Johnny Trigger: Sniper

Johnny Trigger: Sniper

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-06-11
  • Current Version: 1.0.6
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 249.81 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 16 072


Bandits are all over the place. Again. With his gun and favorite radio set, Johnny Trigger is back on the hunt. Step on the roof. Set up some proper music. It's showtime.



  • Cool and great game

    By shadow springtrap
    This is cool and great. This is also addicting. I love the game it is pretty detailed
  • Umm it’s fun

    By mrboring guy
    It’s fun because you have a sniper but it not that fun
  • All I have to say

    By brohinnant
    I love this game
  • Ok game

    By theivannator
    To many adds, I’m about ready to uninstall it.
  • Pretty good has a lotta adds though

    By unhhhbhu
    Yeah just a lotta adds
  • It’s a good game

    By bdidbejsbsbsjbsjsjxbdbxdhd
    In the game I really enjoy I mostly like sniping games so this is good graphics are good.Camos Look amazing
  • AD Crash the game.

    By TurtleSpeed168
    The game is good and fun, but the AD kill the game and need to reload the game.
  • Like this game

    By Mssooobbiii
    Just got home
  • Intrusive Ads..Otherwise fun.

    By Akrimay
    I’m hooked on this game but if I may make a suggestion.. I understand ads are needed but I have other games where they’re not intrusive & don’t disrupt the game. The ad banners are on top of the screen & that way the game isn’t interrupted. Something to think about. Otherwise awesome addictive game. 👍
  • Loving it.

    By lani's husband.
    The game is easy to play, quick upgrades and interesting game play. Got my wife playing it too. 🤣
  • Bad timing for ads!!!

    By AEO57
    In the middle of a shootout and a cat food ad starts covering the screen 🤦🏻and you lose that round!!! Very irritating to say the least‼️
  • Fun until the levels start repeating

    Didn’t notice until after a couple bosses went down, but the levels repeat. You’re not advancing you’re just repeating. Also, saved up for the silencer and it didn’t do anything lol I could shoot any one of them and their whole team found me.
  • More commercials than game time

    By majobe OG
    I used to be able to play 4-5 missions and then have to watch a commercial. Now, I play a mission that I win in 5-10 seconds and then have to watch another 30 second commercial. If I want to boost my weapon, I have to watch at least 60 seconds per round in addition to the time I already spend in between missions. TLDR: More time watching commercials than playing the game.
  • The

    By Coldwater2
    Looks like a funny game
  • Holy adds

    By Rich012985
    Holy adds
  • Battery eater

    By Seth Struble
    Love the game but I hate how much power it uses. I went from 85% to 25% in a half hour one day and another day I went from 66% to 27% in 15 minutes. So.... yeah.
  • I love the game

    By Play Emily
    I killed them
  • Stops working around level 300

    By trentinculver
    Stops working around level 300
  • Love watching ads? This game is for you.

    By ViciousCrack3r
    I’m surprised I didn’t have to watch an ad to write this review. Holy jeezus. Every time you finish a 5 second level, 30 second ad. Avoid this game like the plague.
  • So fun!!

    By XXgolddragonXX
    This game is so addicting and I can’t stop playing it it’s so fun you should get the game it’s so good
  • Great game

    By H3R3CT1C
    The game is awesome lose the ads please
  • Advertisements.. more advertisement wait even more!

    By drjmd34
    Great game that is ruined by all the advertisements. Come on Johnny Trigger give us the option to pull the trigger on purchasing this game without all the ads....please!!!!!
  • Needs more levels

    By lj45;7$(
    So I made it to level 398 but it’s always the same level so please add maore
  • Deleting App

    By RC60RC
    Good concept. Fun game. Ad volume is greater than gameplay which makes this unplayable.
  • Needs a little

    By GrecoRomanMan
    Good lord let us get rid of the video adds. Give us a home base and maybe be able to choose our own guns . You have a perfect road map Johnny Trigger . Great game just needs a few things to make it better and keep it simple and fun. Ahhhhh the Adds come on really! I would give it 4 plus stars if not for the adds . Simple and fun just like Johnny trigger .. I literally have to Delete this App until you get Rid of the Adds after every single level
  • Awesome game

    By jejjejejdxjjxjdjejejdjdjxj
    The game is awesome and I would love for some more types of snipers or cosmetics
  • Nice, but

    By Malkenite
    Nice game but after a few hundred levels with no increase in difficulty all I can think is that this game, and all the other games by this vendor, is an advertisement machine cloaked in what could be a great game.
  • Really enjoy this game

    By Eddeegee
    Like saving thing from crooks. When I got the machine gun lol a chopper. I like not so life like. But with any killing game not really suggested for young children.
  • Love the game but,

    By techdaddy99
    I loved the game and I’ve grown accustom to having to watch ads to play some free games: suddenly there’s ads playing in the game, that’s too far. Pity I have to delete it now.
  • Garbage

    By SJX-TX9
    Just another ad every 3 seconds app. Garbage. Don’t waste your time downloading.
  • 👍

    By game reviwer1211
  • Th

    By qwfxp
  • Amazing

    By AP_sniper
    Just as great as the other JT games.
  • Ads

    By Hskcyrnsidnsjdmdudbal
    Enjoy playing for 45 seconds followed by a 30 second ad? Repeatedly even!? This is the game for you! Fk off worthless devs.
  • Not bad

    By jeiahgnakaifne
    The game was fun but then it started repeating levels...
  • 😀

    By Uakaren47
    I FREACKING HATE THE ADS but the game is GREAT
  • Perfect (almost)

    By Il0813
    The only thing I dislike are the ads but other than that 5 stars
  • This bad game

    By that boi chris
    After you get two guns you can’t get any more even when watch add to get gun
  • Good, but the silencer doesn’t work

    By Traci Ann
    Silencer doesn’t work when you shoot somebody, it alerts them no matter what.
  • Super frustrating

    By Old Sarge 86
    I’ve downloaded and played this game twice and you get your gun upgrades t silencer and mag ammo and just start shooting away. Then, you get a screen lockup with nothing bu a picture of sky, a big x n the left side of the screen and a bullet base that you normally shoot with but none of the buttons work whatsoever. Talk about frustration, no more for me. Don’t waste your time!
  • Problems

    By hchnkcxggihzydogo
    It’s a good game but some levels repeat and a skin that i already had showed again please dis that
  • To cute

    By tony8903
    I luv this game I luv the way they tslk
  • Freezes up with health bar and sight buttons

    By kylbie
    I closed, reopened and same freeze. I deleted and reloaded, same freeze. Great game, but these glitches are why gamers find new games. Plus, the ads are ridiculous. We’d pay to quit seeing them. Other than this, it was fun.
  • Game crashed and now it’s unusable

    By LongBobJohnson
    I was enjoying this game immensely, but then the thing crashed or somehow got all screwed up: no matter how many times I force-kill the app, it always restarts right into a view of the skyline and I can’t move my aim or fire or anything. Seriously? I’m sure I can ‘fix’ it by deleting and reinstalling, but then why not find another game, eh?
  • Great

    By Chessdummy3
  • Ads

    By Paulah001
    If you played the game to watch the ads you would spend less time watching ads, I am all into profit for the developer but there has to be a balance
  • Only 3 maps

    By Epicnation111
    It’s a fun game but they have just 3 maps repeated over and over please update
  • An ad every 8 seconds!

    By Random Scribbler
    This would be fun except that these mint-grubbing lunatics want to show you an ad literally every 6-8 seconds. Delete.
  • Who is the best I keep winning

    By dhcjxjddj
    I’m so good