My NBA 2K21

My NBA 2K21

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-08-24
  • Current Version: 1.0.5177779
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 125.39 MB
  • Developer: 2K
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 233


The new NBA 2K companion app has arrived! MyNBA2K21 is packed with features, including the ability to scan your face into NBA 2K21 from your mobile device, opportunities to earn Virtual Currency, and news to keep you informed about what is going on in NBA 2K21! INTEGRATION WITH NBA 2K21 • Scan yourself into NBA 2K21 on Xbox One and PS4 using your mobile device. • Daily opportunities to earn Virtual Currency for NBA 2K21 on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. • View the daily schedule and upcoming event posters for NBA 2K21. Do Not Sell My Info:



  • Kinda Trash

    By efcahjkohc
    The face scan is fricked up again
  • Awful

    By RonnieSucks2k21
    Honestly don’t get the app the only reason y I’m trying the app is to know when events are. I used to be able to play a card game and get vc but no cause 2k is a company full of cheapskates and no one there cares about the community
  • Terrible

    By albjas
    Not even worth keeping, they took the card game away and you can’t even earn VC any longer. What a waste of my phone memory. I’d give it zero stars if I could.
  • Horrible

    By Jammmaa
    Just doesn’t work and I’m on an iPhone Pro Max.
  • Weak , Same As Last Year

    By MallyMallz
    Scan On 2k Doesn't Work For Me Even If It Does On The App
  • Bad tutu

    By bad tu tu
    It took me 50 try’s to do one face scan and I gave up
  • The app

    By Eman2133
    The app is doesn’t do its job
  • Trash

    By Khurly
    Doesnt even work, waste of time
  • 2k21 mobile?

    By maambaa!
    Where’s 2k21 mobile
  • Where is the card game?

    By A7227
    Where is the card game like in mynba2k20?
  • Devasting face scan

    By wixkens
    I’m a long time fan of 2k and it’s face creation process they need to fix this app or do something with it because I will not use an app like this I’m sorry but I’m done using apps by EA SPORTS games like NHL and FIFA etc And I’m deeply into games with careers not long shot like in madden 18 I want to my my own face creation and make my player become a star.
  • Wish there was a half a star or no star

    By Jf13162
    You can’t even play the mf game, face scan doesn’t work, fake ahh VC, and the worst one is THERES NO CARDS TO PLAY WITH. Huge ass letdown, fire all the garbage developers and mostly fire Ronald bih ass
  • Uh 2k

    By ahdydhdjdjd
    When I log in there is never the claim vc button that is shown in the ss which is literally the only reason I got the app in the first place
  • Had so much potential

    By osjeuxhbsn
    This game went from good to trash I remember when it first came out when there was no face scan or anything, I’m not saying the face scan is bad but when it’s the only thing to do In the game it’s boring, just make it where we can play the card game when I knew about 2k21 I honestly thought about this game not anymore though😔
  • Can’t earn VC

    By bg0315
    How come you can’t earn VC like in the 2k20 app? Through quick games and 2on2. You could earn 400 VC per day on the 2k20 app, why not on this 2k21 app?
  • Do Not Download.

    By brbdbshdbdb
    Possible the most useless app ever.
  • Don’t waste your time

    By Hooovvvvvvverrrtr
    The facescan doesn’t work, never will. You’ll just end up wasting hours of time on this app. Your player is going to look generic forever. 2k acts like they’re broke. Most outdated and worst performing app I’ve ever came across. Hire some new developers or make something new. Face scanning technology is far more advanced than this.
  • Bring back cards

    By Cars1124
    This is such a bad app without cards
  • Waste of time

    By samxengel
    This app doesn’t even work it always fails to log me in or glitches me off the app. I look forward to this every year to make some VC instead of spending a lot of money on VC and I like the card game but it isn’t it this year. Don’t download this.
  • A Completely useless App

    By DJ Scope
    This might be the worst mobile application that has ever been downloaded to my phone. Not only have the developers taken away the actual use of this app having a game mode, but there literally is no way to earn VC via the app, as it is stated in the description. Apple should remove this from the App Store for its misleading information—the reviews give Apple all the ammo to do so if it was needed. Anyone reading this, please do yourself a favor and save your limited amount of memory space on your preset iOS device and not download this app. Take up that space with any other app if you desire, just don’t waste it here.
  • Where’s the game

    By zayah's gaming YT
    Are telling me there’s no game this is unacceptable there’s no game some people don’t have 2k21 and one of the main 2k games on mobile you can’t even play
  • Terrible game

    By fisjwbd
    Can’t even login / play the game.
  • VC

    By The one1984
    Why this app doesn’t have to make free VC like 2K20 did their is not point having this app on my phone if you cannot make VC like last year
  • This app is ass

    By Thebeast092
    Face scan is a joke. Every year I do it and every single time....... it looks nothing like me. Please fix this.
  • Unable to play

    By Bundleman
    I’m unable to play without a 2k save file on my Xbox account? This was never an issue in previous years.
  • Game Center login gone

    By mmnnjjiikk
    I unable to play because I don’t have one of the four login accounts. Are you planning to add Game Center back? Or else I’ll be unable to play
  • Sad 2K21

    By BlashII
    Face scan doesn’t work properly No card game No way to earn extra vc No point in downloading
  • Won’t let me sign into my PS4 account

    By Dre4rmDaEast
    This has been happening since the last 2k app , it’s like it knows I have a psn account and won’t let me even load up the next screen after I hit the PlayStation option. It allows me to open up the other three consoles with no problem to log in but not for PlayStation. I just want my player to look like me man 🥺🥺 is that too much to ask for 2k
  • Na

    By krackrock96
    What happened to the card game???? Best part of this franchise
  • Face swap

    By bricksdon4L
    I can’t even face swap I’ve done it multiple times and nothing
  • Attempting face scan

    By vBlessed SnxG
    Let’s try
  • Constantly Underachieving Company

    Didn’t know that anything could be more disappointing than the copy and paste job of 2k20 to 2k21, but then I downloaded and opened this app... Might as well be called the “2k21 face scan/useless annoying 2k news app”... Surprised there isn’t micro transactions in the app...
  • No card Game and No Daily VC (as shown on the description screenshot)

    By Whitetiger4711
    I was looking forward to playing the card game with my team from My NBA 2K20, but there is no card game now. Another huge let down is that there’s a screenshot for daily VC through the app (this is extremely important when building your my player up), but I don’t have that functionality at all. This app is useless other than seeing how much VC you have and doing a face scan (which adds a weird red or white tint to your player on the game). Very disappointed!!
  • Face scan

    By jdbsbwb
    I can’t use the rear camera
  • 2k21

    By shxftyosa
    I cant use my back camera
  • Disappointed

    By King3Drew
    In 2k21 app I was looking forward to the card pack game as a mode this year. But it looks like they made it worst then what it already was.
  • Face scan

    By hbkmusiic
    Honestly needs a better way too face scan, I’m literally hurting my neck twisting it left and right, to no avail. Face scanning has become a chore 😔 the fact that you have to do this EVERY YEAR, is insane. In fight night for the 360 you can upload your face no problem, but 2k with its millions of dollars and star powe cannot? After the new GEN GAME IS RELEASED THIS MOST LIKELY MY LAST TIME BUYING A GAME THAT DOESNT PROVIDE INSTANT GRATIFICATION
  • Trash

    By datbossyboi
    Doesn’t even give me a chance to sign in. Always “fails”
  • Worthless app

    By huhhhhhhhhhhu
    Doesn’t do anything useful
  • What are y’all doing??

    By Trizzzy23
    Only reason I downloaded this was for the card game and y’all took it away? For why!? Without the card game this app is pretty useless
  • Vc

    By adjeieric
    How we get the vc this year I’m this app
  • Don’t make it if it doesn’t work

    By fox'sworstnightmare
    Developers / Publisher should be embarrassed. Why continue to support a gimmick that doesn’t improve even slightly year to year? I downloaded and tried to use it twice and twice it said to try again. I followed the instructions and went even slower the second time. This is a joke. Bad job.
  • Pointless app

    By Drizzal_365
    Pointless app! You can just login and play the game to find out the same details on events.
  • Bad, no update

    By taven putnins
  • NBA 2K21 Mobile

    By blanchardbriyante
    Where is NBA 2K21 Mobile people want the game so release it COME ON 2K

    By JakerRulez18
    App is the same as last year
  • 2k21

    By jmowildchild
    Horrible game with many glitches. Not worth your money and if you haven’t bought it yet don’t end up in the same boat as the rest of us. It doesn’t even deserve 1 Star

    The face scan feature is so bad bro then when I finally get it it makes me retake the photos then after that I upload the pictures and scan on 2k21 and all I get is a “Retry” I tried like 50xs still not my face scan appearing
  • Face scan does not work

    By ¡Your Mom!
    The face scan feature does not work. There is one last picture that never gets taken and it’s when you turn your head farthest to the left. Then the app has you redo it. Then you upload it. When you’re on your console and try to upload it, it always fails and says to try the face scan app again.