shows you but what you don’t see is that it gives you a ads. But a lot of adds. Like you haven’t even finished making your dish and u get a ad mid dish.
  • :/

    By Reality-Suxs
    The game is okay, But please add more foods to make. I’m getting tired of making Stew.
  • Worst game

    By thisisnongamebki
    Worst game: this game they charged me 30 bucks for no add then it was bugged and still brought ads
  • Good, but prize issue

    I love this game! It has me playing it for hours! The one thing I am not liking is the prizes. When I get to pick a present out of three I always get money. I never get the special Item. Then it shows if I watch an ad I get to go again, I still don’t get it. I have not gotten it at all! Idk if this is just my pick but I don’t like just getting money. Otherwise, this game is amazing! Thanks for reading!
  • I like it just

    By Mrs. cal
    There's too many ads!! I love it and they actually like my Meat and lettuce stew!!
  • 🐱🐱😻

    By rjohnson79416
    My mom is nice
  • To many

    By 55678743223568
    If you are reading this SO MANY ADDS
  • A new suggestion for the game !

    By Hailey. Sandoval
    I wish there could be a login or guest so if you wanted to play on a different device you could log in !
  • Cook city

    By try again man
    This is a amazing game 😁😁😁
  • This is amazing but don’t watch the ads also I’m 9 it’s for........ 9+

    By dhsjsjdkdkdkd
    This is cool I guess
  • Poop

    By gjgrjfhuthrtiyee
    Really fun but there’s ad every thirty seconds it’s annoying
  • Is the Best

    By pj World
    Tell me because it’s the best game ever and you be a cook
  • Hi

    By iaivvifb
    I’m a Chinese dude
  • Fun... if you don’t mind ads.

    By yokee man
    Ok. I love this game. A lot. I think it’s really fun and all, and making the food for the customers is fun. BUT. I. Absolutely. Hate. The. Ads. There are so many of them. I can be in the middle of making food, and an ad will interrupt. And when it gives me the option to get something by watching an ad, whenever I click “no thanks,” IT MAKES ME WATCH AN AD ANYWAY. What’s with? Thank you for taking your time to read this, by the way. I JUST HOPE THIS IS FIXED. Like, just look how many other people have the same complaint? This is ridiculous!