Doodle Run

Doodle Run

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-04-02
  • Current Version: 1.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 231.98 MB
  • Developer: Kwalee Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 7 906


Become a scribbling sensation with Doodle Run! Draw your way to the top and you race against others in this fun filled sprint! Dodging obstacles as you go, be the first to draw the image! But watch out, take too long and the others will get ahead! Doodle Run Features: -Simple and fun gameplay -A variety of characters -Fun bonus rounds -Unlockable extras -Become a drawing champion



  • Fun but way too many ads

    By Mooyyyaaaaaa
    Too many ads
  • So annoying

    By annoyingly to robot
    I can’t even say how annoying it is .
  • No internet

    By dshshshxdh
    This game is so bad you need internet to play the game I do don’t recommend anyone getting this game it is terrible
  • Glitches

    By Kekii&Landiito
    You guys need to work on the glitches My app every single time I am done playing a round it kicks me and and when I get on the app again to play it takes me to the same game I had played bfore it kicked me out
  • Keeps crashing

    By minnie.bee
    Ok game but kept crashing. Also, same doodles over and over.
  • Review

    By tessie73
    To many adds
  • App crashes

    By Willis000123
    App crashes in the middle of a ad, I lose all progress. Unfortunately I have to delete the game.
  • Just started, paid, still force closes

    By krysgrif93
    Literally downloaded yesterday. Looked fun. Played level one and watched the add then it forced closed and never let me get passed the level. I paid for no adds to fix it and still force closes. Y’all gotta do better
  • Crashes

    By Tuna fish killer
    Update- game crashes randomly on iOS14. Will shutdown and you will lose what you won. Very frustrating. Game crashes when you Boost level gets above 300.
  • Glitches out on ad & way too many ads.

    By no.lolyeet.
    I get the point of using ad’s to get money, but the fact that there is an ad after every game, kinda makes me not want to ever play again. Also the fact that I’m stuck on a level because the ad I watch glitches out and exits the game for me.
  • No point

    By Kaida Self
    It’s fun but there’s like no point because you win every time.
  • Repetitive

    By lyvialovesdeals
    Needs more
  • Really unique and challenging game

    By Jenni smalls :)
    Really unique and challenging game however this makes it fun!
  • Fun but not real.

    By Uncle Z 20
    It’s a fun game seems kinda fake to me tho. Feels like I’m playing with a bunch of computers if I’m slow I’ll lose burg the other players are super slow too I can literally play a round and put my phone down come back a minute or two later and the round is still going I play the round and that’s when the other players (computers) start beating the round as well.
  • Boring delete

    By themostagrrivatingthing55
    So boring
  • Don’t waste your time.

    By ashleychagoya
    This game has the potential to be fun, but is lacking in a lot of areas. The amount of ads is ridiculous; there is no skip option, and you MUST double your points by watching an ad to move on to the next round. There is no customization, and you cannot choose your avatar. I thought it would be something fun to play to pass the time, but it was actually really tiring.
  • Pretty good...I guess

    By #ThatPerson
    The game is good. Not a lot of ads and stuff. But for me, the game was super glitchy. So just, be aware of that.
  • Tf

    By bsnevejns r
    I paid for the game for no ads and yet still get ads after each run?????????
  • Hella Stupid Ads

    By QueenDaSavage
    Hate The Fact I Can’t even complete one level without an Ad I thought I could enjoy this game but I’m most definitely deleting this game Blackjack has ZERO ADS and I DONT have to PAY just to be AF FREE ‼️‼️ 2020 MOST HATED GAME EVER‼️🤦🏽‍♀️
  • It’s ok

    By Riley cowboy47
    This is a really fun game but there’s a few things wrong with it one I get that you do you know the ads hi make money for me but when somebody says they don’t wanna watch an ad and get an actual nervous they can’t even skip it’s annoying it’s annoying another thing is I think you feel the gender and then I’ll give you outfits based on the gender so if you pick girl I’ll give you want to grow outfits every big boy get a bunch pool outfits for different outfits but they’re all boy I’ve gotten one girl one which is the superhero one I don’t even like I hate purple I rather be have a purple avatar to be a boy it’s obvious when they’re trying to make you win and trying to make you live because like one time I got an elephant and I so did your outfit I do online as an elephant but I’d gotten a basket I drew a basket they made me read right four times just to get basket when does things get fixed or a part of my listings it’s a pretty fun game I recommended I do hope the developer sees this and can fix those issues
  • Is this a game or just ads?

    By BPearce33
    Way too many ads!! It only allows you to play like 3 seconds then another add and I haven’t even finished the tutorial. I know more about the ads then the game. Haven’t been allowed to play the game long enough to even know if it’s fun. Garbage click bait. Don’t waste you time!
  • To much adds

    By gabbymcgabbyingron
    It great but right after I’m done playing on Round and there is a add so don’t download it
  • Ads every 2 seconds

    By iwillbedeletingthis88
    If u want to spend 2.99 for no ads then it might be fun, otherwise ur stuck watching ads constantly. Not a fan
  • Fix the glitches!!!!!!

    By Pooh1991
    After you reach a certain level the game glitches causing you not to collect more coins if you win. They need to fix that!!!! It would also be better if you could customize your character.
  • ADS !

    By Buttercup💞
    I’m trying to see what’s the purpose of buying No Ads when you still have to watch Ads anyways for certain things 🙄🙄🙄 waste of $3
  • Doodle Run

    By TrojanKidd
    What’s the ad shows and it’s an awesome game but every match you finish I goes straight to a ad. So I rate this game 3 stars.
  • Amazing Game But I sucked at it

    By CHINKEN9265$$
    Love the game and there wasn’t to many ads also it had a thing where is was like plinko but with your pencil to win coins to get you speed up for the race. I loved the game it was a little hard.
  • Amazing I love it

    By Konstance mackelby
    Hey there, I’m so happy my dad just got me Doodle Run and it’s sooo fun I’ll send more notification if I explore more for the game and the graphics are amazing
  • Fun game, but I glitched it so much that it won’t work

    By Helena.aleksandra
    I leveled my boost up to 300+ levels to the point where I can’t even win anymore because then it just glitches when I do the boost. The track can’t even load faster than I boost, so now I don’t know what to do. You guys really should put a limit on levels if so many people have the same complaint. Because now I can’t even play anymore.
  • Fun game Ads are Terrible

    By Addyrainbow
    I am only writing this review to point out there terrible choice in ads. I have downloaded a couple of games from the ads. Except the disgusting foot pus one. Please stop showing it. I’m deleting the app because it’s too disgusting.
  • Power ups

    By Micah Fri
    In this game you level up skills by spending money you earn through playing. If you level up your boost skill enough, though, which lets you collect more money for winning and losing games you play, you end up moving faster than the screen can load the track where you ride the giant pencil to collect your money, causing it to glitch, take forever to load, and not give you the money you should be receiving if it were loading properly. Boost imo is the best stat to upgrade because it increases your earned funds exponentially, but because it bugs out past a certain level, the game becomes absolutely unplayable past then.
  • To many ads

    By ashlianys iphone..
    Too many ads
  • I feel like it’s cheating..

    By iiflufflyxbunniez
    First of there’s too many ad’s and every time I upgrade my speed or boost there a person that’s even higher then me, I wish you can change the levels from hard medium and easy.It gets on my nerves how are you can have a person who’s a expert at the game, and a person who’s a noob or just starting the game, and challenging the impossible. it’s just messed up and I wouldn’t even spend my money on removing the ads.
  • Glitches out eventually

    By JaxFort
    I got to level 45 and keep beating the level but when she jumps on the pencil to get the bonus points it glitches and all the floor and points disappear and I can’t end the level. It’s a good game, wish it wouldn’t glitch though. I tried restarting it but I’m pretty sure I’ll have to delete the app entirely and probably lose my stats
  • I get it

    By Tianau
    I totally understand money has to be made & it’s only 2.99 to removes ads but sheeeeesh! Can we at least get a 5 min break before the next comes on? It’s like an ad every second :(
  • I wish there was more customization

    By YikesInTheYard
    You can’t customize your gender so you’ll probably have to work really hard to get to a girl outfit to unlock it goes from being a boy to being a super girl or something to clown to a boy football player I feel like you could make a gender option for all of those like a normal girl, a superhero boy, trapeze girl (or just a clown girl, and then like a cheerleader. But other than that the game is alright it’s kinda hard kinda easy you have to be really fast but something you can hardly draw anything and they’ll guess what it is. Other times though it could be obvious and they won’t guess it like drawing vehicles are hard. Just pick the easiest one and you’re set.
  • :|

    By l3m0njoe
    Fine enough concept, gameplay is entertaining, but so many ads. Even when given the option to watch an ad to get x2 or x3 rewards and saying no thanks, an ad plays. I have very limited amount of time to play. Game get stale when you’re forced to be connected to the internet to play against bots.
  • Calm down with the ads

    By Lovely2192
    This game is fun and all but every time I complete a level there’s an ad that pops up like it doesn’t make any sense at all. When you upgrade you have a chance to watch an ad so you can upgrade for free which I am fine with but every time I click something it’s always an ad that pops up. I want to enjoy this game in peace. I understand if I see an ad here and there it makes sense but not every 5 seconds than an ad pop up so please fix the ad and we can enjoy the game in peace.
  • Very good but only 1 problem

    By brianna😁
    There is way to much ads, at some point I quit the game for a little just for that.
  • Simple yet fun

    By DatOn3BlackDud3
    The game is simple fun. You probably won’t mindless play it for hours but you’ll kill some time with it. Once you get all this the stats to level 300+ you’ll glitch the game to where it can’t keep up with your earnings once you win and afterwards it’ll crash so that’s an added bonus.
  • How it would be a five

    By GhostSpooker
    So recently got the game and well it’s fun. But I’m on level 57 boost on 237 and the game lags so bad I can’t see the money and or the platform where the character is running
  • To many adds😑😒

    By Dania Carranza
    I love the game but there are to many adds😑😒
  • Ad simulator as per usual

    By Lololc:
    Cute game, but too many ads. You see more ads than actually gameplay lol, so sad. Deleted after 10 minutes or so, I’d steer clear.
  • I love the concept but I don’t understand what the money is for

    By Im a Barbiegirl
    I love this game it’s very cute and clever and fun. But I keep making more and more money and I have no idea what to do with the money. What is the point of this game
  • Glitch

    By Real fan of Jilly from Philly
    The game never finishes now. The prize road disappears and the player is just endlessly going, it never stop until I shut the game down. Very disappointing.
  • Awesome

    By ilikedaviewlol123
    Sorry I don’t have much to say but super addicting if you want to know what the game is like then play it yourself sooo fun these guys are pros I can’t beat em im gunna try til I win tho super fun awesome game keep up the good work developer
  • Fun but glitchy

    By MrsDeGraw
    The ads are annoying but i upgraded my speed and boost and now when i get 1st place it draws off into the sky and there’s no money being person just freezes. Also it never lets me collect my offline balance that i build. My connection is fine but fix that! It gets a little repetitive but it’s fun.
  • Too many LONG ads

    By silly-willy
    The game is fun but after each race there's a ad/video for like 30 seconds after each race. Doesn't seem like long but gets annoying fast, had to delete it.
  • I broke it.

    By Tony Cresser
    I made it to level 59 and level 400 on boost and speed. Now when I win the game freezes. But I had so much fun getting there.