Plinko Master - Be a winner

Plinko Master - Be a winner

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-05-15
  • Current Version: 1.6
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 109.31 MB
  • Developer: Good Luck Studio Limited
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 21 755


It is a brand new free Plinko game with infinite fun. All you need to do is simply clicking on the screen. Drop down a small ball, and you may get a big prize! The more you play, the more rewards you will win! What are you waiting for? Download now and enjoy Plinko master! Gameplay features: *Fast: drop the balls constantly. *Prize: get through the prize box and start the slots to win your prize. *This game does not cost any real money. *Playing this game does not imply future success in "Real Money Gambling".



  • Can I get help? My game reset me, again

    By El bato de america
    I like to play this game, but it’s annoying that I had to restart, and it’s doing the same thing, can I get someone to help me fix this?

    By Omggggm
    I work mommy butt off for this game to reach to $80.50 and 1mill coins and then it keeps popping this thing that said “keep going do not stop you’ll receive your reward soon” something like that and my game start lagging and i keep having to watch the video over and over again because my spinning wheel won’t spin and then my game lagged out and everything I worked so hard for is gone!!! WORKED THIS HARD AND YOUR GAME BUGGED OUT AND MESSED UP ALL MY WORK TOOK MY JOY AND HAPPINESS AWAY!! HOW DISAPPOINTING!! Watched so many ads because you gave me a choice to watch it to earn things and this is what you guys did for me?!? Erased all of my progress?!!!? How rude and greedy!!! I’m VERY MAD AND DISAPPOINTED IN THIS GAME. I was getting in loving this game and then this happen!!! The update happen right after the game bugged and it suppose!!! TO FIX THE BUG!!! Now it broke my progress and my happiness! I want my progress back! Unhappy and unsatisfied! 😤😤😤😤😤
  • Has anyone got paid

    By Cutie1958
    I’ve been playing for a while when you get up around 80 dollars it stop paying as much like a penny for a playing a while has anyone ever got paid or won any money
  • Scam

    By ValnLex
    $ coins stop once you hit $90 making it impossible for you to cash out.
  • SCAM

    By Cerro-Panchito Gómez
    They dont pay.... no green coin, always same fruits... SCAM.... After 90green coin they dont give u more green coins
  • Fake

    By Icheckallmoneygames
    I played until I got 50$ for two weeks I played and then it says it needs an update, I update it and then the app won’t work waste of time.
  • Total BS!

    By KenCruiseFever
    This and all cash type games are rigged and the winners could be fake based on the videos. This one had me up to over $82 in a few days but then almost nothing. You’ll likely never get to an actual pay out.
  • Scam

    By LaVieEnRose82
    I should’ve known something was off when you have to watch multiple ads just to even play. They trick you into winning money right off the bat. So much so that you think you’ll get $100 not at all. After $80 it became so much harder to even get to $90. Once I did I never saw cash options again. Also they state you’ll win $1,000 if you collect 25 fruit. You get to 21 nothing ever again. If anything it’s rigged that it spins the same fruit 5 times in a row. I’ve spent the last week with no progress. This game is made to pull people in and make money for the developers as they make money from you watching all the ads.
  • Scam

    By emoehle
    So this game will only let you cash out once you hit $100. I got to $90.04 and the game stopped. Don’t waste your time with this I had been doing this for weeks and I’m extremely disappointed with this app. Honestly If you really need money you should find a more reliable app or get a job.
  • Waste of time

    By maddii3
    I’ve been playing this game for a month or two and Still haven’t reached their cash out limit which is $100. I’ve been stuck at $90 and never revive any green dots (money). On the game you can win $1,000 if you collect all 25 fruit from the slots or making it into the tubes but once you hit 21 fruits it’s stops and you never receive new fruits. I wasted a lot of my time playing this game and hyping it up to everyone and making them play it , for no reason. We all just wasted a month of our lives getting our hopes up trynna win easy money off this game.
  • Waste of time

    By ctelephone
    i have no clue how this app is rated so high because everyone i know who downloaded this games has never cashed out $100. once you reach around ten dollars before $100 they stop putting anything related to increasing your amount of money, personally i’m stuck at $89.21 This is horrible because all that ad money goes to the creators of the game and your left with nothing.
  • Leaven me alone

    By Gamerterd555
    Stop showing screaming lord Jesus Reviews and let me get rich for once
  • Deceiving, not likely to win actual money.

    By Chrisski1981
    I gave this game a shot based off the advertising. But it only allows you to cash out at certain amounts, and right before you get there, the game becomes stops paying.
  • No

    By Buckshot1125
    This game is horrible played for a week straight and used all of my video lives to get more balls got to $90.00 and then haven’t earned .01 since I reached 90 this game is rigged and is a waste of time.
  • Lies

    By Wrsexy
    You cant win anything because it stops giving you the opportunity to win money at $83 and you have yo have $100 before you can cash out. Amazon gift cards are not worth the time. $2 for 100,000,000 coins. Been playing 2 weeks daily and only have 609,000 gold coins for Amazon gift cards. All these other reviews are fake.
  • 100000 balls later

    By Grezling
    100000 balls later I haven’t received a penny after I hit $90. Not worth your time and effort ! This is just another hoax game app! Don’t fall for it like I did! Deleting after this review....
  • Don’t waste your time

    Absolutely terrible. Been playing for awhile and it was fine but once you hit 90 dollars you get no more green coins (money) absolute waste of time.
  • I need answers now

    By stalou74
    It won’t let me cash app it out on pay pal help
  • Cash out status

    By TheFallen420
    I have yet to earn enough to “cash out” but I’m really close but my problem is: when I try to tap on the coin or dollar sign at the at the top right corner it doesn’t pull up how much I need left to collect in order to cash out. My fiancé plays the game as well and it pulls up on her phone but not mine. I would like a reply in order to address the issue so that it can fixed. Thank you.
  • Do not download

    By michi aka mitch
    Don’t waste your time once you get up to 90 it will not give you any more green coins
  • False Advertising

    By Spark313
    This is bull so if you make it to 90 without saying this is a boat load of crap and give up you won't make it to 100. They advertise actual money and they only give change... Complete waste of time 🖕
  • Garbage

    By kkc 2020
    After you hit the $90 it doesn’t give you more green coins. An you will never get the 25 fruits . Don’t even waist your time .
  • Fake

    By 小疯子楠
    The same problems with other people! After 21 fruit and $90.10, everything stopped! just don't want try it anymore!
  • Don’t waste your time this is fake

    By Dont download this piece of *
    Mother sucker, scammers, the creator of this app should get banned stupid dumbass DONT WASTE YOUR TIME
  • Scam

    By katwick71
    Got to $90.42 and no more green coins! After days of continuous playing, I am unable to score any higher. Don’t waste your time!
  • Scam

    By Remarley
    Game was flourishing in the beginning. Day 2/3 I was at $30, in about a week and a half I had 19 fruits and mid $60s. I have been playing for about 3 weeks now. For the last 3 days I haven’t gotten any green coins and have been stuck at $90.07 and have been getting the same fruits over and over leaving me stuck at 21/25 fruits. Then I decided we’ll I’ll keep playing for the gift card they can’t eliminate coins right? Wrong. They put so many blocks up where you aren’t getting much gold coins either. I’m so over this game. Uninstalling as we speak 🥳✌🏾
  • Waste of time

    By plmkoiytrees
    Game never loads any videos at all. It’s pointless.
  • my game reset on its own

    By ibeeclubbin
    Plinko Master just robbed me of $60.++. just loaded it up and it says $0.00. all my fruits, gone. all my money, gone. i didn't do anything but try to play after playing a few hours earlier. not my device either. the other games are fine.
  • False

    By dirtyassgame
    False advertisement and you should be sued for that and a class action lawsuit for lying about cashing out .something that never happens
  • Won’t ever reach $100 for payout

    By Evfd1237
    They stop giving you the green money dots after you get close to the required $100. Mine has been stuck at $90.02 for 4 days already. It’s a waste of time.
  • Amazing

    By TheProBois=Blake
  • Scam

    By Kdh01
    You will get to $90 in less then 2 weeks if you play every day. Do not expect any more than that. I am stuck at 91. No more green balls are dropping. It is a total waste of time. Do not play for money.
  • Can’t get 100

    By Apericot
    After I hit just over $90 it quit giving me green coins. This has been for over a week. I also was getting fruit pretty often, but since I hit 21 that stopped too. Frustrating.
  • Mad

    By clb211
    I have been stuck at 90 dollars for a couple of weeks, I don’t get any green balls anymore and also I have been stuck at 21 fruits like 90 dollars is a lot so why can’t I just cash out now instead of waiting until I get 100 dollars...
  • Scam

    By jsnjsjxbusisia
    Don’t fall for it once u reach 90 dollars you can’t go up it’s to good to be true so just don’t
  • Scam

    By Pioneer22
    Got to $90 in a week or so, now it’s been days since I’ve had a chance to earn any money, which means I can’t cash out and collect anything. Also stuck at 21 fruits.
  • No payout

    By Nikyta Kamilah
    You won’t win. Don’t waste your time. It’s upsetting because some people really have it tough and they pander to those people only to profit off them.
  • Scams

    By Anajulia
    When I was with $65 they deleted everything
  • This developer needs to be banned from the App Store

    By Average Wisconsinite
    Please remove this developer. This game is a scam. If you’re reading this I implore you to send an email to Tim Cook himself, a member of his staff will read it and if enough emails come in something will be done. Google his email if you’re looking for it.
  • Disappointed scam total scam !!!!!

    By Kitkat011999
    Thought I was really going to win a little bit of money however have spent four days trying to get past $90.48 and it’s not happening.
  • Waste of time.

    By Rawlingz
    I’ve been playing for two weeks now. When you first start out the game you steadily increase your cash earnings. But once you get to a closer to cashing in, you just stop getting any chances to win. I’ve been at $90.09 for five days straight. I don’t expect to win every time I play, but not even a penny closer the past few days?! At least make it fun experience.
  • Can’t redeem

    By Rue1104
    I love this game and I’ll give it 5 stars if someone can fix the fact that I can’t redeem anything. It’s not giving me the option to redeem like it is my best friend. He has a redeem button and I don’t. We both have iPhones.
  • Plinko master

    By nickbrim
    It’s a scam
  • 这个游戏

    By li 喜欢
  • Total Scam

    By fvckthistrvshgvme
    I got to 90.00$ flat and all money stopped coming through I played for a whole week after I got to 90$ and still no more money. Don’t waste your time with this shit😤
  • Fun to play for $$$

    By Madjkly Delish
    It’s awesome to win any money during this time and being unemployed. Staying safe and in home gets boring fast. Thank you for adding a game that gives away money!
  • No actual winnings.

    By CentriFruGalForce
    First it said payout at $20, then $40. When I hit $40 it says I need $100. I have yet to find a game with a real payout. The ad revenue just is not there to actually pay players. One game promotes another similar game and they are all the same. It's diffcult to enforce false advertising laws because the games are from Chinese developers.
  • Not a legitimate company, truly awful

    By HillC19
    This app was made to scam you. No one has ever won a penny from this app. Their algorithm will cap out at 99.99. They think their terms and conditions will protect them from their scam. It will not, we can band together and take their pathetic company down and run them into debt. I’m a PhD law student at Stanford and this is the perfect thing to add to my resume. GOOD LUCK!
  • Such a scam!

    By Blueeyedtraveler
    I thought this would be a great fun way to earn a little extra money. However, you need at least 5 million gold coins to get an amazon gift card (okay, whatever). But, once you get close to $90, you’ll never get the chance to earn money anymore. Considering you need $100 to cash out, you get your hopes up that you’re getting close, and then it all stops! I got up to $90.03, and haven’t seen a green coin since. Total scam and waste of time