Slingshot Stunt Driver

Slingshot Stunt Driver

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-07-25
  • Current Version: 1.2.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 299.00 MB
  • Developer: TapNice Sp. z o.o.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 5 604


This is it! This is what it all led to! All of the car driving, stunts, crazy shenanigans - this is what they culminate into! Are you brave enough, crazy enough, fearless enough to LAUNCH A CAR FROM A SLINGSHOT? We bet you are! In this awesome, one-of-a-kind arcade experience you will be able to: - Adjust the strength of the slingshot - Choose a direction - Watch your car fly, bounce around the environment & reach the target… … but only if you’re skilled enough! Aim carefully & try to land in the marked spot! For the coins you collect in each approach you can buy awesome upgrades: - Slingshot power: so that your initial speed gets even higher - Engine: so that the cars drives faster - Bonus: so that you earn more money for future upgrades The further you get, the more challenging the terrain becomes and the more carefully you have to aim.



  • Adds

    By ;(:54
    Too many commercials. 10 seconds of play, 30 seconds of commercials. THIS GAME IS NOT THAT GOOD!!!!!!
  • Fun game

    By sbuzloven
    Super fun game. My only complaint is I’m on the last track of world 2 and every time I hit the ramp it glitches and the car just goes through the ramp.
  • Dr Death

    By Lol omglol
    Already mastered level 1 twice. Why is level 2 locked after completing level 1? Fix your game
  • Possibilities

    By cjcstl
    This game is ok but there are levels that the car stops on the ramp and shakes then ends the jump. Some levels on every jump!
  • Fun

    By Daily-gifter
    Good time killer
  • Game is horrible

    By SwaggerFuckMePls
    This game is absolute garbage. After you get your slingshot skill past level 50 there’s not an ounce of chance that you can ever use 100% again. The car just decides to randomly flip out after you let go and go nowhere. The developers of this game are retards and I wish them the worst possible life imaginable. GFY.
  • Fun game.....mostly

    By escalon91
    Fun game overall. Seems seems that some of the levels are broken. Specifically world 2, level 9/10. The cars run into each other and block the lanes, making it impossible to complete the level.
  • No consistency !!!

    By Mizzou att
    This game has potential but the lack of consistency is the worst!!!
  • Stuck

    By JIFFY478
    If you get to a level you can’t complete your stuck no option to skip or help with level
  • Next level available

    By jmb20202020
    Hi I love playing the game please let me know when the next level is available I’ve already played the same one three times I don’t want to delete it from my phone because I enjoy playing the game thanks
  • Too many ads

    By AO27
    Can’t just play the game. Millions of ads
  • To the creators!

    By Homz$
    I love this game!! i beat world one and two but when can we expect world three!!?? i see it’s under construction but i’d really live to keep going so a reply on this would be awesome thanks guys/girls
  • Great Game But App Hungry

    By Putski115
    This would be a fantastic and fun game if after each pull of the slingshot, make it or not, you have to sit through a 30 second ad. Ridiculous!!!! Had to uninstall.
  • Game is broken

    By Mechsupernova
    I keep getting stuck in ramps, games fun but not when it’s broken, I made it to level 10 world 2 all the cars wreck and I can’t jump the center ramp, I keep getting stuck in the ramp.
  • Time waster

    By byersbulldawgs
    This game is a great lil time waster!!!
  • Decent Game

    By AJ K 123987
    This game was a good balance between skill and grinding a little bit for upgrades. Would love to have a feature where you can go back and replay earlier levels within a World - currently you can only play every level in a World in order and then reset the game to play then in order again.
  • When is the new update coming

    Plz update soon
  • Stuck

    By Jacie Lynn 704
    This game is great, I can play it when I don’t have service or WiFi, which is great. My only complaint is that I get stuck on some levels for days, I really wish there was an option to watch a couple ads or spend some coins to skip a level.

    By temsi
    I get that game devs want to make a buck, but honestly, this is too much. Whatever happened to just letting me buy the game outright? Why pester me with ads and then nag me into paying to remove ads. If the amount of ads was balanced, I’d be happy to support the devs by paying to remove ads, but when they’re this aggressively trying to annoy you into buying it, to the point of making you press a button that says “I like ads” when canceling out of the “get rid of ads” nag screen, it’s infuriating and makes me not want to reward that kind of behavior.
  • Game not complete

    By Ibkukin
    I wish I had known that there were only two levels before I paid for it.
  • Fun game, needs more levels.

    By Frustrated Gooch
    The game itself is 5-star, but it loses two stars to get an overall of three stars because there are only two levels. Level 3 is under construction. I wish I’d known that before I paid. Add more levels! I’ll gladly change to 5 stars!
  • Mediocre game. Has potential

    By Macaque007
    Too many ads. Complete glitch at 10-0 where the ramp stops you dead with your car sticking straight in the air. Failed launches take far too long with your car spending 20-30 seconds falling or slowly rolling away from the goal. If there’s no way to meet the goal, it should immediately end the attempt.
  • Please fix the bugs and the glitches

    By DjJc2017
    When I try to slingshot the car it automatically crashes .. and there’s no cars for the car to crash( if I would’ve k own we can’t play 3 I wouldn’t had bought the game.. smh what a waste of money!!
  • It won’t pull back

    By kinggotmoves
    I’m swiping down and the car won’t pull back!!!!
  • Seriously?

    By TunesmithCCR
    $3.99 for a game with only 20 levels built. Y’all got some nerve.
  • Nothing you do really matters?

    By MeMeMeMeMeMeMeMe999
    The gameplay is inconsistent and often times it doesn’t matter whether you upgrade or not. You assume each level has a “perfect” setting that is required but you can never get it. Using 100% power pushes you 20 meters past the target but 99% makes you 20 meters short? Sometimes you don’t make any changes or upgrades and you miraculously land exactly on target? The fun wears off quickly.
  • Ads

    By rpdexter22
    Download this game if you like to watch a 30sec ad, between every turn. Otherwise, don’t waste your time.
  • Only 2 levels

    By Interpol124
    More levels needed! Only 2? This is more of a lengthy demo of a game than a game
  • The Terms of Services are scary

    By XO_Guardian
    if you read the TOS this game has they are scary and should be enough to get you to stay away from it they pretty much take all kinds of information that is saved on your phone it’s practically a virus/rat
  • This Game is fun

    By payne 10472057295
    The game is fun but the cars are annoying but other then that the game is fun
  • Fun, addicting game!

    By Swaney68
    This game is really fun to play on my free time...getting rid of all ads was worth the price. Hope to see more worlds coming out! This game doesn’t have any issues
  • Great game

    By łáñdø
    Great game
  • Good time waster

    By jonnyrollins
    The game is really fun and you can do more with it than just playing the game itself. I like to explore the incredibly detailed environments by aiming the slingshot around, overshooting the target, going through tunnels and down into ravines. When will World 3 be available? I can’t wait!
  • Crashes at World 2 Level 8

    By bojackey
    World 2 Level 8 has an invisible barrier on the ramp, can’t get past it
  • Wonderful game but it has lots of bugs

    By Chucksterr
    I’ve been playing this game for several days now and have found a lot of bugs. In the 2nd world has many bugs while jumping off the ramp. Very frustrating.
  • Good but please fix

    By amberlwales
    I love the game but once making it to a certain level my car keeps flipping and crashing!!
  • Ramp wreck

    By Texas!!
    Why do the cars go partway up the ramp and hit an invisible wall.
  • Privacy

    By bob12094576
    You have to accept their terms and privacy which I read and seems like a lot of personal info collected. Immediately deleted it.
  • Annoying game

    By gunzogonxo
    So i paid for adds to be removed and as soon as I did it became impossible to beat a level, 37% over shoots by a mile 36% won’t make it over the hill type BS. Horrible game if you want stress free gaming
  • Glitchy as all hell

    By JJPPatrick
    Game is full of glitches. Upgrades are not consistent.
  • Help

    By nickgurrrs
    Whenever I launch my car it spins out or does a flip help

    In most games the point is to upgrade to get the best of everything so you can compete with the harder levels....well in this game, once you upgrade past a certIn Point for any level, the physics of the level become impossible and you’ll never pass again because you’re overpowered. I also upgraded from 100-200 on my slingshot and car, I was on the same level that whole time, none of those upgrades changed power level or anything. Don’t waste your time to get let down by an uncompleted game. Buggy as hell too. I also can’t get past 10-2 because of the upgrade glitch and inconsistencies of the power
  • So many ads

    By 6767558
    Tons of ads don’t waste your time

  • Terrible game

    By 😭👎👎👎👎😭😭👎😭
    Never buy or waste money on this game after you get level 80 slingshot power your car just flips upside down all the time its so bad
  • You’ve gone over the line with the ads.

    By Thejim2
    Looks like a really fun game to play for a while, but I wouldn’t know, because after slinging the car about 5 times, I feel like I’ve been through about a half hour of ads. I don’t know about everyone else, but every single time I slingshot the car, I have to sit through a one minute ad. There’s no “X” that pops up after a few seconds, so that you can skip most of the ad. If ads are going to start becoming this obnoxious, I think we are starting to witness the peak, and then the decline of “free” ad-supported games. That’s a bit much for me.
  • Very challenging

    By Gynotai
    There are a lot of levels in this game and each one is different. Get it!
  • Good idea bad execution

    By Shawn zombi
    It’s a good idea for what could be a fun game. It needs more levels more cars more features. It also needs to be more consistent with the shots. I would do an engine upgrade and my distance would go down. Makes no sense to me. If you do upgrades your distance should improve. It didn’t every time. I wouldn’t pay a penny to remove ads.
  • decent game, a lot of bugs

    By penguin_lips
    this game really needs a bug fix