Stack Colors!

Stack Colors!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-03-24
  • Current Version: 1.8
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 212.77 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 97 308


Move and stack the right color platforms and finally kick them to get a huge score boost in a satisfying way!



  • Fun........

    By EF!!!!!!!😆
    It is sooo fun it sometimes I get a little tired of it. :)
  • Inappropriate adds

    By Dudette 1929
    I enjoy this game a lot. I play it for most of the day to have fun and kill time. Unfortunately, while I was playing I got very disturbing ads from the app episode. Many kids are playing this game, and ads like those can be a big deal. First there playing a normal game, than they get hit with a bisexual/lgbtq ad they couldn’t begin to comprehend, Parents have to take care of these situation before time just because of this. This isn’t a kid friendly game, not unless you do something about it.
  • Stack Colors

    By jdihwbxkisqvkoo
    This game is AMAZING it has everything that I like and more!!!
  • It’s ok...

    By queenymoron
    It’s ok but there is a serious problem every time a round is over there is ALWAYS an add and it makes the game boring and worst but otherwise the adds.. the game is pretty fun
  • Great game

    By riddler02
    Just absolutely great! This would be a good game for people who like to play games
  • Best color game ever

    By addisyn tocco
    This is the best game ever and I have only had it a week it is the best thank you from r making it
  • This game is add heavy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By kiuhn
    It’s terrible every time you finish a level it go into a voodoo bankrupt or something? Because every game once you complete a level automatic add it’s so stressful
  • ads

    By Swimergirl23
    way to many ads and it takes away from the game
  • Best game

    By FuckCreater
    Noob bad easy
  • YES!

    By KOKICHI OMA (^ν^)
    I love this game and I like how it vibrates the phone! It’s super satisfying!
  • I like it

    By ghjci
    Wow oh
  • FUN

    By SassyEssence
    Nice fun game to pass the time
  • Let’s be honest...

    By audmac34
    The game is way too easy. All you do is avoid touching blocks. There isn’t even levels. You click start. I would not recommend this game to anyone. It fine for little kids who need to be entertained but come on. The person that is running around NAKID is funny but it gets old pretty quick. Not a great game.
  • Too many ads

    By Jinxanatornottakenname
    Let me see play for longer than you serve me ads at the VERY first time I play maybe?
  • Stack colors

    By X_Jerry_YT
    The game is great but what do u do after u complete or get to the end?
  • Good game but..

    By HĖŁŁŒ
    please voodoo stop being a little greedy company that makes good games and ruins them with ads, nobody likes your games because you put ads after everything, if you take some ads out then people will like you more, but it's a good game, but really stop being so annoying with ads
  • Love the game

    By 10010010101010101011
    So fun keep It up
  • So mad

    By markelovvx_
    Game crashes every 5 minutes while every other game works fine on my iPad. Fix the bug of being thrown out of the game
  • Glitches

    By ak437
    This game is not only fun but entertaining. But the downside is the game would glitch and then i would miss some stacks or the game would glitch and wouldnt give me the color change so id have no choice but to loose stacks because the color was supposed to switch but didnt! Overall its a good game but sometimes glitches!
  • Shah

    By jay-bear76
    It great
  • Perfect

    By Mimi 👑🍇
    I love this game
  • World Renowned Ron Howardson’s Reveiw

    By Bshdsjenxuqbsyksvs
    It’s ok.. I guess... Just make sure to turn on airplane mode
  • Never get

    By vjeqityuyreku8diudrrldor
    If u like me there are too many ads and bugs
  • WHY

    By Deershlo
  • Eh

    By 4fro808
  • My review

    By Maddiedd1258
    I like this game because I get a lot of coins can I pretend it’s money and we can and we can have skin it is super fun and sometimes I am when you push it on like if there’s green and you put it on yellow I like give you less Health
  • Get reported

    By Bddalex
    I'm reporting u for having nudity in ur game and too many ads
  • Great game! But it keeps crashing.

    By TastyGarlicBread
    This game is pretty fun! The only problem I have is that it keeps on crashing. But maybe that’s just my experience, for others it may work perfectly.
  • اللعبة جميلة جداً

    By Belhasan ali
  • Weird

    By The truth moron
    I downloaded this a while ago because I saw it in an ad on another app, I thought it looked fun. It was entertaining for about 30 minutes then I got bored, so I deleted it. It’s been about a week since then, but I just noticed it back on my home screen. I never re-downloaded it, so I don’t know why it appeared on my home screen again. Just thought that was strange.
  • Idk😁

    By Avacodo rolls!!🥑🥑🥑🥑😁
    I just got this game and I am still waiting for it to finish downloading but I heard one good review about this game but I heard A LOT of bad reviews but idk what it is going to be good or bad I read one review where they said that do not waste your time on this app and this game is horrible but I also heard a review that this game changed my life!!! But idk who to believe!!!?!!!!?!!😂😂😂
  • Canon

    By Jojo7767
  • So amazing best game ever thanks!!!!

    By BossyLauryn
    So amazing
  • Fun game, too much ads

    By Dead destroyer
    This is a fun game, I play it whenever I get bored, but I just had this happen to me, the game asked me if I wanted to watch an add to get revived.. I said no thanks.. and I just get an add anyways.. why you got to do that man.. not cool
  • So close....

    By Kshridkrn
    I wanted to love this game but it extorts you into watching ads to progress even after you buy the no ads upgrade.
  • Its okay.

    By http.valleymae
    Its fun! I’ll give it that. It has very little to do, but its fun nonetheless. A major problem is once you get past level 50. The game begins to glitch out, skipping over blocks and coins, passing through ramps, and overall lagging. Its almost like the developers didn’t expect anyone to get that far. The game just cant handle the speed you achieve. Its fun for road trips where you have no connection, because then you have no ads. And from what I can tell, there are WAY too many of those.
  • Reset after purchase

    By MTurner77
    The app reset everything and won’t allow me to restore the purchase. Would like it fixed or my money back.
  • Please read

    By Jaboof
    Please stop making the bad ads it’s aggravating to see you doing it wrong and it stresses me out!!!!!
  • Not long enough

    By 12 is my fav number
    This game could be a little longer but it is still a very great game and it has WAY TO MANY GLITCHES I hate that and I will loose some of my blocks but like I said still a great game
  • App glitch

    By qwounss
    After the big fix it won’t even let me in the game. I click on the app and it shows the company name then goes and puts me back into the home screen of my phone.
  • It keeps glitching up😡😡😡

    By Why why why😡
    At first it was working fine but then the next day I want to play it won’t let me it goes in the game but then it leaves the app I tried to delete the game but it still doesn’t work
  • Wack

    By g$martini
    After the new update today my app crashes when I open it. Plz fix
  • It was wired

    By hdkdisheb
    I tried to tap on the app but it won’t let me at all 💀 I tried so many times
  • Keeps closing

    By NicoleOdo
    App won’t open
  • 2 problems

    By Shadow~Wolf82
    There are way too many adds and also, I’ve only had this game for about a week now and I can’t open it.
  • LOVE this game!

    By saaary92
    I love this game but yesterday’s app update left the game force closing every time I try to open it today. Other than that, it’s a great game to pass time.
  • Game crashes

    By MRIBM
    Game crashes and won't even start!
  • It's fun but

    By jelsnsl82
    The game is really fun and I love it! , Tge only thing I don't like is when you're trying to upgrade it always shows ads. Other then that the app is super fun and addicted.
  • too many adds

    By Guinea_pig0828
    too many adds