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  • Release Date: 2021-08-31
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  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 308.72 MB
  • Developer: Space Ape Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 18 822


Join all your favorite artists in the next generation of music games. Follow the rhythm! Tap and Swipe to the instruments, vocals or beats to master your favorite songs and experience them in a whole new way. TOUCH YOUR MUSIC ● Feel every beat pulse through your fingers. ● Innovative gameplay never before seen on mobile. ● Master songs by tapping, swiping and holding to the music, to unlock new songs. THE ULTIMATE FESTIVAL LINEUP ● Imagine the best Coachella lineup ever: that’s Beatstar. Hundreds of the best artists today have collaborated to make the ultimate playlist. DISCOVER YOUR FAVORITE SONGS ● Discover new songs from your favorite artists. ● Listen to songs you were “meh” on in a whole new way. ● Beatstar makes your favorite songs unforgettable. GO VIRAL ● Share new music with your friends and brag when you beat their score. ● Play challenges and climb your way up on the leaderboard. Log in with Apple Music to unlock a free song based on your Apple Music Library! We’ll also create your own Beatstar playlist right inside Apple Music with all your favorite songs from Beatstar Please note: a network connection is required. The rest: Need help? Contact us! [email protected]



  • .

    By Tyler T Here
    I'd rather you just let me buy the game instead of forcing me to pay money, masking rewards as pay walls is mean. This is my favorite rhythm game I've played in a while and if you simply added a free play feature that doesn't give rewards I would be happy. Instead it's win or lose a song and hit a wall. Congrats on making such a great base of a game and please stop ruining it. I would pay good money for a full version of this with with full songs if I could.
  • Surprisingly Fun

    By brandonbot66803
    Usually apps that come up as adds are really bad. However, this one caught my eye, it’s surprisingly well made and fun.
  • Malicious Ads

    By Soannoyingand time wasting
    Can’t believe this is editors choice. Can barely even play without getting stuck in ads after 1 min. Unbelievable.
  • Great game, jus limiting

    By jpswifey
    So after getting slammed with ads from CoC and CR saying “go check out Beatstar, get a free song”, I figured I might as well give it a try. Put in my supercell ID, got two free songs, went through the easy songs then leveled up a bit, yada yada. Overall, it’s a pretty chill game. I take about 5 minutes a day to play whenever I’m waiting for class to finish or whatever. The only thing I (and I’m sure everyone else) don’t like is that you have to wait until you have a free box slot thingy. If you could play songs with full slots (like playing clash Royale with full chest slots) then I’d be on the app much longer. It would definitely keep others on the app longer too. Or even if it’s jus a practice mode added instead, who cares. I jus wanna be able to play longer without having to wait hours. Ofc, there’s spending gems. But I’m one of those don’t-spend-money-on-any-game guys, so using gems jus doesn’t seem right to me. Great game, love the design especially. Everything really. Jus hope the creators can do something about the waiting time.
  • Major Flaw

    By PSYCHO54W
    The game is very fun and challenging. It has a problem though. It’s absurd how after playing the game for about 10 minutes you are restricted from playing for a minimum of 1.5 to 5 hours. I’m not paying for gems to play a beat game. It’s a shame how one flaw could ruin the entire game.
  • A free to play game that’s trying to hard to make you pay

    By M.Wu
    You can only play 3 games before having to wait 3-5 hours to play again. This is pretty lame.
  • Super good game with a fatal flaw

    By YaBoiRoss
    I’ve played this game for only 1 week and I’m already addicted, it’s just super annoying that once your crate slots are full you literally can’t play the game, just make it so you can play the game even with you’re crate slots full and it’s easily getting 5 stars
  • Decent other then one thing…

    By 𝖙𝖍𝖎𝖘 𝖎𝖘 𝖛𝖆𝖉
    It is annoying that you can’t play just for fun when your box slots are full. It feels like this is intentional just so people will buy more gems just to unlock the boxes and play. Learn from your partner SUPERCELL and make your box system like Clash Royale (you can still play when boxes are full). I can’t believe SUPERCELL teamed with a crappy company that still has ads in their game even though one of the biggest mobile names is supporting you in their biggest game. I hope I can take this back but right now you are just leaching from SUPERCELLS popularity..
  • sort of annoying

    By /////////////////
    i love this game a lot but it gets really annoying when i can only play a few times every 3 hours. the crate mechanic ruins the game. i think they should make it so when you fill up the crates you can still continue to play but only for stars and not crate points. this would make it much more enjoyable and people would play it more often.
  • Almost Perfect

    By X..Kayla..X
    I believe Beatstar is the best free rhythm game on the App Store, completed with great design, great satisfying sound design, and great song variety. My only complaint is that you can’t keep playing when your inventory is full of chests. For those who haven’t played, you earn points when playing songs, getting more points the better you do. After so many points, you get a chest, which can take 3-5 hours to open. Once you have 3 chests at a time, you cannot keep playing. For me, it takes about 10 minutes to end up with 3 chests, and then I have to stop my groove for 5 hours while I wait for another chest to open. Then I open the chest, play three times, and have to wait another 3 hours. I wish that you can keep playing, even if that means you don’t get any of those points or get chests. I don’t want to wait 5 hours to try a song again! Other than that, this game is fantastic so far.
  • Money-making scheme actually ruins the game.

    By Telestrial
    Unfortunately, this game is plagued with a major, critically terrible design such that you are actually limited in how much you can play it. It’s not gated by ads, you literally cannot play the game, at a point, unless you spend their “currency,” which you of course can’t earn enough of to play indefinitely unless you buy. This is quite a bit different than this studio’s other offerings. With a game like CoC, you can collect your resources. Plan your base. Attack others, etcetera, without buying anything. This game literally says “you can’t play anymore.” If it didn’t have this feature, it’d be a good game, but it does so it’s not. It’s that simple. Being completely unable to have any meaningful experience with the game for 3,6,12 hours is extremely ruinous to my experience in this game. Do not download.
  • Limited playtime

    By n0t nathaniel
    I would think this game would be 50 times better if you could play while case slots are full but get no rewards because this game is very fun but it is frustrating for free to play players when the case slots are full
  • I don’t like this game

    By Elmos&Cookies
    I feel like if I rate this game high I will get better lol
  • Fun but annoying

    By Tinx1528
    The game is fun. As far as that goes, 5 stars all the way. But once you advance, you can’t play much before you have to wait several hours before being able to play again. What’s the point in the game then? Fix that and I’ll give it 5 stars.
  • Annoying monetization.

    By slobatch
    The game is fun but being limited to only a couple of attempts per 1.5 hour period unless you pay makes this game a heck of a lot less fun.
  • awesome game, but WHAT is with the box mechanic?

    By yikesriley
    The box mechanic ruins the game. It wouldn’t if you could still continue to play (and just forego box/song rewards) and practice while your boxes are full. Like I honestly would play the game without the rewards like extra songs. It just seems money hungry since the ONLY way to open boxes instead of waiting is to spend a ridiculous amount of real life money on gems/diamonds/whatever.
  • .

    By lagendking
    Case slots full is very annoying :(
  • more songs plss

    By AlexThePFD
    really fun, add more songs tho
  • Very good game with one game ruining flaw

    By gtcmogo
    First off this is not a bad game, this is the results of me having played for a little while now. Pros: * great game play one of best for this type of game I have seen * good song selection there are a variety of songs from many different genres that you unlock as you level up *good interface and very easy to use Cons: *you can only have three crates at a time, you get crates by earning points obtained for playing the game, this would not be a problem however you earn a crate in 3 - 5 games normally and once you have 3 you cant play anymore, so essentially you play 5 minutes than have to wait 3 hours to play again this also creates the problem of making leveling up extremely slow and grindy, making you very slow to unlock new songs creating a bunch of other smaller problems In summary: Great gameplay and a great game overall one flaw preventing you from playing the game for any length of time I will probably end up quitting if the problem is not solved. would recommend and will change to 5 stars if the issue is fixed
  • Great

    By nahsbdhdndnd
    Great fun
  • Really fun and great songs, but..

    By p1ckled
    The songs and the design and everything is pretty great. The songs are well-known, and the overall app design is great. No performance issues at all. However, I just downloaded this last night and if you don’t have the patience to wait 1.5 hours just to play another song AND you don’t wanna spend money, you may as well not try this game. You have to wait for a song box to open before you can play a song, including the ones you already own. I don’t understand why you can’t give us lives instead of ONE box. I think this app is great, but this makes it seems like it’s a bit of a money grab.
  • Need Fire music at level 2

    By chorisoboy
    We need like more NBA youngboy music at a low level like nurse and through the storm by him that is nice and calm plz add nba youngboy to this game
  • Practice Mode?

    love the game overall surely addicting due to the addition of competition against friends and world wide players. However some songs such as “I Like Him” seem to be as if in the wrong category- it is listed as normal but is more difficult than many songs listed as “hard”. I also have to agree with the ridiculous waiting times for crates and the allowance of only three crates at once. However instead of suggesting to add more crates or lower the waiting time something more realistic could be adding a Practice mode. With this implementation the player would be able to progress their skill whilst not earning points for crates- increasing play time for the game overall. Also keeping the gem save option will guarantee more spending of gems. If this will get implemented i’ll be sure to change my review to 5 stars.
  • Great game

    By iallsup05
    I love the game. It has a good system but I hate how when your chests are full you can’t play the game at all. It would be a lot better if there was a way you could play even if you wouldn’t progress
  • Uh

    By hjksaladass
    I broke my phone
  • Kind of reminds me of the tap tap games

    By smallhandsmcgee
    This app is very reminiscent of the tap tap song games i loved and I used to play in middle school, the only reason I dont rate this app higher is because if all your cases are full you can’t play it
  • Suggestion

    By KaTs_T-BAG_21
    The game itself is great but one thing I believe can make it better is if you were allowed to continue playing even after you fill up the cases. With that said I really hope this is added into the game because at this point I play for 10 minutes and then stop playing to wait hours for the cases to open.
  • It’s good but

    By ScionFaun
    It is a very good game but the time you have to wait for the boxes To unlock is to long, and you can’t play the game if all of you box slots are filled up.
  • Cases Prevent Playing

    By Therealdude15
    When your case slots fill up, you are unable to play the game whatsoever. There is no reason we shouldn’t be able to play for 0 points, or even have a practice mode… How am I supposed to improve when I can only play the game 1 song at a time every 5 hours?!?!
  • Gameplay>progression

    By weechoblitz
    The game heavily influences you to unlock more and more songs, you dont have time to play your favorite songs because u fill up “tap to unlock” chests and once those are full, you gotta wait hours to unlock them before you can play again. Play for 10 min, wait for 5 hours till the next time. The concept backfires when the game is so addicting and you wanna %100 a song
  • really well made but

    By skyw9lkers
    the game is great and really well made but why would you make a system where you have to wait hours to play the game?? why would you not want people to play it? it doesn’t make sense. let us play the game while our boxes are full please
  • Good game that feels built for mobile

    By Paisleyfrog
    Overall, really enjoyable. The interface works well on a small screen, and introduces fun play mechanics like the swipe tiles….although they tend to be high stakes. Ending a song when you miss a swipe (rather than knocking back your multiplier) is hardcore. Also, I’d prefer if songs had skill levels, rather than just opening “hard” songs.
  • Great game, but…

    By Lazy Honestly
    Perhaps one of the single worst monatization systems in any game I’ve ever played. I would totally make a one-time payment for this game in order to play it regularly, however, the system in place makes it so that even if you do pay, you will run out of currency, one again barring you from playing the game for hours. It’s like being punished for playing the game, absolutely horrible. This is why people hate mobile games.
  • Great game but song boxes are by far the biggest issue

    By temp304408
    I love this game but I’m like legit 5 min you can’t play no more I reached the point where it’s 3 hours to play for each box hopes something can be done about this soon
  • it’s ok i guess

    By iciinq
    like it’s exactly what it’s described, but idk it just feels so soulless and bland
  • Fun game. Awful developers.

    By JayD5
    The game is great. The developers delete bad reviews. If you could actually play the game when your crates are full it would be very good.
  • Could be great

    By Rownun
    Everything about the game is awesome and I really enjoy playing it… when I can. The 3 slot song case feature is pretty awful. Pretty quickly I fill up all 3 slots with a 5 hour and two 3 hour cases. Now I can’t play for another 3 hours without shelling out money for gems to open them early. This alone brings it to a one star rating for me as I literally am being stopped from playing the game essentially. Something needs to change with this feature.
  • Love the game! Just a couple of issues..

    By wubbalubbadubzy
    So let me start off by saying I love this game and what it has to offer. I spend every second I’m able trying to compete with my friends high scores, along with beating my own high score to get Platinum and Diamond medals. There are some slight issues that tend to be annoying though. For starters, I know I’m hitting it on the beat and it’ll still give me a “Great” instead of at least a “Perfect”, but I can overlook that because it doesn’t happen as often. Another issue I have with it is that it’ll stop the music mid game and then start you back over and play the music again, which really throws off the person or at least in my case. And it’s not just been me I know because I have several people I’ve gotten to play it and the experience the same issues. I would love to give the game a 5 star because this game genuinely deserves it, but I also don’t want to keep experiencing bugs that are fixable. I hope you guys can fix it so I can rate it 5 stars. Also this isn’t an issue, more so a suggestion, but I feel like you should be able to play songs you have after you cap out on your cases, just not gaining anything other than beating your high score. That or at least add a forth spot so players can play more and try to get through quicker and obtain more songs. I love that you offer the instant unlock, it would be cool to get that offer slightly more because it only happens occasionally.
  • good app, one critique

    By addi lindgren
    i personally really like the game. it’s fun for just mindless kinda tapping, i do dislike how once all my little music boxes are filled i can’t keep playing. i’d be plenty fine with all the things i earn go to waste if that meant i got to keep playing. kinda makes me want to delete the app.
  • New Songs?

    By Kevin.estr
    So far? I love the game! It’s interactive, challenging and immersive! Better than any other tap games I’ve played since there’s different mechanics that make it special instead of just clicking on the tiles. I would definitely love to have more songs come in the future and hope the support of this game continues! I see it has almost The same mechanics as clash Royale chest unlock system, except you’re capped at playing the game with the chest slots being full! Something developers should look into! Once you cap the user at tokens? Just let it free play at no rewards until a next slot is open! Other then that? Keep on building this game farther and farther!
  • 4 stars

    By kys creator
    Just like it keeps giving me in every song
  • Great but a few comments

    By App_inspector/tester
    I think this game is amazing! Overall I definitely recommend it! I initially downloaded it because I enjoy listening to music so I figured that it would be fun to play a game with the music I like, and I was right! It is very relaxing. An issue though is that I think that you should be able to still play, even if you have no room for boxes. You could play sort of like an endless mode and not receive a prize afterwards. Also, I think that the swipes are a bit difficult. Now, it might just be me, but whenever I get really into it I forget that there is a swipe and I just tap. Either way, this is a great game!
  • Stupidest gaming model I’ve ever seen..

    By petroboom
    So you open boxes every few hours to unlock new songs … cool, but you can’t play while you are waiting for boxes. So you can’t even practice the game as a new player. You get 4-5 tries tops on a song and then have to wait 5 hours to play again? Wooww… don’t waste your time with this trash. I just wasted by my break typing this but holy heck it had to be done.
  • This game is super fun tbh

    By HeavyCruiserAtago
    I play it to pass the time, just here and there and it’s actually fun. I like unlocking new songs. I wouldn’t put money into the game, so hopefully they’ll continue to make it easy to unlock newer songs just by playing and adding free songs as well.

    By Danewyorkking
    Man I just started playing this game and I CANT STOP!!! It’s really fun and competitive. It gives me tap tap revenge vibes for sure and I love it!
  • Great game… with a greater flaw

    By MakesMeHateNBC
    I think I speak on behalf of the majority of the reviewers here when I say this is a brilliant game, but we should be able to play levels for stars and points when the case slots fill. People want to play the game. You have almost perfect ratings, but every 5 star review has a “but” and they’re all after the same thing. You’re on the verge of letting a great game die because frustrated players, and losing players for the simple reason of them wanting to play the game is crazy. Truly a fantastically put together game, being able to play perfectly on time with the music is very satisfying to me, but I’d like to do it some more. Thanks guys.
  • Nostalgia

    By Blindghost554
    For those of you who remember Tap Tap revenge. This is the closest you’ll get to it. This game doesn’t feel cheap like the other wanna-be tap tap games. It looks and feels like a modern game and the song-unlock systems works a lot better than when Tap Tap did their remake of the original games. I’m definitely choosing this game over the other music tap games. I would just like it a bit better if it had more rock.
  • Good

    By teddabaer103929103958592
  • Really good but has a gimmick

    By joshua352
    The game is solid, and I’m so happy for another music based rhythm game to be released. I’m old enough to remember the fun of the tap tap games.... that said the moment you fill up your crates, which will happen fast, you will be barred from playing for up to 5 hours, unless you chuck out gems. I get they have to make money somehow but this seriously feels like the wrong way. Actively stopping users from using your app is not how you will grow.... great game tho, the bones are solid and the UI is clean as can be