Finger On The App

Finger On The App

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-06-21
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 13.75 MB
  • Developer: MSCHF Product Studio Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.1 or later.
  • Rating Count: 6 921


Finger On The App is a multiplayer mobile game that challenges all participants to keep their finger on their phone screen for as long as possible - for a grand prize determined by the players!



  • You can’t even get pass the mschf part

    By spido boy
    You can’t PASS IT SO IT DOESN'T WORK and I need money ):
  • Takes a long time to play

    By E. dog yo
    I haven’t played this game yet but I downloaded it and it says it started NEXT MONTH at 7:00 pm
  • Dooky

    By Android._.User
    I was in practice mode 2 minutes before the game started and it told me I lost because I was in practice mode
  • How do I play

    By kingfboidd
    How come I can’t play the game, all I have is the mschf thing I can’t see the count down
  • uhh

    By Pęnis
    didnt play
  • .

    By urugay..
    Cant even sign up
  • I missed the event

    By boom boom in my pants
    I missed the event by 1sec. 😭😭😭😭😤😤
  • Idk how to start

    By hbbbbv((v*nv
    Idk how to start
  • No longer playable

    I get people think that you can win money for nothing but that’s not a big deal to me, there are some people who just want to play but unfortunately after there is a winner nobody can play, it’s now as useful as vine
  • Extra mechanic

    By Jordan Raschke
    This game is pretty fun to play. Very time consuming, but I wish u didn’t have to worry about placing your finger in a certain spot. Just the fact of trying to keep your finger on the screen is a great challenge but having to move your finger on a spot on the screen is a little extra. My opinion, u don’t need that little mechanic.
  • Mr beast

    By sub to ryderrulz
    Mr beast 6000 ohh ohh
  • Um torture

    By bobisbobwithbob
    This is one of mr beast most tortures cause I last for 8 hours and then I lost for no reason
  • I was the only player

    By T Kluge
    I was the only player on this game with the prize of 12k something and at 4-5 mins in I got distracted and ended up missing a circle but after the game ended it gave me a message saying it will inform me about who won. So where’s my money? I played, was the only one there/left when am I getting it?
  • Glitchy bruh

    By tkstks2002
    In the end I ended up losing to a glitch. Way to go
  • Amazing app with great opportunity for the future!

    By Pro Photo Editor
    This is an incredible app idea with excellent execution! It uses algorithms to avoid robots and only award a true player the money! I would love to see more contests like this as they interact with the audience and promote the business hosting the event. It is a genius idea that someone has there finger on an app for hours on end with the thought in the back of their head of the company who is hosting the challenge!
  • It won’t even let me play

    By Treshr
    When I get on it just says to get the app and other stuff but nothing says play or practice mode and there’s nothing I can do please help
  • Easy to cheat

    By Sun Tyrant
    Just write an ark script or a bot, even if you get caught apparently all the hard workers who actually try to legit do this will be kicked out before they can detect a lot of the cheaters
  • sad.sad

    By sad.sad
    Take me down to the riptide
  • Problem registering

    By nikogabro
    Hey i live in country georgia, it’s americans friendly country. I tried to put my country code and phone number but I didn’t recived any messages I registered in your second app called msch. Is it my problem or app isn’t supported in geogia?
  • I was so close to winning

    By hm,jhcgnhcfjhhfxn
    I mean it’s good girls on for way too long
  • It’s okay!

    By justin bbb.
    Mostly giving it a two star because I lost
  • Whyy???

    By hhkchdbeh
    I played this and it said I took my finger off the screen. I lost. $25,000 down the toilet. I wish this glitch didn’t happen 😭😭 Does anyone know who won?
  • Verification

    By jonz._
    i cant even verify my number. It doesn’t send any code or something. Ive been waiting for an hour, i reset my phone and i did everything. It still doesn’t work.

    By voltst
    Me beast never paid me I was one of the last 8 who won $20k
  • Problem

    By absforlife1
    It won’t let me play I am stuck on a certain screen
  • Fun game, but make a free play now

    By JkTheBossYT
    It was fun to hit top 100 and have bragging rights, but make it a free to play with a leader board. I feel it’d make it a lot more competitive and you could flex on your friends
  • Tired

    By Mister Pikachu
    I played this for a day straight with no sleep and I lost because of a stupid glitch didn’t even take my finger off of my phone
  • Welp

    By 123489436
    I started off with only one life :/

    By Sayem Chowdhury
    They didn’t pay users. Please see Me Beast Twitter to see all the complains.
  • They prepped up enough

    By Bran321
    Instead of the winner being some sleep-starved achiever; some dork with a stylus an arduino arm can outlast any human. All you had to do was have the little circle require a momentary pause to fix the potential for cheat machinea... not a whole lot of thought went into this one.
  • Joe mama

    By joemamawastaken
    Joe mama
  • I can’t practice anymore

    By review, app review
    Ok so I started playing and I only lasted 12 minutes but then I wanted to practice a little bit for the next round in 2 weeks but when I tried it just said to down load another app called “MSCHF” so I did, and then it said it would send feet pics so I deleted it, then I thought I could practice after someone won, and someone did it win, NOTHING HAPPENED, so now I’m just confused, so if any one knows what to do, please write a review about it or reply to this review, if that is even possible, thanks!
  • I need help

    By hhzhdhsvshsvsvvsgs
    I can’t find out how to get to the app
  • Lost 12 seconds in for no reason

    By Peanut_Butter_Ninja
    I started like everyone else then after only 12 seconds I just lost. I was out because I had no one else around me so that was my only life. I was making sure so scrub my finger on the area to make sure not to miss one of the circles. Too bad this happened cause I was ready to win!
  • Last top 10

    By Boghoshu
    I was in thhe last top 10 (I CAN PROVE IT) and mr beast didn’t contacted me YET even on the number he called i hope he can see this and contact me coz i did message him and he didn’t even respond...
  • Glitches

    By Foxes_YT
    I appreciate mr beast trying to be nice and make a game everyone can compete in but the company that devolved this is garbage because I lost 3 lives that were from glitches and one was because I lifted my finger but this app doesn’t work. Stupid
  • Mr beast

    By plz hleeeep
    Plz help i was in for almost 3 days and it glitched and i lost
  • Glitchy

    By hobby lobby 1 e
    I loved the opportunity that Mr beast gave out but I lost two of my lives back to back for no reason and I was in the last 1700 soo yeah.
  • Siri

    By xudft
    Someone donated $$$$ to me and I red the name hey_ziri and Siri opened and I lost
  • This game is garbage😡

    By I hate Mr.Beast
    It won’t even let me sign up for an account to play so I had downloaded it for no reason😡😡.
  • Practice mode

    By emma jay dale
    You should definitely make a practice mode! I would play that.
  • Fun

    By payed ad
  • It was fun

    By the ultimate scooby doo
    It was fun to be a part of history (:
  • Very good

    By @rubio_sergio
    This app is very good mschf and me beast did a good job but some people are cheating useing a robot
  • Wow

    By i lost 10 sec
    I lost after 10 seconds
  • .

    By 7479guy
    Doesn’t work
  • FingerOnTheApp is Broken

    By YouSuckAtAids
    FingerOnTheApp is broken. I had my finger on the screen and I was touching the circles when they appeared, but randomly during the contest, the circles turned invisible and I was moving my finger around and I managed to stay in the game for a while, but then it told me I lost even though I did not take my finger off of the screen. They need to fix that and redo the challenge.
  • ???

    By it want let me past the screen
    It won’t even let me past the screen to practice. I did nothing wrong and idk why
  • Glitches, really?

    By Oro B.
    Giving this a star because I feel like they weren’t glitches. Pretty sure mr beast set up people to lose. Like this is bs I lasted 3 hours and didn’t raise my finger and I all of a sudden lost. Don’t think they were “glitches”.