DOP: Draw One Part

DOP: Draw One Part

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-04-05
  • Current Version: 1.1.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 269.11 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 61 416


► Can you see what’s missing? What a pretty picture, but don’t you get the nagging feeling that something’s not quite right? What’s the final touch that will make the image complete? Engage your brain, your imagination and your artistic talents to identify the missing element and add it to the drawing in this delightful puzzle game that will get you thinking and make you smile time and time again. ► Exercise every part of your brain • Ingenious puzzles that require logical, lateral and creative thinking to solve. Engage every part of your brain to work out what’s missing from the picture, then use your artistic skills to draw that one part in. • Clear, colorful graphics and calm, happy music make Draw One Part a pleasure to play, creating a tranquil and fun environment where puzzle solving is as relaxing as its entertaining. • Intelligent game mechanics and carefully conceived puzzles ensure a smooth and satisfying playing experience. If you’ve got the right idea, Draw One Part will recognize your intentions even when your artistic skills aren’t quite up to the task. •Satisfaction guaranteed – the answer might not be obvious, but when you finally find it you’ll understand the logic behind it. And your discovery could change the original image in any number of amusing and unexpected ways. • Dozens of different situations and over 200 missing parts make for almost endless puzzle variation, with solutions that are satisfying, intriguing and humorous in equal measure. • Try, try and try again. There’s no penalty for failure in Draw One Part. If you can’t find the right answer first time, keep on thinking and keep on experimenting until you hit on the solution. • If you’re really stuck, you can always ask for a hint. The imaginative solutions in Draw One Part are guaranteed to satisfy even when you can’t see them for yourself. ► Who knew gap filling could be so much fun? Looking for an original and entertaining puzzle solving game that’s genuinely challenging and rewards lateral thinking but won’t have you throwing your phone across the room in frustration? Draw One Part will bend your brain, test your drawing skills, and give your logic a real workout without ever driving you absolutely crazy. ► Download Draw One Part now and get both sides of your brain working in perfect harmony to solve endless beautiful, satisfying puzzles with real creative flair.



  • Perfect Game But...

    By ThunderShot1605
    The game is good don’t get me wrong but the adds are getting annoying I am level 638 and all the other levels are just repeating it is a good game it is just please make more levels and get rid of some of the ads. I really do recommend this game if you want something that with waste your time I would really really recommend it I love it but it’s kinda annoying with the ads. Thanks for reading this review I hope it helped you. P.S Please get rid of some of the ads then it will be perfect.
  • D

    By vd v
  • Inappropriate ads and content for kids.

    By Jeff 6781234
    I really liked the game until content and adds were very inappropriate and not for kids. Sad, was fun until I saw the full content
  • Good

    By Ava Heveron
    I definitely recommend this game because it’s really fun download this game and find out bye
  • Yay

    By arya ojha
    I love this game when i grow ou i will be a artest
  • Kind of fun

    By kaigarn
    This is such a nice game I love it so much it’s so easy and the last time I played it it was kind of fun but it was kind of crazy because the first day I was playing this game it’s sent me notifications so I had to put access to doing something but I didn’t so yeah so yeah
  • Absolutely Amazing

    By laugh ot lory
    It is fun and amazing it really keeps your brain going!
  • Decent

    By hiugfdfvvg
    Sup duds I’m that random 6th grader yes sir bro we’re in school you already know the vibes we staying bussin bussin shoosheeeesh les play fortnite
  • It’s ok I guess... find out why

    By dftfctcrgctg
    So I like what the first person said but, they said that cause their not on level 612 yet. Once u get there u know what to draw cause you’ve done it before. And don’t believe me well hear this! So I was on 611 and I was drawing the bottom part to a umbrella. Well when I got to 612... IT WAS THE SAME ONE!!!! So that’s that, if u want a game like this where it’s fun till ur on a high level, well don’t say I didn’t warn u. One more thing, the people were trying to put them different all away from each other so no one would know. WELL NOW YOU ALL KNOW! I would encourage u everytime u see this add and how it looks fun. Just move along and press the x. Thanks everyone for taking ur time to read this it’s real nice that u like to know what people have to say. Sincerely, ???
  • this game is fun

    By Gurlwholovesthisgame
    i saw the add and it is not clickbate so i dowloaded it and started playing and drawing it was super relaxing and fun and i really enjoy this game so you should download it! 5 stars

    By Tj$$
    If I could give it less than 0 stars I would. This is the most INAPPROPRIATE game in the history of humanity. Not even adults at the age of 60 or something should play this. I’m protesting to get in taken off the App Store and any other place you can download an app FOR GOOD.
  • I love it

    By Scooby368
    This game is so fun I would recommend playing it ! And if you don’t draw it right it corrects you so you don’t need to do it again I love this game and if you get it you should to
  • Dop

    By BBC vgg
    This game is the best you got to try it out
  • T

    By Su06041990
    It was so good also for kids to
  • I love it but a little comment

    By littel comment
    It is really fun for people that like art like me but some times when I draw something it says it is not right I press the hint button i watch the video then when it gives me the hint I draw the hint but if I did not have a hint i draw the same thing it would’ve said it was wrong
  • Genial!!

    By marianna😍😊🌷123
    Me encantó este juego sigan así!
  • Love

    By 6tfg,
    I love the game i just dont like when they are adds
  • Y’all are sick people

    By bxjdidsnsnkdxidhnsldxhs
    I liked this game I played a few levels then realized that y’all made the sexist game where you erased women’s cloths and so I deleted it
  • 🌟🌈🌟☀️

    By big butt lol
    Easy pessy
  • Nice

    By Maira mehar arora Insia
    Your work is nice every child will have nice and sharp brain
  • I love it!

    By jehahd
    This is the best game I downloaded like even my brothers like it 😁! I LOVE IT
  • Not bad

    By not bad I have a game
    So I don’t really like it because it’s hard to do when you do one thing I was like I need your mother saying it like goes away and then it goes away and then just keeps going on and on
  • Does not open

    By Shane ghost
    Does not open the app
  • This is great

    By Web toed
    I like this game because it won’t like say that was a bad job or like it won’t detect it
  • DOP.

    I love this app because it is so much fun and the app is so much fun I could screen because this game is so much fun and that’s all I have to say it’s just the funnest game ever.
  • Good

    By yay for ravenclaw
    A good game no bad things although u should add new levels at hollidays
  • Why so much adds?

    By Jay_plays
    This game is really fun but I have one thing, why is there so much adds?
  • lol

    By Carrie 77 dragon head
    Love game and have nothing else to say
  • OMG best game ever

    By lihhggffhh
    I love it
  • Get rid of adds

    By ytuytcyutcytufuyt
    Get rid of adds
  • Really really really really really really really good

    By zuzuzuuz
    This game is starting to be really fine I’m only on level four I love this game
  • Horrible

    By pumpkin142
    Do not play this it is not good
  • Inappropriate ads

    By dont download 4 kids
    Seeing this is a drawing app that can be for children. There shouldn’t be advertising with very suggestive visuals and moaning. Delete.
  • It’s cool

    By qweopojdh
    This is a cool game but every two you do there’s and add which isn’t fun.
  • Ad trap/ boring

    By HotelCalifornia179
    Ad after each short game. Spend more time watching ads then playing.
  • How I love DOP draw

    I love because it is so easy and mate get hard be I like it easy like if the draw a chair and it is missing a leg and I draw one more and that is why I love dop draw
  • A thereby game

    By iplumb
  • Worst

    By sqash27
    It was fun until I exited and came back a few hours later, made me go back about 30 levels ( not joking ) I then double clicked to try to get it back to original level, but it just went back farther, I don’t know why it’s doing this b7t 8 have given up hope, I’m never playing again.
  • This game is crazy poop fun and all of my friends like

    By trio 2013
  • Amazing draw

    By kaya lynch
    This is a way for your child to color on the device
  • Idk

    By Crazykatlover16
    I saw the game and it looked really fun so I downloaded it. But for some reason it won’t load it’s been loadi mg for a week now and I’m getting inpatient I’ll give it one more week.
  • No privacy 👎🏼😾

    By S.O.2020
    I like this game have no privacy and there’s ads and pretty much every time you touch something there’s add.So if you do not want strangers to get your information do not get it.
  • This game is awesome!

    By eyeballplucker
    Barely any adds, sometimes easy and sometimes challenging, it’s just so fun!
  • Ok but to many ads

    By Tyniah Miah:)
    I like this game but there are too many ads so please fix it with less ads
  • Best game but weird trailer

    By ghrgdfterfdtefdrte
    I love this game! But when the trailer plays, what is it with the naked people? Don’t put that in a kid game. Thank you for reading
  • Tammy

    By skyysp9
    I like this game like this is the only game I play not joking at all🙃
  • Don’t play this game unless you don’t believe me.

    By Fallon078667
    Tim’s boring and even if it due not look like it is still works I hate it.
  • .

    By hahahahwhhwhahwbwbwb
    I can’t play cause of the stupid settings
  • GUN!

    By Oligamaster
    The game is really nice until they show a GUN for kids to draw the missing part. Shame on everyone involved.