Car Master 3D

Car Master 3D

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-06-21
  • Current Version: 1.1.13
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 368.99 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 43 689


Make money in your own garage! Restore cool cars and tune them for the best result. Wash and clean the carbody, choose the right color and paint the car with it. Do not forget to replenish your stocks of tools. Increase your repair ability with each new level. You are a true master! Profit will not keep you waiting! Car Master 3D is an addictive and free game you can upgrade cars. Install this garage simulator now!



  • I wish you had this game I love this game I hope you love it to .

    By jibraelmashkoor. mashkoor
    Mom mashkoor
  • hate it.

    By taillesscat87
    i liked this game at first but after i hated it because whenever i get an ad it either kicks me out of the game or crashes my game and i have a new phone model.
  • Djdjhsjsh828👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    By Wdjfbbc👍
    Ksjdjdjr727/7/7:7? Usher E E We R R t
  • It has to many adds

    By add report
    This game is good but it has a lot of adds you should bye this but it has to much adds
  • I sent this.

    By Lovnmyipad
    I love your game it is cool pls make more!
  • Ok game

    By Corrado90
    I like the game, with its colors and cars but it is LODED with adds 4/10
  • Awesome Game! But to many adds...

    By Lukey1234567
    This is one of my favorite apps! It’s really fun to fix/tune up the cars. You can get more wheels, stickers, and can even make your own logo! I recommend this app if you are looking for a car game. But, there is lots of ads. I would rather pay 3.99 for the game than watch all those ads. But the game is still really fun and I kinda get used to the adds. Awesome game!
  • Ads, Ads , & MORE Ads!!

    By morgandhayes
    For every 30 seconds of gameplay, you’ve got to watch 5 minutes of Ads. Just a disappointment.
  • You need to fix the game

    By FIX THE GAME😡😤🤬
    You need to fix it every time I play it and there’s an ad and when the ads over and I get back on the game it doesn’t let me play😡😤🤬
  • It’s a great game but...

    By Gmoney6983
    ADS I will get done with one task on the car 30 second ad next one 30 second ad and then I complete the car but ADS!! I really like the game just please lower the amount of ads

    By Ktclick2
    This game gives me an add ad whenever I do something. Select a paint color... ad... paint the car... ad... watch an ad... AD!
  • Kik out

    By ffdjdjdjdjdjdjd
    I shan’t to tell you at a point the little hatch back it will take you to a ad and it will freez you game and kik you out of your game and have to restart and it keeps doing it
  • Too much adds

    By jejfjhedbfihhdad
    I like the game but there’s way to much adds it’s annoying
  • Nah bra bro

    By dixie D'Amelio be haapy
  • Problem

    By knife gamer🔪
    The hot wheel in creative isn’t working on the main part
  • To many ads

    By dj11114556
    It’s to many ads and less actual game like bruh
  • Good game but...

    By Ferrous Nachos
    I don’t normally review on games like this but this is a great game but can you lower the amount of ads? If you do I will be glad to make this a 5 star review. Thanks for making this game it is really fun besides the ads.
  • Amazing

    By Elijah 8 yrs old
    Best car game played yet
  • Way too many ads

    By htmega
    It’s good game idea but there an ad every 5 seconds
  • 3 stars to much ads

    By Luxray13
    Just a short sentence is that there is a add every30 second and ads won’t stop.
  • Adds!!

    By maximus orndoff
    It’s a fun game to play I love making cars look better but every time you do something there is an add it is so annoying like is this a game or an add pretty good game though.
  • It is pretty cool

    By super hot yu guy on the pray
    I like it. No major flaws, Not a scam, and just good in all.
  • Lots of ads 😒

    By isaak joe
    I love it it’s cool and all but the only thing I hate is there a LOT of ads like A LOT of ads
  • It doesn’t work

    I downloaded it thinking it would be fun, but as soon as I open it up it kicks me off. And I don’t understand why. I thought this game would be fun because it looks like it allows you to be creative and design a car how you want it but it won’t even load up for me. Vary disappointed
  • Way to many ADS!

    By big eyes 453
    So I got the game and then the first thing I saw was an ad shoved right in my face then I got to the game and started to play and I was painting the car and then another ad and every ad is like 30 seconds and I get to the X page and I have to usually wait another 15 seconds. Other than that this game is awesome.
  • Showgirl

    By fgegtg
  • -ads

    By Poptart ninjas
    Paid $3 for ad free version and still get way to many ads. Unstoppable

    By üijh
    It’s so fun even tho I’m not that good at it
  • Rip gramps from the good burgs

    By Lovemuscle1975
  • Bad

    By lumshin
    This game is so glitchy because while I am painting my car it freezes and you have to exit the app to unfreeze but then your car is gone and their is a different one and their is way to many ads
  • OMG

    By I love you Pizza
    This game is awesome cuz u can kinda customize a car and it gives u like three Colors to choose from...

    By savagedog7
    This game is really fun and I think you should play it. Just please developers add more carz
  • Good game

    By boy sup jj
    This is a fun game but you need to take out the adds
  • More ads than game time

    By flicoflico
    10 sec of game time and then a 30 sec ad, then back to 5 sec of game then another 30 sec ad and then another 15 sec ad. More ad than game time.

    By lit kid 06
    ok so this game is the coolest one i’ve ever played and i think that you would love this app it also has creative mode witch i think could have more pads to make more cars without having to make a full garage. But this game is sick so fun addicting and have a lot of good content. And if there are kids who want to be an engineer this is good practice. Well that’s my review, it was honest and sincere so enjoy the game. game developers plz tell me what you think if my review enjoy the game peeps.
  • So many adds

    By devil ninja 457
    So many adds and it’s SO ANNOYING
  • Filled with ads

    By 👍👎🤷‍♀️
    Good game but ads every 30 seconds made it bad
  • Adds

    By 40's mom of 3
    I started counting down the seconds to every time I get an add, and it’s about 10 so please if this app gets updated take away the adds! I love the game but the adds ruin it!
  • Game glitchd

    By cfvgbhcfgn
    Then I reach Dey 52 Once I started the day it wouldn’t let me to do anything except go home

    By shy kind
    [why are you should download it it’s very in attainment first: This game is really fun and I can’t stop getting off of every single day even if I get bored and I want to play a different game instead of playing a different game then car master 3D I still pick car master 3D. [when you start the game: so you have to pump a car wheel takes a while But eventually you’ll be done with it! [how much to rate? So I recommend if you kind of don’t like the game give it a 4/5 or 3/5 because this game is the best! For the ones out there who want to make a low rate as long you hafe way like it. Also those who want it low rate to do not delete the game just you can keep it there and if you really want to delete the game I guess so you can >:( .That’s all I wanted to say hope you enjoyed! Also I hoped it kinda helped. Also shoutout to my bother with me The whole time also am not a YT YouTuber so I don’t know why I said shout out. Also sorry this review was very long then others.
  • You

    By knox123$!
  • Cool

    By LenaBayan
    Coooooooooool game✌️👍👍👍🤪
  • Way too many ads

    By MicroMutt🎮
    Whenever I finish a car or a paint job I get a ad. And then when the day is over what do I get? an ad. And most of these ads I can’t even exit after 5 seconds in this game they make you sit through the whole advertisement!!!! I really think this game need s a lot of improvement.
  • Sup dude

    By time to take down
    This is the greatest game I have ever played sense 2017 when Fortnite came play this game and be the greatest car creator everyone I’m not lowing play this awesome game😆
  • Cars

    By Jacobobobo14
    I love cars good game!
  • David Alejandro Pineda

    By DavTheDriftingDriver
    I can do whatever I create! 👱🏽‍♂️
  • Nice but...

    By Yahoo Rater
    It’s a great game don’t get me wrong, but I think the customers should say like “I love it” or “it’s horrible”
  • Why can’t I do VIP cars?

    By ytyhsoatrhto
    So I love this game but there is a problem when I try to do a vip car it just shows a black screen so please fix
  • Good but...

    By powderboy2021
    This game is so fun. I really recommend it for anyone who likes cars. The only thing That I would like to do is I want to make a car and sell it.