• Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2020-06-06
  • Current Version: 5.14
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 20.00 MB
  • Developer: Blocka AB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 4 114


This is the official app on App Store from the Blokada open source project. Blokada for iOS is a free app that uses DNS (Domain Name System) servers to enable you to have an ad free browsing experience to see only the content you want. There is also a built in VPN that is optional to use. With Blokada Plus VPN you can browse the web with privacy and secure your Internet against cyber attacks and hackers. ---- Top features: - Supports ad-blocking for every web browser and other app installed. - Blocks sites that distribute malicious content, viruses and fraudulent websites. - DNS based interception (VPN mode) for all modern browsers. - Fast and reliable VPN that protects your privacy and encrypts your data. The most compatible ad blocker on the market! • Blocks ads • Saves your data plan • Browse FASTER by loading less data • Increase battery life What can be blocked? • Blocks annoying ads: Google AdWords, Google Invite Media, DoubleClick Bid Manager, Liftoff, Bing Ads, Amazon, etc • Blocks adult websites • Blocks gambling websites • Blocks social media trackers: Google Analytics, Facebook Connect, DoubleClick, Google Publisher Tags, Google AdSense, Twitter Button, Yandex.Metrix, Comscore • Blocks malicious websites: Virus downloads, malicious content, fraudulent websites and manipulated apps • Blokada Plus Adblock iOS App. ---- Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:



  • Good

    By Okay 2120
  • Why I love Blokada

    By vhfngfjbf
    He lets me play my favorite games without ads getting interrupted between me and my game it helps me on Hulu and other places to watch all my TV shows it’s just a wonderful app overall
  • If u want to watch anime or just shows and has ads this will help a lot

    By niqqer.vfx
    I don’t regret wasting any of my storage if u like anime or manga and all the ads pop up this helps alot 10/10
  • Amazing

    By TboneA999
    Easily the best ad blocker I’ve ever downloaded. There’s one specific app that I use everyday and used to get bombarded with ads. Ever since I downloaded this I haven’t seen a single one. 10/10 would recommend
  • uh good app

    By onepiecewithnoads
    genuinely don’t know if it tracks me but if i can watch crunchy roll with no ads that’s all that matters 😤
  • not working

    By Critic 🐷
    it’s not working but it says it’s on. i wish i could figure out why
  • Straight forward

    By user_69_420
    Does it’s job pretty well. Just can’t quite get YouTube adds blocked without hindering the video playback but, I’m sure that’s YouTube’s push for subscribers.
  • Ok

    By rbloxguyoofguy
    i turned it on but its not blocking ads after a few months
  • This app is AMAZING

    By shisuivsp
    I always hated how I didn’t have Crunchyroll plus and stuff and I hated the ads but when I got this app it changed my whole life and trust me this app is really good.
  • ok

    By doriand2010YT
    blocked no ads.
  • Bussin

    By j10801111847;):8,'v
    Amazing app no going to cap
  • Good

    By vbdbmdnwkx nx
    I love it I help some much
  • Great but one suggestion

    By randomfiend
    This app is great and I only have one suggestion, I would like a widget with the button on it.
  • Useful but stopped working!

    By ajhernandez492
    I use this app for mobile games, Crunchyroll, and website’s! I recently had this review set to 3 stars due to it not working with the IOS update but my Crunchyroll stopped showing ads! I am grateful to the team for all their hard work and I have changed my review to 5 stars
  • Blokada

    By Tyler.Pham
    This is really good for blocking adds on Crunchyroll!
  • Life saver

    By Mikasa: "Ereh"
    No more ads while watching anime
  • Decent

    By Dales pocket sand
    Does what it’s supposed to do, but absolutely eats your bandwidth. Yeah there’s no YouTube ads anymore but there’s also no YouTube videos.
  • The best

    By lebrin jsmes
    It is really good for blocking adds as it’s name is, it allows me to watch child prob for free 😃

    By frickinsta
  • how dis helps me

    By almir1244useenamesthis
    this helps me watch anime so much bc i get no adds this is a nice app
  • No

    By jdhejwnd
    Doesn’t work anymore
  • Awesome

    By ragingdrool
    Just watched a full episode of Crunchyroll without ads, and I didn’t even have to pay a cent.
  • Great

    By chsltsktktdsktldyyldyldlyd
    Just like the old app Luna that got taken down, it blocks ads in apps it’s great

    By Cchazgidhet
    This app is a personal favorite when it comes to anime ad blocking I’ve dodged 300+ ads with this app!!! 10/10 would recommend
  • Nice

    By doodoowqter
    This app is devious Ong
  • recommend 1000%

    By review writer 😩
    ⟟ rarely write reviews but ⟟ gotta say, this is amazing it blocks ads anywhere. ⟟ use this app mostly to watch anime ad-free or maybe play random games with stupid amount of ads ad-free. but what im trying to say here is: if your an anime fan and you watch anime on crunchyroll, funimation, ect. and your sick of the ads then you really need to get this app! ⟟ am astonished on how amazing it is. ⟟ thought it would be one of those vpns that track you down or dont actually work, but this app is ⏃ entire life saver! ⟟ recommend it 100%
  • Best blocking app I have ever used

    By hi im here to be here69
    So easy to use and didn't have to pay at all to get great features. Im sure they have even better features after paying
  • What?

    By eudhrhbcrhbvurbvur
    It is a good app and works but on the app it says that it has blocked 100 ads in like a minute? I was suspicious so i opened the app crunchyroll for about a second and left and came back to the app. Now it showed it had blocked 10 more ads and trackers?! Is this fake stuff?
  • Does the job well

    By hacker that hack (maybe)
    Does the job well
  • Works

    By Deadstew
    Surprised It works
  • Amazing

    By unknownmountain
  • Really nice

    By big dingalong timmy
    It blocks almost every app istg it should be like 20$
  • Good

    By sheetshirt
    Its confused me how this thing doesnt say it is a vpn even tho it is doesnt affect internet speed works how it is supposed too you will tirn it on and never notice you had it on very good product and install activate once a forget about it best AdBlocker
  • Amazing

    By awsomeducky789
  • Good

    By jdsnaldm
    Works on anime
  • The app works a little too go

    By poohbabyyyyyyy
    The app blocks adds really good and I don’t get them at all but it also blocks my Apple store. When the vpn is activated it always says can’t connect to Apple store or ITunes. I thought it was a problem with my phone and even called Apple about it. One day I was looking through the list of things blocked and I saw and and I was kind of confused. I turned the vpn off and I could use my Apple Store again. So everytime I want to download something I have to turn the vpn off
  • I USED TO work like MAGIC!

    By Suze8890
    Since the 14.5 iOS update, it no longer works. So disappointing.
  • I love this but it got my Snapchat banned

    By epicizzy
    Snapchat is against ad blockers which I never knew but this is worth it
  • So good

    By zombiewolf1010
    So good I dont get ads no more
  • Good but doesn’t block all adds

    By syarbswh
    I loved is app but i still had adds in my game😕
  • Fake

    By thisisew
    It shows how many adds it has blocked but it hasn’t blocked any adds. I went to an app that doesn’t have any adds for me and it said that it blocked more adds which impossible. So it’s just a scam which is kind of annoying.
  • this app is SO GOOD

    By e012111
    ive always been looking for something to block my ads because i usually get inappropriate ones. this one works so well, and ive only started using it today! it also works good with games that have too much ads! i highly recommend this app! i rarely make reviews, even when the app really good. but i love this one
  • Perfection at its finest

    By jaymisun
    Ok I bet you think I’m a bot but I’m not. First off this works very well with Crunchyroll I’m not sure about anything else but it’s the app for Crunchyroll
  • Ads

    By TheBabaTunderes
    I have been using blokada for months now but I would still get ads since I'm on 14.5 and somebody recommended nextdns and ever since i got it I got no ads so I recommend stuff like nextdns or trustdns for people on iOS 14 and above.
  • doesn’t work anymore

    By blvvckboy
    the app was working perfectly until the ios 14.5 update
  • Good/bad?

    By megontheestalian😝
    This app in general is good but after some time it started not blocking anything anymore and I hate that so whatever you guys did to the app pls fix it.
  • Amazing!!

    By daisygirlfourteen
    This app works perfect! It gets rid of almost every ad and doesn’t need you to pay for the basic features. I have only been using this for a couple days and I already have to post this. Thank you!
  • Drains battery

    By Adorejennn
    This app has stopped blocking ads since I updated to iOS 14.6. Today, I woke up to find my phone extremely hot and the battery at 18%. I checked to see what it was, and it was Blokada draining the battery!
  • Trash

    By hdgsyhey
    Didn’t block adds