Fit'em All

Fit'em All

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-04-04
  • Current Version: 2.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 302.70 MB
  • Developer: Good Job Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 39 877


A mind blowing puzzle game. Very easy to play, not that easy to solve. Rotate small blocks to create big shapes.



  • Ggggy

    By Debeljak
  • This is a bad game because

    By mhgudgufg
    This a good game because you have too fit em all but not good it bad first day I played hated then I played for weeks and hated it just keeps getting worst and worst every time I play this why I think it it is bad a game
  • good

    By M.Edgeworth
    however, cut back on the ads. periodt✨😌
  • Constant Advertising

    By Mike D37
    This game would be good if it didn’t have so many advertisements on it. Level after level after level, you get annoying advertisements.
  • Ads and Glitches

    By ndojd d
    There are so many ads. In order to do literally anything, you need to watch ads. Since the levels are so easy, you play the level really quickly. This means that you spend more time watching ads then playing games. On top of that there a lot of glitches, and it’s very annoying
  • Ads

    By manateesrule
    Over all awesome game but after every level there’s is an add
  • Why so many ads

    By adudenamedwill
    It does an ad after every level it is so annoying to deal with
  • Mishu is fat

    By lola chicken wing
  • Wow

    By Emma and Brendan Grimm
    Just wow. At about level 250, everything gets repeated and it’s just stupid.
  • Buggy and boring

    By allthenamesaretakel0l
    I played this game and got bored within 5 minutes of playing, its all repetitive and the blocks get stuck inside each other making it impossible to beat
  • This game is soooo much fun I just reached level 200 and I got the game yesterday

    By xsaiver
    5 stars
  • ._.

    By kceliam
    It made me rate the game in the first second... so I don’t know what to rate it....
  • It is very buggy

    By hhghhfujgy
    it’s very buggy, the blocks get caught on each other and I’m forced to press the redo button which is an ad every time.
  • Too many ads

    By shadowdog2425
    After one shape is done you have to watch an ad. It is not fun because there is no lose to the game. The game is way to easy to win and way too many ads.
  • VERY glitchy

    By FCFD959
    Nice time killing game. Cool that you can get different skins. However, I cannot get past level 208 no matter what I do. The top two pieces will NOT connect. I’ve tried all the skins that I have and they will not connect. I play on I pad 4th generation with all up to date software. Need to fix this if you want people to keep playing. ***Update*** 2 months later, level 208 still glitchy. Cannot pass this level even with using the skip feature. Please fix this.
  • Kinda boring...

    By Retardstrength
    The ad looked cute, but the only thing puzzling was the wonky controls. 20 puzzles in, I had seen 20 ads, some of them 2 part, but I hadn’t even had to think about how the shapes fit together, it was very obvious. Might have gotten better later, but the ads were killing me.
  • Adds this and adds that

    By lil cookie 33333
    Honesty I just wanna say.(sigh whew we go)I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS GAME.its not the ads no,no,no, it’s everything Let’s start with the graphics So I know some games that are trash but no the graphics are like a dump 😟 like😔 sorry i am not used to being like this.all I wanna say is you can mess up berry easily .Ok let’s go the worst part of this game THE ADDS THe ADDS I hate um most games have like have a naborhood of adds BUT this is is like a date of adds hers what I mean I play the game like I need to relax let’s play the game I mess up and I hit restart then an add pops up .and in like ok it’s only one add. I mess up again ANOTHER ADD and it goes on and on agein . So this is defeninty a one star so I look at who made it.Its the creator of all the games I have!now to make a long story short .This game is a pece of trash.
  • Good game but

    By Chel_80
    I like the game a lot it’s fun with cool skins and boards but once you reach around level 240 the things reset
  • You say it’s hard to beat but I got to level 200 in ONE HOUR of playing it

    By liqudron loves minecraft!!
  • Game’s not finished

    By seancassidy999
    Cool idea for a game, but it’s not done. You can’t just spam people with full screen ads after every level. It’s rude. Add some feature that lets the user choose to watch an ad for some reward. Also the physics are a little wonky. Keep working on it. There’s a good game buried in here waiting to come out.
  • Kind’a disappointed

    By Lili013$$$
    At first this game was so cool then started to get boring. There are so many adds every time I finish a level there is an add. And some times I would put piece down it would not go in but when I put it with other ones on top it would work. Why? And when I hit the undo button it undos EVERYTHING it is annoying and of code the occasional add. I was so happy that I got the game in the first place then the work got more and more careless.
  • Harsh

    By sabrina.dori
    Too many adds
  • Make new stages

    By bagofgizmos
    I’ve started to realize some of the stages repeat and that’s kinda annoying when it’s not gonna teach me any new type of puzzle so one star
  • Ugh.

    By •| ? |•
    I‘ve been playing for about a month. I THINK (don’t take it so far) that this is just one of those games that make you see ads every time u play. Some complaints I have are: -Glitches -Ads. -“Prizes” -Stubborn Controls —————————————————————————————— Now. About that. I’ll tell you why those are my complaints. •Glitches.• Now, Hard to explain this but, when I constantly try the puzzle, it just- keeps like doing for ME like an auto, it’s usually supposed to let us do it but, it keeps like, correcting me every time! It actually annoys me. —————————————————————————————— •Ads.• Now. Most of you guys know that ads are just annoying. And even some games make YOU BUY THINGS EITH REAL MONEY FOR NO ADS. Sometimes I look at some of my friends/family play it, ads pop up everywhere. And they even make you have an ad for just a piece of [something]. Now, sometimes I say to turn off the WiFi, but it makes me uncomfortable. —————————————————————————————— •”Prizes”• Now, prizes can be like, a spice to a game or something. But these prizes, or should I say capsules or boxes have almost literally nothing inside them. And again, the ads make u open another but really, its empty. Seriously, It’s almost impossible to get at least a “skin” or a good stuff in those stuff, like, Why??? —————————————————————————————— •Stubborn Controls.• Ugh how much I hate the controls! When I try to swipe as hard as the puzzle really is, it just keeps using it as if It’s not worth the puzzle. Seriously. I hate it!!! —————————————————————————————— I’m sorry for a long review. I just hate this game and that you should not play it. If you don’t believe me, TRY IT. JUST TRY IT. I’m not trying to be rude although you might think I am rude but, please, I’m just saying what I s͟e͟e͟ i͟n͟ t͟h͟e͟  ͟ga͟m͟e͟ . Anyway, I hope to find this helpful. Seeya!
  • NON STOP ADS. Not worth the download

    By howiseverynametakenhow
    Literally ads in between each “level” and the levels take less then 20 seconds t complete. The pieces also glitch into one another and can’t be moved
  • Not bad, but...

    By Seriously, it is!
    This game tends to be a little hard sometimes. One thing that really bothers me is that every time I play the game, I hear a small and very quiet hissing static-type noise... over and over... I don’t know what the deal with it is, but this needs to be taken care of.
  • The amount of adds

    By Shandamo
    I love this game but this same add keeps popping up and for me it is disgusting . It would be fine if it popped up twice. But after every level it’s the same add . But besides that I play this every day and is very enjoyable for me .
  • Hello

    By hdvxbxbdhdbcbcvchdvff
  • Wayyy to many ads

    By Anniyah.16
    This game was really fun and satisfying but, after every puzzle you complete there is an advertisement
  • Eh

    By Hdfugvbjj
    It’s an alright game to play and has too many ads too frequently.
  • My problem with the game

    By kittycorn150
    Ok I really love this game but I’m on level 397 and the puzzle was a simple boat and the game is very repetitive. I’m tired of doing the same thing over and over again!! It would be nice to have a harder puzzle
  • Annoyed

    By Nerdy Girlz
    This is one of those stupid games that manipulates you with their ads. They will have a puzzle that is so easy and then the robot controlling it is a dummy and totally fails. When they do it, it makes you want to get the game to prove it wrong and that you can do it. Then you play level after level (which are all sooo easy) and never get to the one they show. This really annoys me and the only reason why I downloaded it was to say this. Here are a few tips, make the actual game harder and then make the ads playable so they get an actual idea of what the game will be like. I’m sorry for being harsh but it kind of annoys me.
  • Stop it

    By shane-wing
    Way too many ads like each time you finish one
  • More adds then gameplay

    By DogLove09
    I would have gave it five if they weren’t greedy and did not put a million adds
  • Why so many ads????

    By Liv Lauren
    I love the game, hate that there’s an ad after literally every level. I can’t even pay to get rid of them. It’s so annoying I can only play about six levels in a row before getting tired of seeing ads and just quit for the day.

    By Truly h paidn
    Horrible game glitches and overall very annoying
  • Way too many ads

    By 15726535
    Every level there is an ad. You will see more ads than the game itself and 90% of the time the ads are longer then the game itself.
  • Good........but not that good

    By What up peeps ;) :)
    The app is totally fine except a few glitches. The ads are HORRIBLE, I am sick and tired of random ads almost every time I complete a puzzle. The glitches I hope can be fixed like the fact that I try to complete a puzzle and I have to start over because I can move a price that hasn't locked in yet. This why a give the app a 2 star review. Some people may not agree with me but this my optinion and how feel.
  • 4 stars

    By pop-best
    Good game I recommend this game it is just to many adds
  • Short review

    By agooooooodreview
    This is going to be short , but after almost every level, there’s an ad and the levels are sooo easy. The game is very boring and I don’t really recommend it.

    By Jovianina Martin
    The mechanic is fun but every time I’m done with a level I get an ad and they are unskippable so I end up just sitting there waiting for it to end. The game is like 3% game 99% ads please fix this.
  • Ads ads ads ads ads

    By OhHaiHaterxD
    Every third puzzle you get and ad. Sigh.
  • Forced ads

    By ForcedAdsHater
    Played two levels and it forced an ad on me. Not worth playing.
  • Ads

    By Sedintary
    Neat game something to pass time, I think, unfortunately after every level you get an ad. This isn’t a bad thing for a free game BUT, you can’t get out of the ads once they come up you have to exit the game completely
  • To easy to boring

    By Thepro333
    When I got this game I thought it would be great because it’s almost like a puzzle game and I love puzzles but seriously this is do you wanna puzzle game I hate. It takes like five seconds for me to finish one more but it is so easy and easy makes it boring. And some say it’s relaxing but it’s not relaxing at all. You have to touch like certain parts for it to move or just leave it won’t move it’s so weird. If you end up getting this game trust me you’re going to end up deleting it.🥱x 1,000,000
  • Fitem all

    By ruby27772
    This is the most relaxing game
  • meh

    By Whatever111111111111111111111
    kinda boring. I would just play this if there was 5 min left on a plane before take off to calm me down
  • Bad game

    By ndhdhejhshhs
  • Horrible game

    By nich s
    First, if you like to pay someone with ad views every single level then this is the game for you. The game glitches almost every other level. After each level you complete which takes about 30 seconds, you get an ad. Horrible game will never play again.