Car Master 3D

Car Master 3D

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-06-21
  • Current Version: 1.1.10
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 378.96 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 34 801


Make money in your own garage! Restore cool cars and tune them for the best result. Wash and clean the carbody, choose the right color and paint the car with it. Do not forget to replenish your stocks of tools. Increase your repair ability with each new level. You are a true master! Profit will not keep you waiting! Car Master 3D is an addictive and free game you can upgrade cars. Install this garage simulator now!



  • David Alejandro Pineda

    By DavTheDriftingDriver
    I can do whatever I create! 👱🏽‍♂️
  • Nice but...

    By Yahoo Rater
    It’s a great game don’t get me wrong, but I think the customers should say like “I love it” or “it’s horrible”
  • Why can’t I do VIP cars?

    By ytyhsoatrhto
    So I love this game but there is a problem when I try to do a vip car it just shows a black screen so please fix
  • Good but...

    By powderboy2021
    This game is so fun. I really recommend it for anyone who likes cars. The only thing That I would like to do is I want to make a car and sell it.

    By toastbread2009
  • why do a lot no of you hate adds

    By Fmklil
    Idk why people judge a game by Adds but guess what the are on every game so its just called life.
  • VIP & Creative mode! NOT WORKING!

    By LeeshaMay333
    Love when you have a game and 75% of it does not work. Love the look of the game. -Hate that the Accept button to receive what you won/earned in the game DOES NOT WORK! -Creative mode to build your own car (reason for installing) DOES NOT WORK! -VIP car pulls in oh wait I have to ACCEPT it but that button DOESN’T WORK! So all we can do is repair cars, barely upgrade garage only things we purchase if it’s a free upgrade we cannot, free sticker, free tool, nope. This game has been neglected. Does anyone perform updates/maintenance? 😒
  • Adds

    By tycolyott
    Your adds are outrageous
  • Sorry

    By will you please fux this
    Pls ignore that review, I didn’t realize it needed to update. It was working for me earlier. Anyway this is a really good app and enjoy it.
  • Ads

    By kshdbejskns
    I get like 5+ ads shoved in my face everytime I make a car. I’m getting tired of it and all I want to do is not watch random things and just make and fix a car instead of watching 15 second ads everytime I do that in the game.
  • Is a decent game

    By GradStudent2010
    It’s really a cool game!! But there are a lot of ads. It’s frustrating when you get a game and it turns into “An ad game” when I play a game I don’t want ads the WHOLE time. I under stand that there will be ads in games but that’s all this game is. Anyways I think you should buy it! But there is A LOT OF ADS. I wish you could just play without it but unfortunately you can’t, I definitely think the game is fun. WITHOUT ads. All that to say it’s a good game WITHOUT ADS.
  • Ads ads ADS!

    By Pop-a-fool77
    some of these reviews may be fake by some of the creators saying it’s a great game but there is so many ads after u paint it BOOM! AD after a sticker BOOM! AD but a helpful tip is if u like this game then turn your wifi off but this game is fun just the ads so Annoying
  • Sad

    By bstone270
    Paid the 2.99 to remove the adds, they still come on for the kids and we have to help them. Glad you got the 2.99 for “no adds”.
  • I love this game

    By fudueud
    I love making the cars look amazing and I’m shocked who many stars this game has I love it so much that one time I played for like 5 hours straight
  • Fun game, misleading information

    By Zillahoyt
    Fun game to play and I enjoy upgrading the cars. The question I have is this - why do you have a banner stating no ads, charge 2.99 for that “privilege” only to have to still deal with your upgrades being interrupted by ads? Seems to me paying 2.99 to remove ads - based on YOUR own statement - the ads should be removed. I suggest you fix this problem or stop charging people for a service you have no intention of honoring.
  • Good game but I can’t get in

    By yxhurj
    I like the game a lot but I couldn’t get in when I very first download it so like whenever you scroll down you get to see like what’s inside the game First I can’t get in I tried multiple times I deleted it and downloaded it back and it still did not work I even updated my iPad.
  • Brax Review

    By bubulue
    I like this game because it’s fun and you can spray paint the cars and put spoilers on the cars
  • Nice

    By polloloco36
  • Creative Mode

    By diamond ninja 2414
    Look I love the game and all but creative mode, it’s hard to get the golden bolts to play creative mode but not only that their pretty hard to get but it’s annoying that I can’t play the mode, So please add this in the next update where you can play creative mode without having the golden bolts.
  • Why do people HATE ADS

    By ads are okay
    I don’t know why people think ads ruin the entire game you can just so something while the ad is going on but my problem is the freezing at random moments but I’ll still give it 5 stars.
  • So much adds

    By 009Hunter
    Every time I click a button there’s a ad it’s so annoying!!
  • This is awesome

    By mymantheyeeter
    Like rly I trust this game cause it first time pkaying
  • Ads!

    By Random content reivewer
    Ads almost about every 30 seconds. Thats just odd
  • Annoying

    By 1738 😀
    This game is incredibly annoying. It would be such a good game if there weren’t as many ads. To the person that said i ReAlLy DoN’T gEt WhY pEoPlE hAtE aDs, and made the awful point “it’s only 2.99 would you rather spend it on another game?” the point is we shouldn’t be obligated to spend money on such a game like this, just to get rid of ads. They’re annoying.
  • Report

    By kgxjfzotz
    Your game is terable because every time you do anything an add shows up and there are more adds than game time
  • Stupid ads

    By kingFluffy17
    Way way way to many ads
  • Fix this

    By Loveless770
    Please fix this game! Every time I try to open it, it crashes on me.
  • Dfggtfghhy

    By Aspen😡😤🤯🤬
    The game is stoped😎😡😡🤯
  • Car master 3D

    By abc2361
    On the VIP police car when I try to ari it up the car stands straight up.🤔🤔
  • Car repair 3D

    By neveah lance
    This game is amazing I recommend it I got addicted by just watching a ad
  • Dear car master

    By Jaydayoung0803
    I love and you you made this game for everyone and thank you for everything
  • Just do this for no ads free

    By ss reppeeter
    Turn your WiFi off and cellar data and no ad boom try it only work when you have 3 to4 bar five no
  • Ads Ads Ads

    By padro shaz
    Waaaayy to many ads. You do one small task and an ad pops up. Watching more ads then playing the game. otherwise the game it self isn’t that bad. I’d continue to play if it weren’t for all the ads.
  • Ada

    By pppoooiii🤫
    I get that there’s ants in games but there is an ad after every single thing. The game is fun but there’s an ad all the time and between cars and then tween when you’re putting stickers on the car there’s an ad. Overall the game is fun and you can play it when you have no Wi-Fi but you can’t get certain stuff because you don’t have Wi-Fi
  • It’s a FREE GAME that’s why it has ADS

    By Raven12110
    Guys zip y’all has ads bc it’s a FREE game all FREE games have ADs so stop complaining idc that it’s ads upon ad upon ads idc it’s a free gam stop complaining literally 😡😡😡😡🤨🤨🙁😫😐😑😐😑😐😑😐😑😬🙄
  • Great game

    By hhhhhbug
    I like this game so much. But sooooo many ads!
  • Best game ever

    By luke forkner
    It is so satisfying when you fill the tires I love it as much as my mom
  • Its an Ad app with a game sprinkled in!

    By Badapps pissmeoff
    Game would be fun if there wasn’t an ad every other action. Ad to game ratio is like 3:1 if you want to waste time watching ads this is for you!
  • Best game

    By u f tcgftftfd
    Best game with no adds
  • Why just why😡

    By bbjh gym gg
    There’s ads every 5 seconds there are the much please just fix it. Or I will rate 1 star ⭐️
  • Good game

    By llllllllllllllooooooolllllll
    Good game .
  • Meh

    By aaajjjuuutttjghuyibd
    This game is okay at best. You tried and you failed. The painting parts of the game are terrible, you can’t even add stripes. The game will ask you to make an ambulance and instead of getting an ambulance body you get a Jeep or a convertible. Also this game is called car master 3D but in the ads it’s called oh my car. Make up your mind what is it called
  • There’s just WAY too many ads

    By K_Daily
    Every time I’m done with a simple task, ad pops up. When I start a new day, ad pops up. When I’ve finished painting the car, another ad. I played this for about 10 minutes before I deleted it. Absolutely ridiculous to have that many ads.
  • Ben

    By bflfds
  • Very helpful review

    By Savanna Z.
    This game is awesome it is really addictive in a good way and I just absolutely love it the only thing is that there are quite a few adds but it’s really not a big deal at all, I would highly recommend downloading because it is awesome seriously download it it will be the best game you have ever played also there are no in app purchases for me yet so you can play all you want 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍I love this game
  • The ads

    By snk parrot
    I would like this game if there wasn’t so many ads and the camera is doodoo
  • Hahn

    Vdhh Gg my Bhbnn Hjhu
  • Well this game in the first time

    By Inkkkkkkkkkkkj
    I just followed this game right now it’s seven do you want to so that is all I will be here album is the one crying maybe you can be very long time ago but but I think this game is hard to get out of
  • Ads crash

    By WheelmanKaj
    The ads crash constantly. The entire game freezes and has to be force closed.