Binary Dots - Logic Puzzles

Binary Dots - Logic Puzzles

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-05-06
  • Current Version: 1.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 161.67 MB
  • Developer: Easybrain
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 270


Want to relax and train your brain at the same time? Try Binary Dots to give your mind a workout! How to play: • Each row and column must contain an equal number of black and white dots • No more than two dots of the same color can be adjacent • Each row and column must be unique, they cannot be filled in the same way • Each Binary puzzle has a unique solution • Use hints if you need a clue • Use second chance to revive if you've made too many mistakes The goal of the game is to solve a logic puzzle. Enjoy the game and exercise your logical thinking with Binary Dots!



  • Too much advertising

    By khronick123
    I just played the intro easy games and between each level there’s 30 seconds of advertising. So play 30 seconds and the watch some video ads.
  • No Ad Free Version?

    By DominaHarper
    When a developer doesn’t offer either IAP to make a game ad-free or a paid Pro version, I will either force-quit the app when an ad plays or play in Airplane mood. I MUCH rather support the developer directly and pay for an ad-free option. As someone who used to work in the mobile industry, making .99 to 2.99 off a user one time for an ad-free option generally increases the total LTV of a title, especially if your interstitials are providing value based on install as opposed to click. Just some food for thought. As far as the game is concerned: I’d play more of it more often if the ads weren’t so interruptive. I only wish the Black/White wasn’t a toggle, as I tend to tap the color I want only to lose a life because it toggled when the correct color was already toggled.
  • ? Purchase App

    By lane4x4
    Enjoy the game while on the throne. So I decided to buy it. Ok, where within app can i click purchase? Why can’t you folks make it easy to purchase app. Your awesome with the ads. - Don’t get it! why not have a button in settings- “click here to purchase. “ This is not the only game that I’ve Encountered same difficulties. From now on refuse to search on how to purchase. Going back to Sudoku. PeAcE oUt
  • Love it! Needs more levels

    By Kira_Says
    Great game! It really just needs more level ive finished all of them twice now just awaiting new levels.
  • Does it get harder?

    By Woodrow butdonthaveapaddle
    I’m at level 55 and it’s getting a little repetitive and easy
  • Awesome game save one thing.

    By suprdaveg
    Very fun and challenging (at times) game. It makes you slow down and think. I would give it 5 stars but only for the fact when you get down to the end, specifically a 2x2 square left, it can go either way and sometimes you end up using a life guessing wrong.
  • My Favorite Game

    By Kezilindberg
    I don’t play a lot of games on my phone, but this is one I’ve stuck with for a good while. I love the simplicity and it requires just enough concentration to help me settle my thoughts while I listen to music or watch tv or something. I kinda get the feeling that it cycles back to the beginning after you finish all the puzzles because it’s gone back to easy and then medium puzzles twice so far, but I’m on like level 650 so I don’t blame em for recycling levels, what kind of psycho goes that far. Overall really great, no complaints.
  • Nonfunctional

    By Grey________
    Crashes upon launching
  • Frustrating

    By MH11997744
    It would be better if the app gives players the option to continue the puzzle whichever way they choose to and then at the end of the game tell them why their solution is incorrect, or at least let players move forward with the game until they break one of the rules. However, the app forces you to choose a certain color and does not explain which rule you have broken (or more accurately: the rule you would have broken had you continued with the game). It’s frustrating because the game is basically telling you: YOU ARE WRONG AND THE GAME IS RIGHT. TRUST US!
  • Weak.

    By Andy-Candy
    They tell you right away if a move is incorrect, so any problem solving skills usually gained from a puzzle app are gone. Plus, 30 second add after almost every level! Down right abusive, when levels only take a minute or less.
  • Good game but frustrating

    By jbstcyr
    The playing piece toggle should really be a selector. I keep toggling from Open circle to Closed circle instead of Selecting the one I want.
  • Nice game. Obnoxious ads.

    By ProfessorAnnoyed
    As with many free games these days, this game is supported by ads. The problem is that the banner ads that are always at the bottom of the screen flash, move, and are very distracting. This directly conflicts with the main point of this game, which is to focus on solving a challenging puzzle. You need the visual field to be clear so you can compare rows and columns. But the incessant flashing and motion from the banner ads make it incredibly difficult to do this. Good game with one fatal flaw: ads that make the game itself unpleasant to play.
  • Logic breaks down

    By me_ig
    While this is an interesting concept for a puzzle game, there are multiple solutions for most levels and at a certain point deduction becomes impossible. It ignorantly goes against the fundamentals of logic. A conclusion can't be drawn without premises, and there's just not enough information available on the board to deduce a solution. The player's only choices are to either blindly guess or watch ads for hints, which is what the creators suggest in their responses to reviews similar to this one. They insist there's only one solution despite so many reviews stating the opposite. They're just another company that thrives on ad revenue.
  • The Best Game Ever!!!

    By EvieTheGamerGirl843
    It’s really fun even though it’s difficult to understand in the beginning.
  • Interesting but too easy once you know the one rule

    By Radbot42
    I had no clue what was going on at first. Had to find a how to play video as I didn't pay attention to the words below the tutorial. It's easy to skip this one rule. Once I knew you can't have 3 in a row there's no way this game can get difficult. Interesting idea at least.
  • Good

    By Tomoruono
    Not bad
  • Could be more challenging but still fun

    By jessiesantiago
    The levels could be more challenging after you reach a certain point. I feel like I’m playing the same board over and over again. Still a fun game though
  • Issa shiet

    By SixInchSupp
    It’s a guessing game essentially and there’s ads after every level. They responded with : "Hi, thanks for your review. All our puzzles have been checked by all possible means by our developers and each puzzle can be solved without hints and the method of trial and error. Kindly, please remember about these rules: each row is unique and can't be repeated. It means that there are no identical rows or columns of black and white circles in the game field at the same time. As you know, our app is free to use, and ads give us the opportunity to support the app, optimize it, and make it better. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime." My edited response review: The method of trial and error is a fancy way of saying it’s a GUESSING GAME. And I get that ads give developers the “opportunity to support the app” but it’s after every level win or lose and it makes me and others alike disinterested in apps like these. If there's ads after 3-4 levels I can get over it. But when there are apps like yours that actually seemed interesting that is bombarded with ad after ad it gets dropped. Like how I dropped the app developer ketchapp altogether because majority of their apps were bombarded with ads (they had such fun games too) and I/we couldn’t catch a break unless they updated that recently but I don’t know because I’ve moved onto other developers. So unless the amount of ads pops up at reasonable amounts my rating will not changed for this simplified sudoku game
  • Great game but the ads are a drag

    By Jgs0121
    I really enjoy playing the game. It will be nice when the promised development of tracking the games is added. I’d also like to be able to replay earlier games. But neither of those two concerns really bothers me. I would have rated the app five stars if there was a way to pay for the app and eliminate all the ads, which after a while become very annoying to the point that I consider deleting the app.
  • More levels please!

    By fortfortfort
    Thanks for making this fun game! I played and played, loving it. At Level 180, I suddenly went from a 10x10 grid back to a 4x4 grid. If I solved all the puzzles created so far, I’d think it would say that I was back to ‘Level 1’ rather than continuing to count up? I’m confused. More levels please!
  • Fun game, some app drawbacks

    By General Buckley
    I pretty much agree with the sentiments of the top review here. You can’t select a level, and it would be nice to have some sort of kept stats, something even as simple as a timer that records your speediest solve (relative to board size of course). Additionally, even though you can solve levels with numbers 180+, they start over at level 1 and you’re playing beginner levels again. However, a lot of this is offset by just how addictively simple and fun the basic game is! I did after all go through 180+ levels and would like to keep going. Are there plans for level expansions in the future?
  • Great game - lots of ads

    By TackGuru
    Enjoying the game but wish I could give them some money and make the ads go away. I agree with the other review that the ap is almost too simplistic- not scores or level tracking or anything. But a fun game
  • Good game, BUT HOW MANY LEVELS

    By Cripsy Bacon
    I love this game, and am definitely addicted. My one problem is there is no way to see how many levels there are. I NEED TO KNOW. I’m past level 300 and wanna know how long until I beat the game. Other than that, this game is awesome and I would definitely recommend it if you’re a fan of puzzles.
  • Frustrating

    By artsy-fartsy
    There are many ways to solve each puzzle, but only one is deemed correct. I get a red X even when the dot I placed would allow me to complete the puzzle. We are not working against logic and skill, but a set design that there is no way to determine by using the binary rules alone.
  • Awesome Game of Logic

    By Gregory Westermeyer
    Some have given this game poor reviews because they either they can’t understand the simplest of directions or they can’t solve it stating that there must be multiple solutions. The directions are very clear. And there is only ONE solution for each game board. I’ve been playing this game for a couple of months and have always found the ONE solution (on the hardest level). Those that fail to understand the directions or fail to find the solution need to play Candy Crush. I do agree that it would be great if each game was timed and the app would keep track of my fastest times.
  • A Good Puzzler! Quick Question over Ads

    By J1g_J
    The game is very simple in its premise and is a good way to pass some time. My biggest issue with the game is not the game itself, but the seemingly endless ads that can’t be gotten rid of. Usually there’s some sort of option to disable ads for a dollar or two, but on Binary Dots it’s surprisingly missing. I think many people who play this would like the opportunity to play the game ad-free, and are alright with handing over a dollar to do so. If such an option could be added, it would make an already enjoyable experience that much better.
  • Great game but too many ads

    By liz..
    Great logic game. The people who said you have to guess don’t understand all the rules. No two rows or columns can be the same and when you get to higher levels this rule allows you to finish most levels. I’d like to know how many total levels there are, be able to replay ones for a perfect score, and please please let me pay one time to remove ads!
  • Meh

    By A Classic Player
    Super easy, blasted to level 42 without guessing needed. Does the grid get larger than 10x10? There should be some progress meter if so. Until then I’m done
  • Great app but needs to capitalize on potential

    By Juice The Gypsy
    I have downloaded and played 4 Easybrain apps, Binary Dots, Linkdoku, Nonogram, and Number Blocks. All of them are super fun and great time passers. The ads don’t get too annoying as you only get ads if you beat the level (or watch for a second chance when failing). Each apps have their own issues however. For binary dots it’s the same issue as linkdoku and number blocks. All 3 apps have the one issue being it is extremely extremely linear. Based on the sheer number of apps Easybrain has on the App Store I am not shocked. However I would greatly enjoy these apps more if they fixed this. Possible solution: I say follow in the steps of Nonogram. Add different difficulties to choose, add a practice mode, maybe add an event twist mode such as adding colors to each app that either attract or repel, for example red and blue can’t connect or be together but red and green can. Something to put a little twist on the game to make it more challenging and offer more experiences. Special event modes could be like having each color set at a specific number of cells, for example red can only be placed in pairs, black can only be singles. Higher difficulties could have bigger squares / more colors. There is a lot of potential and opportunity. I may not have the best ideas but I think bottom line is variety.
  • Awesome!

    By ~Pastel.Chan~
    It’s a really cool app and not as bad as I thought. Definitely keeping this app. Even though I’m non-binary I think it’s cool! (Ha, get it?) there wasn’t as many ads as I expected, which I was grateful for considering almost every other app I’ve had recently is ad filled.
  • Loved from the first!

    By Jomama Orr
    This game is challenging, quick to play, and gives you extra chances to complete.
  • Super fun

    By Benihana7
    Great game. Started spazzing out on level 29. Hope it gets fixed.
  • Every Puzzle has multiple solutions

    By gyarados107
    Deleted the game at level 5 after making a mistake on the last four dots because there were two different solutions based on where the dots were placed and I got penalized for picking a solution that the creators didn’t.
  • Just one small problem

    By grandma Diane from RI
    I love playing this game, it makes me think. I only wish you could somehow enhance the distinction between selecting black or white. The only errors I have made was in thinking I was selecting one when I was actually selecting the other. Other than being frustrated by that the game is very enjoyable!
  • background color :(

    By leaosullivan
    i honestly love all easybrain games i just wish there was an option to change the display settings like to make the background black rather than white because i find this game so soothing except for the bright light kinda ruins that for me ??
  • These reviews I’m reading are all wrong

    By Dybccfg
    There legitimately is only one solution to every puzzle. You have to actually think about how to get the answers and read the rules very carefully or you will think there is more solutions than there are. My absolute only qualms with this app is a lack of dark mode. Please, my eyes hurt
  • Only crash, no game.

    By Robot-oh
    Game never opened, it just crashed. Literally, wait for it, LITERALLY every single time I tried to open it it crashed. Even after a reboot. Maybe it’s my older OS, but then don’t make it available to older OS versions.
  • So many ads!

    By SgtFuzzles
    An ad after every puzzle? Nope. No thank you.
  • Good idea, not so good execution

    By PeanutButterLlama
    I really do like the concept of the game but it really is just a guess and check. At some points you’re left with a couple left but know way of know AT ALL where it should be placed, making you have to just guess where to put it, which I can’t say is fun
  • I love this game but...

    By PCWilliams6614
    I love this game but I have one quibble with the switch that toggles between placing a white dot or a black dot. So many times I hit that toggle switch on the color I want to place but the switch is not designed to switch to the color you pick ... the switch is designed to toggle from its current color to the other color. So the switch may be set to white. I want to place a white dot. I tap the “white” side of the switch thinking I’ve chosen white. In reality, since the switch was already set to white, It just moved it to black and I placed the wrong color. I know this is a me problem but I wish the switch was designed so that you get the color you pick.
  • Binary D.

    By Miss Jess
    This game is a challenge. It definitely works my brain. I like it.
  • Feature poor

    By mphoil
    I love EasyBrain puzzle apps. I play your Sudoku and Nonogram puzzles daily. I want to love this one too, but it isn’t feature rich enough yet to justify paying to remove ads. I want to see feature parity with your other puzzle apps: * Daily challenges and trophies * Difficulty selector * Events * Dark mode (put this in Nonogram as well please)
  • Pretty decent game but

    By dehydratedbeyotch
    It’s a pretty decent and entertaining game, but what annoys me the most is when I want to place a white circle and i forget that i have the white already chosen and touch it again and it places a black instead. I wish there were two separate buttons for you to press instead of one
  • I mostly love it

    By Zalewasm
    Number one, please add dark mode. Black background. My eyes don’t care for the white but at night I hate it, I’m sure others would be in agreement but you’re probably already on it. Two, I love the first half of the puzzle. It’s so satisfying. The second half isn’t as much fun because I often end up with the possibilities of the last 2 blocks in a few rows or columns logically solvable in another way that the game considers incorrect. So I have a 50% shot of a correct guess. Change the code so it allows me to solve it any way that follows the rules of only 2 alike colors may touch, rather than one acceptable solution. Puzzle Page did this with a similar game. If it had another solution it accepted it and I only knew the difference at the end of the game when it showed the solution and I saw pieces shift. I love this game’s concept. It just needs some improvement.
  • the fact that i can’t pay two dollars to get rid of ads drives me absolutely bonkers.

    By LittleBee1122
    love this game. hate the ads. please for the love of god let me pay to get rid of them. ALSO some puzzles do have multiple solutions despite editors saying they don’t. we love a generic response especially when MULTIPLE PEOPLE HAVE COMPLAINED.
  • Definitely not a logic puzzle.

    By mfukuda
    Almost every level has multiple solutions. This game makes no sense. Don’t play
  • ADS

    By Nana Meesh
    Way too many adds!!!!!
  • Great game, needs tweaking

    By sunshinesusie*
    I like this game a lot! I have two chief complaints. First, if you need a hint, it just fills in a square for you with no indication as to the logic that may have been used. Second, there are times when the puzzle has more than one possible solution, but the game only counts one as correct, so you get strikes for dots that are logically valid.
  • Game doesn’t even open

    By FreshRobert20
    I have an iPhone 8 plus, and without any message or notification as to why, the app just doesn’t open up. It’s been this way for longer than a month as well, because this wasn’t my first time trying.