Color: Logic Game
4.67216 Color: Logic Game

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-07-27
  • Current Version: 1.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 267.26 MB
  • Developer: Easybrain
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 2 486


Discover the mystery of Color! With its enhanced gameplay, it's easy to follow the game rules and become a Nonogram master. Explore Color and discover a fresh take on this classic paper-and-pencil nonogram puzzle. Start with the basic rules and logic behind the picture cross puzzle with a challenging multicolor style. - Fill the squares with colors and reveal the hidden picture - Numbers above the column are read from top to bottom - Numbers to the left of the rows are read from left to right - Follow the order of color groups and switch colors to mark appropriate squares - Different color groups may be placed next to each other - Groups of the same color should be divided by at least 1 empty square - If you have figured out that the square shouldn’t be colored, mark it with an X - Use hints if you get stuck - Get extra lives if you’ve made a mistake Color is easy to learn and quite addictive once you start playing. Challenge yourself and enjoy hours of fun with logic number puzzles!



  • Too small

    By Ncbubbles
    The grid numbers are just too small for me to see well. Please increase the entire puzzle size. I’d also like a harder difficulty level
  • Stop Crashing!!!!!!

    By Scubababe007
    It’s getting really hard to do this Dance and Music Event if I can’t even play one puzzle without it CRASHING!!!!!!!
  • Good start but incomplete

    By patrickfatrick
    Update 10/14/20: the “events” solve my main complaint with this game, so as long as the developers have those in a constant rotation I don’t have much to complain about. I’d still like to see a way to simply create a game at a certain difficulty but so it’s four stars until that is implemented. But this along with the monochrome game are the best picross/nonogram implementation I’ve played on the phone. This has the same feel and controls as the monochrome but adds colors, which can be a surprisingly interesting mechanic since different colors can touch each other without a space in between. So far so good. However, unlike the monochrome version there is no way to start a game with a chosen difficulty level. This basically makes this game useless to me. If you’re already pretty good with nonograms/picross then you’re gonna be pretty bored since it forces you to play super easy games for a while. Without this feature the experience feels incomplete, but I’m sure they’ll add it later.
  • Great game

    By Luckyone-haha
    It’s a good game, I almost play it every day, but the number are too small, very hard to read.
  • Great game

    By Suzzie3104
    Lots of fun—and much better than the version without colors. Two small suggestions: sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish between similar colors (like gray and light blue) and I seem to be stuck on Level 601. Have been playing for weeks at that level. Otherwise, highly recommend. Thanks.
  • It looks easy but I know it’s a little bit tricky.

    By davidkunio
    Sience I seen the ad I know how to play,
  • Nothing past 601?

    By Hidbarnes
    I love this game, but once I hit level 601, it stayed on that number on new pictures. For awhile I thought, “No big deal if I replay some of them, because who remembers 601 levels,” but now I think I’m noticing repeats...thankfully I had the event, but I’m done with that with 2 days until it’s over. Any chance there will be new levels?
  • Colors need work

    By lwpsy
    My only problem with this game is that a single puzzle can use two colors that are very similar; so similar that it can be difficult to tell them apart, especially at the “hard” level, where the squares are so small. There should be a way to select easily distinguishable colors for each puzzle...
  • Mediocre at best

    By dr14251
    Very disappointed. I got color nonogram because I enjoy picture cross (puzzle page) but this is a disaster. The user interface is awful. The settings inadequate. The pictures are blah! Overall very disappointing. Will likely delete and look for something better.
  • Just what I needed!

    By Crocodile203
    I love your numbers Nonogram game (best of the bunch in my opinion) but was getting a bit bored because after mastering the addition of the 20 x 20 grids there was nothing new to keep me challenged. I just found this new game a few days ago and am so happy for the new challenge! Thank you so much! I’ll soon be checking out some of your other games as well. Great job!!
  • Fun game! - update 9/30/2020

    By MrsH50317
    I really like this game. I do like the different levels, but I miss the special events like regular Nonogram has. The other issue is that when you have pale colors and the row or column is complete, it’s hard to tell. Update 9/30/2020. I still like this game & love the new update with the daily puzzle. But, I am now on level 601 and have yet to pass it, even though I do about 10 puzzles a day. I have been at this level now for 2 weeks! What’s up with that?!?!?
  • Why?

    By whyisthiskat
    Not sure what the point is of color Nonograms since they change the colors as soon as you solve the puzzle...
  • Fun but hard to see

    By Qpawner
    I love this thinking game but the colors and super small numbers make it difficult to see and therefore play.
  • Fun twist on the original

    By zyyxxxwwwwvvvvv0
    One of my favorites (so is the black/white version). I wonder how many levels there are.... Would be nice to choose difficulty as in b/w version, although the levels are fun, too. Requires some strategy’s a fun challenge, but it takes a bit of getting used to ;) Small gripe: Colors Light blue - hard to tell the difference between normal and the darkened “row/column completed” state Also some color pairs are hard to see the difference between: black/dark blue, various shades of red/orange/pink, etc.
  • Bug

    By BoredCovidMama
    After hitting level 600 the level numbers no longer advance. I was at level 780ish when the latest update happened and it kicked me back to 600. I was kinda annoyed by that but now no matter how many levels I play it keeps me at 601.
  • This game starts to bog down

    By Smartash1429
    I absolutely love this game. I also really like this version of nono gram after playing a different one. My only complaint is that the game bogs down and I have to close out the app, double click my iPhone button, clear the app and reopen it to get it to act normal again. Until it bogs down and I repeat the process.
  • New Update

    By Jazzib0521
    I love the idea of daily challenges and events. But, with the new update, it has become extremely difficult to read the numbers. Also, I had completed over 12xx puzzles, but after the update, it is only showing 6xx. What happened to my other 6xx?!
  • So Much Fun

    By French Fry Tom 🍟
    Very fun game but I can no longer advance. After I complete the puzzle for level 601, nothing changes. Hopefully more levels will be added soon! Also, some colors are very hard to see. The light grey especially! If there are two shades of blues or of red on a puzzle, I can’t tell which color is correct for the box.
  • Great App, until the most recent update

    By SMT159
    Love the simple Nonogram puzzles with the added challenge of colors. The addition of a daily challenge is nice as well. But the new update is actually causing my eyes to hurt from the bright white borders around all numbers. Additionally, some colors are nearly impossible to see. Please go back to the original colors and display!!
  • Lost levels

    By jaztek01
    I love this game and was very happy that colors were added. However when the last update came out that added the daily challenges (YAY!!!), I lost about 2000 completed levels in my stats and after completing all available daily challenges for the last 3 months, the game still says I haven’t earned any trophies.
  • I love it but...

    By hagdd d
    I love all the colors and the challenge of the game. However, I wish there was an option to enlarge the image. Sometimes, it feels like I need a magnifying glass to see the tiny numbers, much less to differentiate between similar colors. If only I could make it a bigger size - then it would be perfect. It might also be nice to have the daily games, and the occasional challenges that come up like the black and white version. But for now, I’d settle for being able to see it in a larger form.
  • Don’t like the update

    By D.Black boy
    The design changed just enough to be annoying, and I don’t like the way of you get it wrong it tries to do that color, bounces, then x, then the right color.
  • Fun Game

    By d2debnz
    Fun, but WAY too many pop-ups.
  • Different but I like it

    By Takenist98
    Absolutely loved the original version of this game. The only thing I’m not liking about this version so far is the “there may be a space between different colors”. It’s such an ambiguous rule that leaves me scratching my head sometimes
  • Bad Colors

    By Sam102478
    Used to play this game all the time but the new update makes this very difficult with the new colors. It is very hard to see what color you need to choose or what color you have already solved. CHANGE IT BACK!
  • Fun sequel to the monochrome version

    By Gcrocker
    Good game. Levels are interesting, new logic made my brain hurt (in a good way).
  • Numbers too small

    By BettyBoopWynne
    This is very difficult to see, esp on phone, but also on ipad
  • Love this game!

    By S2634167
    I love this game and am glad to see the addition of daily challenges. The latest update changed some of the colors. Light grey and light pink tiles with white numbers are hard to read and tend to go dim when tiles around them do. Minor detail that doesn’t keep me from playing!
  • Good d

    By Monijah
  • Suggestions

    By Sbee2
    Enjoying this game and have 2 suggestions. Make the numbers larger and darker. They can be hard to see and differentiate. Second, do something different with the “X”, like treating it like a color with its own icon. Too many times I make a “mistake” but it is because I unintentionally toggled from a color to the “X”, or vice versa. Very frustrating
  • Great game!!

    By LisaS777
    I love this game but regret paying for it. By removing the ads, it took a lot of the challenge away. If the back button was available and when you get the wrong color, it doesn’t just give you the answer, that would be great!! Also, if the hint option were back, that would also give some of the challenge back in the game.
  • Font size

    By Smedsd
    I really like this game but the font size of the numbers is so small its causing me eye strain. Can you please increase the font size or make it an option? Thanks.
  • Change the color!!!

    By cinni2000
    I enjoy the colors and the app. But there’s just one thing that drives me nuts. The hot pink color with a black number in the middle. Please change it to white numbers! It’s really hard to read the number when it’s black with the hot pink color background. Otherwise, great app!! I play every day!
  • Can’t choose difficulty

    By mizzmoon43
    I like the look and feel of these Nonograms but they are way too easy and you can’t choose which ones to do. Also, most of the pictures don’t look like much of anything and I don’t like that they transform into different colors from the original puzzle. The whole idea of nonograms is to create a picture with the colors given.
  • Screen layout too small

    By T'Clapper
    When the puzzle grid gets big, the screen size because so small that errors are made when trying to click the tiny squares.
  • Really Nice UI

    By Scrapula
    This game is very clean looking and easy to play. I would give it 5 stars if there was an option to purchase and get rid of the ads. The same is true of their black and white app. I spend more time watching ads than I do solving puzzles. Thanks for fixing the issue! I have removed ads on both apps and am enjoying this game again. Upping to 5 stars!
  • Eyes

    By mmdolg
    My eyesight is not what it once was so some of the numbers are difficult to read on certain color. Also hard to read when there are many colors in a row or column with few spaces.
  • Jan

    By AMME500
    Should get much harder as you advance levels. Still fun!
  • Sync

    By tattooedsparkie
    I love this game. I just wish it synced across my Apple devices. On my phone I’m on level a 100, and on my iPad I’m on a 200 level. I prefer to play on my iPad because it’s easier to see the tiny numbers. Please make it so it’s on the Game Center and the same on both! Thanks.
  • Remove ads

    By Jkaaaaaa
    I really enjoy this game but there seems to be a glitch and it won’t let me pay to remove ads. Hopefully soon there will be an update to fix this. Edit: development contacted and fixing the issue yay!
  • Colors?

    By rhicola
    Can we get some different colors? More contrasting? This is hell for me, I can’t imagine someone with color vision deficiency trying to play a level with black, grey, and white spaces. Or using dark maroon and brown tiles together. Especially when a certain color in a row is cleared and the side number changes tint, I can’t tell what’s been done and what color it was originally. Otherwise, it’s a solid game. Just not very user friendly in that aspect.
  • waaaayyyyy too many ads

    By Z423sd
    First you have to wade through a ton of super easy puzzles, then you have to endure an ad after every single one. Big waste of time.
  • Font in numbers a bit too small

    By DiviDiviLovesThisApp
    5 if not for font. I can’t make out 6 from 8 in some of the colors
  • Love it! ...except one thing!

    By Quelie-girl97<3
    I love this game. I love the black and white Nonogram too. The difference between the two that drives me nuts is the black and white version makes it SO much easier to tell if you’ve completed a column/row with the shading of the end caps with the numbers so you know you can put x’s in the rest of that row/column. With the colored version, there’s a lot going on with all of the numbers and colors on those end caps so, when you complete a row/column it’s REALLY hard to tell if the shading is whited out or not to put in the rest of those x’s. Other than that! The game is great. You don’t get to pick which level a difficult but, I almost like it like this because it reminds me of the random challenges in the black and white version.
  • I loved it, but their user experience...

    By Cjnboston
    Edit: I’m updating my review because it seems as if the developer doesn’t care to fix the issue with removing ads. I don’t like watching ads during any game, and there are a ton during this one, in between every level, and some are a minute long and not skippable. I’m not sure if they’re trying to do an experiment to see if they make more money with ads vs game revenue or what, but they have a black and white game that functions, so it shouldn’t be a huge deal to fix this one (this is coming from a person who writes code for a living). Please care about your users and fix this issue. This is a great update to the black and white game. The color totally fixes my main issue with their first game (which is that it’s hard to see whether you have the X or the block selected, and clicking on the toggle switches you automatically, even if you wanted the one you were already on). With this one, because it’s color, you select the color and the block type, so it’s much easier to tell, and the toggle function doesn’t automatically switch back and forth. Perfect update. My only issue is that you can’t remove the ads! Every time it try to purchase it, I get an unknown product identifier error (screenshot upon request). I’d love to give you money and make my experience MUCH less annoying please!!! I really, really hate ads, and they’re they best way to get me to quit a game fast, and there are a lot in this one (after every level). i’d really like that option.
  • Good game

    By MichelleB19
    I really like this game. It’s a good format for those who need practice on these pictograph games
  • They run full screen ads. Instant 1 star

    By Alex Timing
    Good bye
  • MORE 15x15 PUZZLES!

    By Friday's man
    I love this game. However, after getting to level 600 or so, the puzzles are the easier 10x10 grids, versus the more challenging 15x15 grids.
  • Enjoyable but frustrating

    By Dwalktx
    I love the puzzles however, lately the ad will not close to get back to the game. I have to hard close the app and swipe and relaunch to get past ads the x isn’t working.