Stealth Master: Assassin Ninja

Stealth Master: Assassin Ninja

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-07-08
  • Current Version: 1.7.8
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 651.90 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 97 685


Have you only learned about these mysterious martial arts from ancient Japanese legends? Don't you think that's the less interesting way? Don't let your daily routine bore you: download the breakthrough action game Stealth Master! Test your professional assassin skills and take on the risky challenge of completing bloody missions. Dive deep into the unique life of the best ninja ever and kill as many bad guys as you can! Countless deadly weapons, plenty of innovative features, and billions of dollars – that's just half of the totally secret world that is waiting for you right now! ► To become an outstanding ninja… Attend the best university for ninjas, write a thesis on how to kill in 5 seconds, and start searching for employers… No, don't worry, it's just a joke! But who knows, maybe that was true way back in ancient times, like 2010. That's not how things work today, though! ► In the modern world, future ninjas rely on stealth and download the game for killers: • Bloody missions that gradually get harder: more bad guys and more "targets". Yes, it will take more time and more effort on your end! • A wide variety of special features: you can purchase extras like weapons, super abilities, or armor. Buy as much as you can afford – no limits! • Each individual weapon is unique and has its own style. Some weapons are so good that you can kill several bad guys at once with them. • Up to all levels within one contract for assassinating the big boss. • Every contract offers you a totally new and interesting location. • Integrated "keys": some doors you have to open by yourself. Guess how! • Oh! There's one important thing you should know: you can easily be killed. Take care! Another cool plus is that you can change your good looks and become a different hero, and there are 4 characters available. But remember: first, you were born as a ninja! ► Is it that real? Even though it's just virtual reality, it will definitely give you goosebumps! The tense atmosphere is created with the help of upbeat music, realistic "broken vase" sounds. Besides, you'll never know what's waiting for you on the next level… ► A little advice for future ninjas. First of all, the big boss is a target that's not so easy to kill . Be patient and make several attempts! Second, collect as much money as you can (actually, this is just good practical advice). Third, enemies in the game can be easily killed with a one shot. Don't waste your precious time on other parts of their bodies! And last but not least: be a good person and only fight the bad guys! Psssst! Listen to me… Some of your friends are already on their way to becoming a ninja! What are you waiting for? Download the game and start your bloody mission!



  • Too many ads

    By tuffbum
    An ad after every level is too much.
  • Too many Ads

    By WarrenPDukes
    The game has potential to be fun, but there is an AD every 30 seconds. The levels are really quick and every level you have at least two ads between and another in the middle. This is just a super basic game to make money off of ad spamming anyone who plays it. A let down, but with every 1 out if 3 “games” in the App Store like this. What did I expect?
  • Was fine until it started crashing, now the game crashes every time

    By Dante Andreaus
    The game was working fine until I finally unlocked the RPG and got to a bonus level, every time you kill a golden guy with the RPG the game will crash. I am unable to play the game any further because to even get out of the level it will automatically shoot at them and crash the game.
  • Amazing but I would change two things

    By Bobster boyz 22
    I think the game is challenging and very thought out with the addition of lasers and other things like that, the two things that I would change though are The boss fights can be quite easy, I would make it a lot harder and the one that throws the bombs you can just walk straight up through the line of fire perhaps if you made it blow up on contact it would be harder for that one boss. And I just unlocked the RPG and when I add shards every time I shoot the game crashes so you would need to fix that other than that though I think the game is great and and fun game when you fix The two issues though I think the game is five star
  • Your app crashes

    By Luapaulooza
    Your app crashes when you use the rocket launcher on the gold guys. I’ll change my stars to 5 when you fix this.
  • Bleh

    By rylancole06
    Keeps crashing
  • Glitches

    By stxnergirl420
    It glitches out at certain parts of the game. It’ll get pretty far then just start glitching a whole lot
  • Love the game

    By thebihhhh
    Love the game just curious if anyone else is having issues where it kicks you out during the gold stage? I don’t want to have to undownload the game for a second time bcuz if I do I will just leave it off
  • Mines will shoot his gun n make a weird sound n kick me out of the game

    By mac__wavy
    Plz fix this
  • Update

    By dgucci919
    Please do an update because There’s a glitch in the game and it closes the game
  • Easy

    By gsj.b
    And giving us a five star so you can read this it’s actually a two the way you win just run in guns blazing don’t even try to hide you can die way too easy for my taste
  • I love this game but

    By urhrhfbvyv
    When I play it tells me to find the hostage but there’s no hostage please fix this.
  • The new update broke the game 😭🥺😢😩

    By anime slaps
    The new update is the one with the gold people so I was really far in game and then I was doing that level then whenever I shot one or shot anyone my game would crash so now I had to restart it so please fix it. Thank you!
  • Glitches and crashes. Awesome game outside of that.

    By Maximus Brutus Macmillan
    I love this game. It’s fun, addicting, cool, and difficult. However, the game crashes for me once I get the RPG and I cannot go past level 31. This has happened twice. The first time I deleted the game and worked my way back from the beginning just to have it crash at the same point again. I have not played in months as a result. Please fix this and I will be playing again!
  • Amazing, but two problems

    By rocky rols
    I love this game me and my older brother play it all the time, but there is one bit that I had to speak on.So I go to the part where you get this rocket launcher and when I shoot the gold it glitches and it takes me to my home page and I don’t know if it’s the game or if it’s on my end , but if it is on your end could you maybe fix that.and also the hostages I love how it’s a challenge, but it is a bit hard to have to carry like 20 of them behind me while I still have to get past.

    By Jk44manny
    If it wasn’t for the fun gameplay this would be 1 star.. the ads are absolutely obnoxious. You play for literally not even 30 seconds and an ad pops up. EVERY 30 seconds... it’s so obnoxious
  • It’s Great Needs a little change

    By PugLifeEveryday
    The reason it’s not 5 stars is because if you Make the Man Spider is Miles Morales Not Peter Parker
  • Bbbb

    By mata rato
  • RPG=Crash

    By jamesedward318
    Finally had enough to get the RPG. Arrived at the level where I had to shoot the gold fellas and every time I shot on the game crashed. Word of advice don’t get the RPG. Other than that it’s a good game.
  • Personal data

    By Stripedcub
    Game asks to have access to personal data with no clarity on what you’re giving away to play. Seems sketchy and unsettling that so many agreed so vague terms to play.
  • It stops

    By tgh1991
    It stops when i try to collect golden guys
  • Glitch

    By 109277464
    After a long time when you shoot it kicks you out of the game. It is the best game but I can’t play now
  • Game is rebooting

    By Big Juan Ipad
    Playing the game just fine. Now when I start to play the stage with gold characters and shoot first gold character game shuts off. Please fix
  • Hi

    By the bake man
    Yeah it’s ok some egusting👍😊🤫🤔😦
  • Need BUG FIX!

    By It's ok12345789
    There’s a bug in the game where if you have the RPG and do a gold level any gold person hit will crash the game.
  • Bugs

    By Tee7192
    I’d love to give this game a higher rating because it quickly became my favorite time killer, however it started glitching pretty bad. One of the big guys sunk through the floor after I shot him the first time, I still had to shoot him a second time to officially kill him. I thought it would keep me from finishing the level, but luckily I was able to move on. I had the rpg on a boss level and every time I would shoot the final shot, the game would close and make me start over, when there would be times I’d close the game after completing a level and just be able to start on the next one no problem. I removed it considering I wouldn’t be able to move on, and to be honest, the thought of reinstalling just to have to start over dealt a serious blow to my interest in the game. I only had three characters I hadn’t bought yet, and was saving up the in-game cash for the highest one 😕
  • Crashes

    By jessiah1
    Like this game until I upgraded the rpg and now the game crashes every time he fires the weapon and I can’t progress.
  • Great game, sadly game breaking bug:(

    By USMC Poolee Gray
    I was having a great time with this game, felt like a mobile version of the old Splinter Cell games but sadly once you obtain the Rocket Launcher weapon the game is unplayable. It’s not even on normal levels it seems to glitch out and close the app when you are on one of the”Bonus” levels with the little gold enemies, as soon as you go to kill one with the rocket launcher the game will freeze abs close the application. I still give this game a decent rating due to its addictive play style.
  • kill

    By This app is anti gucci
  • Huge bug!!!!!!!!!!’

    By qvsjsh
    Nice game at first!!! But I meet a huge bug, please fix it at first time. When I try to attack GOLDEN enemies with RPG, the app crash in 100% rate!!! And I have no way to change my weapon, cause there is no way to die in that awarded place.
  • Epic game

    By hdhgdgdhd
    This game is fun cool and it has cool characters and cool gameplay weapons definitely a time killer if you are bored cool upgrades and hardly and ads the only thing I wished changed is that is was not so hard to get a double kill you have to kill the enemy at the same time.
  • Crashes

    By '76
    Every time I shoot a gold person with an RPG the game crashes. Too bad, it was fun. Don’t buy the RPG!!
  • Great Game But....

    By Hordyj
    I love the gameplay, however the bazooka breaks the game! If happen to have the bazooka and get to one of the money levels, shooting the golden enemies will result in the game crashing.
  • RPG breaks the game.

    By soulbname
    Been playing this game for a week now and do not want to delete the game to fix the bug with the RPG. I’m giving this a one star rating but will change it to five star as soon as this bug is fixed.
  • Loved it at first, now I hate it

    By ShawAust
    It crashes when using the RPG on the cash levels in-between the other levels on contracts. There’s nothing I can do about it, and I’d hate to delete the app and lose all my progress.
  • I like it but —-

    By tonsoflove
    good game over all I wanna keep playing but I wish I could just pay to not have ads anymore because they make me exit the game cuz I get bored
  • Was a good game

    By Deefalt99
    The game crashes too much or lags a lot if you kill, get seen, or die.
  • Ads every minute

    By Benharper1984
    Way too many ads. Super lame
  • App crash after rocket launcher

    By lovely7182
    I enjoy the game, there is a lot of ads, but now that I’ve gotten the rocket launcher the game just crash. I hope they fix this and change it from being ads every single level. I’ll pay the typical $2.99 to go ad free
  • Doesn’t work

    By David Algavi
    After playing for two weeks and getting pretty far in the game the game shuts down again n me every time. Second time downloading the game ad having the same problem
  • It WAS a cool game...and then

    By JonnyGent
    I was enjoying this game for a while. But now I’ve earned enough coinage to get the top player with the best weapon, the bazooka. And every time I pull the trigger, the game glitches abs shuts down. It’s been this way for weeks without even an update. What a crappy tech team.
  • There goes all my hard work

    By exra balls
    On level 101 for the bonus coins but when I shoot the gold guys it keeps saying error and kicks me out of the game
  • Love but cant play anymore

    By Landduckofcluck
    For some reason, it keeps exiting out!
  • The Best game .

    By xb cbr hdvc
    The best game.
  • annoying

    By help suzanna
    game is fun but keeps freezing all the time and is super hard to actually play please fix or im gonna give 2 or 1 star
  • Crashing with new update

    By Jrock1246
    I loved this game. Was going far in it. Now they do their last update with new contract for “save the hostages” and it crashes. Every time I start that level as soon as my guy shoots the first hostage the game crashes. I can’t go forward now with this game. Would be a 5 star if this is remedied quickly.
  • Too many ads that become black screen

    By Russ1888
    The game is great and challenging. But recently almost all of the ads go to black screen, freezes, and requires you to reload the game to continue. Once in a while isn’t bad but 5 times in 8 minutes???
  • Good but issues

    By tchase52
    Ever since I obtained the RPG. When I fire at an enemy, the game freezes and the app crashes .
  • 1 level 1 ad

    By TheTrooper!
    Fun concept but so many ads. Lost interest very quickly