Killer Sudoku by

Killer Sudoku by

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-04-17
  • Current Version: 1.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 170.93 MB
  • Developer: Easybrain
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 18 958


Enjoy an engaging Killer Sudoku experience! Jump into enhanced gameplay, solve tons of puzzles, train your brain, and have fun! Discover the new brain-training puzzle from the developer of! Killer Sudoku by is great for both beginners and advanced players. Although Killer Sudoku is harder than classic sudoku, we made it accessible for players of all skill levels. With its enhanced gameplay, it's easy to follow the game rules and become a sudoku master in no time. Explore Killer Sudoku and discover a refreshing take on the classic paper-and-pencil sudoku puzzle. What you get: * Killer Sudoku puzzles to expand your sudoku experience. * Thousands of levels to solve. * Daily challenges to win unique trophies. * Seasonal events to get unique medals. * Hints and notes to guide you when you get stuck. * Tons of gameplay to challenge your brain. * New game from a top developer! How to play: * Fill all rows, columns, and 3x3 regions with numbers exactly like classic sudoku. * Every cell is part of a cage, indicated by dotted lines. * Make sure the cells can be added up to the sum in the upper left corner of the cage. * The sum of all numbers of each 3x3 region, row or column always equals to 45. * Numbers cannot repeat within cages, a single row, column, or 3x3 region. Dive into the world of Killer Sudoku! Play anywhere, anytime!



  • Good challenging game

    By kc25an
    This is a good game with the daily challenge adjusting to the level you most recently played. The problem is stability. The latest update which was supposed to improve stability made it much worse. Hopefully a truly improved version will be released soon.
  • Love the game but the app crashes frequently

    By 65Irish
    I love the game and the complexity of the puzzles. I must say that I have lots of trouble with your app crashing several times per game. It seems to occur mostly while playing tournaments. I have tried shutting down my iPad and updating the app but the crashing continues. I am playing the game on an iPad Pro 9.7 which is running iOS 12.0.1.
  • killer soduko

    By jkct7579
    I enjoy the game. I like the level of concentration required to complete a round. I would like to see killer taken out of the name of the game. How about: Big Time Soduko Challenge Soduko
  • Love Killer Sudoku!

    By Bev38
    This is fun. Nice to have another way of playing Sudoku!
  • Great game

    By jeniv4567
    Great game. There have been no glitches. I play Suzuki on my iPad and IPhone. I have only one request, that the adventures were on the iPhone, too.
  • Great game

    By cop supporter
    Be careful it’s the simple things that get you, don’t rush.
  • Way too many ads

    By KS31415
    This app works ok but the constant ads are ridiculous.
  • Fix your bugs

    By encased meat
    The app closes randomly. Unfortunately sometimes when it closes, all of your progress is lost.
  • Very good, until the last update

    By SpurredDevil
    This is one of my all time favorite games, and have enjoyed it... until the last update. Now, it freezes or crashes just about every 2-3 minutes. That is disappointing so I hope this can get fixed soon.
  • Some errors in the puzzles

    By glorywaters
    There have been several puzzles in the last two days that have been incorrect. I play on the expert level and the numbers don’t add up to what they should. I just had one puzzle which I knew the number was 5 but it was showing wrong so I went through all the remaining numbers and they all were marked wrong, too. Really frustrating when you’ve been working on one for 30 mins.
  • Killer sudoku

    By Dbrownguy
    My only wish is for the functionality to highlight multiple cells to show the sum
  • Marks you wrong when you’re not

    By Catattack1
    I’m obsessed with this game, but recently discovered that it sometimes marks you wrong incorrectly. I was able to successfully complete a puzzle just now with 13 numbers in red.
  • Small numbers

    By Sjhn65
    Good game but on a cell phone the numbers are small and hard to see sometimes
  • Fun

    By Jery Lyle
    Combination of two of my favorite puzzle formats.
  • Excellent Game

    By t o m a
    I really enjoy this version of Killer Sudoku. I've played hundreds of games and not seen any that were "badly formed." Some were truly devilish to solve, and I often think that the expert level could be divided into 2 levels because of the differences in difficulty among those puzzles. Like another reviewer, I also noticed that I got more expert puzzles as dailies as I went along. I assumed that the game learned the players skill level and tuned the game to present appropriate puzzles. If it does not do that then let me suggest it. One comment for improvement is on the Ads. I like the way they are handled and how I can FF through many of them, and I like that they have the Adsense triangle on most of them to allow reporting bad ads. This is especially helpful because there are a set of ads that never exit and don't provide an X or close button. Those also don't seem to render properly. On those ads the only thing that works is clicking through to their website or returning to the ad. On them I have to kill the Killer Sudoku app and restart it to move on. Yet other ads lock up my iPad almost completely. I remember groaning over and over when the killer ad came up. It was for drinkable makeup or something like that. I have iPad 4 FWIW.
  • An original puzzle. Synthesis of Kukoru and Sudoku

    By Doctor 0ctopus
    I enjoy it greatly. Smart, original mash-up of Kukoru and Sudoku. All deductive thinking. A perfect way to chill after a rough day.
  • Bugs are terrible in latest update

    By JustMe472
    This is by far my favorite version of my favorite puzzle ever. BUT the bugs in the last update are beyond the worst I’ve ever seen. The app literally shuts down every 2-3 minutes. Please fix! I was ready to pay for the ad-free version but not if it can’t stay open.
  • Ha! I can Sudoku!

    By Mz. Oranj
    So I have always been fascinated by this game, but I don’t typically have whatever skills or gene required to do very well trying to fill in these puzzles. I can see the patterns, but I kept bombing even the “easy” puzzles. Those little boxes in the big boxes on this killer sudoku that let me know what the numbers each add up to are a lifesaver!!! Finally a way for me to have more confidence and certainty that I’m not just pulling a number out of thin air (and then getting it wrong). I’ve played more of this successfully than any other and am even willing (and have successfully) played some higher levels that I would never try with the traditional sudoku that I’ve seen. Yes. Love it. Only had it for a few days so far and I’ve played like 10 games I believe. Thank you
  • Tiny print

    By I am not afraid
    Love the game! Hard to see those tiny number hints.
  • Too easy, poor puzzle design

    By gbprime
    There’s nothing “killer” about this. The puzzles are way too simplistic in their design. All puzzles have far too many “fill in the blank” squares that reduce the complexity of basically every puzzle to nothing. Great app, bad puzzle crafting.
  • Great Variety of Everything

    By MJStrehl
    Excellent variety of difficulty levels. I tend to speed through these, causing errors. Practice at easier levels; and slowing down helps eliminate errors.
  • Locking up my iPad

    By xecvcxe
    Enjoyable game but very difficult on my tired eyes. I’ve been playing it for a couple months, but since the new iOS O update, it continually locks up my iPad and I have to restart it. At present the Apple start! I think I’ll try deleting it and reinstalling it.
  • Love this game but...

    By tiffanymish23
    I have a broken screen, and sometimes I’ll input the correct number but it doesn’t stay locked in, so it might change the number. This should not do that! In other games I have played, the correct number stays locked in and you can’t change it. Plus there should be other colors for the backgrounds. Sometimes I cannot see highlighted numbers, and both rows should be highlighted when you touch a number so you know which rows that number is in. Just highlighting each number “4” doesn’t always help.
  • Difficulty

    By Det. Lazlo
    The difference between hard and expert is very large, the hard level I would say could qualify as medium because they give you so many clues at the start where the expert has no clues! Anyway I love this game and really gets my brain thinking much more than regular sudoku
  • false labeling

    By salt413
    its just easier sudoku and the name made me think it was going to be super challenge mode sudoku 0/10 wish I could give this zero stars
  • Adds

    By Karloeriko
    It’s impossible to play with appearing every 5 seconds I understand the need for advertising. No problem there, but while trying to play a video would pop up every five seconds. No matter what I did it would continue. Even watching to the end. I couldn’t even fill in 1 number without the video coming on again. So, I devided to delete it.
  • Love it.

    By wiz2sharp
    Great gameplay is my mode.
  • Never Played this One

    By PatriciaCBU
    Just played my first round. Liked the challenge!
  • AlleyOop44

    By allyoop44
    Can’t control error checking on/off so a stray screen touch costs you one of the only 3 strikes you get. Can’t control entry style - block selection then number VS number selection then block and that too causes an error.
  • Too Small

    By trcawvcpa
    The characters are too small too see on a cell phone.
  • “Features” I don’t like in this game

    By Senior moment Inc
    I LIKE Killer sudokus. I’m not at all thrilled with this version of the game. Here’s why: When you make a mistake, you get a 30 second ad. 😡 There is no way to see where all instances of a number are already placed. Three mistakes, you are out of the game. I want a softer, easier Killer Sudoku or to at least be able to set the level of Killer Sudoku, such as unlimited mistakes without being bounced out of the game or easy, medium or hard.
  • Too hard to read the total numbers in the corner. Needs to be bigger

    By cfrtdews
    Too hard to read the “total” numbers shown in the corner - needs to be bigger
  • Can you add?

    By yazzy sue
    Making me think how to put them in the right place
  • Just basic

    By LordWater77
    Even the expert level can be solved in less than 10 mins. Concept ok but too easy.
  • Love the game but the Ads make it unplayable

    By chrissel1
    I was recalling enjoying the Killer Sudoku challenges in their regular sudoku app so downloaded this. I still love the gameplay, but good grief, please give us an ad-free option. The game really isn’t worth sitting through an ad when it opens, an ad when the game finishes,na ad when the next game starts, on and on.
  • Bug?

    By pelirina
    The hint open number I already opened.
  • Adds math to Sudoko

    By jk w858
    Interesting twist
  • Thanks for making Sudoku fun again!

    By jujubee282
    I stopped playing Sudoku because it became too easy, even on the hardest modes. But the cages make playing enjoyable again.
  • This app is awful

    By Wake_Allen
    Worst game I have ever played

    By JAK33ZY
    App is good. Adds are excessive. Not even an option to skip smh.
  • Great app but some user issues

    By martucha2000
    I have enjoyed this game very much! However, there are a few things that I have had difficulty with. The first is size of the sum numbers in the corner of the squares. They are very little and difficult to read. The second thing, is the dotted lines for the sums. They are very unclear and it can be hard to differentiate one dotted line group from the other. It is also hard to see when the dotted lines cross between one of the solid bold black lines. Thank you for your time.
  • Better than paper!

    By Pete_NH
    Take it everywhere and always ready! Much more fun than paper!
  • Too much junk

    By Lackofcreativityingame
    When you are trying to play the game there is absolutely too much clutter with all of the dotted lines and small numbers added in. Not worth the time.
  • Enjoy this puzzle

    By unsat 4 me
    Great puzzle, but still too many daily puzzles are expert. Two or three a month maybe? Not 20 or so.
  • Not a 4+ app

    By Everybody Be Cool
    Update: Thank you for your response. I appreciate your frank admission that you’re making false claims in the App Store that do not comport with the laws you are obligated to follow. Why Apple continues to allow such unethical behavior is beyond me. I still don’t understand why Apple won’t remove apps that require a legal agreement to use by anyone under 18.
  • Definition

    By julsclaire
    I wish the definition between the black line was greater, or maybe different colors. I sometimes make mistakes because of this.
  • Hunt

    By ukay1901
    Love it
  • Stop pushing Gardenscape on me

    By Pissnboots
    The incessant adds are super annoying.
  • A suggestion

    By Rabiddogg
    This is a great game. Only recommendation I would make is that when you are in notes mode perhaps the cursor could be a different color so you don’t accidentally put an answer in instead and get an error.