Bullet Rush!

Bullet Rush!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-06-18
  • Current Version: 1.10
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 242.16 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 42 482


The most modern and dynamic shooter with the cutest graphics you have ever seen! Move around with your character and shoot hundreds of enemies frantically. If you're good enough, you'll be able to trigger your firemode and eliminate dozens of them in one go. Simple and intuitive gameplay with addictive gameplay mechanics.



  • It’s pretty good but....

    By thrasher-john123
    The game is pretty good! Tho I would like if there was a button for u to shoot or it could be first person. It would be more easier and more fun!
  • Bad game

    By mbcfj,uvtum
    This game is bad because you get so many ads and it is so easy
  • Ads all day

    By LordCritic
    After every game I played there was an ad this game is going to flunk and bring no money if you can’t even give people time to play
  • Ads...

    By mistb0rn
    There’s an ad after every...level...
  • Bulet rush

    By LizinAthens
    It is finner then it looks on the add
  • Hate this game

    By awesome_aus14
    Hate hate my favorite word!!!
  • Too many ads. To many ads without volume control

    By Active Captain
    Why these companies insist on putting ads w/o volume control on their games. Two ads like that and I delete the game. One more... bye bye game!
  • To much ads

    By ajskjsjsjjd
    It’s a good game but there’s to much ads
  • SOOoO Many Ads

    By jsjsjshahwhevs
    So many ads like every 2 clicks you take game is fun tho
  • Just a suggestion to developers

    By fellow-dev-6
    The game would be SOO much more fun if the object of the game is not to kill all the red dots, it to get to the landing pad as quickly as possible without having to kill all the red dots! That’s where the excitement in in evading all the dots, otherwise all you gotta do is stand there and go in circles and eventually they’re all dead... reward players for getting to the end faster, not for # of red dots killed...
  • Good but...

    By @929919119
    To many adds I’m a just trying to play the games good VERY good
  • Truth

    By plain dealing
    The truth is this game is not very fun. This game is repetitive and is just another game that wants to shove ads in your face.
  • Bruh

    By ghostmode or one star
    I added it abit ago the adds are hella misleading and I can’t delete the app to make space for things I care about
  • How do you Change GUN

    By Fervent user
    I get new guns but I can not Change it
  • Too many adds

    By roccobytch
    Too many adds
  • Great Game

    By JayyL777
    Just to many ads, it’s a ad after every level won. 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
  • Anti-Optimization

    By ghyg76588
    Game no longer launch after you last Optimization.
  • Lik my butthole

    By he rhgkg
  • Ads

    By ItsWisdomDylan
    This is a really great game but the ads is that annoy me every time I beat a level it shows me a 30 or 15 second ad and I get tired of that
  • Way too easy, but fun concept

    By BKrootz
    Super fun concept same game play is pretty smooth. That being said, it’s way too easy no matter how high the level is. So easy to the point where it’s pretty much impossible to die unless you try to put yourself in the worst situation you can just to add some fun. Some of the power ups make you literally invincible if you just spam click them. I would love this game if there was any challenge to it at all.
  • Adds

    By Higiliak
    In this game there is forced none stop adds it's a shame because I actually think the game is fun but if you play this you literally will be watching adds more then you will be playing the game not fun in my opinion.
  • Bad

  • Bullet Rush

    By COD115player
    i was wondering you can had endless, it would be really great
  • Fun Game

    By MJayJ314
    I just wish we had more access to more guns & can keep those guns. I’m tired of shooting with the one with unlimited ammo. Plus better gun sounds in it & make the levels harder to beat. I just started playing the game like two days ago & I’m already on level 260 something. Lol
  • Nice

    By Ari/ryan
    This game is AWESOME!!
  • Fun but misleading ads?

    By RedEnder1
    This game is actually really fun, the fact that you can chose between characters and special powers is fun. But in the ads for the game I see things like zombies instead of red little pods. So I have some ideas, 1. Enemy Customizations: This means with your coins you can buy skins for you enemy’s. So instead of fighting little red pods I can fight monsters, zombies, soldiers, etc 2. More guns: In this game there are about 5 guns. With these 5 guns they are ok but they should definitely add more, like for example what about “The Death Machine” where it can be one big mini gun that sprays small pellets dealing lots of dmg for 15 seconds? Or maybe a grenade launcher, where you shoot grenades and half a second later they blow up. 3. Weapon starter customizations: For every round, you start with 2 pistols that you dual weld, what if just like with the power customizations, you can buy what guns you start with? Even if it’s not unlimited. 4. More better/harder rounds: I am currently in around lvl250 and it is slowly starting to get boring sense the levels just aren’t that hard. And fighting the bosses are really easy and usually take 15-20 seconds. Besides that, this game is very fun and I 100^ recommend it
  • Update

    By Flacko Dev
    Please make the game more challenging I’m on level 1075 and I’m walking right through every level it’s honestly getting boring!!!!
  • Fun but...

    By Mackenzie Benedict
    I think this is such a great game but it’s SO annoying that there’s 30+ seconds of ads after every. single. level. Maybe one after every five levels but it just makes me not want to play anymore.
  • To many ads

    By Anyong89
    Ads after ever level, even if you don’t click the 3x point multiplier.
  • Easy exploit to win

    By Exploit finder
    I found an easy way to win every time, so it ain’t much fun anymore. Just get the fire power up, and spam it as the enemy comes toward u. Bam, instant win, they keep coming and u kill them
  • Fun but still needs work

    By sm250418
    So as I said above it’s definitely fun,But honestly it took me 6- 7 days to purchase everything available. Which means for me that the game is lacking in developing new and creative levels, bosses, weapons, and challenges. Still fun, but there is minimal challenge, andChallenges where we kind of thrive in the game world people always seek to find a new challenge, the new thing to beat, The new permanent weapon to have, The new maze to run sort of speak. Without that monotony is bound to build. That being said I am still a fan and would love to see what becomes of this game has the update begin rolling in.
  • Too many ads

    By SNDrummer
    Too many ads. Can only tolerate playing a little bit before I get tired of waiting for another level
  • Add something new to grind for

    By Refolectic
    I’d like to start off this review by saying this game is quite the fun! I have been playing the game for a long time and I have to say all the skins... pets... powers... are quite easy to grind for. Within a day i’d say to get all of them. So I have an idea to suggest to the developers of the game; I suggest to implement some form of levels. Whether it be overall character level or leveling up the powers... your gun... to do more damage and speed. Or simply adding a completely new concept to the game and be able to level it up via killing the enemies. I believe this would add a new way to play the game and would have everyone occupied for days! Thank you and hope my suggestion reaches the developers.
  • guns

    By billythegoalie89
    we need more guns to buy the rapid pistol is ok but need more guns
  • Meh

    By dieselpace
    Way to many adds ya greedy bunch a grapes
  • Yo

    By Keyontay
    Adds on adds

    By nickname_chicken
  • Love

    By bradyy😏😳🤟🏻
    Fun game
  • Game

    By Tony toka 54992226
    This game is an amazing game I love it
  • Fun BUT

    By Josh lazier
    Fun game to pass the time but there is literally an ad after every level,the levels take about 45 seconds to beat sooo the constant ads get very old
  • Boring

    By TadumnDodson
    After a few rounds just the same. Not to mention there’s an ad regardless if you click on the extras. Want extra coins great watch this ad, no coins, great watch this ad anyway.
  • Simple fun

    By Marc in S'Cruz
    Not a complicated game, or one requiring much strategic thinking. But it affords simple shoot ‘em up fun without graphic violence or annoying advertising.
  • These games are like a Ponzi scheme

    By Zrowling
    Seems like the only purpose of this game and the countless others like it is to get a 5 star review from you in the first 2 minutes of playing then hit you over the head with ads until you either pay to remove them or see another game you want to download that follows the same formula. If you saw an ad for this game you probably knew deep down what it was gonna be, but maybe hoped it was different. Alas, it is not. It’s is kind of like what you see in the ads, but just different enough to be disappointing. The gameplay is fine for about 20 minutes before it gets repetitive and you spend more time watching ads than actually playing. And if you want to earn any real rewards you’ll have to opt in to watching even more ads! If you just need to kill a half hour this is a fine enough way to do it. Otherwise, don’t waste your time.
  • Ugh

    By Naskiku
    Too many ads
  • Ads

    TO MANY ADS......
  • More guns please and other stuff I suggest.

    By nightwolf876485
    The game is great its not one of those games where you get an ad every one level because the developers Wants ad revenue and i like you can choose different characters like dead pool and pickles (great taste in heros) but there only one gun in the entire game and thats the automatic pistols and there good to use but im pretty sure more of us want more than one gun in the game like assault rifles or shotguns or smg’s stuff like that and if you think those kind of guns would be too strong add more difficult enemies that would be challenging for the higher levels im on level 30 on the day i posted this but the enemies are the same thing so i was also wondering if you could maybe add skins to the the aliens so they aren't just aliens, like what if we want to fight zombies or evil snowmen or lava people, stuff like that. One more thing is make the money that drops a little more than it is it would make it easier and not so long to get the things in the shop because the money drop appears in a stack but its one dollar when you grab it and the stuff in the store cost $500,$750,$1000, and $1500 so please make it a little higher but not too high for example $5 a stack. That is all i need to say for this game its great no other problems but if you read all of this please add this if you can if you want this game to be more fun than it is, thank you.
  • Amazing game

    By shotgunbilly
    Amazing game but to many freaking ads
  • Just do more

    By Boo leg
    Powers do another page and change the guns maybe have special ones in game and ones in store
  • Add platform, not worth your time

    By Colby7200
    Game literally plays an add every time you finish a level. This might be semi-acceptable if add removal was one dollar, but you have to pay 3 dollars for a game I could probably make in 14 hours in Unity for free, with more engaging mechanics. This game has all the makings of a good time killing idle game that could be very popular, but to make up for the fact that it isn’t popular the developers have turned it into a glorified add with a game attached and are just trying to milk as much money out of you as possible. Go find a different game to play (I recommend Galaxy on Fire 2, it may be old but it’s VERY enjoyable, there are no adds, and the first part of the game is free if I recall correctly)