Tangle Master 3D

Tangle Master 3D

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-05-14
  • Current Version: 9.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 178.06 MB
  • Developer: Rollic Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 71 488


Just relax your brain, untangle them all and "quadruple" your fun!



  • Too many ads

    By Ryanorhino
    Every other level had an ad. Couldn’t get into it because I was too irritated about that.
  • Bugs still not fixed

    By LadyCass
    Still have no ropes....
  • Lost in Ads!

    By Shahriar Mamun
    Why are you so greedy! Ads at every step. Is that really necessary? Give the players a break. It immediately kills the appetite if you constantly start showing the ads every few seconds. If it is improved, I would rate it better.
  • Ads

    By Fhukhrrtg45677
    Ads make it unplayable
  • Ads even AFTER you pay for the ads to stop

    By CPR611
    So, I decided that I’d pay the money for the app to get rid of ads. Someone developed it so why not. Well, ads didn’t go away and in fact, despite trying to skip them at the end of the rounds, they just play anyway. At the BEGINNING of a round, there is an intrusive ad free floating in the middle of the game. Restore purchase does nothing.
  • Repetitive

    By Ep1c G4m3r 42069
    After round four it’s basically the same level, and I’m pretty sure if you see a five star review it’s a bot :)
  • I don’t like this game

    By anything 76
    I bought this game and I thought it was gonna be really fun I saw the ad and it looked hard. But and then I tried it and it was so easy I thought it was going to get more harder but it was it is exact same thing it got really boring I don’t like this game.
  • Too many ads!

    By teddybru
    I was really eager to try this game butThere’s just way too many ads. It seems like after every other level I have to watch a 30 second ad. On to the next game
  • Graphics are OK

    By einsteinboricua
    An ad-fest game. Every 30 second you get an ad (not to mention banner ads during gameplay as well). Win? Ad. Skip ad? Ad. Tap? Ad. Blink? Ad. Stare? Ad. Eventually the untangling becomes dull. I lasted for about 20 levels before I deleted the game. Only nice thing are the graphics.
  • Dis a Meh

    By TheVeryWeirdGuy
    I don’t usually do reviews but I just have to say this. The game itself is actually fun and supper easy. The thing that I don’t like are the ads. There are just to many ads. I don’t get why you need to watch an ad in order to get your rewards even tho you worked hard to get them. It just doesn’t make any sense. Like the key meter, once it’s full you get to choose which chest you want then when clicking in order to get the item from the chest the game gives you two choices, 1 to watch an ad to get your prize, or 2 to forget about it and don’t claim it. And when clicking forget about it they just throw an ad at you anyway. I really wanted to give it a 2 star but I’m being nice cause I know that the ads are there way of making money but still. It’s annoying.
  • Update crashed app

    By Ofire25
    Another new 9.4 update - game still missing rope detail. Crystals appear and move but rope detail missing in screen. Impossible to play. Needs fixed or I’m out for good.
  • Too many ads

    By Walnut247
    As many others have stated, it’s ad after ad then maybe a short game play. After last update, had an option to remove ads for $2.99. No thank you.
  • Too many ads

    By Timsgrandma2012
    I thought this would be a fun game but the numbers of ads you have to watch (after every other challenge) is ridiculous so it is an uninstall for me.
  • 90% ad time to 10% game time

    By The Tropical Girl
    I get the need for some ads. This is ridiculous. Win watch ad. Claim rewards, ad, start new set, ad, use up your moves ad and on it goes then there’s an ad after an ad etc ad, etc,ad. Otherwise, I might have enjoyed the game.
  • Idiots

    Play one game and asked if I enjoy the game..dahhhhh
  • Too many adds

    By AliBouhamza
    Played 1 level and slammed with adds. Not worth my time deleted in less than 1 min of play
  • Game screen shows caps at bottom but rest of screen is blank

    By Teppiewrn
    I was really enjoying this game and moving right along until I got the diamond caps. When I got these and moved to level 40 the caps showed up at the bottom but the rest of the screen was blank except for the level meter on the left and reset/skip buttons on the right. No support on game so I have to give this a lower score. Please SOMEBODY help
  • Ads ads ads

    By Barracho y loco
    If I pay to remove ads I don't want ads on my gaming experience. Or the ability to accidentally press one a d ruin my game experience nce. REMOVE ADS - EVEN THE MINIATURE ADS ON THE GAME FACE from the game. It's a lousy, lousy business model.
  • ADS!

    By Cosav1057
    Paid for app to eliminate ads and I still have the ads. Nothing like throwing money away.
  • Love the game but NO

    By Godstrongpatty
  • To many ads

    By Gen556
    Way too many ads. I’m not joking. You spend time watching more ads than being able to play the actual game.
  • No sound, ads on top of ads

    By levliko
    No sound on the iPhone 7, had 30-second ads appear right after other 30-second ads. Uninstalled this junk two minutes in.
  • Ok

    By 368390
    Love the idea of untangling the ropes. But it’s absurd the have ads after every level. I won’t play games like that even if I like the game. You’re losing a huge market of people like me who are so annoyed by the amount of ads.
  • Level 115????

    By Cinmik
    I was enjoying this game tremendously up until I reached level 115 that now has what look like “rock jewels”. 💥💥I have ZERO IDEA how to play this level!!!!!💥💥. I cannot find any directions at all. Somehow I managed to reach level 116 and have no idea in the world how I managed to do that!! I kindly ask you to please share what this new level is all about and how to attempt to navigate it??
  • Problem

    By ExecTitle
    I absolutely loved your game until it “froze up” around level 84. I wanted to continue but it would not work - no tangled ropes to move ??
  • Evilive1388

    This game is fun but don’t get it children
  • Not worth It

    By gshoe2019
    The puzzles are too simple. The last update broke my app, it has more bugs than before. It’s locking up and doesn’t give me the high coin count even if that’s what I selected. It counts down to 0, never gives me my coins and I end up having to click on the lower amount. And what do you do with the coins? The ads are ridiculous. I was going to lay to get rid of them until the new update broke everything.

    By jcbdirnfbcjkkfbrb
    Constant ads. The most I’ve seen in any game. 30 second long and sometimes two in a row. It is unbearable! The game is fun but there’s more ad time than game play so no thanks!
  • O

    By hchmkydjkin
    Love the game but literally after every game theirs a ad like dang at least let me play a good 10 games before another ad
  • Just Ok

    By amkirke
    The game is nice to fill my time or keep me engaged in something. Can also be relaxing to do a level before bed. However, they are just way too easy. I probably complete most levels in 30 seconds. And it’s not because of my level I don’t think, as I am above level 300 now. I like a challenge and this does not fulfill my craving for something that really makes me think.
  • Ads are absolutely invasive

    By Orca688
    Noisy and diaturbing
  • If you like a lot of ads this is a great game

    By Mike342
    Like the title says. The game has potential if it weren’t for so many ads
  • Boring

    By kalash12131212
    Boring AF. Not recommended. I got to level 50 and nothing.
  • Too slow

    By <3 Firefly <3
    For me personally, it lags which doesn’t happen with my other games. It is so bad it will pick up the wrong rope.
  • An Ok Game

    By P0TAT0 G0D
    Tangle Master is a game where there are these ropes that you have to tangle. It’s a pretty basic game, and the levels get repetitive. I thought this game would progress the difficulty of the levels, but it was just too easy. I got to about level 40 and it was still the exact same thing. On the bright side, though, it’s a great game to pass time. And one of the worst parts is the ads. There are ads after every two levels or so, which made the game feel longer. Overall, a pretty bad game. Would not recommend.
  • Bad

    By fuvkurgxms
    Too many ads makes my phone lag
  • Excessive ads

    By kburkelett
    Ridiculous amount of ads
  • Not worth it

    By camilosu10
    Ok the game is actually entertaining BUT you spend way more time watching ads than actually playing the game! You have to watch an ad for every 2 games that you play. Every turn to untangle takes you like 10-15 seconds and each ad is about 30 seconds!! I had to delete it. Makes you waste too much time. Not worth it.
  • still ads after i paid 2.99

    By MMMonsterface
    there is still an ad on every start screen after i paid for this game. ad-free should mean ALL ads, even for your other games.
  • Too many ads

    By SadisticSanta
    Couldn’t even get through the first few levels without getting spammed by an unreasonable amount of ads.
  • So many Ads!

    By Nlkloook
    Too many Ads
  • Too many ads

    By Allie_Ruth
    The game is fun, but there are ads after almost every level.
  • Yeh. Hmm

    By unicorn fish recipe
    Too many ads
  • Ads

    By j11657
    Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too many ads
  • new player

    By level 105 player
    doing ok. until the $$ reward doesn’t double or triple after watching the add -
  • -JoannaChen645

    By Coolkids1082
    I love this game because it is fun and np! Before u go I wanted to say bye! :)
  • Ads are NOT appropriate for the 4+ age requirement!

    By Chelsi Rae B
    The game is rated for ages 4+. My 6-year-old daughter and I like to sit and do games like this together. The game in itself is fun and a new challenge for her, but the ads are definitely not appropriate for children! I had to cover the screen when an ad came on for a game with ADULT relationship themes. I immediately deleted the app and came here to warn other parents of young children. Super disappointing.
  • Too easy!

    By Jallen614
    This game is fun, but it’s too easy. I got to level 33 before it got a little less easy. It has LOTS of ads. I told my my husband how easy it is. He responded with, “you know its only easy so you’ll keep watching their ads”. 🤦‍♀️
  • Forced advertising

    By Skynner McGee
    I watch reward ads, not commercials. Get rid of the forced advertising. Uninstalled