ChangeNOW Crypto Exchange pro

ChangeNOW Crypto Exchange pro

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2020-06-29
  • Current Version: 1.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 35.09 MB
  • Developer: CHN Group Limited
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 292


Exchange Bitcoin and 200+ tokens and coins with great rates! Buy THETA, TRON and almost every crypto in the world by credit card or ban. This is the official app for ChangeNOW, an instant cryptocurrency exchange service. Limitless crypto exchange ChangeNOW is an instant cryptocurrency exchange service that allows for simple, fast, and secure crypto swaps. We focus on simplicity and safety — the service is registration-free and non-custodial. To swap your crypto, you only have to set the pair, choose the amount, enter your wallet address, and send the funds to the address provided. Just three minutes - and your transaction is on its way. SWAP CRYPTO ANONYMOUSLY No registration is required to start exchanging crypto on ChangeNOW. We don’t collect any of your data to ensure its 100% safety. REST ASSURED – YOUR CRYPTO IS SAFE As a non-custodial crypto exchange platform, we don’t store your funds. This means we will never ask you to hold your funds on an account, same as to provide your private keys. With ChangeNOW, you remain in full control over your digital assets. IN A MATTER OF SECONDS It takes about 3 minutes to create an exchange, and another 5 to process it. The time span can vary from 2 to 40 minutes depending on the coin’s network congestion. BEST RATES FOUND AUTOMATICALLY What's the current Bitcoin exchange rate? With ChangeNOW, you don’t have to worry that you’re missing a better one anywhere else. At the moment of the exchange, our algorithms search for the best Bitcoin rate and other cryptos’ rates at the market — and always pick the best ones. NO LIMITS — SWAP AS MUCH AS YOU WANT Exchange limits are lame — this is why we’ve cut them off. On the ChangeNOW crypto exchange app, the minimum limits are about $2 depending on the coin, and the maximum ones simply don’t exist. Make a zillion Bitcoin exchange — it will go through just as quickly! 200+ COINS AVAILABLE FOR EXCHANGE Swap the key cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin, or Monero to any of your favorite coins and tokens. Over 13,000 pairs are available, and we keep massively listing new coins. BUY CRYPTO WITH FIAT Want to purchase Bitcoin or other cryptos with USD, EUR, or a dozen other fiat currencies? Feel free to do so with Visa or MasterCard in just a few minutes! **Whatever the issue — we’ve got you covered!** Our 24/7 support team will move mountains to make your crypto exchange experience smooth and pleasant. Have a question about your transaction or an issue with the exchange? We’ll take care immediately! **Earn up to 25% yearly with NOW Staking** NOW Token is a native cryptocurrency of ChangeNOW — and since recently, you can stake it with a 25% yearly ROI. Try the flexible reward scale and its convenient calculator — and start staking NOW right from the app! We don’t say we’re the best Bitcoin exchange — we prefer giving you the opportunity to judge yourself. Try swapping crypto on ChangeNOW — account-free, worry-free, faster than light! Help us make our crypto exchange better! We appreciate your reviews and comments. If you have any questions or comments, contact us: - Support: [email protected] - Website: - Facebook: - Twitter: - Telegram: – The ChangeNOW Team



  • La mejor para cambiar cryptomonedas❕❕❕

    By oscarjrs
  • 5 stars

    By ealpajon
    5 stars for your services
  • Excellent!

    By Bvndo720
    I’ve used the exchange via browser and switched to the app so it’s easier. The app functions great and does what it’s designed to do! Never once had an issue!
  • Awesome

    By GBW3mta3
    Very nice
  • Excelencia !!!

    By @jedelosreyes
    Es muy buena aplicación, me funciona muy bien he realizado varios cambios de manera satisfactoria y cuando tuve un problema con una de mis transacciones fue solucionado de forma inmediata por parte de soporte. Muy buen trabajo chicos.
  • Universal Exchange

    By Mobster9er
    Best universal exchange app, may take some time processing but it’ll get it done.
  • Needed small amount of trx

    By Jen is tired of Allison
    I needed a very small amount of trx to move my USDt TRC20. I spent tons of time trying to do this but this app did the whole transaction in 2 minutes! So happy
  • Another success!

    By 777nicknamedme777
    Only took 2 minutes. Very easy and has worked perfectly every time. Thanks!
  • I swear by this app

    By 316John777
    It may not have s fancy name or a flashy design layout, but i always get the best price for a quick swap with no glitches. This is my 20th swap. I swear by ChangeNOW. Its my go to... loyal customer for sure. Price is fair. My $49.5 swap cost $1.25. Dang, all day every day
  • Very easy to use

    By jstarrcomm
    Did a great job converting my crypto for me. Very useful app. Thanks to the Dev!
  • Dude

    By edubyu
    doge to shib grade A
  • ETH -> BNB ?

    By Kebainita
    For about a Month since I got the app I’ve been able to swap ETH to BNB and vise versa, but as of today I can’t eve select the BNB coin on the app. Any input on what’s happening?
  • Used many wallets to trade

    By Ponyboy Joe C Whales
    This is; outta many wallets, five maybe, that i have traded on. By far this is the cheapest way to exchange. Although all have been sending one coin for another to a different wallets after the exchange I gotta say that this is by far the cheapest!!! Change Now is self explanatory, easy to use, and is as quick as any wallet’s exchange, even if trading coins for BTC!!
  • Exchanges!

    By x2ku_4ju
    I saw some bad things online but honestly the app did its job. It took about a day for my exchange to go through but after it finished the money was instantly in my account. Definitely gonna start using more often!some
  • Quick. Easy. Great customer service.

    By MAXMAN13
    My first exchange attempt I forgot to include the memo. Tim helped me out and was very understanding and accommodating. I’ll never use another exchange platform! ChangeNOW is the absolute best!

    By YOCH12
  • Terrible Scam

    By Southern boy ent
    I just completely got robbed for $75,000. I was told that it was stuck exchanging and to wait. After 4 hours I realize this was a scam. I like the crazy4cryptos guy, Digital Dave but he stamped this exchange as 5 star. I will be taking legal issues and have contacted my company attorney
  • Stole my money !

    By Negative star...
    I did an exchange to get some wax coins and my exchange never went through . Contacted support and after I gave them my info they ghosted me for 4 days now . Save your money and crypto and go somewhere else !!!! I hoped they were legit but sadly disappointed. Thief is all I can say !
  • Possibly selective scammers?

    By Mel Gibson 6969696969
    Customer support not there and after this app took my BTC for a monero exchange it told me there was an error. So it kept my exchange money and they don’t reply to anything, possibly a scam
  • The People’s Crypto Exchange

    By Bukblak
    Low Fees!!! I’m down like 4 flats on a dump truck! Save money with transactions with the lowest fees I’ve ever came across….Save big and use most the money that you would you for gas fees ⛽️, and instead pay ‘solar panel’ fees if you will. Don’t wait….save money now! Great App!!🥇
  • Really a good exchange

    If there is any issue they will take care of it. Sometimes it can take a while but that’s due to soooo many new users

    By kidglohan

    By SheDaft
    I have appreciated instant exchange apps for some of the harder to get tokens like XRP. But one thing I am NOT used to is receiving MORE than the expected amount. ChangeNOW ROCKS. Quick settlement, fair prices and HONEST transactions! Highly recommend.
  • My old comment was deleted.

    By lux.con
    Don’t know why or how my comment was deleted, but I left a pretty scathing review. I live in the US and needed to utilize my XRP. This app does just that: withdrew from Kraken to ChangeNOW which converted it to ETH and deposited it into my Coinbase account. Wonderful. My last review may have been confused regarding gas (Gwei) prices, for which this app is not responsible. My apologies for insulting that you guys were taking “hidden fees”. Wonderful workaround you guys got and way cheaper than 1Inch and Uniswap (how is that even possible?)
  • CS is World Class

    By Jesse the Green
    Rest assured, if you have an issue or a problem the customer service team for this platform will take care of you. They are patient and determined, steadfast and pretty well perfect in terms of maintaining the human component behind all the technology. Bravo!
  • You’ll get x with a guarantee

    By TheLumberDoktor
    BULL I was to get 202 LTC (it’s $330) each Only got 194 LTC. Besides the higher fees, this app is simply dishonest.
  • Great crypto exchange

    By Sky Construction Corp
    Done two exchanges hassle free. Majority of cryptos are on there( hopefully new ones will be supported soon) No account needed reasonable exchange fees.
  • An absolute necessity!

    By captpaulb
    Saved me many times when no other swap/exchange could. A vital crypto trading tool that should be a part of your arsenal.
  • So mad

    By ortega718
    So if something does wrong wrong with a transfer. Why wouldn’t just put the money back where it came from. But NO y’all wanna keep it! Where it go, because I have no clue. Where is my money!!! This app was good for the most part but this part here. Where is my money
  • Good app... expensive rates

    By ☣DEDGUY☣
    Solid app good customer service...the XMR exchange rate is ridiculous, I go out of my way to not use this service.
  • Absolutely Awful Rates

    By fantasyfootball25
    I did 6 conversations for $3800 worth of Theta coin. I ended up with $2870 worth of THETA. I would consider that a rip off. The worst part, you can’t control what you pay for the exchange or fees at all. They don’t even show fees in dollars.
  • Better than expected

    By Ahhhh!su91
    Quick and minimal fees
  • Where’s my crypto?

    By President Chimp
    Exchange Now? I’m still waiting on my exchange from two days ago. I can look and see that the crypto I sent successfully landed in your wallet but it doesn’t appear that I’m going to get anything in return. Save yourself a great deal of aggravation and avoid using ChangeNow.
  • Scam

    By Thuff0389
    Lost $800 dollars worth xrp on first try and seems like no ones is trying to help me resolve the issue, ***review updated because I finally got my money after the market went up....5hours later, just use whatever swap service aside from this one- customer service needs some upgrading too I got tired of responding on a chat then getting reset back to the beginning of the que every time I sent a message.....
  • You may lose your money

    By Omgimthemanomgomg
    Every time I use the service there is a huge problem and I don’t get my funds I’ve lost over $1k messing with this service there are better ones out there avoid at all cost!!
  • Screws you with fees

    By Jennktog2019
    They take hidden fees out of what you send false lying app!! Not happy at L! Would give zero stars if I could
  • Good customer service

    By bilzzzz 2021
    Had an issue but they solved it quickly.
  • Doesn’t support BTG like they say

    By Chaaazz2008
    They are listed as a swap service for BTG, and on their own website BTG is on there, but “not available”. It’s just not listed in the app at all. So I downloaded the app seeing it on their site and on BTG site only to be let down. Will keep looking for another one that has an app. Edit: To the developer, don’t make excuses….fix it or stop telling people you support BTG.
  • Smooth and Simple.

    By Alex R 1212
    I just ran my first swap. No issues. It took only five minutes or so to complete the transfer. I’ll definitely use again!
  • Lost Money On Exchange

    By BWAT7
    I’ve used this app a couple times to exchange crypto but I’ve lost money a couple times as well. For some reason when I paste the code to send it doesn’t go through sometimes. Very frustrating when your crypto just disappears with no way to recover it. 🤦🏽‍♂️
  • Amazing service🚀🚀🚀

    By blondag27
    That’s all I have to say lol. An amazing service.
  • Converting XRP

    By Charlotte❤️💜
    Only place I’ve found for easy conversion of XRP to dang near anything. This app is AWESOME!!!!
  • Fantastic!

    By Caracol_Naranja
    This is a great app. It has never failed me and I have used it at least 50 times. Easy to use and quick.

    By ZizzyLR
    Didn’t take long, got the amount I expected. Not a single hassle or issue. I recommend this app. Might even buy there crypto token 🧐😏
  • THIEVES, the whole lot of em.

    By Rickjames123
    This service was ok at first but then out of the blue, I’m getting robbed. Not only do I have to wait 3-4 hours for the funds to come in but when they do they are short then the agreed amount. Not like a few dollars either. I’ve counted and it ends up around 10%!!! And the ridiculous wait time. Happened 3 times and it was like 200-400 bucks less each time then what was agreed on. I’m done with them, not like I’m gonna get my money back so this review is all I can do to get some kind of revenge.
  • Unbelievable exchange time

    By cryptocryptotime
    Do yourself a favor don’t bother downloading this app I’ve been stuck on “exchanging” for over an hour ... leads Me to believe the $100 I spent is lost . Not happy
  • Failed transaction

    By Johnson 45321
    Lost 50,000. Help please

    By elisocray
    Everything has been situated. Great costumer service. Large option of coins to choose from. Highly recommended thanks!
  • Thanks

    By yoniver
    Thanks best exchenger👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻