Sneaker Art!

Sneaker Art!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-06-01
  • Current Version: 1.3.00
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 224.26 MB
  • Developer: TapNation
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 39 096


You’re the designer! Create amazing sneakers and sell them in your shop! It’s so fun to design sneakers, you won’t want to stop! GAME FEATURES - DESIGN sneakers using different brushes and colours. Match the design perfectly, or make your own! How creative can you be? - LACE them! Chose from dozens of laces and follow the on-screen pattern to tie up your laces for bonus cash! - BOX them! Pick your box and drop in your shoes! - SELL them! Stock up your shop with your cool designs. The better your designs, the more money you’ll make! Get rich from your awesome sneakers! - EASY and intuitive touch controls make it simple for you to create awesome designs - AMAZING 3D graphics bring your sneakers to life Whether you’re a sneaker fan, art fan, or just want to relax and paint away- you’ll love Sneaker Art! --- Reviews Please rate Sneaker Art and leave us a review! We love hearing from our fans! If you have suggestions or support queries, please email us at [email protected]



  • It was a really excellent game

    By angelm8
    Pls update more I really enjoyed it and it was fun
  • Love it! But.....

    By galaxy dragon12354
    I really like it but one HUGE problem. When I try to paint it it will turn black then when I paint it it goes away
  • This is probably my favorite game so far...

    By robloxdr4k0
    I find it really fun to design shoes in this game and I don’t think there are any problems that I have at all..
  • Good game

    By MamaImDatMan
    Just want to know when new shoes will be added.
  • Good game, needs some upgrades

    This is a really fun game. i like how you can customize shoes the way you want and there are a lot of shoes. however once you get to playing you realize there aren’t a lot of customizing options. i’d like there to be more colors, textures, laces, and boxes and maybe you could add socks. also i wish you could mix colors and customize your own shoes and laces and boxes with different colors and patterns and stickers. I also wish the shop had more of a purpose like you could customize your shop and you could make orders for people. Overall great game
  • 😡

    By Annie unicorn 3
    So it glitched when I tried to paint and made me start all over. So I would say not to get this app.
  • Guys

    By Diggitydog41
    If you get a glitch it’s not the makers falut it’s just the thing you are playing on
  • Es muy bueno

    By ola sin h👌🏼
    El juego es muy bueno pero pone muchos anuncios y eso molesta
  • Not enough shoes

    By dog king 🐶🐶🐶
    So I was playing the game and it was really fun for two days and then they said you completed all the shoes wait for update. And I was like okay I will wait. But now I am still waiting and there are know new shoes yet. 😡😡😡
  • Worst Game ever

    By vucytctctv
    I can even paint the shoe and every timeI tried it disappeared I can do nothing in this I hated
  • Sneaker art

    By ajscruz
    It’s like really cool I made my own sneaker Air Force it’s fun play it @sneakerart
  • Can’t paint

    By Demon Eva
    Every time I try to paint it always just dletes what I painted before like the next second. Can someone please fix that? Overall, this game is pretty cool but some bugs in it. - 𝐸𝑣𝑎 𝐻
  • Not enough shoes

    By Katecflo
    This game is so addicting and fun, but the only problem is that I finished every single shoe in one day, but there is room for more shoes, it is just annoying that I can play them yet
  • It’s ok.

    By brooklynn kenny
    I love this game but it has too many adds I don’t like it they can make it better
  • Game Developer Must See This!

    By Strikers 21
    I downloaded the game and made 3 shoes but couldn’t get another one because u need one more shoe to make so I tried to make my own shoe. For some reason I choose the color and everything and the shoe lace but u can’t click finish the brush is broken it doesn’t do anything it’s so broken! U need to see and fix this problem ASAP
  • Vary good

    By Raaaakio
    Plz make a new game like forthright make aFortnite make a skin for free
  • No

    By Aubreeb123
    No no no no no no no no no no
  • This is a great game

    By hsbcdjd
    I think this is a great game I could not stop playing
  • Absolutely garbage

    By gfhrggyhgg
  • I don’t know

    By mandosandxusjak
    I love it it’s calming but I have waited 7 days for more shoes cause I finished all 88 and I’ve updated it and nothing happened I didn’t get anymore shoes
  • Sneaker Art

    By Xander Colon
    Amazing! I love playing this and getting to paint my own shoes and designs! Would recommend this app for all painters.
  • Arggg

    By the epic one dude
  • Perfect

    By chrisssssssssss661
    Nothin is perfect buht dis is perfect
  • More shoes

    By jdhdjjdjfjdjdjfjdjjd
    Add more shoes I have all shoes
  • Fire shoes

    By Slime ethan
    It is lit
  • This is the worst game ever

    By AngelKarma0912
    This game is so hard I can’t even get past level one I hate it that is oh so hard it is just be cause you can do it and every one else think about me and all the other people to oh can’t get past level one you made me cry I tried I can’t this is the worst game ever
  • Este juego es muy bueno divertido y adictivo

    By angeline bombino
    El juego es divertido
  • I can’t paint

    By Chiefs1534258710
    When I saw this game on an add I thought it was cool but when I got to playing it I found out the truth I didn’t like it I can’t paint or do anything to make cool art.So pease fix this game
  • Bugs and ads

    By Asap panda
    The game is so annoying, i feel like it would be fun if there wasn’t so many ads and bugs like when it crashes and I can’t paint it please fix.
  • Crashing

    By blahblahjjhdhhdhfjrj
    I really like this game and I love how you can make your own shoe designs, but my game crashes before I can finish a shoe. I’ve been trying to finish a shoe and I’ve had to restart 3 times and after I finish writing this, I need to restart again. I might have to delete the game if you don’t fix this soon because it’s pissing me off a whole lot. I would rate 5 stars if it wasn’t for the crashing. Sadly the crashing is ruining the game for me. Please fix the crashing soon.
  • Don’t get it it is a lie

    By afhutfjiu
    Do not get it

    By gdhzjnfkskdbjd
    Great. You gave us two more shoes and then you stop. Please do more. HURRY UP!!!!
  • MSN’s

    By jrneidjdndudjdn
    All my friends and I on iPads it does not work so I would have left a better review if it worked
  • Good game

    By joshcc125
    Hate all the ads that they make you watch to get stuff but it is a super good game
  • Mj

    By fnxbd
    Mj Mj Mj
  • Lag

    By jacob_supercool
    Their is so much lag I have to restart the hole game because of it fix the game but it is very fun
  • Good but needs more

    By samthegameman
    This game is fun and I found my self wanting to customize every shoe the thing is they need more shoes.
  • App is pretty good

    By leahbooh
    I didn’t know what to do we I first got the app I had 16.50 dollars or idk but it said that I don’t have a enough money and I was like how and I tried to buy some coins and then it said it purchase was successful and ur all set then um i I unlocked some shoes and stuff and still said that I don’t have a enough money again so I buyer more and I had to spend my money on coins and this doesn’t make any since I tried so hard it’s not working properly I brought the less money I think idk but pls fix the app and I’ll download tomorrow thank u
  • Bug?

    By MikeCoxlong420
    Can’t paint anything, keeps resetting, I’ll change the 1 star to four stars when that gets fixed.
  • Why does it quit so much

    By eolive2005
    The game is good and very fun but it never works for me it always quits and there is way to many ads.

    By Awesomelayna
    I got this game thinking it would be AWESOME, When really it wasn’t. I opened the game tapped on the first shoe and I went to customize it and it wouldn’t let me even put a single mark on it!😡
  • Good game, but I have a complaint

    By Frfjhfxsd
    Overall, this is a great game. But I can not get past the 5th last sneaker (in the first section). So, I don’t know if this is a glitch or if it they aren’t added yet but can you fix it?
  • Jejjdhdjdhdh

    By hgcuxndjkdnxnsksmdk
    Fun game
  • Loving it so amazing

    By Minnie Mouse 1643
    I’m a shoe freak so when I saw this game I said I gotta play it. It’s addictive and stylish but I finished all the shoes and now I have nothing to do....when will the next update be cause I’m ready to style more shoes
  • Robot

    By lilliflower123456000
    Omg it’s just so fun also I am robot :-)
  • Can’t run

    By lolercar
    I can’t paint every time I try too it just disappears maybe it’s because I’m playing on IPod touch but still-
  • Stupid game

    By thisgfdgggghhhbbbbhbhhh
    It will not let me customize any more shoes every time I click on the it says coming it’s been doing this for about 2months now
  • Lit

    By Awesomebro37
    I like it a lot
  • J

    By z8fccjvc
    I just gotnthisybhghrbft got it I don’t know