Rage Road - Car Shooting

Rage Road - Car Shooting

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-04-01
  • Current Version: 1.3.14
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 350.40 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LTD
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 78 598


Is it hard to be a secret agent nowadays? In the real life only secrets agents know, but in the virtual reality we could tell you that it is easy as a sweet cherry pie! All you need is road, car, gun and rage to kill enemies on your way (what is about shooting from the hip?) Everything you will find in the new game «Rage Road»! Let us deep into the daily routine of secret agent and describe you a bit of it. Get into a car, take a gun, check number of bullets, and aim to the first enemy! It looks like that he is also going to shoot, do not give him any single chance to do it. Smash his car into a thousand of small pieces and show everyone on this road that you are the best here! ► Should I choose «Rage Road» out of all games? Three «Yes». • Yes №1 «Design». Variety of small but significant details, which make you be inside the gaming environment in a full way. A bunch of exciting emotions is guaranteed! • Yes №2 «Back music». Inspiring, thrilling and just pleasant to listen to. No old-fashioned rhythms and boring cute songs from the previous century. We even can say – hardcore is prevailing. • Yes №3 «Unobvious logic». You cannot build the strategy of your actions for the next ten steps. It is pretty impossible as game always adds something new at the every next level. Switch on your attention at max! Additional «Yes» is game’s ability to make a conversation with you. Does it sound a bit awkward? No doubts it does, but you will like the way it talks to you. ► Ruin the stereotype of boring games! You know, there are so many games that can draw your attention only for several seconds or minutes in the best case scenario… Such a big disappointment for all gamers! Wait, do not lose your faith and answer the following question: ► Is «Rage Road» worth playing more than one time? Three «Yes». • Yes №1 «Levels’ hierarchy». Twenty steps on your way to success within one race. Maybe, you are quite fast and can manage to pass all of them at once, but did we tell you that there is only one race? So, find out - how long does it take for you to finish the whole game? • Yes №2 «Effect of collection». The more money and diamonds, the more stuff you can afford during the game. Upgrade your car, make stylish look, advance the gun – do whatever you want! • Yes №3 «Mission». No pain, no gain! Shooting from the hip is not enough… Each mission differs in terms of targets to kill and their super abilities to stay alive. As you can guess, killing the boss is the hardest task ever and it will take far more efforts than missions at the beginning. The final «Yes» is left for you…Have you already downloaded the game «Rage Road»?



  • Love the game

    By Hydro13
    But who’s driving?
  • Too many ADS

    Bruh! The amount of the ads in this game are outrageous. U have to watch a video to unlock everything and even when h say no thanks it gives u an add. Game had potential but too many ads.
  • Cool and all but

    By jwheidhwkhdeuhekwheiheuhd
    Ok so I’m not that far into the game but I downloaded this game a while back and all I can remember is it is really hard at some point. Back to the point this game is cool nice concept and stuff but I just have one tiny problem and it’s how the guns get more pricey. Sure they are good guns from a pistol to a assault rifle but you can’t afford them and the only guns I can afford are pistols and for now I see no assault rifle I can buy and all I can say is this game has not changed still same enemy’s and stuff like that so yeah this is my review
  • Where is my stuff at

    By shaq roberson
    I bought something off of rage road but didn’t give me the items that I bought
  • The best!

    By Keuahh
    Please don’t change a thing. It’s perfect.
  • I hate ads

    By jiiiiiiiiujjjjjjj
    Remove the thucking ads befor I sew you I hate ads
  • Great game !

    By jjjjjj,uj
    I just want to say thank you ! For this game it is awesome especially the gun choses and looks and looks for the truck I hope you have a good and jolly Christmas 🎅🏼
  • Too Pricey!!

    By aggyboi27272
    Hey great game and all, but the guns cost more money than people earn! Lower the price, man!
  • Shoot em up

    By ASimpleSpoon
    I want a story mode and special missions
  • 10/10

    By toribio_roblox
    It coo
  • Good but..

    By mr2sarecool
    It’s has way too many ads after every game you get a ad so what if after every 4 games you get a ad
  • It’s ok

    By it is a night mare
    I like it
  • Amazing

    By KungFuRomeo2
    This is a masterpiece of an action game right here!
  • Needs a fix

    By baetgamer
    So like I went into the game and first thing it was working but like after 5 seconds it sent me out and I tried again but it did not work but it is a great game just pls fix for14.iOS
  • I have to leave

    By CthulhuWho
    Each time I get stuck on a ad and I have to leave and get back in I may have to delete some game for order for me to play with the game again
  • Much better than it looks

    By MrthyParrot
    You can shoot the wheels it just loses control and crashes. You can kill the driver and it just loses control the car or you shoot car until it explodes. I really like this game I suggest it. There are boss levels some of them are really hard. But the first few levels are super easy for me. Good graphics there is nothing wrong. If you are reading this DOWNLOAD THE GAME it’s so good .
  • Fix this part in the game please

    By mrfartsalot12
    It’s a great game to pass time only negative on this game is the drones u have to shoot down and the other vehicles will go right threw them they should get knocked out of the air if a car bounce and hits them that’s the only negative on game to me
  • EPIC

    By rage road rules
    Best game ever
  • 5
    By qpwpqpwosksksmdksowpwisj#[email protected]
    The game is really fun but when you get to level 80 it’s really hard
  • Good game

    By jhgudhzfdhilkopppitftt
    The game is fun but I don’t know what to do with it the day was a great app
  • Dear devs

    By skyman2k8
    I only gave you for stars because once you go int hard road you should be able to exit out of it. Everything else was great.
  • Rip off

    By Dudesmom
    I tried to purchase from this game twice. It took my money and then never gave me my purchase. Beware this game. I feel the developers are a fraud. Deleted the game and will never download it again.
  • Level 80

    By AnotherRobloxPlayer
    Level 80 is entirely based on RNG and luck, as the boss tends to shoot the homing missile at the same time as a mini drone shoots bullets, so you are forced to test your luck just to destroy the 2 homing missiles. If you are lucky you won’t get shot, and will most likely have to do this again during the boss fight. This level needs to be made a bit easier because of all this. The game overall is okay though.
  • It’s cool

    By jdjdbddndnfnnffb
    I like this game bc it’s very fun make more of thes pretty pls
  • Review

    By Jimmy 8343
    I only played this for like two minutes like you’re asking for information after two minutes dumb
  • Fun game

    By cool legoguy
    I love it
  • Pretty good

    I don’t like how it’s try’s to tease you to play hardroad but other than that it’s a really good game
  • Could be good

    By gotohelldevs
    You have what could be a great game but ruined it with a forced ad every level congrats your greediness
  • Stupid game

    By Anonymous5791
    It tries to pressure you into giving them money by watching ads. Forced ones are constant,and the guns are overpriced to try to get to to pay money to get them.
  • Game needs fixed

    By slick8820z
    This game does nothing but freeze on me when I watch an ad out when I hit try again or next
  • Weird

    By EdwardKal
    At the start the truck has no one driving in it can you put someone driving it
  • Broken

    By greenie bear
    Overall it’s a very fun game but whenever I get a gun shop and it pops up a gun with a skin it’s like 1500 then the next gun shop the same gun with no skin is like five times as much they better get it fixed
  • The game keeps crashing

    By mostafalion
    The game is fun😎 back then the game doesn't crash but now when I play it The game crashes this is a message to the developers fix this game now!!!! 😡👿to this day I the game crashes please please don't download this game 😤
  • Cons to Pros

    By catman8609
    This review is not hate. It is a fun and addicting game! But I have some things you should fix. One of these things are game crashes. When I don’t want to unlock a gear at the moment, I go to my outfits and after I watch the add to unlock it, it crashes the game and never unlocks it. It only scams me by wasting my time. This also happens with the game “HellCopter.” Another thing is that there are too many ads. I understand you’re trying to make money but you are probably gonna lose satisfied customers because your game is very fun. If I fail or pass a level, it gives ads automatically. I suggest that you should maybe put ads after 2-3 levels so it can be more fair. Overall like I said, your games are very addicting and would like to see more please. Just fix those bugs! Thank you.
  • A good game

    By GunnerHandsomesuper1
    I do be loving this game very much really. Game is overall good but the one problem is that theres a near guaranteed chance of the device crashing after watching the ad.
  • Love this game

    By ;jack
    When I saw this game in a ad I knew it was for me so good I love it
  • The game is good but one problem

    I like this game I think the dialogue between the agent and the spy are kind of funny and relieving but when I’m playing the game sometimes the auto-tracking can get annoying because it auto aims at the enemies head and sometimes I can’t kill who I want to kill, and then I would end up dying, but otherwise it’s a good game
  • Please remove the rapid ads that happen after you finish at least one level

    By Futuretale20
    The game is awesome but the only problem is the ads, they just come in every on level and its starting to get annoying Please developers.. remove the rapid ads
  • Should be good but...

    By theBACAshowYT
    It’s a good game but way too many adds and the fact u need to watch adds to collect ur rewards is stupid
  • Glitches!

    By Mr.cdp
    I love this game except their is a lot of bugs. The first bug I want to report is the fact that sometimes their will be a bump and then all the bad guys fly up in the air and die. Another bug is that sometimes I’m hiding under the truck then suddenly I die because a thug shot me and I was protected. One more glitch they need to fix is sometimes the bullet bar will disappear and I can’t see how many bullets I have left. But other than that it’s a really fun game and I do recommend it. Buts devs please fix these glitches.
  • So Addicting!!

    I play this game so much, if I uninstall it on my phone I have to reinstall it to play again! Soooooo addictive!
  • Fun, but with frustrating inconsistencies

    By Uncle_Samsonite
    The game is enjoyable, but there are some annoying problems. For one, the buildings and objects beside the road are not “objects”, so cars can pass right through them. This means that if you drive a car off the road into a building, it will still continue to chase and shoot you off screen. It’s the same with every map. It’s grossly apparent on the map in the flood channel, where enemies just go straight through everything, and they float above the water. Similarly, drones also aren’t “objects” when they’re alive, so if you destroy a vehicle and it goes towards the drone, instead of hitting it, it will just pass straight through, making it incredibly frustrating to face off against them. Lastly, the weapons in the game don’t make much sense. A lot of the weapons are just re-skins of each other, as they preform exactly the same, making collecting weapons pointless. There are still a bunch more smaller problems, but this review is long enough. If these problems are fixed, the game would be much better and far more entertaining.
  • Theres no RPG’S

    By muck nurse
    There needs to be RPG’s and mini guns to use for the enemy and bosses there also when you shoot the enemy’s body they should die and when you shoot the front of there car it should explode. (If you dont listen to me this game will be one star)
  • Very awesome but needs some improvement

    By JerryWuzSus
    I love this game, I play it whenever I can, but it needs some work. For example, when you shoot someone off the road, they go through the wall, the tree, etc. Also, I don’t know if you meant to do this, but if you destroy one car, chances are that it’ll go into another car and destroy that one too. And finally, sometimes the cars go flying into the sky, because they hit something on the road, and that causes them to crash sometimes. But other than these things, I really enjoy this game. Well done!
  • Dumb Game

    By 126!;(4&:
    This game is absolutely ridiculous, it’s always unfair.
  • Trash

    By Trevor grey
    I’m surprised the creator didn’t make the objects around you solid because a truck eith 2 people on the back drove off the road with a bomb guy driving towards me then I get shot out of no where mind you the bomber guy should be the last guy on the level
  • This game is OK

    By zays day
    I don’t like on rage road at the end when you want to go back it says no I want my mommy my mom is dead so...
  • Owner please read

    By a game better then you
    It won’t let you move your aim and it’s so annoying
  • Great game

    By mesarat2
    I love this game it’s prefect for long car rides and a good time killer. But there are a few thing that I would like to see changed 1. When the enemy was a warring armor you can’t body shot them I think it would be cool if you could add body armor for them or if there just warring a helmet you could body shot them 2. I wish that there were more places to shoot the cars and trucks it would be cool if you could shoot them in the engine like the big armored cars. Like I said this is a great game I do recommend it to anyone who want something fun and simple.