Color Flow 3D

Color Flow 3D

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-04-07
  • Current Version: 2.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 328.31 MB
  • Developer: Good Job Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 17 889


What you see is what you get. Extremely easy to play yet not that easy to give up. Adjust pins by pulling or dragging them. Make your way trough pipes. Let the water flow and fill the cups.



  • 3 stars.

    By 1968old man
    Not much of a challenge and the levels are very repetitive. I am over level 400 and have played the same ones multiple times.
  • Deleted due to excessive ads

    By kjhdudjjfifkf
    Wayyy too many ads
  • Ads

    By Sick and waiting
    Ads, ads, and more ads
  • Honestly

    Trash game only because the level repeats itself a lot but a good time waster
  • Waist of time

    By nicknamedoob
    There is an add after every level and if your lucky after two levels. It’s not challenging and takes about two seconds to figure out how to beat it, most time spent on this app is looking at adds. Actually awful game. Good idea but done very poorly
  • Too many ads

    By Plmcrzy454
    Wasted my time downloading... it’s just a ad app
  • Worst game ever

    By 420ncole
    Wouldn’t even load , just a blank screen for 20 minutes.
  • 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

    By Awref_f
    Don’t waste your time with this game It’s so boring and tribal
  • Another Ad Filled Stupid Game

    By Caitnah
    I would really like to know what people rate these games that high. Most of the levels insult your intelligence and game is filled with stupid ads that nobody pays attention to.
  • Too many ads

    By melchman
    So many, so often.
  • Annoying

    By Mikeypbjoker
    Ads between levels? Fine. Annoying but fine. Ads popping up in the middle of the level I’m playing? Instant delete.
  • Dumb

    By Brandon Rust
    Terrible, you play 2 super easy levels then a 20 second ad. Then another 2 super easy levels then a 20 second ad. I just deleted it
  • bad game

    By Brooklyn Harris
    i have not even had the game for 5 mins and i had already gotten 3 ads that’s a red flag for me and deleted the game if you want a game that gives you a hot steamy dish of ads then go ahead and get this game if not go ahead and look for a better game
  • Boring as hell

    By PatchDog74
    Not sure how this app has 17k 4 star reviews? Not even challenging enough and after every puzzle repeat ads for obvious gambling apps.
  • Fun but too many ads

    By nickg37
    Good time waster game but every level another ad
  • Ads

    By McLovin180
    There are ads after every level and the levels take seconds to complete.
  • Should be called ad revenue flow

    By make apps hard again
    If you want an easy game to justify watching 30 seconds of ads for the thirty seconds it takes to finish two level- LOOK NO FURTHER!!!! This app developer streamlined their grab for money WITHOUT MICRO TRANSACTIONS!!!!! Not only is it quick to get to those ads and away from that pesky game you were trying to use to get ads- the levels are IMPOSSIBLE TO LOSE. I think my three month old could pass most of these levels by CHANCE!
  • Too many ads and you cant cancel those

    By chembur74
    Some ads are over 1 minute
  • Waste

    By Jasper7788
    As with most of the games on here lately, it’s designed to shove ads down your throat after every level so that the developer can make as much as revenue as possible.
  • A mindless cash-grab

    By b.o.b.1kenobi
    This is one of the infinite apps out there that has an intriguing premise but is ultimately an ad machine. The levels rarely require more than an iota of brain power (or self-respect) to complete, so you finish a level in about 5 seconds to watch an ad longer than 30 seconds (and ads play between almost every level). The game definitely isn’t optimized in any way either, my phone started heating up and freezing a bit after maybe 20 minutes (iPhone X). So if you don’t mind constant ads and want something to kind of visually distract you for a bit, go for it. Personally not sure where the 5 star reviews are coming from.
  • Awesome job everyone

    By FrenchGawd
    I knew when I downloaded a free app I’d have to deal with ads. That’s just the times now and I’m okay with it even though I’m not really but that’s beside the point. I expected That I’d have an ad after every level, was correct, but what I didn’t expect was each ad to not prompt me to skip it even after it was done and I’d waited well over 1 min each time having to kill the app. Pretty sub par.
  • Ads ads ads

    By Derek123345
    There are way too many ads. There are ads on the screen during the level, and there is an ad that plays every time you passed a level. PEOPLE STOP FALLING FOR THESE TRICKS AND RATE THESE APPS 1 STAR BECAUSE ALL THAT WANT IS THERE MONEY.
  • What did you expect

    By Raze_13
    If you love ads and have an iq lower than room temperature, then this is the game for you
  • Woah

    By DanLX8604
    ENTIRELY too many ads. 30-second ad between each level. “Played” for 10 minutes and had 8 minutes of ads. So...nope.
  • Long ads between every single level!

    By Jf in Charlotte
    The game forces you to watch ads that you cannot skip for at least 15 seconds between every single level and since most levels only take a few seconds to solve you’ll spend 45 minutes watching ads to only play for 15 minutes absolutely ridiculous!
  • No

    By Fossilsmile223
    Most of the levels are impossible to lose
  • Too many ads

    By Immabevmom
    There is an ad after every level and the levels are very short. Too bad because otherwise it is a fun game but spending more time watching ads than playing the game isn’t worth it.
  • Stupid Game; No Challenge

    By Showdaddy
    I’ve got to level 100, thinking that eventually the game would pose at least a small challenge. It hasn’t. At all. Almost every level is so blatantly obvious that it’s just a waste of time. No giving the app any more time.
  • Ridiculous amount of ads

    By Yoit2526
    Yet another mobile game with too many ads. You spend more time watching ads after each level than playing the level.
  • What he said ^^

    By time waster 9000
    After reading the first review I was like MEH I’ll try it out, levels are insanely easy. Pretty sure I Watched 10 mins worth of adds by level 20 , this is literally WASTING TIME
  • Meh

    By anna longnecker
    This is a very laggy game. It broke my phone so I had to get a new one. But it’s really fun to play.
  • Waste

    By extremely dissapointed :/
    This game is generally a waste of not only phone space but of time and effort. The levels are recycled often and you don’t get any that are even remotely less easy then the first one you complete. For a company who makes ads saying it’s harder then you think, they should at-least make the levels a little challenging.
  • Sketchy...

    By fddhgdegjnczehjff
    To be honest, the only reason I downloaded this game was because I couldn’t figure out how to write a review without getting the game. So I looked at the majority of the reviews, and most are rated one or two stars. So I don’t get how this game got a 4.4 out of 5 average. I’ve noticed this on a few other games that should’ve had a 2.3 out of 5 average but actually had a 4.8 average. It’s really sketchy.
  • Trash

    By J.E. Chavez
    Spent more time looking at ads than playing
  • Really!?

    By Jmomof2
    The ads for this game lied and you only pull stuff and watch the stuff go down into a cup and if you want the price it will try to make you like the game just to get the price
  • Don’t waste your time. Ads ads ads ads

    By sj-dw
    Each level takes 10 seconds and you have to watch an ad for 30 seconds to get to the next level. There is no option for a NO ADS buyout. Don’t bother.
  • Boring and filled with ads

    By joanne0026
    I don’t mind ads after a few levels but the game is so ridiculously easy that the ads come every 10 seconds. Deleted after about 10 minutes.
  • It’s a great game but...

    By 1234?:&/?;!
    This is an amazing game but I have 2 complaints. 1. There is an ad after every level and the levels aren’t that hard so it’s basically an ad every minute. 2. The levels never get harder. It just gives you different colors and a different setup but the level of difficulty is always the same.

    By Dhxufidudueudhdu
    I can deal with Ads BUT not after EVERY BOARD! Worst ad infected game ever! 2 secs of play time gets you an ad, some 10 secs some 30. Still too annoying to be enjoyable.
  • No good don’t do it run

    By Sir 45
    Between every play is a 30 sec advertising it’s stupid. 👎🏿
  • Click Bait for ADS

    By Barren Fork
    GREED...30 seconds of non-stop ads for EVERY LEVEL makes the game unplayable.
  • Not challenging enough

    By Fitmamameaux
    Wish it got harder with each level, it’s just a time waster.
  • Don't get this game

    By corey28495037494830
    Yes, I understand they need money from the ads they put out, but this is ridiculous. Just another game created to fish out ads...
  • Too easy.

    By gamingkid382
    The concept of the game is alright, but the levels are too easy, you need to make HARDER levels please, add a challenge mode, or something... if not that then just make levels harder, like more obsticals, like lava or something.
  • Eh..

    By its good but one provlem
    WAY TO MANY ADDS. The game keeps glitching and its really annoying and it’s only this game. Other than that it’s fun.
  • This game

    By Fzhagy
    If you love watching ads more than playing games this is for you
  • The Ad-pocolypse

    By bock1nsdale
    Do like it when your phone overheats? Do you like doing the same thing repetitively without variation? Do prefer to watch an ad every time you complete a level? If so, this is the game for you!
  • It is WAY TO LAGGY!!!!

    By pepporoni ravioli
    read the title😑
  • If you like ads, this is for you!

    By paul2202
    Deleted after 40 seconds...30 seconds was ads.