Wheel Scale!

Wheel Scale!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-04-09
  • Current Version: 1.1.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 394.32 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 11 798


Scale your wheels UP or DOWN! Choose between being Powerful or Fast to beat your opponent.



  • Who’s rating this 5 stars?!!

    By Migs357
    It’s repetitive, the upgrades mean nothing. The constant ads force you to purchase. If you look closely at all their games they’re pretty much the same... download for a time killer but don’t spend money on it...
  • Why just why

    By hdhdgsusksodhhdjdjhdkdbdosbdow
    I love playing this game but there are sooooo many ads like not needed ads and the only way to unlock stuff I through ads I have had this game for a month now and play it everyday but that ads are what makes me stop if you could remove some of the ads and let us get things without having to watch a ad then this will be my favorite game thank you for listing and understanding my issues
  • Ads

    By 66567/8
    There’s a lot
  • Ads

    By Panda bro5904
    Wayyy to many ads
  • Is it good?

    By ForthegloryofGod
    Not sure how to rate this since I have yet to play it. It crashes every time I try to open it. I’ve deleted it and tried again. Waited for an update. Update came. Downloaded again and still crashes upon attempting to begin the app.
  • Good game but to much ads

    By bbjh gym gg
    There’s a ad like every 45 seconds please fix it have a good day 🤔
  • Good game

    By fortnitepugreeeee12
    It’s a fun game but after I played 10 rounds I could not play any more now now I don’t think so:(
  • From Colton aka BOB

    By Colton aka BOB
    This game is so much fun and I love it I have played it with my friend, but I wish you could Chang the colors of the wheels.
  • Can’t unlock all wheels styles

    By 12345 some guy
    Totally crap when it glitches and you losses your reward. Fun game but super lame af when you can’t get everything
  • Just disappointed

    By getdisrespected
    The ad Minigame was more fun then the Real game
  • Had to reinstall

    By lukef1234
    The game just stopped working and I had to reinstall :/
  • Adds

    By riley thomason
    Too many adds!!
  • Decent

    By fawkinmudderfawker
    Decent Game. Would be better if I had to actually do something to win. Oh yeah there is a ad everytime I touch the screen. All in all could be a fun game but whoever made it is ace whole
  • Ads

    By Lee W0ng
    Before All The Ads Came About Because They Game Was Completely Ad-less ..It Was Fun Until They Updated It For About A Week And Then Ads POP Up Out Of Nowhere After Every Run
  • Bugs

    By caht stories
    Looks like a fun game but I can’t enter every time I do it kicks me back out I have tried everything so to make sure it wasn’t my phone I went on my iPad & downloaded it & it didn’t work either.
  • ads

    By sectom sempre
    to many dumb ads
  • What???

    By will butt
    I can’t even play the game. It crashes the second I start it.
  • ابو

    By alsafi 313
  • Absolutely awful

    By CreeperZ321
    This horrible company just makes cruddy games so people will get them. All they’re about is ad revenue and not the consumer. Almost none of the apps on the free section of the App Store have any creativity what so ever.
  • Annoy

    By carlos_cruz1515
    To damm commercial
  • To many ads

    By jj is not my name
    Like most other games there’s way to many ads
  • Cool game

    By google classroom is trash 08
    This game is awesome recommend it just wish there where different maps LOL no one will probably see my review if you do have a good life and ya it’s a awesome. Game
  • Great, but...

    By ifvgghfhggfcj
    It’s a great game, it’s usually the game I play when I don’t have WiFi, but here’s one thing that made me MAD. I went to claim a reward, and there was no ad available. Fine, right? Well right when I press continue and lose reward, an ad pops up. That’s just crazy. Overall, it’s a fun game, but play with no internet.
  • BEST game ever

    By Noly2020
    This game is so good I am addicted but it is to easy but that is not enough to give it a bad review.
  • It’s good but it has a glitch

    By KRD🤠🤠🐄🐂🐎
    It’s a fun game but it kicks you out so if you get this game be aware 😕
  • This game is amazing

    By moster mason
    It is SO fun and it has barely any ads finally a good game literary it has like no ads when it asks you to watch an ad to unlock something you dont have to watch a second one now lets talk about how fun the game is you get a bunch of different levels and you race robots sometimes its hard and sometimes its not good job SUPERSONIC
  • Hi

    By taytlin
    Really fun
  • But wait, there’s more (Ads)!

    By Rock4Jesus777
    So this is a fun game. Learning the techniques and such is a nice challenge. There are however a few problems. Ads. There are a lot. I’ve seen more but many times the ads are intrusive to gameplay, popping up right in the middle of a round. That’s annoying. I get it, “ad revenue” and all but seriously you can’t be making that much if the Ad Removal is only $2. Fix that! Next issue: It gets a little laggy during gameplay at times but ONLY freezes when you’re trying to multiply your earnings or are getting a prize and you end up losing the award. Lame! Fix that!! The physics after you launch at the end of a round...you’ll be flying like a rocket then out of nowhere your momentum stalls and you drop way sooner than you’d think. It’s clearly just to keep you from earning more coins. Fix that and make it more realistic!!! Overall a fun game with some slightly more than mild annoyances.
  • Nice Game

    By Jdjdbfkofnfbdkdndhksjdbyg
    It is a good game, not too many ads but when the wheels are the smallest they can be, sometimes there is this invisible wall preventing me from passing. You have to fix this! Overall I will rate it 4 stars.
  • Faster

    By Addymaddiewoawaddie
    I like the game but I think the other car gets to go faster and that’s not fair so I think they should go the same amount so fix it now
  • Great game needs changes

    Wheel scale is a great game don’t get me wrong. But it has a lot of ads airplane mode fixes that. It would be nice if it had an online mode so you race other people. And take off the fact that you have to watch an ad to claim rewards.
  • So Fun

    By Amasing but...
    It’s a lot of fun but there are some minor bugs and a lot of adds but other than that I love the game😄
  • My review

    By officer fis
    I never got the last car in complete levels to unlock and I am past level 400
  • ..

    By minibig101
    i know that it says that the bug is fixed but u still can’t open that app after i leave it for a few hours. other than that it’s a great game
  • The games is messed up

    By yfucuc
    Every time I get in it kicks me out.
  • Hi

    By My favorite gun game
  • HORRIBLE!!!!!!👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

    By I love my mommy the most
    I like “Wheel! Scale!” but sometimes when I play it other cars are faster than me and I don’t like it it’s horrible and not good.
  • Uh

    By Dead Meme Kid
    This is the most broken and stupid game I’ve ever played; the most fun part of the game is purposely breaking it. Do not download
  • It looks fun but it keep crashing

    By some_one1248
    So, I downloaded this game cause it looked interested. I was excited to play it until it crashed as soon as I opened it. I tried again but it was the same result, a crash. I even tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but it still continued to crash. It looks fun but it’s not even playable.
  • irritating

    By 28magro
    too many ads
  • Better than other reviews say

    By limesheep1
    The game has wonky physics and non real players but it is still a really fun intuitive game.
  • :P

    By poop on the earth
    I like this game but won time when I tried to get on this game it wouldn’t let meh on so I deleted it. And same thing happened for the other with meh
  • Best game ever! ⭐️😀

    By skkksiee
    This is the best game I ever got I mean at first I didn’t know how to play and now I’m a boss at it this is the best game ever and anyone who sees an out of this get the game it is the best game I’ve ever experienced yet.
  • Won’t open

    By dannybug09
    I just downloaded this game for my 4 year old and it won’t even open up so he can play it. I deleted it and reinstalled but same problem happened again
  • Help

    By DatCookieLovingGurl
    It’s a good game but after like 2 days the screen becomes black and I can’t play so I have to reinstall the game and reset progress
  • Really not good

    By Neotardo
    First of all, the wheel size would logically be faster when larger.
  • Messing up

    By berry mickockener
    When I play it it’s fun the first day but when I try to get on it again the next day it won’t let me it won’t even load so I have to delete it and download it again
  • It ok

    By XxFunnyDeathBoy98xX
    I would like to see if the game could like you could buy cars with coins. But love the game
  • Ads

    By Bręńdëñ
    The game is fun but why is there even an option to “not” watch and ad, the game gives you an ad wether or not you press the ad button or not and it’s kind of annoying. I would be down to play this game more if there wasn’t as many ads.