Desert Riders

Desert Riders

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-06-02
  • Current Version: 1.2.6
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 223.52 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 28 862


Imagine you are in the desert, you have a gun and mad cars are chasing you. Don’t worry! We have a plan for you: 1. Make sure your tank is full and speed up on this crazy road! 2. Show them your rage! When their cars line up with you, pull the trigger. 3. Defeat your opponents one by one in this fire fight! Desert Riders is a coolest shooting and driving simulator. Get the thrill of this free game! Okay, you think you can bring the heat? Install now and break them into pieces!



  • Good

    By tcguifigfhgggfjf
    Your game is really good but there still someBugs bugs problem car crashing into a tree car not moving or shooting
  • I love it can u guys double the game up .or make it harder thanks

    By tiffanymoss2011
    I love it
  • Worst game

    By naga waga
    Not that much fun and it’s boring I wasted my time.
  • More colors

    By Chistfss
    This game is great but could you add more colors and skins 👍👍😎😎😎❤️👽
  • Car. Crash

    By reggie bufford
    This game is so fun
  • Great game

    By joethebro2468
    Easy and so fun!!!!
  • Great but...

    By Stubbywis
    This game is good but if we want to tear the cars apart the cars need more health so it doesn’t kill them before we can tear them apart ok if you add then I will give it a five star rating
  • Fun but....not able to unlock stuff by watching ads

    By Black Magic Inc.
    This game is pretty good but it doesn't let me watch ads pls read this developer
  • Great Game!

    By Spanky1800
    it’s fun and addicting
  • So good

    By FaZeJJ243
    This game is heck a fun Make more
  • Nice game

    By hbygyvtctbjjitcrjnycrcunimuft
  • Intertwining

    By the noob supportor
    With no internet it’s still great
  • What for?

    By Wrtrblk
    I was liking the game until they wanted to steal my personal info for whatever reason. Whadda need my personal info for? Just let us play the ****** games. You don’t need my personal info.
  • Good but...

    By gaming wizard jedi
    The game is good but the whole add not ready is BS get rid of it
  • Why Buy No Ads???

    By Fireemt656
    Why spend money buying “No Ads” & yet I’m still having to watch ads, I don’t get it? I’m sorry for putting it here but the developers didn’t add a contact here link. Also why after having to watch yet another ad does my sound and music go mute? The only way to get back is jump off the game, clear it and re-start it. Other than that I think the game is a lot of fun. Well worth playing except for paying for No Ads and still having to watch them.
  • Hi

    By jdhsyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Hi there I’m sorry to bother you’re having fun but I’m sorry to bother anyone with you I don’t want you guys instead to be within a little time and then you could come and see wieyeueyrteyeieteu is the weekend and I don’t know if it’s going to bother you but if I don’t want you to do something I can do something to you I don’t want you to go to school and get to school I don’t want you to be sorry I’m sorry but I cannot was like a lot better I don’t have good
  • Good... 👍

    By Mikegamertv
    Hey you! Yeah you! Creator of this game. I have to say you’re game is really great, but there are some problems I have with the game. Not much but just a few problems that have nothing to do with bugs, glitches, lagging, or crashes. The problems are mostly about “vehicle customization”. My first problem is that you can’t decorate your car. Sure you can paint your car and equipped stuff like engines and wheels, but you can’t put anything on like spikes and saws. That would be really cool! My second problem is you also can’t put any style on your car. You know like white or black stripes and Lightning bolts to put on your car. That would be awesome! Also why does paint for your car cost a 100 cash?(not real cash but in game cash). If you can make it 60 or 80 cash I would be happy. My final problem is you didn’t add any new wheels, engines, pipes, or bumpers. If can you can add more of them and new weapons like a explosive barrel launcher, a lazar beam, or a black hole ray that would be really cool and great👍 if you guys can add all of the things I talked about, I will give you guys a 5 star rating to the game!

    By jsharkbite
    Every 3-4 cars there is a 30-45 second ad. Not enough gameplay.
  • Need to improve

    By $$$$$$&$$&&&&
    Lot of adds , only1 minute game 10 minutes adds , loosing interest on game quickly , But need to improve more objectives to target to make game more attractive
  • The best game ever

    By omahri333
    I love this game
  • No ads

    By hldukyx
    For the people complaining about ads just turn on airplane mode no ads maybe 1 and then no more ads ever
  • AD NOT READY.... to infinity...

    By Nejai_H
    Just purchased “No Ad version” after dealing with continuous AD NOT READY messages at upgrades... still not able to get those upgrades... increase your bandwidth for the ads or give the upgrades for free if player tap for the ad-generated upgrades after 5 attempts! I want my $ back & will just stop playing altogether if this isn’t fixed soon. Fun game but time’s too valuable to waste waiting on ads that won’t load.
  • No complaints here

    By normie79
    A pretty honest game. No popups begging you to get micro-transactions, no ads bombing you every single minute, the gameplay and cartoony graphics are pretty good, but it still feels like it needs more. There’s only one gamemode, you can’t play online or anything and the customization feels a bit on the empty side, but still a decent game.
  • An actual good game

    By TWDaBoss
    So I came here from Johnny trigger then JT sniper then jelly shift then road rage then HellCopter then this y’all make pretty good games keep it up
  • Good Potential

    By PhotoKing23
    The game plays really smooth, graphics are cartoon-ish but not cheesy. The game is PAINFULLY easy. I never feel challenged, and after awhile, finishing levels doesn’t feel rewarding. Certain vehicle mods will offer actual in-game boosts and others don’t. So the player is almost forced to use certain mods while others, even though they look really cool, are detrimental to use. The “z beam” or “z gun” is incredibly overpowered. While other weapons are just kinda goofy fillers. They all have nearly the same damage effect. The game needs more content. Same opponents. Same scenery. Same bosses (which are just regular opponents in bigger cars and larger health bars). Oh, and of course ads. Ads everywhere. You need to pay the $3 or something to play without, otherwise it’s just you watching ads almost as much as you’re playing the actual game.
  • I feel so stupid

    By Referral
    I paid the $2.99 to play this game “with out ads” only to find out that you have to sit through ads in order to obtain new weapons. I feel so stupid, the game is meh.
  • Good game

    By ahhh i hate this ahh
    I like it
  • Update

    By jj skilaz😎😎😎
    Update we’re you can Be dirt bike?
  • Love 💕 this game

    At first it look so dum and now it’s cool 😎
  • Overall very fun game

    By Epicest Gamerer
    This game is great but the main problem with it is that there’s way too many adds.
  • I love this game

    By Gangerstsavgesquad
    I can’t wait to have fun in this game
  • Good shoot

    By nle the top shotta33
  • Cool

    By huvo games
    I like it
  • This is a joke I am not a baby

    By potato eater 35
    PP Poopoo Kaka
  • Add more weapons

    By Muffinlakes
    Games good it’s just theirs not enough weapons just like agent action you should add a lot of weapons
  • Cool game

    By merttopcu
    I really really love this game and I am really really good at playing it too 😊 This game is relaxing 😌
  • Good game bad adds

    By Kirby206333
    The adds they put in there make you try to subscribe to stuff and it is very easy to push subscribe on accident. Good game but because of that no thank you.
  • No thanks... ads!!

    By MarkF1337
    Ad after every round.
  • Beautiful

    By hjngdgb
    Best app everyday
  • Good

    By itz_bethbeth
    Its good
  • Too Many Adds.

    By Jcschrock
    10 minutes in and I’ve watched 8 adds already and the game isn’t worth 2.99 to play add free.
  • I Love the game!!

    By Galaxy Ty-Rex
    This game is going really well. I think there should be a mode like arcade where you go till you die. I love this game, keep up the good work!
  • I like it

    By ilike pôp
    It’s good and all
  • So many ads

    By RubiconFish
    I can’t figure out if there’s a fun game in here because it will barely let me play. 15 seconds of play, 30 seconds of ads. Not a great ratio there.
  • Fun

    By pooping man👨‍🦰💩
    It’s fun
  • Cool

    By frmdkdkdkdjdd
    It is cool
  • Good game not many adds and fun

    By phillip the fishy
    Very good I see no problem
  • Desert riders

    By best buby
    It so fun they just added new cars and parts for your car
  • Eeee

    By turdnostral18