• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-05-08
  • Current Version: 1.6
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 317.79 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 6 324


FUN PHYSICS GAME! Fun yet realistic physics game. Shoot wisely in this western-themed game, time your shots to aim and shoot down your opponent. — 20+ hand crafted levels — unique game mechanics — shoot using increasingly powerful weapons Unlock all the weapons and become the most feared gunslinger in town! Have fun!



  • Why I had to delete this game

    By Reeze85
    For a simple game RagDuel is actually kinda fun and I hated to get rid of it, but it had to go. I understand that the developers need to make money so that is why there are advertising in the game and I accept that you’re going to force us to watch them for a set amount of time but you’re allowing advertising that doesn’t have a way to end it after a length of time. Basically no “x” ever appears in the ad and you have to close the game and restart to get back to it.
  • Great but needs extra features

    By Youngnmc
    I’ve really enjoyed this game and I think with the help of a few new features this game can really take off. Adding different colored lasers, weapon skins, and dance moves, also more weapons to obtain would make this a game that can compete and ultimately be better than its rival games.
  • Ads ads ads

    By Aircrew1313
    So many ads
  • Nice concept and done well

    By SammyTheReviewer
    There are almost no ads and I didn’t spend any money I swear but you earn too much money from the bonus levels and when you upgrade damage enough you one shot enemies for about 25 levels, sorta boring when it just takes one shot
  • Not good.

    By Hutch483
    The game itself is fine, if not a little buggy, but with the sheer amount of ads it gives, it ruins the game and makes it very unenjoyable.
  • So many ads!

    By Bricealan199110
  • Bad

    By Aldo Mason
    This mobile game is bad because it has to many adds
  • Great game

    By shea perkins
    One of the most enjoying games ever I have played its sooo fun it’s challengeing and that is what I like about it, it makes u use strategy and timing so you aren’t just spamming your gun.
  • Good game but bad developers.

    By YvngSquishY
    Great concept for a game but it’s hard to play because the game just lags the whole time. Ever game I’ve ever played that was developed by voodoo has always had a huge amount of lag. Even if I turn on my airplane mode it still lags no matter what. I lose games because of the lag. And now I won’t play this or any other game made by voodoo. Because it will always lag and I don’t want to play a game that just lags the whole time.
  • Terrible

    By Rrtyhd
    Ad time>Game time
  • Ads for days folder

    By Blakethsnake26
    Pretty fun game but I can’t enjoy it because the amount of ads
  • To many ads

    By dubtaker10
    To many ads but a good game
  • Would be freaking perfect, if it didn’t have so many ads

    By Brendon Wentz
    There is an ad literally after every single round and it is absolutely ridiculous. This game is great, the mechanics, the simplicity, etc., it’s a really entertaining game for things like car rides or just to kill time, which makes it perfect. Almost. It’s almost perfect due to the excessive amount of advertising that takes place and it is one of the cheap games that’s obviously going to have a load of ads, but it’s a game that is so simple that it doesn’t even need them. Advertisements are not what the player wants to see after every single game, as it might turn them away from wanting to play therefore making it less appealing to the players. Bottom line: a mellow game based off a fun idea, but too many ads engulf the player from enjoying the experience.
  • Adds!

    By Jordon7104
    Right off the bat, every single level you complete is an add you have to watch. To it’s credit, at least it gives you the opportunity to watch an add for double money before you watch said add, unlike a game I plated recently where every level completion triggered an add and then you watched another one for bonus money, but I digress. The fact that you can “choose” to not watch the add for bonus money and get thrown into one anyway is super infuriating. Makes the game not worth the time sucking adds really quick.
  • Too many ads

    By Romeo I
    How is someone supposed to enjoy a game when you got the bottom of the screen constantly showing an ad and after every round (The round lasts 15 seconds) you get an ad?? No one can ever enjoy VOODOO
  • Non stop forced ads

    By Stinky two face
    Have fun playing for 10 seconds between ads
  • GG, bad tutorial

    By James the person
    Yea, momentum and gameplay is awesome, and the tutorial teaches how to shoot and gets you used to shooting. However I thought it was an ad placement for a long time so i didn't look at the bar that shows up before a mission and learned that it was an upgrade menu at level 14 yes, 14 because the tutorial didn't say it
  • eh

    By soap in my crevice
    it’s an okay game, but once you level up your weapon so much to the point where it’s overpowered, the game becomes boring and repetitive. i think it would be great if you were able to choose your own weapon, and if the ads would stop after every two gunfights (i just turn off my cellular data but it’s still annoying) enemies should have a lot more health, like bosses should be at least 200-300, but yeah, overall needs some minor changes, but still an okay game.
  • Kind of fun but...

    By Brytur
    You get blasted by ads every few seconds so it’s hard to decide if it’s worth playing. Gave up after my 5th ad in a minute.
  • What a joke.

    By Prigg1
    More ads than there is actual gameplay.
  • what even is this junk?

    By VibeFish
    ok so i downloaded for a joke but seriously what even is this? first of all they added like 100 adds so they can “get money” but your not going to get fun out of this since its pretty much rigged also since your opponent is ABOVE you while you are just down there with nothing to do and about every time you die you get an add and about ever game this guy makes is the same game with the same amount of adds and rigged soo yea i would say just dont download it
  • Bad bad bad

    this game is so bad. i’ve shoot people in the head and it don’t kill them. i stg i cant tell you how annoying this game is.
  • Fun with no ads like barely ads

    By brody smarra
    This is a game that I think old style people should play it’s like rdr2 that’s money so thanks it is fun and I hope you have fun
  • Disgusting .....

    By Kellie90
    I only down loaded this game to leave a comment after seeing the ads. Rag dolls that explode blood? Seriously? Same on you; this game should be rated adult 18 and over. Shame on all of you that designed this grotesques game. ....... oh ya, and rag dolls don’t have blood .... bunch of dolts!
  • Gets repetitive in 1 day

    By Tomderstorm
    The game is fun for like 15 minutes. After that it’s the same constantly, the levels are almost identical and the enemies aren’t unique at all, the only thing that changes is the enemy is wearing either a cowboy outfit or a native American outfit. also, there are ads constantly. The only bearable way to play is to turn of wifi and cellular so you don’t have ads.
  • Wow.

    By Jgskrchu
    Hoped it would be cool but no 10 seconds of gameplay for an ad over and over again. Extremely disappointed. Nobody makes games like they used to anymore.
  • Fun but Short

    By PocketTreeTop
    There is not a lot to this game, I collected every item in the game in about 35 minutes. There is not a lot a customization in this game. You can’t not change your gun or dance and the available things that are changeable are very limited. There are also quite a bit or ads in this game. The idea of this game is good and the mechanics work, there is just no reason to continue playing this game after a it’s over, and it’s over very quickly.
  • Oh yeahhhh

    By Bazooka315
    Much fun, very amuse
  • A bit frustrating but awesome

    By nobody imprtant
    I love this game it’s simple yet so fun but it can get frustrating when enemies get a one-shot on u but great and challenging
  • Way to easy

    By TheBestbooks
    Like I said there is no competition
  • Fix it please

    By air michel jordan
    To many bugs and to many ads
  • Shots

    By Gary's radar
    Can’t figure how to get the shots going good

    By Inky_Springy
  • Ass

    By xboxplastation
    It’s not fun at all and the ad Is very deceiving
  • Too many ads

    By Junechiiiii
    Literally an ad after every duel. Can’t progress to the next level until you watch the ad completely. Unreal.
  • Not great

    By TheRadioDemon7
    It is a good game, but after a while it becomes boring since you become so good and upgrade enough that you kill everyone in one shot.
  • Too many ads

    By Jammie Jammie wammie
    Way too many ads, one after each game. Each game usually takes 20 seconds and you get a 15 second ad after. Funny thing is that it offers you to get 5x rewards if you watch a video after your game and if you press no it will still show you an ad for 15 seconds so you might as well press yes
  • Ad after every round

    By crispiesTofu
    I don’t like how there is ads after every round it get very annoying but the game is great but instead of ads every round maybe ads every boss fights.
  • Might show tiny bit of discrimination

    By its handy
    Umm on level 1 you kill a indian i dont like that i would replace the Character
  • Adds after every play

    By Harry ass tiddy
    It’d be nice to play without having to watch a video. Great game. Ruined by adds. DELETED!
  • Needs to be updated....

    By Epix_Erix
    Needs levels and I think it would be best if there were guns and characters u could buy great game pls update it
  • Terrible and racist

    By Ytsboog
    Not cool bro, just killing native Americans? Shaking my head.
  • To many ads

    By xzerbeast
    Every time I kill someone or I die I get an ad like every second
  • My privacy matters !

    By SlackMaster3000
    I have to disable ad tracking in order to play this? How is this even allowed!?
  • Too Easy

    By R4BB17x
    After 10 levels I can 1 shot everyone
  • Ads

    By iTsUAEgT
    It is full of ads i cant play
  • Racist

    By cngkclylcyoxycccocoycoy
    Game is extremely racist
  • Way to many ads

    By Luki Poki
    There are way to many ads everytime I die or win I am forced to watch an ad >:(
  • Waaaaaaay too many adds

    By TheVMan777
    It’s fun at first and is pretty alright in controls but if you die it’s an add you wanna go to the next enemy another add want to help out your character with an add? No, well here’s an add anyway. It’s a good game but just way to many adds to be playing for a fun amount of time.