Linkdoku - Bridges Puzzle

Linkdoku - Bridges Puzzle

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-04-21
  • Current Version: 1.6.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 192.41 MB
  • Developer: Easybrain
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 411


Enjoy an exciting bridge connecting puzzle - Linkdoku! Build bridges and connect all numbers! Solve tons of puzzles and have fun! Linkdoku is great for puzzle fans of all skill levels and ages. Remember that the goal is to connect all the numbers into a single group by drawing bridges between them. Are you up to the challenge? Jump into these engaging puzzles, use pure logic, follow simple rules, and become a puzzle master in no time! What you get: * Bridge connecting puzzles to discover. * Hundreds of levels to explore from easy to hard. * Hints to guide you when you get stuck. * Highlight bridge directions to find a solution. * Tons of gameplay to challenge your brain. * New game from a top developer! How to play: * The number tells you how many bridges are connected to it. * There are no more than two bridges in the same direction. * Bridges can only be vertical or horizontal. * Bridges are not allowed to cross numbers or other bridges. * When completed, all bridges are interconnected, enabling passage from any number to another. Dive into the world of Linkdoku! Play anywhere, anytime!



  • Daily challenges

    By Crystalsjb101
    Please add daily challenges, love it!
  • 200 levels and you’re done

    By mgap82
    It’s good fun. Could have a better response here and there, could have a reset option (easier than hitting Undo thousands of times), could have a Redo button (for when you hit undo too many times), could add an extra option to check for mistakes (similar to the hint button, ad-based as well). But the biggest issue is that once you beat level 200... it tells you that you’re in 201, but actually it’s level 1 all over again. I went all the way up and beat level 400... and it happened again! Level 401 is just the same as level 1. I understand the limitations of a free game, but still, if you want to keep the stream of people watching the ads, you just got to develop more levels. Otherwise, people just end up deleting it. Like I’m doing it right now.
  • It went from great to really bad

    By Ewgutierrez
    I was having a great time playing very hard levels (around level 190), but then when I got through level 200, I felt I had just started the game again. The difficulty was way down and looked like the tutorial levels.
  • Can’t get past level 551

    By Cazzamomo16
    Loved playing this game but it’s crashing now nearly every time I play. I’m at level 551 and will not even let me make one move 😟
  • Needs dark mode

    By MandyLisa
    I love the game, but I wish there was a dark mode option for playing at night.
  • Great app but needs non-linear mode

    By Matt8688
    This app introduced me to Hashi aka Bridges and I have grown to really love this puzzle type. However, the app only has so many puzzles that can only be played linearly (no level/difficulty selection) before it recycles the levels and starts generating simple puzzles again. It’s so frustrating to be really enjoying beating puzzles at higher difficulties, only for it to insult you by only providing simple puzzles for 20+ levels until you can build back up into the complex puzzles. I reached level 609 and the game is starting to provide me very easy puzzles for the 3rd time now. Sadly I have to delete this and try a new Hashi or Bridges app that will allow me to play the puzzles at the difficulty level I want. Hope this gets addressed for new users because this game is great otherwise.
  • Too few levels

    By DooDooDonkey
    I really enjoyed this game. It slowly increases in difficulty until you get to some pretty challenging levels, but when you get to level 200 it goes back to extremely easy puzzles. I’ll keep going to see if it gets harder but it’s irritating to going through such easy puzzles again. I enjoyed the challenge
  • Just one thing I don’t like....

    By BakedPotato63
    This is a great puzzle game that’s really addicting and some levels can be challenging. The only problem I have with this game is that I’m almost certain that the levels restart after level 200. It would be better if the game tools me that I’d beaten it.
  • Pretty fun!

    By Falingleaf999
    Doesn’t get challenging until level 50 or 60, but it’s still a lot of fun. Would give 5 stars if it had fewer ads and/or if I could choose to go back to old levels for practice purposes.
  • Fun game

    By Chancesmi
    The game is pretty simple, but that is one of the best perks. It’s straightforward but easy to mess up, so it can take a few attempts on some levels.
  • Needs more levels!

    By Tiger9774332
    I recently completed level 400. I believe it’s the same level every interval of 200. The difficulty resets dramatically at that point. I would recommend adding more levels, more complex designs, and perhaps a level skip option to allow me to get directly to the most difficult challenges.
  • I love the games but for the love of god the ADS

    By 😝😜😉☺😊😗😜☺😚😔😗
    I’ve played a significant chunk of this game and the only thing I’d ask for is the option to pay 99 cents to just get rid of the ads. This game is very fun and I’m hooked but please please please get rid of the ads or at least give the option to opt out of them with a one time payment
  • Level 200 reverts back to easy mode

    By Lyndseymd
    Hi! Absolutely LOvE these games! But when I got to level 200 it reverted back to the incredibly easy games. Please tell me it is going to get harder again. I enjoy the challenge! Also would be nice if there was a "replay" option for when u get to a point where things dont link up and you want to start over... rather than infinite "undo-ing."
  • Nothing but ads

    By mark495818-8
    There is an ad after almost every level. The constant interruptions ruin the game.
  • Ads

    By The Nut Case
    I like the game so far but I’d probably pay a buck for no ads. Just a thought. Didn’t see any option in there to remove ads 🤷🏻‍♂️.
  • Level

    By DUI la sing
    It used to me much harder, I am at level 264, Much easier than before, Need more Challenge than this
  • Decent game

    By Stability923
    Few ads. Easy to play. My only question is when does it get challenging? After 50 levels it’s little more than mindless play.
  • Annoying problem

    By YellowMuffen
    There is a “correct way” to beat each level, but whenever I find a different way to finish the level, even if it is technically correct, I have to watch a ad to find my “mistakes.” This process is very annoying and makes me want to stop playing the game entirely. Ok the other hand, it is a really fun game to play and I’ll continue to play it until that bug bugs me to the point of quitting.
  • Organic chemistry?

    By i shall wear purple
    Did anyone else notice? This game is like organic chemistry! Covalent bonds, valance electrons etc.
  • So many ads

    By sgianelli
    So so so many ads. I just want to pay for an ad free version
  • Good Puzzle Game

    By Dozer806
    I am the technical/engineering mind and enjoy the logic nature of solving these puzzles.
  • Amazing game!!!

    By Gigiluvie123
    I love this game. It’s very stimulating. Great variety of difficulty from really easy to really hard. It’s super addicting too!! Love to play when I’m bored. Definitely recommend!
  • Deleting lines?

    By Rainfire13
    It’s a fun game, but the screen doesn’t fit my iPad (it’s appeared to shrink to phone sized), and I can’t see if there’s a way to undo or delete a bridge without restarting the whole level.
  • Fun levels

    By Nate-Ryan
    I would give this 5 stars; however, as far as i started today i found an ambiguous solving to level 18 in the bottom left corner. I anticipate additional solves that i may disagree with and although I may complete the line bridges it would not finish the level. Still a decent game, just wish the ability to solve in different ways was available/acceptable within the coding of the game
  • Too easy now

    By Davsan56
    I always used to play hard mode, now with the level progression it is way too easy. Bring back difficulty selection please.
  • Simple, but good.

    By Downwithpazzo
    I was really close to deleting this cause the hard mode was too easy. Just in time they changed it up so there’s more difficulty, increasing gradually. Perfect! Id love to see a hex-mode introduced!
  • Fun logic game!

    By mshubes
    Really enjoying this game, haven’t played this type of logic puzzle before. Best part is the response of the developers when I reported what I thought was a flaw in the app. Thank you! I
  • Frustrating Successes

    By Stealthboys are for chumps
    There will usually be multiple solutions to complete the puzzle, but only one will be considered “correct” and allow you to move on. The app should recognize when all the numbers are satisfied and accept the solution and allow you to move on.
  • Hate ads

    By A Classic Player
    Let me know when I can buy!
  • Why am I getting an ad after every puzzle?

    By Stop eating my reviews
    An ad after every puzzle is kind of ridiculous. I’d give the concept of the game a 4/5, but the puzzles were taking me about a minute or less, which means an a minute basically. If I had been able to play 10 levels without being constantly interrupted, I might have played more.
  • Very fun, but...

    By ksd✨
    I really enjoy this app! very entertaining and makes me feel like i could be smart someday. though, the frequent ads are a bit much. they sometimes play when i first open the app and i dont vibe with that at all. also, i wish there were options to pick different levels or something. it would be great to be able to see my progress instead of an ominous forward option where i see no end p.s. being able to customize the color palette would be cool
  • Sad that the difficulty feature was removed

    By To parents
    Now that there is a level based system, you must go through at least 107 easy levels, and I don’t even know where the hard levels begin or if there even are any since I’ve only got to 107 so far.
  • DONT BUY get “hashi” instead.

    By Preson479332
    This app stopped working. I complete level ten and nothing happens, no new levels. My only option is to re play the level I finished. Also its way too easy. There needs to be 25-30+ islands on there for it to begin to be challenging. I wanna get stumped and have to work through the levels, not beat the app in ten minuets. Just found a reveiw that said hashi is a much better version of this app and it is in every way. Don’t waste your time here, there are too many ads and not enough challenge.
  • Good but flawed

    By freddericksvilel4048
    I like the puzzles but it almost makes me kinda mad because you have to complete the puzzle exactly how they wanted it complete. Even if you have all the circles greyed out with the right number of bridges if it’s not how they did it it doesn’t count
  • Level 43

    By Joshybabee
    I found a solution where all numbers are correct and dimmed but the game won’t advance.
  • Bug discovered

    By MellsBells19
    I completed level 10 but app didn’t recognize I found a solution. Perhaps there were multiple solutions the developer didn’t account for. I am unable to proceed to the next level.
  • The mistake pop up is really annoying

    By Mighty monster master
    I understand letting people know about mistakes but the pop up just comes up over and over, like I get I messed up now go away. And you should be able to go any direction. It’s really lame how I tap on the number and it tells me where to connect to
  • Fun app but has even more potential

    By Juice The Gypsy
    I have downloaded and played 4 Easybrain apps, Binary Dots, Linkdoku, Nonogram, and Number Blocks. All of them are super fun and great time passers. The adds don’t get too annoying as you only get ads if you beat the level (or watch for a second chance when failing). Each apps have their own issues however. For linkdoku it’s the same issue as binary dots and number blocks. All 3 apps have the one issue being it is extremely extremely linear. Based on the sheer number of apps Easybrain has on the App Store I am no shocked. However I would greatly enjoy these apps more if they fixed this. Possible solution: I say follow in the steps of Nonogram. Add different difficulties to choose, add a practice mode, maybe add an event twist mode such as adding colors to each app that either attract or repel, for example red and blue can’t connect or be together but red and green can. Something to put a little twist on the game to make it more challenging and offer more experiences. As for linkdoku specifically you could add shapes and colors. Currently you connect the bridges to circles with numbers. Perhaps maybe changing the shapes or adding colors that changes game function can offer a wide variety of options to tweak and enhance the overall experience. That’s just my opinion though.
  • Love the game

    By Zankoulover
    The only problem is that level 65 isn’t working for me. I keep completing the level properly, but it won’t move on to the next level. Other than that I love the game.
  • Newest patch is terrible

    By Grega126
    I used to play exclusively on the hardest difficulty setting. With the newest patch I’m stuck playing levels that are entirely too easy, with absolutely no indication of how many of these levels I have to best before I get back to the ones that actually require thought
  • Only one way to win

    By A-shmoney
    I have made it so all bridges are finished but it still doesn't pass me to the next level. How will I know what the correct way is so I feel if you finish it should move you onto the next level
  • Multiple solutions but none of them are correct

    By mur_L
    This game is fun, but there are a lot of levels with multiple solutions. It gets frustrating when you solve a level correctly but aren’t able to move on. I’m on level 16, and I’ve inputted 4 different solutions that are correct, but it still marks it as wrong! They should use an algorithm to ensure there’s unique solutions or to mark correct solutions as incorrect. Or give an option to skip levels - I’m really tired of being on the same level considering I’ve solved it already.
  • The system is stupid

    By avonlinlin
    I completed the connections in the game and no single number left. However the game doesn’t end. It still keep going. It looks like you have to be in specific way to win. I’m at level 44 and can’t move on because of that
  • The game is too easy now

    By El Hel
    I liked occasionally playing the game. When I first downloaded it, there wasn’t much of a tutorial, but once I figured it out, I quickly started playing hard mode exclusively for a challenge, and even then I found myself wanting more of a challenge. With the newest update, there is no longer an option to pick a difficulty, but rather a progressive system with only one option. I hope this is fixed with the next patch, as the gameplay is well below my skill level. I don’t mind if it’s an attempt to help people learn to play, and I’d like to see if it will progress to be harder than what hard mode was, but please bring back the difficulty settings!
  • Not registering finished puzzles

    By (future) Mel C.
    On certain levels I’ve completed the puzzle to where all numbers are greyed out and all are connected, but the game won’t register as the puzzle being complete. Very frustrating.
  • Glitches

    By Loch Ness Cho'Gath
    I am on lvl 16 and I have completed it. Linked all the lines correctly but it doesn’t register that it was beaten. So I’m stuck. I restart the level and complete the puzzle but it still doesn’t continue even when I complete it
  • Too Many Ads

    By KnittyKat223
    The game itself is appealing and a good way to spend time, but I don't want half of that time to be spent watching an ad after every single level.
  • What happened to hard puzzles?

    By Paul abc easy as 123
    The game was mildly challenging on the hard level, and very addictive. The new update has dumbed it down to an easy puzzle repeatedly. I don’t play to run up my total number of puzzles solved. I play because it used to offer a mental stimulus working your way around. If you want to update the game, increase the complexity. Give us puzzles with more numbers to connect, not less. No point to the game now.
  • Fun, good brain food

    By Khow89
    It’s fun, keeps my brain busy 🙂