Desert Riders - Wasteland Cars

Desert Riders - Wasteland Cars

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-06-02
  • Current Version: 1.4.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 225.89 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LTD
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 37 968


► PUT THE PEDAL TO THE METAL Drivers, rev your engines! Get ready for a heart-pounding nonstop thrill-fest packed with fast cars, powerful guns, and more road rage than downtown New York City during rush hour. Download Desert Riders now and start living life in the fast lane! Fight enemies as you race side-by-side down the road in this exhilarating car shooting game. Just press on your screen to fire your weapon and drag your finger to aim. Blow apart enemy vehicles piece by piece and eliminate enemy shooters to make them spin out of control and explode! Be careful to avoid enemy fire and make sure to dodge before the other vehicles ram into you. If you take too much damage, your car will be the one to blow up! The better your shooting and driving skills, the more in-game money you’ll be rewarded with! ► PIMP YOUR RIDE No car game is complete without customization, and Desert Riders is no exception! Choose a booster at the beginning of each level to add awesome extra weapons, armor, and health before you hit the street and bring the heat. Take personalization to the next level by saving up currency to unlock tons of new cars and swappable parts at the garage. And remember to get a sweet new paint job while you’re at it! ► GAME FEATURES • This action-packed car shooting game combines easy-to-learn controls with challenging goals. • Take down enemies in all types of vehicles, from motorcycles and sports coupes to police cars and armored trucks. For bonus cash, wipe out enemies as you drive by buildings in slow motion! Rack up kills to complete levels, and score extra points for well-aimed headshots! • As you progress, you’ll travel through different apocalyptic worlds with varying terrains! See if you can prove your skills in especially tough boss levels. • Choose a new booster in each level to play to your strengths. Laser and plasma guns, lightning, armor, money, extra health—all this and more is at your disposal! • Complete levels and missions to open chests and get rewards that you can use to modify your vehicle. • Make a pit stop at the auto shop to upgrade your ride. Unlock dozens of cars, including retro and rare models! • Customize your vehicle with over 70 wheels, bumpers, exhaust pipes, and engines. Plus, paint your car any color you want! • Enjoy the awesome soundtrack, fun sound effects, and cool graphics! • Turn up the thrill factor with the optional vibration setting. This shooter and car game has it all: fast-paced gameplay, mind-blowing excitement, and cool cars and weapons. Get behind the wheel and jump into the action! Install Desert Riders now and go for a spin!



  • Love the game

    By be jfjxhs
    It would be a lot more fun if when you shoot out the other cars tire it would slowly take heath. But it’s a great game
  • Machine gun

    By metallimanmeister

    By SmokyPilot
    And a flying mode.
  • SFSU

    By Elfinbien
  • One little fix pls

    By Jaxson.H
    So I love this game and I just started playing it today but can you let the player actually keep ur gun but otherwise ur game is awesome
  • Greed kills

    By Skinmann01
    This game went from a 5-star to a 1-star the instant I was forced to watch an ad. There are hundreds of opportunities to get your Ads in that benefit the player with small boosts. The minute you waste a player of your games time is when you show that you don’t care about the player, just making your money off of Ads.
  • this is the best

    By anime rules XDDD
    it's amazing because you can soot cars and people but also because you can change the color of the car and...
  • So cool

    By Lxmattpz93
  • It’s very glitchy

    By Jsbshs(naz
    It’s very glitchy
  • Hjehhihghff ur

    By giyuogi
  • Desert Riders

    By Kevery Eli
    It’s a really fun game I haven’t played this game that long but it’s fun like it it’s not crazy fun but I still think it’s a fun game
  • Awesome

    By jacob murphy :)
    I love how it’s mad max themed and has tons of cars and more I hope they give the cars names,more guns,more enemies, more customizations and you can unlock boss veilcicles and the police cars and armored truck.
  • Here you go best game ever!

    By wawa wayde
  • No good anymore

    By Lilhulk1111
    Every time it goes to a video to watch it just freezes so after two years it is gone like most games all garbage
  • Desert ride

    By bally Kelly
    This is fun''
  • This so good

    By vxbxbd x ss888882222
    I play this like 3 hours a day
  • Cars?

    By mR oPtimus pRime
    I have all the cars, most of them are lame. I want all the enemy cars and large boss trucks. It would be nice to be able to UN-SELECT parts. Some cars would look better without pipes at all etc.
  • Oh

    By hf🙃🎂🤣
    Me love
  • Amazing game!😜

    By Fireball1ak
    I love this game and it has great features!
  • Best game ever

    By hgtugyuggiu
    Old is Schuette make it a good game
  • Awesome game

    By Meltucker1
    This is the best game ever. It involves shooting so I wood not recommend it to 3 and under. Overall it is so simple I just started today and I am already at level 10.
  • OMG 😱so cool

    By Bracefaceweezy
    Hey I’m Brayden 7 years old I play all sorts of different things Roblox and so much more please down load Roblox today I love the graphics and game boooo no rewards for videos or ads
  • Make sure to dodge he says

    By Done crushing
    Great but... HOW!?!? There are no instructions not even on a search of the internet. It’s not like it has a million controls. It would take you what, five minutes to explain how to dodge!?
  • Don’t download

    By Sandunga C
    This game will show your child inappropriate ads. Don’t download.
  • Gg

    By g dcbg dvgdcg dcg ceg ce
    Aaaaaaaa it so good for me
  • Virus

    By Philipe del Jaun
    This virus is more contagious than Covid-19
  • Good

    By tcguifigfhgggfjf
    Your game is really good but there still someBugs bugs problem car crashing into a tree car not moving or shooting
  • I love it can u guys double the game up .or make it harder thanks

    By tiffanymoss2011
    I love it
  • Worst game

    By naga waga
    Not that much fun and it’s boring I wasted my time.
  • More colors

    By Chistfss
    This game is great but could you add more colors and skins 👍👍😎😎😎❤️👽
  • Great game

    By joethebro2468
    Easy and so fun!!!!
  • Great but...

    By Stubbywis
    This game is good but if we want to tear the cars apart the cars need more health so it doesn’t kill them before we can tear them apart ok if you add then I will give it a five star rating
  • Fun but....not able to unlock stuff by watching ads

    By Black Magic Inc.
    This game is pretty good but it doesn't let me watch ads pls read this developer
  • Great Game!

    By Spanky1800
    it’s fun and addicting
  • So good

    By FaZeJJ243
    This game is heck a fun Make more
  • Hhj

    By yassmiinee
    This game is cool
  • Nice game

    By hbygyvtctbjjitcrjnycrcunimuft
  • Intertwining

    By the noob supportor
    With no internet it’s still great
  • What for?

    By Wrtrblk
    I was liking the game until they wanted to steal my personal info for whatever reason. Whadda need my personal info for? Just let us play the ****** games. You don’t need my personal info.
  • Good but...

    By gaming wizard jedi
    The game is good but the whole add not ready is BS get rid of it
  • Why Buy No Ads???

    By Fireemt656
    Why spend money buying “No Ads” & yet I’m still having to watch ads, I don’t get it? I’m sorry for putting it here but the developers didn’t add a contact here link. Also why after having to watch yet another ad does my sound and music go mute? The only way to get back is jump off the game, clear it and re-start it. Other than that I think the game is a lot of fun. Well worth playing except for paying for No Ads and still having to watch them.
  • Hi

    By jdhsyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Hi there I’m sorry to bother you’re having fun but I’m sorry to bother anyone with you I don’t want you guys instead to be within a little time and then you could come and see wieyeueyrteyeieteu is the weekend and I don’t know if it’s going to bother you but if I don’t want you to do something I can do something to you I don’t want you to go to school and get to school I don’t want you to be sorry I’m sorry but I cannot was like a lot better I don’t have good
  • Good... 👍

    By Mikegamertv
    Hey you! Yeah you! Creator of this game. I have to say you’re game is really great, but there are some problems I have with the game. Not much but just a few problems that have nothing to do with bugs, glitches, lagging, or crashes. The problems are mostly about “vehicle customization”. My first problem is that you can’t decorate your car. Sure you can paint your car and equipped stuff like engines and wheels, but you can’t put anything on like spikes and saws. That would be really cool! My second problem is you also can’t put any style on your car. You know like white or black stripes and Lightning bolts to put on your car. That would be awesome! Also why does paint for your car cost a 100 cash?(not real cash but in game cash). If you can make it 60 or 80 cash I would be happy. My final problem is you didn’t add any new wheels, engines, pipes, or bumpers. If can you can add more of them and new weapons like a explosive barrel launcher, a lazar beam, or a black hole ray that would be really cool and great👍 if you guys can add all of the things I talked about, I will give you guys a 5 star rating to the game!

    By jsharkbite
    Every 3-4 cars there is a 30-45 second ad. Not enough gameplay.
  • Need to improve

    By $$$$$$&$$&&&&
    Lot of adds , only1 minute game 10 minutes adds , loosing interest on game quickly , But need to improve more objectives to target to make game more attractive
  • The best game ever

    By omahri333
    I love this game
  • No ads

    By hldukyx
    For the people complaining about ads just turn on airplane mode no ads maybe 1 and then no more ads ever
  • AD NOT READY.... to infinity...

    By Nejai_H
    Just purchased “No Ad version” after dealing with continuous AD NOT READY messages at upgrades... still not able to get those upgrades... increase your bandwidth for the ads or give the upgrades for free if player tap for the ad-generated upgrades after 5 attempts! I want my $ back & will just stop playing altogether if this isn’t fixed soon. Fun game but time’s too valuable to waste waiting on ads that won’t load.
  • No complaints here

    By normie79
    A pretty honest game. No popups begging you to get micro-transactions, no ads bombing you every single minute, the gameplay and cartoony graphics are pretty good, but it still feels like it needs more. There’s only one gamemode, you can’t play online or anything and the customization feels a bit on the empty side, but still a decent game.