Garden Balls

Garden Balls

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-04-15
  • Current Version: 1.0.21
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 256.40 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 834


Your goal is to collect as many balls to grow your plant. Once you unlock the plant you can grow them in your gallery.



  • Irritating

    By JaysGirl11907
    This stupid game won’t play any of ads to give me the extras.
  • Ads aren’t bombarding me on this app!

    By PotatoGnocchi
    Finally a good game without so many ads. I don’t know if there will be any, as I’ve only played a few levels but it’s nice not having ads bombard me everytime I complete a level like most of those crap games. 5 stars for Garden Balls!!!
  • Bug

    By Jake Jp
    There’s a couple levels that won’t allow the use of the push button that shoots the garden balls to reach beat the level. It’d be much appreciated if those were fixed so I and many others can move on in the game.
  • Bad bonus levels

    By Village Raider 2.0!!!
    I liked the game before you put those bonus levels in. Ever since you did put those levels in, the game has just become less fun to play. So please replace those bonus levels with brand new never seen before levels. Please!
  • All stages looks same

    By Miyankocat
    I’m at stage 568 now. After update, all of stages get so similar. Was it like that before? Bit boring.
  • Good

    By Phatpenguin98
    This game is pretty fun and have enjoyed it a lot. I have unlocked all the balls but for some reason you still have no way of changing them in the game. Unless I’m just blind, but it would be great to put it in the game and maybe more? I do love the game though.
  • Really easy

    By ZinnaWolf
    The game is fun but I was hoping it be little harder. I like the fact of getting plants for defeating levels and growing them. That’s cute. Also it don’t have too many ads, unless most games. You get an ad about very three levels
  • Non stop ads

    By cdamouse
    Love this game, but I spend more time seeing ads than playing the game
  • Love but issues

    By Swag88888
    I love this game and I play it all the time. I didn’t have a problem with it until about level 1476. When you click it no balls appear to start the level. It’s been about 4 days of trying to see if it fixes but still nothing. I wish they could fix it because I love playing this game.
  • Missing plant food

    By neenah54
    I’m at around level 1549 or so and there’s no balls to I remove pin but nothing please fix it or refund me my ad removal
  • Can’t merge

    By sadlebear
    It’s a good game it’s challenging enough to keep you interested but not to challenge that you give up. The only thing is that I can not merge the plants together. It always says I have plants to merge but they won’t. I try and all that happens is they switch spots. Very frustrating as much I like this game and great way to kill time I stoped playing since I have no more room for plants and can’t merge the ones I have. Please fix this or I will delete it
  • Glitch found in game.

    By johnathon waggoner
    Hey guys, this game is amazing. I actually have a glitch that just came up just recently. On legal 1494, there’s supposed to be balls that start at the level, but for some reason, there’s none to be seen and every time the level opens up, there’s no garden balls to se used or moved at all. If the developers or creators can see this, please attempt to get it fixed. Thank you.
  • Disappointment

    By disgoth
    The game was great until I hit a level that started with no balls and no way to skip the level. I was disappointed with the game at this point. I closed and opened the game several times and it never changed.
  • Misleading advertising

    By PapaPookipsee
    The commercial for this game looked as though you could draw the platforms and a constant waterfall of balls were coming down to direct
  • Love the game but...

    By Nova_raver
    I love the game but I can’t merge my flowers together. It gives the animated prompt to do it but it just keeps swapping them from space to space
  • Latest Update Ruined This!!

    By PanamaDevil8522
    I wanted to give you five stars but your latest update ruined the game for me! I loved this game! The ads are annoying but other games have much worse ad setups. However now, you cannot buy plants with your gold or blue gems to update them so there is absolutely no point to even earning them. And now you can run out of balls and have to wait for them to be replenished. Ruined!
  • Addicted

    By ST. U. P. I. D
    Well since the update I can’t go on any further on the game. Fix it I’m addicted!!
  • Needs updates...

    By BlueSapphire27
    Update 7/9.... app stores says an update was available 18hrs ago but not downloading. I really like this game but I’m tired of waiting 3 plus minutes for levels to load. Can’t get past level 171; keeps crashing. I love the game if its fixed. I’m an instant gratification person. All levels are challenging but you can win easily, some levels need a couple tries but..... please fix so I don’t have to delete.
  • Fake Ad

    By GrayPaladin
    This game is NOT what was shown in the ad that prompted me to download it. I played several levels to be certain. I will never install anything from this developer again.
  • Level 2300+

    By Goddess Athena
    I am on level 2366. A bunch of levels in the past couple hundred do not have any ‘plant food’, as my son calls them, to start. You literally can’t play the level because you have no colored pieces to start. The main reason for this review is that for the past few levels, the ability to complete a level by way of watching a video no longer works. None of the videos work for anything. Also, you might want to put a feedback area in the game for when people have little problems like the videos don’t work. Thanks!
  • Game was fine but not as advertised

    By FrostyIsMySnowman
    I’m tired of game advertisements displaying interesting game mechanics that literally are not a part of the game at all. It’s just like hustle castle or garden scapes in that regard. Played a few levels and I thought I’d get to draw custom lines to guide the balls to the plant pot, instead removing pins is the only way I was able to interact in the game. Made me delete it just out of principle, advertise for what the game actually is. I don’t recommend you play this anyway, it’s not that fun and not original at all. Not even challenging.
  • Love the game but a few glitches that need to be fixed.

    By lil lee bug_123
    I love this game but there’s a couple of glitches that need to be fixed like sometimes it will just randomly close out or when I try to skip a level it won’t load a video. Other than that its a really fun game and it has good graphics.
  • Overall fun

    By Kanevo
    Fun game, been entranced in it for quite a few now (level 711). How do you change balls that you have unlocked already? And how do I strictly only play the levels for the next rack? (Cactus, Pancy, etc)
  • Jo Ann

    By Mojo loo
    I play the game on my iPhone and I got to round 168 but because I couldn’t see where the red blobs were going, and couldn’t scroll down, I kept loosing all the balls. So I ended up skipping that round but it came up again in round 171. It would be nice if one could decrease the screen a bit so at least you know where the traps are so you can figure out how to play. Normally when you get close you can see the traps coming and can plan accordingly. I just can’t do that on an iPhone.
  • But

    By ngould96
    I love this game so much but needs more exciting and new levels new obstacles. And I had to reinstall it because it was glitching so please fix I love your games
  • What

    By dollbones
    I liked this game until I got to level 482. The levels get hard and challenging, and I enjoy that, but I don’t like when something is literally impossible. I’m guessing no one tested this level because it is actually impossible to defeat. Level 482 is very straightforward and short. Balls fall down to a hole being blocked by glass with a bomb and a spinning wheel with four sections on the other side. You stop the spinner so that lava comes out and falls on the bomb, bomb explodes and breaks glass and balls fall through. There is nothing else to do at this point except get the balls out of the spinner. However, instead of destroying all the lava when the bombs goes off (what usually happens), one drop is left over and falls into the pit with the balls. All the balls fall down and are destroyed by the lava. You can yank the pin here and save them, but then you miss your chance to get the rest of the balls in the spinner and lose the level. You can try to get water to come out right after the lava, but it doesn’t come fast enough and too many balls are destroyed and you can’t beat the level even with the extra ones in the spinner. Fix this level or fix the physics that are supposed to obliterate the lava. Why is one drop left when that has never ever happened before?
  • Fun Game

    By growing💐
    I enjoy this game but something is wrong because you play a few levels and it freezes up. I tried deleting it and downloading it again. The same thing continues. Please fix!
  • Tinkerbell Willy

    By franky willy
    Good game to play.
  • Great game but when’s the next update?

    By The griff bowser
    I’ve played this game for a while(a week or two) and it’s really fun. However, I have gotten the final form of every flower. When is the next update gonna be? I really want to continue but there’s no reason if there isn’t anything new. Thanks.
  • Very addicting

    By RichandChristine
    Love this game. I play it for hours at a time. I just downloaded it and almost have my shelf full. When will the new shelf come out.
  • Ads

    By Umanjr
    Would’ve been great, if you could pay a one time fee to get rid of all the annoying ads.
  • Too many ads!

    By ruthevh
    I’ve only just downloaded the game and can already tell it’s right up my alley; it’s relaxing, makes you think, and you get a growing collection of plants! HOWEVER. The number of ads in being forced to sit through is ridiculous. Before and after every level, really?? I wish there was a “remove ads” purchase item because I’d have bought that in a heartbeat. It’s going to be a struggle to enjoy the game and relax when I’m interrupted with ads so freakin often.
  • Crap!

    By McCainiack!!!!!
    No use in playing when it says you can get more things when getting to such level & it says not available! If you’re going to make a game saying you’re going to do things then make it available or people won’t use it. No wonder you only have 30 people who’ve checked out the game & one other person who left a comment in which we all know is the person who creates the game.
  • Great

    By gamluri
    Great game, as a fellow game dev in this area I definitely think ill see this on the top charts soon. Recommend for sure.