• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-05-06
  • Current Version: 1.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 329.90 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 54 784


Understanding that racism is not inherent in human beings, we corroborate peaceful entertainment and are all for compassion and solidarity. Hellcopter is a new shooting 3D game. Jump in a helicopter and go on a deadly mission! Lock and load your machine gun, aim and pull the trigger. Try this helicopter simulator and destroy all the criminals who occupied the building. Blast them with explosives and make cinematic shots! Endless bullets provided. Are you ready for some gunplay?



  • Secrecy

    By 4t787tg6t
  • Great

    By steeviek89
  • Missing Purchases

    By BigIrishBadAss
    I bought the last two Gus offered for $8.99 and $7.99 respectively, and they. Ever showed up in my inventory. I keep getting ads to purchase them again.
  • #Best game ever

    By jdgsyfhdh
    It’s so cool I could play this for hours👍😃🎉
  • Repetitive

    By Bill67rep
    Game play is great, great idea for a game but every level in every world is the same. Nothing new. Boring and not very challenging after 9 worlds
  • Why is this so so fun

    By maupinhit
    OKAY I am addictedTo the game

    By heheuehehejjwjejw
    Ok so I got this game rn and I LOVE IT 5 stars!
  • Don’t buy ads package. It stops you from getting the stuff earned from watching ads.

    By hateshisiphonesoomuch
    Paying to delete ads puts you in a place you can’t progress with stuff that requires ads to get. Don’t spend that money of no ads. This is a once you spend real money you become victom of paying to get anything. Guns shields cases slings everything that remotely get you up the ranks.
  • Great game

    By I hate your stupid
    It’s such a great game I love it it’s great
  • Money is hard to get

    By alric3
    It takes awhile to buy a new gun because you barely get any money after playing a mission. I mostly get like $130 per mission it’s just exhausting. Also everything is overpriced like to remove adds you have to buy in game currency the 20,000 currency pack is $5.00 I understand you need to make money but that’s overpriced and that’s not even the most currency you can get! $2 or $3 would be much more reasonable for the 20,000 currency pack. I do enjoy your game it’s just needs some work.
  • Cool

    By 8iship75
    Decent game. Same thing over and over again but I'm not mad; it is what it is. Can I please have the rocket launcher??🤷🏽‍♂️
  • (see an ad to unlock title)

    By uniqueariyan
    This is an ADVERTISING app with a little game beside the all ads
  • It’s ok but...

    By nzjaidbcjdnd
    It’s really fun but the levels keep repeating so please try to make some new levels it would be a lot better
  • Headshot

    By Funkbum
    Should get bonus for nut shots
  • I love the game but I have a recommendation

    By KronikKilla9311
    I think this is fun especially for a mobile game but i would like to see an option to turn off slomo to make it harder but other than that it’s fun not a terrible amount of ads and a lot of content (levels and guns)
  • Pretty ight

    By my review here its ight
    The gaMe is good and sometimes you pierce threw the body’s and it’s pretty fun and I’m a nice guy I put five stars
  • Hellcopter

    By Gotno356
    OMG! Waaaaaay to many ads.
  • HellCopter

    By rfirdifkr
    It’s Fun but it gets tiresome real quick just shooting and shooting wanna playa real spotting game play jhonny trigger
  • I don’t understand

    By Skynner McGee
    Alright, I challenge you to make a totally free game without ads that’s actually fun to play. That’s how developers gain more capital to make even better games. Still, I really despise developers who give you a choice to skip watching reward ads then force you to watch one anyway if you decide to skip it. That’s dishonesty at its worse. And that’s why I can only give this developer 3 stars. Because they lie about having a choice to not watch. I would definitely not only give them 5 stars if they discontinued this shady practice, but I would most certainly be willing to watch every single reward ad. I had done this with Idle Army Base Tycoon. I was almost maxed out with nothing left to build and I was watching absolutely every reward ad. Then they suddenly started forcing ads on me if I decided to skip one. So, I left a long review explaining why I was uninstalling them and also blogged and ‘tubed about it. I’m so done with forced ads. I like HellCopter, so it’s a good thing it’s playable in Airplane Mode. Otherwise, I’d be shoving your forced ads down your throats. “Aight?”
  • Thanks for the creator

    By Armonie Kendell hicks
    Thanks it’s fun 5stars
  • So fun but to meant add

    By yourmomom. NO i am not
    Some time there are to many add but fun
  • Very good

    By gentlest kitten 111
    I love this Games So much
  • Ads

    By Pea-Ta
    Just downloaded, the game is fun but only played 2 “levels” and already watched 3 adds.
  • Close to my favorite please read

    By 20YearsDaleSr
    I love then overall design and mechanics of the the game BUT you need to tone down the ads and I don’t want to have to pay to make it fun there is one and it’s the same ones after I complete the levels another thing is the slow mode when you go around I think you should just use raw skill to kill them wi the out slow time that all much love ❤️
  • GUNS?

    By Ricky Onscreen
    46 New Guns???!!!

    By Yo Boi TLK
    PLAY IT!!!
  • Cheats

    By Bottlaw
    Watched video for 3x the amount only received 2x amount took screenshot
  • Potential but needs work

    By Aj 77 E man
    I just wanna start off and say that I like this game it is fun, I like the destruction and such but there is just one problem. The ads, they just never end do they? I completed only 2 missions because my progress got lost and those 2 missions took at least 10 minutes because of the ads. I was playing very well too, I got all targets in maybe 3 minutes each level but the ads are just horrible. They make you watch 3 ads at once and I have never seen that before from my whole life of playing free games and watching ads constantly I have never been forced to see 3 ads at a time. I know of course they are a company, they make money but PLEASE just try and control the ads because I can’t see myself playing this game with 3 ads at a time, there are also more details but I’m just too tired to address them, please have a good day and enjoy things while you can.
  • An awesome game!

    By rado429
    I usually don’t review those things but today I will make an exception... an awesome game! For all of you to kill the time through this fake pandemic!😜
  • Please fix BUGS!!!

    By hey!,
    This would be a 5star game if they would fix the bugs,,,the game freezes up every time you turn around,, Very aggravating,,,I could handle all the advertisements,,and there is a lot,,,if it didn’t freeze up all the time,,PLEASE FIX before I delete it and move on to a game that does not freeze up,,,
  • Eve red

    By upgraddddddde
  • Good free game

    By Luda greeneyez
    It’s free why would I complain about ads when the game is free I wish other ppl would think that way but everyone but me are idiots smh
  • Great game

    By tater_toterrrr
    I love the game because you don’t get bored really fast and there’s a good amount of ads
  • What the point!!

    By hulzx14
    I’ve collected over 6 hundred thousand in cash in pocket after buying all guns and outfits!! Why are there no option to use the money once you’ve earned top dollar and collected all in store!! No more reason to play. This is a horrible way for me to move on!!!!
  • You need to play this

    By 12225,-),5),4??5$
    Very good game
  • So cool

    By one but and two bitte
    I love this game
  • call of duty

    By moneybag lut
    Call of duty
  • HI

    By Hadmen
    Ok I just want to say that I love this game but there is to many Ads
  • I love it very fun I can tell

    By Karma_sutra
    I love how the bulits is 8
  • Fun game

    By Nuclear3Zombie4
    I lake this game so much
  • Hellacopter

    By i like it 😀😃😃😀
    So bloody i like it it has good graphics
  • Adds

    By J medellin
    Stop the adds plz
  • This game

    By heusdudhhddydudycyybybybb
    I like this game so much but hen km down or stressed I go straight to this game and the crazy thing is that I just got this game and I’m already in love with if anybody is reading this I recommend you download you fall in love with this game just like I did.
  • Nice game

    By jjsndjme
    This game releases all your stress it’s a good game
  • Was good

    By Ryuzaki600
    Was good until recently, ads before where well spaced out not to be annoying, now its ads left and right and they are 30 seconds to a full minute of ads after each round.... SERIOUSLY.... would be 5 star but your recent change to how ads run destroyed that. Well this game is going into do not play again pile and will let my followers know as well. Enjoy your ad revenue!!!
  • This game is graphics are quite good and it’s so satisfying to kill

    By Boulder101
    I waited the scheme five stars it’s quite good 👍👍😎
  • Glitch

    By ItzyourboyE10
    The game is good but on level 3 there was no glass effect pls fix this glitch
  • No sound

    By Kyleb79
    I love playing the game. The ads can be annoying, but it is free. Although after watching an ad with sound on and then return to the game the sound disappears. Please fix this soon!!!!!!
  • Xxxjejejed

    By hehddux