Rage Road - Car Shooting

Rage Road - Car Shooting

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-04-01
  • Current Version: 1.3.11
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 346.03 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 69 631


Is it hard to be a secret agent nowadays? In the real life only secrets agents know, but in the virtual reality we could tell you that it is easy as a sweet cherry pie! All you need is road, car, gun and rage to kill enemies on your way (what is about shooting from the hip?) Everything you will find in the new game «Rage Road»! Let us deep into the daily routine of secret agent and describe you a bit of it. Get into a car, take a gun, check number of bullets, and aim to the first enemy! It looks like that he is also going to shoot, do not give him any single chance to do it. Smash his car into a thousand of small pieces and show everyone on this road that you are the best here! ► Should I choose «Rage Road» out of all games? Three «Yes». • Yes №1 «Design». Variety of small but significant details, which make you be inside the gaming environment in a full way. A bunch of exciting emotions is guaranteed! • Yes №2 «Back music». Inspiring, thrilling and just pleasant to listen to. No old-fashioned rhythms and boring cute songs from the previous century. We even can say – hardcore is prevailing. • Yes №3 «Unobvious logic». You cannot build the strategy of your actions for the next ten steps. It is pretty impossible as game always adds something new at the every next level. Switch on your attention at max! Additional «Yes» is game’s ability to make a conversation with you. Does it sound a bit awkward? No doubts it does, but you will like the way it talks to you. ► Ruin the stereotype of boring games! You know, there are so many games that can draw your attention only for several seconds or minutes in the best case scenario… Such a big disappointment for all gamers! Wait, do not lose your faith and answer the following question: ► Is «Rage Road» worth playing more than one time? Three «Yes». • Yes №1 «Levels’ hierarchy». Twenty steps on your way to success within one race. Maybe, you are quite fast and can manage to pass all of them at once, but did we tell you that there is only one race? So, find out - how long does it take for you to finish the whole game? • Yes №2 «Effect of collection». The more money and diamonds, the more stuff you can afford during the game. Upgrade your car, make stylish look, advance the gun – do whatever you want! • Yes №3 «Mission». No pain, no gain! Shooting from the hip is not enough… Each mission differs in terms of targets to kill and their super abilities to stay alive. As you can guess, killing the boss is the hardest task ever and it will take far more efforts than missions at the beginning. The final «Yes» is left for you…Have you already downloaded the game «Rage Road»?



  • So Addicting!!

    I play this game so much, if I uninstall it on my phone I have to reinstall it to play again! Soooooo addictive!
  • Fun, but with frustrating inconsistencies

    By Uncle_Samsonite
    The game is enjoyable, but there are some annoying problems. For one, the buildings and objects beside the road are not “objects”, so cars can pass right through them. This means that if you drive a car off the road into a building, it will still continue to chase and shoot you off screen. It’s the same with every map. It’s grossly apparent on the map in the flood channel, where enemies just go straight through everything, and they float above the water. Similarly, drones also aren’t “objects” when they’re alive, so if you destroy a vehicle and it goes towards the drone, instead of hitting it, it will just pass straight through, making it incredibly frustrating to face off against them. Lastly, the weapons in the game don’t make much sense. A lot of the weapons are just re-skins of each other, as they preform exactly the same, making collecting weapons pointless. There are still a bunch more smaller problems, but this review is long enough. If these problems are fixed, the game would be much better and far more entertaining.
  • Theres no RPG’S

    By muck nurse
    There needs to be RPG’s and mini guns to use for the enemy and bosses there also when you shoot the enemy’s body they should die and when you shoot the front of there car it should explode. (If you dont listen to me this game will be one star)
  • Very awesome but needs some improvement

    By JerryWuzSus
    I love this game, I play it whenever I can, but it needs some work. For example, when you shoot someone off the road, they go through the wall, the tree, etc. Also, I don’t know if you meant to do this, but if you destroy one car, chances are that it’ll go into another car and destroy that one too. And finally, sometimes the cars go flying into the sky, because they hit something on the road, and that causes them to crash sometimes. But other than these things, I really enjoy this game. Well done!
  • Dumb Game

    By 126!;(4&:
    This game is absolutely ridiculous, it’s always unfair.
  • Trash

    By Trevor grey
    I’m surprised the creator didn’t make the objects around you solid because a truck eith 2 people on the back drove off the road with a bomb guy driving towards me then I get shot out of no where mind you the bomber guy should be the last guy on the level
  • This game is OK

    By zays day
    I don’t like on rage road at the end when you want to go back it says no I want my mommy my mom is dead so...
  • Owner please read

    By a game better then you
    It won’t let you move your aim and it’s so annoying
  • Great game

    By mesarat2
    I love this game it’s prefect for long car rides and a good time killer. But there are a few thing that I would like to see changed 1. When the enemy was a warring armor you can’t body shot them I think it would be cool if you could add body armor for them or if there just warring a helmet you could body shot them 2. I wish that there were more places to shoot the cars and trucks it would be cool if you could shoot them in the engine like the big armored cars. Like I said this is a great game I do recommend it to anyone who want something fun and simple.
  • All these kids are dog water.

    By miss_trouble101
    All of them are brain dead dog water shxters.
  • Not the best

    By Jayme100
    It needs a big update
  • Awesome!

    By Whatever707
    I love this game but I think you should be allowed to get out of the car and run then you can hide and stuff
  • Reseña

    By plantas vr zombie
    Es un juego
  • This game is great

    By Timothy thao
    The game is awsome but can make it like a little realistic like if a car hit the drone it will lose control
  • Road rage

    By hejbdudhr
    Road rage is a fun game that everyone should play thank for making this game raid rage
  • Love this game

    By Źacharÿ
    This game is amazing it’s a ton of fun and the physics of the cars flipping is great but the drones are the reason it has two stars they throw off the flow and are an unnecessary pain for a mobile game
  • Money grab

    By hoezak
    You can’t buy upgrades when you want, game could be decent if the developers weren’t crooks.
  • Pp

    By pp()$$))5666
  • Amazing but one more thing

    By Hebsbejensdn
    Something I’ve always needed in this game was to where if the car flips and it hits the drone the drone take damage or it can get knocked down.
  • Love the game

    By Ben0881!
    Game is great very creative but I don’t like how many shots it takes to pop tires.also I think guns are to expensive also you should give the option to buy any gun at any time not at a certain time and with only three guns. Not to mention when I kill everyone in a car I don’t like how all the tires pop off so easily. Also the armored cars don’t make sense no one is driving it. It would make more sense if there were people inside that would lean out. The helmets they wear are kinda stupid also they take so many hits to nock off
  • Amazing game single small issue

    By joe mama liky
    One of my favorite games of all time but it’s really hard to earn money but other than that it is a great game ( but pls fix money thing
  • Awesome

    By Hot rob 69
    I love this game
  • Improvements

    By alg0410
    It would be so cool if you could upgrade guns and maby an way to watch and ad for like 500 1,000 cash plus maby more missions and more guns
  • This game

    By erskine140
    When I got this game I thought it was so cool and all then when I got in higher levels it got really hard and not fun the boss levels are so hard and it is just not fun and there are to meany people that you have to get rid of. All of the time when I played it I would die really quick and j got really mad so j deleted the game because it is to hard. It is a fun game at the start but the higher you get the harder it gets and it gets really hard. But thanks for the game I did any joy it. At level 80 that is where is is really hard .
  • Amazing game

    By joethebro2468
    So fun and so easy
  • Fun but annoying

    By Frank A Lank
    It’s annoying when trying to shoot a driver in a car, and your aim goes away and aims for another car, and then the car that your were aiming for shoots you? This completely ruins the game. I would give 5 stars if they removed this. If you don’t remove this I will delete this app because it’s extremely annoying.
  • Love it

    By Toothless2014z
    I love it so much I play it everyday for 9 Hours
  • Awesome,but

    By shrydvjdhe
    This game is awesome but the one problem is when a car is coming the gun homes on it when I’m shooting another car.Overall this is a great game.
  • I hate this so much

    By the worlds most bad game
    I want to play this game but it is sending to my settings I am allowing it to do anything and Siri and still I can’t play it I will never ever play this game ever
  • Rage Road

    By XCH214
    The game is horrible because it doesn't work on my iPad😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • Cash grab

    By big boob man
    Literally can’t advance in the game without watching ads, unlocked some new glasses? Gotta watch an add to use them, unlocked a box? Gotta watch an add to get anything. I don’t have internet so I’m stuck not being able to use anything because they make you watch an add every 3 seconds. You watch ads more than you play I’ve never felt so angry I wanted to write a review. DONT BUY THIS GAME ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS MAKING MONEY!!!!
  • Be careful when purchasing in app!!!

    By busty0831
    I have tried to reach out to the company about an in app purchases gone wrong. The game is fun but don’t buy anything unless you want to get swindled.?Purchased money in the game, it came out of my bank account but was not added to my game. Be careful when you spend money on the game, my purchases didn’t work even though money came out of my account. Very upsetting!! If someone with the capability of fixing this could help, I would greatly appreciate it!
  • Hello Guest

    By A.m501
    Hello Guest
  • Keeps on going to settings

    By planet_james
    When ever I want to play the game, it just’s puts me in the setting app and it won’t let me play
  • Great game

    By HatoRey2015
    In their arsenal I using the guardian rifle is great is MUST include more fire power like .50 caliber machine gun to beat to many vehicles and destroy the armored enemy.

    By octobeecat
    It is hard at the hot road or what ever it is called because thar are more cars and I keep ding and have to watch a add each time!
  • It’s so cool I’m gonna keep playing it

    By my name is ressecupmo
    It’s cool I’m gonna keep playing it
  • Pay-to-get-cash to get better weapons type of game

    By happy polish guy
    I’m not paying a dime for in game cash and why? Well first weapons are crap and you can just save up but I have to watch a lot of ads to even get a Inch closer to that crappy no-damage smg and the game is just boring and try’s to relate but the ads just ruin the experience what a waste of a game that had a hope.
  • Very fun but one thing

    By tHiss is naammee
    Rage Road is a very fun game but I want you to fix this.When you take down a tank by it going off screen sometimes it still can shoot. I just wanted to let you know thank you.

    By King Classified
    Hey devs so there was an ak47 for 5000 and a skinned p90 for 4800 and I went to buy the ak47 but I accidentally pressed the p90 and lost all of my bucks that I saved for months. Please either remove the p90 from my inventory and refund my money or make it a feature where it says “Are you sure you would like to buy...”!
  • From Karen

    By blake rish
    Hi everyone my son Charlie is having a hard time playing this and this is way to intense,
  • Beware- Sexually explicit ads!!

    By Fawn313
    Sitting next to my child last night while he was playing Rage Road and a role playing game ad comes on with two sexy women making out while the husband walks in and asks, “What would you do in this situation...confront them or join them?” Completely appalled that they would have a sexually explicit ad on a children’s app! Deleted immediately!
  • Gun Shop

    By hjgghgdhdgfth
    Instead of waiting for the gun shop to pop up after a ton pf levels with only 3 choices can u guys make an acual shop by the character customization?
  • Great game...but...

    By reviewer2837638219
    This is such a fun game, the physics are awesome! There’s only one problem, how do I buy weapons? I can’t buy them from the ‘Guns’ section, and the ones they offer me after missions are too expensive, so I’m stuck with first gun.
  • Too hard

    By Rick Witt
    It’s a really fun and cool game, but it’s too hard. You constantly get killed and have to watch an add to restart. There’s no weapon available that takes less than 50-100 rounds to take out an armored vehicle or a drone. I’d even pay for one but instead you have to squeeze in 100 rounds between the 1000 coming at you.
  • Lol no issues

    By jirjtjtitjyjtjtjjtiit
    No issues? Why were people saying the gun system was bad???
  • Gyft

    By Pretty Boy MC
    Ca has
  • Incredible game 👁👅👁

    By sigh sigh XX
    I was 15 seconds in the game and it looked epic.... ok.....bye
  • Great game but

    By nuceler
    The enemy helmets protect them from getting shot but the player helmets don’t help at all and I got a swat helmet so yeah please fix. Keep up with the good work though