Prison Empire Tycoon-Idle Game

Prison Empire Tycoon-Idle Game

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-06-10
  • Current Version: 1.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 419.92 MB
  • Developer: Digital Things
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 8 306


Will you be able to control a prison and become a prison tycoon? Hold the reins of the business and become rich reforming prisoners around the world. Start running a small low-security prison and work hard to make your reputation grow. Improve every detail and turn your modest jail into a high-security prison with the most dangerous inmates under control. Deal with the needs of your facilities and take the proper decisions to expand your business with no internal conflicts. Enlarge the prison yard, customize the administration department, provide security equipment to the guards, or even improve the cells’ ventilation. Every single choice will have an impact on your penitentiary. Invest your idle money intelligently. MEET THE INMATE BASIC NEEDS: Prisoners have indicators of personal qualities that you should administer to avoid riots and escape plans. Upgrade their cells, or add better beds and increase their comfort; buy some bookshelves, build a basketball court, or install some telephone booths to keep them entertained; spend your profits in have a better kitchen and better meals so you will have well-nourished inmates; keep the facilities clean and get new showers to maintain good hygiene. MANAGE YOUR STAFF: Your prison will need an efficient working team. Study the situation and hire or fire workers depending on your workflow and your growth strategy. Employ kitchen personnel, doctors, builders, janitors or guards, as well as office workers. Each department will cover basic needs in your business, and you should manage your team wisely to make your jail profitable. INVEST IN YOUR FACILITIES: Inmates and staff need a great manager with a good vision for development. Improve and upgrade the staff departments to have better working conditions: maintenance room, offices, kitchen, infirmary, laundry room, or the security quarter. Don’t forget about prisoners: upgrade their showers, the prison yard, open new sectors, add cell modules, improve the visiting room and the canteen. Take charge of the water and electricity supplies and make your penitentiary more comfortable. KEEP YOUR PRISON SAFE: Maintain a good reputation by controlling riots and fighting. Run your prison wisely to keep your convicts happy and provide good protection equipment to your guards. Be aware of dangerous captives that could try to escape and use the isolation cell if necessary. REHABILITATE PRISONERS TO SUCCEED: Earn money and make idle profits thanks to the reformation of prisoners. The government and society will be proud of you! Make your reputation grow thanks to your business strategy and receive offers to run bigger prisons. If you like management and idle games, you will enjoy Prison Empire Tycoon! A casual easy-to-play game where strategic decisions have to be taken to grow a prison business with profitable results. Improve your empire starting from a small and modest jail and unlock visible progress in your premises. Transform your small business into the best high-security prison in the world and become the best prison manager around the world!



  • First prison is doing nothing.

    By Ochsa
    My first prison is fully upgraded and still turning a profit. But that money is just sitting still and is not able to be used for anything else which is really frustrating. Extra profit from previous prisons should be able to be used for the more complex prisons
  • Love

    By lynkirom1990
  • Great game

    By Best Game143
    Fun game to pass the time. Please fix the bug so when away from the game the prisoners all get fed. My stats always go down when away and riots start when I return.
  • A few suggestions!

    By Skipps21
    You pay for all of these janitors but they don’t really keep the place clean... if you could make them to where if they see a mess then clean, not where they are set on one mess and then leave the rest.
  • Great but there’s a problem!

    By Batman2287
    So far I love this! I was a Correctional Officer for 28 years in the Federal Bureau Of Prisons and now I get to run my own prison! Lol! There is one major problem that needs immediate fixing. I have now purchased exercise equipment twice and put grass in the prison twice. When I go back later, it’s gone and I have to purchase them a third time! Please fix this before I spend anymore money on building those amenities. Great job otherwise! Update: So, the disappearing upgrades are happening all over the place. It seems it happens even more when I go from my iPhone to my iPad. Switching devices makes it worse. Please fix this soon as it is very frustrating. Update 2: The other problem I’m seeing is that when you start building something, it pauses when you exit the app! The only way it continues is when the app has to restart. If you get off the app for a couple of minutes and then go back, it starts where it left off on the timer. Suggestion: I would love it if when we witness things happening, like an inmate going into another inmate’s cell and beating him, we could make that inmate get disciplined. There is nothing we, the ones running the prison, can do. The correctional officers are clueless. It would be great if we could instill discipline ourselves. Also, why do the frequently get “reformed” and released after a riot? Just thoughts. I love this game overall though.
  • I want to know if I can get ware i was I spent money on this game and my nephew deleted it

    By beefy smith
    Please let me know
  • Fun game, super glitchy

    By GreyhoundGirl15
    I’m a big fan of tycoon games, so when I saw an ad for this, I downloaded. In terms of content and gameplay, it’s everything I hoped for. However, this game is so so SO glitchy. Whenever I try to watch a video to get more money, it always glitches and stops, and I don’t get my money. One time, when I opened the game after about twelve hours of not playing, I made 40K, and had the option to watch a video and double that amount. I clicked on it, and the video ran for a few seconds before my screen went black. I reopened the game, and when I looked at my money, I didn’t even get the profits I made from the last twelve hours, without the extra amount! I really like this game, but if it glitches so much I don’t even get my money, then what’s the point of continuing to play?
  • Real fun

    By drfinga
    Real cool game I was in jail so it’s better this way.
  • Constantly crashing

    By Stop Fascism
    Never ending crashing barely can play 30 seconds and crashes spend more time reloading game than playing very disappointed that spent money on it, can’t get my money back but can warn others before spending on it. Other games I have do not crash unsure why this one just crashes and crashes
  • Great

    By ftr gu
    So funSo fun
  • Ok listen

    By hfjeidbfn nxmsowld
    I’ve finished every game this guy has made and they all are a bit laggy and cause the game to crash but the prison game is a whole new level not only do you have to wait to repair stuff like the sims but the game crashes every time you upgrade something fix this or this rating will go down 2 stars fix this glitch tho if u wanna see 5 stars out of me and about 100k people
  • BLM

    By Katykj1106
    I just started his game and although this game with the color of the prisoners skin may be based on statistics, it is very racist. Out of ten people, there were 8 Black and 2 of other color. For this, I give the game three stars.
  • PR351D3NT

    By Doop de doo
    Really... president.... what to not get political. I hate when some jack ass always has to take something fun or neutral and make it political. I was having a blast with this game even made a few cash purchases which I tend to do from time to time with a game that I enjoy but after this. Yeah no thanks. I hope this post takes away paying customers. If even 1 person doesn’t download your game because of me then I won’t. I can’t wait for your update where you fix global warming.
  • Many flaws

    By emily🍔🍿🍎
    This game is good I guess at first I was obsessed with it but know I’m realizing all of the flaws. First of all, I wish I could see the entire prison without having to move it around. Second whenever I upgrade then close the app everything that I just upgraded is lost. Third, I think it would more reasonable to be able to collect money while your gone because you get money every hour but you can only get that money when your there to receive it I think that should be changed. There are many other problems with this game but I don’t feel the need to have changed
  • Game keeps crashing 👎

    By Sweet_Pea10
    This game seems to only work for a few minutes before crashing seems like a fun game but I’m unable to enjoy it due to the constant crashes.
  • Sick of it in the first 2 minutes

    By Superdopeemployee
    Games with long tutorials piss me off. Just let me play the game already!
  • Smh

    By Pretty$Savage
    Keeps crashing .. pretty good game but just keeps crashing ! Smh fix this ppl
  • Deleting game

    By bionix89
    It’s always kicking me off you can’t fully play it like you want
  • Good, it is very glitchy, though.

    By WRSammy272
    So I started playing this game 2 weeks ago. I play every day for about 30 minutes. After two weeks, my first prison was almost maxed out. Now the game is so glitchy, every time I upgrade something, the game kicks me out. Every time prisoners arrive, the game kicks me out. Every time I open a tab or menu, the game kicks me out. Now I have to perfectly time everything. When prisoners arrive, don’t watch them arrive so the game doesn’t glitch out. Only upgrade one thing at a time. Don’t open any tabs or menus when something is happening in the game. I was literally playing for FIVE MINUTES, and the game kicked me out at least 10 times. I’m not even exaggerating.
  • Almost have it

    By Rach7372958163849
    I really enjoy the game however you need to do something to make the sitting part go faster. I’ve upgraded and maxed out everything in the prison but now I need to just wait for all the other reformed prisoners(about 400, just on the first level). You should have an option for ads for more reformed prisoners as well as ad options to speed up building time.
  • What I’d like to see.

    By CaliRomel
    I’m enjoying the game a lot. There’s a few things I’d like to see coded perhaps. One thing is how janitors operate. Why do they clean and mess in one part of the room but leave the room before the rest of it is clean? Additionally, I’ve reached a point in the game where I wish something more can be done once you complete an entire prison and it’s generating a ton of money they you can’t spend. Maybe a system where we can share profits from prison to prison or invest in a new prison system of sorts. Also, when prisoners try to escape, why only assign one guard to catch the prisoner? I would like to see crafty prisoners. Ones that present a true challenge and try to dig tunnels or something. Even though this is an idle game, it has the potential to be a tad bit more interactive.
  • Tasia Webster

    By rasha328
    I love this game you need to make so more game like this ok
  • Ehhhhh, its ok - I’m starting to like it

    By Jahzara Epps
    The game is ok. Like in all honesty it doesnt made sense. My prisoners got “mad” bc they were hungry. WHICH i had no control over. I needed help, with a few more things and couldnt even find it. Maybe if it had a better guide, or to even jus check up on u on how ure doing, then id be have. It seems like a cool game, but i had to offload it bc the game jus wasnt making sense. And i dont mean to criticize and seem rude about it, because ik I couldn’t do any of this lol, or at least not right now, but maaaybeeee a few things could be tweaked and maybe even changed 😊thank u (6-28-20; sorry i didnt put the date for the first one) Sooooo update 😅: So its been like 2-3 days and um.. well... the game jus so happened to miraculously redownload, maybe i did it on accident, more than likely wasnt paying attention like usual 🤦🏾‍♀️ anyway... and ive been playin it all dat yesterday (6-27-20) and today. And its actually kind of fun. Im glad that happened (the redownload) because i starting getting the hang of things and whatnot, and things do make more sense. Either yall changed it or i was just slow lol 💀, but yeah. But also the people who fight, the prisoners, i was wondeeing if we could see more about their needs. Sometimes i wonder why theyre beating the other person 💀 and i also want to know y or what i need to change for their needs. But other than that, ive been doing pretty good 👍🏾😊
  • Crash

    By sbndinsb
    It’s crashed 3times in a row
  • Game play

    By mona4563
    I like this game a lot so far. It really taps into how prisons are ran in terms of collecting money based on how many beds they fill. One thing I wish that was added though was prison programs like maybe a GED program or something like that so that it could aid in rehabilitating the prisoners. A bug that I found is that sometimes I cannot tap out of a room I would be upgrading. I would have to close the app and hope that works.
  • Tons of Bugs

    By Jmathis719
    First of all, the thing that annoys me the most is that unless you force stop this game it will not proceed in the background. Even if you spend gems to hire the advisor to allow that. I emailed support regarding this issue and the answer was “just force stop it every time”. Uhhhh disappointing? Also the same issue arises with the construction of areas. If you don’t force stop, areas under construction will not go down in time or complete in the background. I would put this down at night and wake up thinking I’d made a decent chunk of change over night and... no, not a cent. My last big complaint with this game is EVERY TIME I start it up there’s a riot. Like every. Single. Time. Kind of hard to make money in Alcatraz in my workshops when my entire population is eternally in solitary confinement. This game has a ton of potential. Even with grinding through these issues it’s been fun but the riot situation at Alcatraz it’s made the game almost pointless because you make so much more cash out of the workshops. But the workshops are as dormant as an Antarctic volcano when EVERYONE is in solitary all the time. I don’t know how my prisoners haven’t starved to death yet because they haven’t eaten in a week.
  • Just a few things need to be fixed

    By slade2100
    All in all I high recommend this game. The only problem I have with it is when you release prisoners. When you release them a prisoner bus comes at the same time so they need to fix it to where while you are releasing them you are getting new prisoners at the same time to replace them. And I feel like the upgrading cost to much once you get to the higher prisons. Other than that it’s a great game
  • I love this game

    By SolarSirKelly
    It shuts down and freezes way to much guys. That is literally the only thing that I don’t like. Tip would play this game nonstop as well as invest in my progress if that wasn’t an issue
  • Fun at first but...

    By Dr.LoveBone
    Its fun at first but slows down heavily during the second prison. For example, my second prison was completely maxed out after 3 days and I still didn't even have half the required "rehabilitated prisoners" to get the next prison. Wouldn't be so bad if I got more then 60 friggin prisoners at a time when I put the game down. Didn't play all day today and I come back and all I had was 63 prisoners rehabilitated. Im now at 6600 out of 10,000 and heavily considering uninstalling as I have nothing left to do and don't want to wait a week for the count to go up. Shame because this was fun. Also, the $25 of in game purchases is an insult. The game is worth nowhere near that. I mean Prison Architect is free ffs...
  • Notes for Players and Developers

    By Keith LaRance
    PLAYERS: - I notice one batch of prisons will riot and the next won’t. So just keep that in mind. It’s not you for some reason the game does that. - When you leave the game. It seems that everything goes to hell. Just note that the game fails its self without you. - very easy to play without spending real world currency. I haven’t spent a dime on it. DEVELOPERS (suggested players to read): - The supera statements are somewhat of a problem. - Please make probation where the prison never is completely Empty. It drains every players profit. Making is surprisingly painful. - the janitors need to be assigned to certain rooms to keep the prisoners happy. - it’s hard to make money, other than cell bonus. I’ll have 500$ worth of cell bonus and 150$ of state bonus.
  • MEH

    By SlAy_TeSsA2019
  • Great game one problem

    By Sgudancer this is a really great game I’m addicted to it but, every time I leave for a day or so and then I have a riot I don’t think that’s very fair because I’m gone and I can’t control how anything goes so that’s kind of frustrating but, it’s still a really good game
  • Alright, but it has potential

    By magnum joe
    The game is your typical idle with the goal being to keep the needs of your prisoners satiated, Happiness, Food, Comfort, Etc. The only major gripe I have is that after you come back to the game after a lengthy break it’s always lunch time, the problem being that your cooks never have enough food for the prison causing riots which will easily overpower your officers unless you spend more money on back up heavily setting you back when you just started a new prison. A simple problem I’m surprised hasn’t been solved yet
  • Review

    By queenwyunna
    Every 5 minutes the app close please fix that
  • Good game one problem

    By Paul263826383628
    Fun game except it hate that prisoners are rehabilitated right before new prisoners come in. Because when they leave u start to lose profit and the new prisoners never enter because the game still thinks the prison is full. This makes u need to wait until it’s 3 for the new prisoners to come and while your waiting ur losing money cuz all of ur prisoners are gone and the new prisoners never entered in the Morning.
  • $5 in app purchase don’t have it

    By bolton55555
    This game would get 5 starts awesome game but when I go to buy the beginners pack for 4.99 it gets confirmed by my apple. In my purchase history, but when I go on app I do not have the deputy, the 300 gems or anything. I restarted the app multiple times. This is bs.
  • Some weird things

    By nvfds
    The first thing is why does the prison bus leave when prisoners are being released from their sentence? They could just move the time or change it so it can either wait or not leave. Second thing is why do prisoners mood drop so much when I’m not playing? Almost everything I come back their is a riot. Third is why do I sometime lose so much money when I’m away? Like what caused it to lose so much money even though I should have made a profit. Also one thing I don’t like that’s not a glitch is the cheapness of the game. The prisons are all the Same just with more cells and all the cells and buildings are all just copy paste from the first prison. I would like more variety and more realistic to the prisons they are based of of. Some small details are also cheap like the walls that sometime have small glitches from bad copy paste and bad adding, also in one of the doors of the kitchen there was a window in it that cannot be seen when closed. I would like this game to be more detailed and more work on it. This is an interesting game but the execution of it is poorly done. I think this game has a lot of potential but with the lack of effort it takes down a star. Also the glitches puts another star down but if fixed will put it up a star.
  • I lost all of my imployies

    By gxjfjahjkqodh
    I’m so mad
  • Fun game

    By ChrisPATX
    Fun game
  • Impossible to play

    Two seconds after I load in after waiting 2 minutes The game instantly crashes
  • App Error

    By Isaac0705
    Every time I will be up after five minutes it kicks me out of the app. Can you please fix it?
  • Bought the ad shredder, but didn’t get the package....

    By Angie335
    I liked this game, at first. Upgrading the prison to the fullest was time consuming, but enjoyable. Once you open the next prison, your money does not roll into the new prison. You have to start over. Once you have the prison fully upgraded, that’s when it seems like your start earning money. It’s a struggle to acquire the needed money while upgrading. Unless you watch ads.....and there are a BUNCH of ads, sometimes they throw double ads in there. So, I decided to buy the ad shredder: $9.99 ($10.69 after tax). Well, payment went through on the App Store and was taken off my card, BUT, when I loaded back into the game I got the “Unknown error occurred. Action could not be completed” message. And the ads were still popping up. Reported the problem, asked for refund, and got my money back. So beware of this. I will not try to buy, again. Now, I am not to interested in playing. Which is too bad.
  • I’m frustrated

    By Dad62
    I only gave this game 3 stars because i love it it’s a great game and I wish I could play it more but I’ve ran into a problem where the game forced me to open the second prison and ever since I opened it the game crashes all the time and it’s gotten to the point where it takes 5-6 tries just to open it and after that it crashes after 30 seconds plz fix this!!!
  • Fun twist

    By gundam538
    This was a interesting idle game with their own spin on it. I would have really enjoyed it if it wasn’t for the fact it’s very glitchy/laggy and the ads don’t work.
  • Good but bad and fun

    By N einchidnnc n kdmmxm
  • One of the best in a long time

    By Rubzfjdisbduab
    Honestly amazing
  • Great Game! Got an idea though

    By yoi lol
    I thoroughly enjoy playing this game. I like the money part of it, you have to work for it. But I think that it would be cool to have an upgrade system for the prison bus. Upgrade it to receive prisoners faster and the bus will be able to hold more prisoners.
  • It’s great!

    By jack leclair
  • Upset prisoners every time I’m away from the game

    By Moerase
    If I have everything upgraded it doesn’t make sense that every time I’m away from the game all of the prisoners are upset as if they haven’t been fed or have everything upgraded