Trivia Royale™

Trivia Royale™

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-06-16
  • Current Version: 1.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 414.83 MB
  • Developer: Teatime Games, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 17 919


Can you outsmart 1000 other contestants in the ultimate battle of wits? Welcome to the Biggest Trivia Tournament in the World! In Trivia Royale, you face off in a battle of brains against thousands of players from across the globe. Use your wits to stump the opposition. The more players you strike out, the closer you get to becoming a Royale. Ultimate victory is rewarded by being crowned a ‘Royale’ and gaining access to the exclusive Royale Lounge. But with over 100,000 questions and answers, and more added daily, Royales have to keep their skills sharp to stay on the throne. Create your own avatar and express your personality in millions of different ways, from changing hairstyle and features through to jewelry, headphones, glasses, and much more. Use a multitude of interactive options to connect with other players, psych out your opponents, and charm new friends. Do you have what it takes to be the last one standing and become a Royale? Features: Compete against 1000 other players in the worlds biggest trivia tournament Battle Royale meets Trivia in a race to be top of the quiz mountain Reign supreme & win to become a Royale & gain access to the exclusive ‘Royale Lounge’ Hundreds & thousands of questions & answers, and more added daily across multiple topics Create your unique avatar, personalize it in millions of ways for the ultimate expression Innovative ‘Game Face’ face-tracking technology brings your avatar fully to life Support email: [email protected] Community guidelines: Please note that under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play Trivia Royale. The game also requires a network connection.



  • Bugs

    By ѕωαggу
    It’s overall a fun game to play definitely love the challenges. But I had to forfeit cause of a stuck screen I was down to 25 I’m not happy with that. Fix the bug
  • It’s great until...

    By Giyoyis
    When you turn on live avatar it says “tracking” And that is pretty scary so I deleted it and imma try again but more careful
  • Trivia Royale

    By random girl dancing
    I love the app it’s amazing you get to go against your fr ids and others with other topics
  • Omg I love it❤️❤️❤️

    By Hiii it meeeeee
    This game is the best I can’t get off of it
  • Paid for ad free gaming but....

    By jandaax3
    Oddly the pause to end the game and go back to the home page is just as long as if an ad were to play. I feel like I’ve wasted my money to get rid of ads. Game is fun regardless but the pause annoys me more than the ads after every game since I’ve paid.
  • Great game

    By Austin174.D
    I think that this game is great the face tracking is good and so is everything else
  • Super fun but glitchy

    By Hannah Schmitt
    I really liked this game and was having fun with it, but just as I was about to get into like the top 16 people, it glitched out and crashed, and my whole game just didn’t count. I get that happens sometimes, but this is the kind of game where the app crashing just takes away all the joy of it lol
  • Fun but laaagggss big time

    By Vick2134a
    Sometimes you have to wait for 5 mins to get to the next question. It’s a lot of fun but it’s just too slow!
  • Trivia Royale

    By JT.4_4.4
    Very good but could do less ads and/Or not require WiFi.
  • Fun quizzing game 🥰

    By MollyPooh😋
    It’s hard to find decent games that give you a second chance to redeem yourself 😂
  • Amazing game!

    By Arilol199
    I found this game from a TikToker named Addison Rea and,I honestly really enjoy this game!i just kinda wish the items were more cheaper but, other than that I really like this game
  • Trivia Royale is awesome

    By Just Lucky 55
    A fast paced game that makes you think on your feet. A great game for Trivia buffs.
  • Best game ever

    By miafontana09
    I love the game 💕
  • Fun but.....

    By helloimla
    The game is very slow and lags it is super fun tho and I love how I can make my avatar but the game overall is slow and it gets very annoying
  • Never connects.

    By lex.mei
    Every time I try to play a round, there is always a connection problem. I’ve only played a few rounds because of this problem.
  • Love this game but has some problems

    By kamilahobaidy
    I really like this game and it’s so much fun but it has a couple problems. One problem is that it drains your battery like crazy. My phone battery was on 70% and then I finished one trivia and it was 50%. This never happens when I use other apps. My second problem is that it glitches a lot. Sometimes it won’t let me push things or change my avatar. My avatar also gets stuck sometimes and it won’t move or I can’t see it. My last problem is that sometimes in the middle of my game I’m not able to play. Sometimes the chat options pop up and won’t go away while I’m trying to answer questions. Other times random ads pop up or sometimes it won’t even let me click my answer choice. These are my problems with the app other than that it’s really fun to play. So please fix these problems.
  • idea

    By The jessens
    The game is great but i think there should be the big tournaments for specific categories it would be so fun and you could get crowns from it that would be amazing because it’s hard to win the 1000 play one with random questions but if it was specific more people could win and feel good and if you read this please add this it would be awesome.
  • Bots

    By wyhhywhy
    of course they have bots every online game that looks cool is full of bots
  • I love trivia Royale 😱😱😱😱🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    By amari.r
  • Amazing!!

    By Gretouitie Toochie
    This app is fun, great, and the connections are really secure!! Naturally, apps are gonna have ads, but even the ads are always short unless if you’re unlocking or doubling a reward, which is entirely your choice!!! Completely recommend it!
  • Good app but some flaws

    By Pammuyy
    Great app but I wish there was more categories.. The faces sometimes glitch but it’s not a huge problem and they don’t glitch for me that often.
  • Rateing this game

    By Mia Jade Aguilar
    This game has made me happy and not feel sad anymore if you are sad then buy trivia Royale. It is the most fun I have ever had. This game is so many numbers high that you can’t even count them on you fingers. If you are looking sad play this and see who you can beat and add me as a friend some time.
  • Very Glitchy

    By Dog Queen 101
    Yesterday I got this app but all that it’s been doing is glitch. I have tried to play multiple times but each time it zooms me back to the home screen on my phone!!! This app has a great concept but they need to figure out these annoying glitches.
  • Trivia Royale

    By MJ 😁
    This game is absolutely great and has topics of all my favorite things. 5/5
  • Fun but addictive

    By Beware of leaven
    You don’t know what you don’t know until you get this app.
  • Great Game!

    By Slythering Slytherin
    This game is a great game!! I don’t think anything should change!!
  • I like it but......

    By MsWho916
    My first question is usually blank .. nothing .. so I end up guessing and it’s irritating. Tho I just did the update so hopefully that works bcuz the game other then that is pretty fun.
  • Very fun

    By MJ BD
    Very fun
  • Fortnite is dead

    By hiiiii79
    As y’all saw fortnite is most definitely dead it doesn’t matter about the dance moves it matters that are so many birds in the game that I can’t even keep count anymore in Fortnite just shows how many people have played fortnight in the past couple of years not how many play right now and how many people play right now is less than 100 so keep in mind on almost all of the servers that you’re going into everybody is but now they upgraded the caliber on the butts and they made their guns more better but that does not fix Fortnite in the way that is dead.
  • It’s amazing!

    By francescacut
    Tbh I don’t know if I am competing with real people but it is a very fun game!
  • I wish

    By mdszejedhshdvehyj
    So for the fortnite topic add like what skin it is or what location it is that will be cool
  • This is the BEST APP EVER!!!

    By Rb961
    I love this app. This app couldn’t be better if the person who created this app didn’t make it. Thank you soooooo much!!!
  • Awesome.Can’t wait to get killed by opponent.

    By Durpy Unicorn
    Hello. This game is fun, but beware, readers. Without asking, it accesses your location. I mean, they can’t really do anything right?? Wrong. It tells people WHERE YOU LIVE. WITHOUT ASKING. Yeah. Creepy. >:( FIX THIS. ASK FIRST YOU JERKS. YOU WANT OUR SORE-LOSER OPPONENTS TO KILL US?! I despise this game company. Be careful, kids.
  • Love it!

    By pipe the pigs owner
    So Um I think it is good but Uh just... ITS GREAT L.O.L. my dog is drinking too much water why am I saying this L.O.L. AGAIN 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣but still 10/5 stars
  • Love it

    By lijvbdjrjudhcjekdi
    Love it
  • Worst game ever

    By Colt_Peacemaket
    Apparently you need to have the fastest WiFi on earth or this hame won’t even load.
  • Just one dang problem

    By by ty$
    Hey, in the couple hours I’ve played this game, I love it. But then this happened. I noticed every time I finished a round it would pop up an add talking about health care plans, and it takes a very long time to exit it. It’s really annoying. Please just make an X to let us exit the add. Really, all I’m asking is that.
  • So fun and addicting!

    By hayboosh
    Got hooked! So much fun and well designed app
  • Love it

    By silkyhorse
    So much fun
  • So much fun!!!

    By HP Fan 🤪
    Trivia Royale is super fun to me, I think it has a lot of subjects you can play against people all over the world. I can’t figure out how to become a Royale though. Overall I think it’s an awesome game.
  • I like it but to slow

    By morris1086
    I like playing this play but to start a play take a long time and show unnecessary things to start a game
  • Faces

    By Esteban020010
    Create male faces please.
  • Best game ever

    By jamesLevene
    Bast game ever
  • I love this

    By ree this mem
    Out of 1 and 100 I would rate it 1000000000000000000000000
  • Love this game

    By msmarvel113
    Love this game. Fun to pass some time. Wish they had a 90’s themed category.
  • Would be 5

    By jaðrakan
    Would be five if it didnt suddenly start to freeze after every game!! Have to restart now every time.. SO annoying
  • Literally unplayable

    By Hagbar
    Downloaded this game, looked fun. Made my avatar and was ready to go. Every single time I tried to play it just crashed after connecting. Final attempt made it to a match and “won” just for it to crash before anything counted. Unplayable and a waste of time.
  • Just downloaded as something to do for fun

    By Abbyb_04
    I’ve always enjoyed trivia, and been fairly good compared to friends and family. I used to play trivia crack all the time and still love it although it isn’t as updated and I don’t know anyone else who still plays it. So I saw this on my AppStore and decided to download. I love how there’s different categories (like trivia cracks kingdom), although I really love how it’s live and you don’t have to wait hours for a player to respond. I would like if there were more categories like Greys Anatomy, Gen Z, decades or more, although it’s great at the moment. And what about a place to suggest questions to add to the game. Love the app so far, and hope I can get a few friends to get it so we can have some friendly competition.
  • glitching

    By sillyboba
    every time i try to play it glitches right out of the app.