Staff! - Job & Life Simulator

Staff! - Job & Life Simulator

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-08-19
  • Current Version: 1.2.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 553.63 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 16 716


► Could we live more than one real life? We only get one chance to live this wonderful but tricky life. Should we be less careful and take more risks, or, on the contrary, should we think through each and every step?  That's a hard question to answer, isn’t it? But let's imagine we do have a golden opportunity to experience our life several different times - in other words, to try as many things as possible so we get the best possible result. Sounds like a good idea! Are you ready to take a chance and change your personal reality right now? Life simulator Staff can help you. It gives you an interesting and unusual way to create your own virtual version of real life: eat well, sleep well, work hard, buy a house, and, sure get a cat…Oh! And don't forget to fix the outlet in the bedroom! So you see, everything in our life simulator depends on you and you alone! ► Grab a pen and write down your to-do list for today! Welcome to your new house, time to turn it into a cozy home! Starting now, you'll be responsible for household responsibilities like putting up wallpaper, putting in new floors, fixing all the outlets, and many other crucially important things! Wait a second! Maintaining a house costs a lot nowadays! Do you have the money to spend on it? This is where our life simulator turns into a job simulator! You'll be offered a wide range of job opportunities. Every day you will have to work hard and earn money to make your home warm and comfortable. Honestly, it basically follows the same logic as real life: gotta work hard for the money. ► Song lyrics aside, here goes the game description. Every single day, you will face different problems that will all have to be solved as soon as possible. You'll have to work hard and complete diverse tasks: wait tables in a restaurant, put out fires and save people, feed pets and clean apartments, and more. The job simulator will definitely help you learn about dozens of professional fields and prepare you to join any team. Also, household chores will pop up on a regular basis. This house design game is aimed at improving all aspects of your living conditions every day. There's never a dull moment! Remember that being a hardworking person and earning money is the only way you'll be able to fix up your new house and make your romantic partner happy. ► Features of the app: • Inspiring level structure: each one unlocks unique new opportunities. It's one of those popular house design games where you can build your dream house. • Breathtaking storytelling: the game motivates you to get busy! Each action has a detailed backstory and possible consequences. • Cost accounting guide: you will learn how to manage money. You'll be balancing the high cost of different additions against the restrictions of your salary. • Goal-oriented tasks: to work or not to work, that is the question! Every single action is a part of an overall strategy that will get you the results you want. Rise to the challenge and test yourself: could you live more than one real life?



  • Yasssss

    By werd guy
  • Update? Please

    By rdgjuiujzfxigxif
    I love the game! I have finished it. The only thing I can think of is when is the update? And in the update I would love for them to get married (though I think that’s the direction your going in since the new level’s icon are rings) and the other thing that would be cool is for them to have a baby. Again I think that’s the direction your going in but can we chose the gender please? Besides for that the game is a lot of fun and I love it!
  • FUN 🤩🤩

    By fihgtr
    🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩FUN GAME
  • Like ads?

    By EVoLGRiMM
    Everyday plays an add plus more ads to increase the rewards for each day. Might be fun but seems like every other button press leads to another ad. Unless you pay to remove them because they are so annoying. Hate ad-ing games like this.
  • Clone

    By bunnyman09
    Clone of good job In the first level the game uses the same box as good job
  • Buy it buy it

    By Bobybrickrigs2
    WORLD BEST GAME, NOT THAT ADDY, IF I COULD I WOULD RATE 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 stars ITS THAT GOOD
  • LOVE ❤️ IT!!!!

    By Antoinette 10
    It’s amazing I’m LOVEIN IT
  • I love the game ❤️💚💓💖😁💛💜🧡💗😍💕💙🤎🤍🖤🥇🚆🚘🚀

    By tis is the best gema
    Gerard the new update is still available on the iPad

    By ase750
    I love the game. I just downloaded it and it is a favorite of mine already. BUT, THERE IS ONE HUGE PROBLEM: There is a really gross, inappropriate ad from the game “D.O.P.” (Delete One Part). It is one of those games where you have to erase something to win the level. The ad is where you erase the clothes of people. It stops right before they erase it all, but PLEASE. PLEASE, OH PLEASE take out that ad. I know the game is supposed to be family friendly. It makes the game almost unplayable. Thanks
  • Copy

    By Catkloud32
  • AMAZING GAME but..

    By i dunno wat nickname-
    This is a amazing game! I love how you can decorate your own house! And have a pet! But On like 254 or something on 200 starts over the game like at the start I got this it shows it again. And I would really like a update like the have a baby because I saw a baby room AND I would like if we can use the car to like go shopping or explore the world. BUT it’s a amazing game I would really like you to get this. SUPER FUN!! but please add like no adds like only won every 60 minutes please. And Please add they can move around the world and sit down and sleep in bed and shower and cook food! Also add like They move but they bring the stuff from the house to the new house so it wouldn’t be a waste
  • Why is this game rated 12 year’s old

    By HKmann20
    Why is this for 12 year’s old it’s not like Jonny trigger this game has no blood our any guns I think this game should be rated 9 years it is but why 12 year’s old.
  • I hate this app

    By ihvok
    Cuz the update is soooo long and very soon doesn’t mean sooo long idiots ugh and there’s not a new furniture 👿👿👿😈😈😈🤬🤬😡😡
  • Great game I just wish..

    By sanuelhammer83
    So like I said this is a great game tho what I want is to be able to sit on your couch and sofa and armchair or read a book in the library but thanks for the game hope you put these into consideration
  • This game is great but has too many ads

    By miles 3244122
    I don’t like ads at all they the worst thing ever!
  • You can’t beat it

    By bennyboibeast
    On day 41 you have to empty the litter box... BUT YOU CANT EVEN EMPTY THE LITTER BOX!!! It says to “empty the litter box” but while that is happening you pick it up so you cant move the sofa on the line and let go to break the glass because you cant drop stuff except for sofas, Foods, and boxes. But you cant drop the litter box so you can NOT EVEN BEAT DAY FORTY ONE!!! that is one thing that really bugs me so if you want a game that you can’t beat when you hit day or level 41 then I guess you would want this one.
  • Of the best game ever

    By Crawfordihr
    This game is so cool like you get to do jobs get a life like your house better maybe in the future I’ll get a new house I just begun and I already really like this game because I know how to play I’ve seen you tubers play and I played it on a different device five star rating
  • These Ads Are Horrendous

    By RoastedHam
    Staff! is a good time waster and has an okay story with interesting characters and dialogue nonetheless, but the bugs in this game and the amount of unskippable and intrusive ads get overwhelming and become the idea of the game itself rather than the game being played for enjoyment. I understand that the idea of the game is a quick cash grab with all of its ad revenue for the developers, but come on even when you have the ad free mode you still get ads that are unskippable. At the very least make it so your ads always have a skip option and do not mess with outside applications.
  • New Update Please

    By Karleezeee
    Can you add a update where you can recolor hats and outfits that would be really cool, I don’t know if you’ll see this review.
  • 😄

    By uhhm me wont tell you meh name
    This game is great! The only thing is is that I just got to the second floor and it’s REALLY expensive. Can you please just lower it down to like 2000 not like 2050 and 3000. Overall I give this a five star! Keep up the hard work!

    By _xzeph
    If I’m gonna pay $2.99 for no ads and then I should not have to see them at all, but they are still mentioning ads when I finish a level or when I want to get a new piece of clothing.
  • Update

    By nshsuiskwnedbxhdiwkmedbxu
    Please update I’m stuck on 11 with nothing to do pleeeaaasssseee
  • Great!! But glitch

    By jackxke
    I love this game so far it is really fun and different! There’s only one glitch though, I try to turn off the music in the game but it keeps playing? Even though I have turned it off already. Otherwise so far it is pretty good!
  • Update now

    By NOW NOW NOW😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬
  • What a rip off

    By Bagman004
    This is just good job. The objects are the same and the gameplay. The only thing that’s different is that you own a house.
  • Some bugs in jobs

    By Christian8247
    In day 32 “delivering boxes”, there is this bug when you take the cord and plug it in to catapult the boxes, you instantly have to run away from the cord before you accidentally unplug it, and you can never plug it in again.
  • I like the game but The plug-in won’t work

    By Keion the King 👑
    When I tried to plug it something in a wall and then I accidentally grab it I have to reset the level and I’m stuck on level 61 because this glitch I hope I can beat level 61 😑 (five seconds later after posted) never mind I just beat level 61 but that glitch is still on the game
  • Cool but....

    By Horse_Craazy8110
    I give it 4 stars because the game doesn’t even care to ask what your gender is. I’m a girl and I got this game thinking it would ask me what gender I am, but it just makes you a boy, and your dating a girl. I really think you should change that.
  • Nothing but Ad’s

    By Jake Rabena
    The game is basically you watching ad’s in order to decorate a house.
  • I can barely control my character

    By OliviaCharlotte2018
    So I like it but 1 thing it’s kinda hard and weird

    By Scrreeeviews
    There are lots of physics, which make it more enjoyable, and there are hardly any ads that show up, and it only asks for a rating twice at the beginning of the game, so it isn't annoying, and i don't get that many notifications. Super fun, recommend purchasing, please update the game.

    By kingfatkitty
    I love this game there are not to many ads and it very fun!
  • Paid for no ads

    By Cizion
    Paid for no ads and $3000. Continued to keep getting ads. Waste of money

    By Bethany912
    Don’t waste your time honestly. After every little thing there is an ad.
  • Level

    By Romando101
    Level 32 is impossible to do it when I plug it I don’t have time to away
  • What a ripoff!

    By LinkThePlayer
    The ad I found on you tube is actually correct!, is a ripoff of the Nintendo switch title, GoodJob, down to the art style, physics, and the puzzle solving, don’t waist your time with this, you would rather spend 20$ on the Nintendo eshop then a few dollars to remove all the ads this copycat, crummy game shoves down your throat. (Also 80% of other reviews are bots).
  • I like it

    By judhsus
    Its cool
  • Ummm

    By Alconnors
    So its rlly fun and good but the jobs get rlly repeatitive and loke 5 seconds in things get SO expensive and to save up u hv to doo thee repeat jobs so plz add more jobs ty bye
  • Update of the game

    By uigugjhbkh
    I love game so much I can’t even get off it i love this so much
  • YESSS!

    By sweet Suzi
    I am such a big fan of the game! Is is realy fun and I’m upsesed. I have been playing games like this but they all are meh. I finely found this and love it! The only problems are i wish I got payed more at the job without needing to watch an add, that when you earn gifts eaven tho you earned them you need to watch an add to get them and when renovating your house, everything is way to expensive.
  • No good

    By pineapple.curlss
    I purchased a starter pack to remove ads and the eh still plaid , I bought another pack where it was only money and it said below (ads removed with any purchase) and it STILL played the ads . Waste of money
  • Just a cheap ripoff

    By SuperJayKay
    Let me tell you this game would be good if it was original. There’s another game for the switch called “good job” which has the exact same art style and mechanics on it. I bet this game is fit for a lawsuit!
  • Too many ads

    By flyguy222
    I’m all for watching ads to help keep a game free, but I spend more time watching ads than playing games. Also, when I said “no thanks” to watch an ad for a bonus, I was still forced to watch an ad.
  • Fun game

    By 4898??
    I love the game thanks for making this game and again love it.
  • Great game tbh

    By Vimaster3533
    I kinda like it! If any improvements can be done in the game I’d be very happy
  • team up w bitlife

    By dripzpee
    this app is awesome but I believe it could grow more with more content and being able to pick more of what to do
  • Special ending?

    By MikiIsland
    How about to make a special ending where the man and a girl are moving, getting a baby, and having a special marriage? I got 1 star.
  • On purchase

    By Jaybag98
    Why does ads continue to come on when I open a gift when it says ANY PURCHASE DISABLES ADS!!! So I want a refund or I will sue
  • It’s...ok...

    By rosesterling
    Adds are so frequent it’s hard to get into the game, Game is catchy but very simplistic could’ve been developed so much better. Obviously just a catch game to watch ads.