Type Run

Type Run

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-07-22
  • Current Version: 2.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 165.27 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 6 984


How fast can you type? Compete with other players in this fun fact typing race. If you goes above 10 characters per second, you are legally a Type Runner.



  • Absolute trash

    By TreytheIntern
    The game is garbage. It doesn’t recognize answers as being accurate or even words, and half the time when it does save an answer it “corrects” it to a horrible misspelling. For one I wrote I said “Kohls” for names of department stores and it “corrected” to “Kholes” like DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME.
  • nah

    By grigganLgga
    i like the concept of the game. it’s very creative and fun to play. however i feel you should be able to select specific trivia categories to make it fair. how is one supposed to know any harry potter spells when they’ve never seen the book or watched the movie (which is me) don’t get me wrong, i love a challenge, but it’s not fun nor fair when the category is something you know literally nothing about. i hope in a near update you add that feature, because i don’t find the game fun when i am literally unable to play
  • In confusion

    By Adeeah
    I was confused cause I wasn’t sure what to do Still don’t
  • New update is trash

    By samalbertson
    This game was very fun before this new update. I thought it was very fun and i really enjoyed it but now with this update this is the same as many other games and now it’s boring.
  • misleading

    By tristan moriah
    1. your “ad” shows letters that you type to be able to keep going. which is NOT how the game is played. 2. the “categories” you give don’t even have correct answers, it asked for “types of animals” and i “died” when i typed pig. not to mention it said “baby girl names” i put “amy” and i immediately “died” but yet someone put “joe” for a baby girl(and came in first place), which traditionally, it is not. 3. where are instructions, where is a tutorial, where is faq??? you have absolutely 0 information in app on how to play, or a tutorial. which is absolutely ridiculous. if the game was how it appeared in the “ad” i would still continue playing it. but this game that i downloaded, from the misleading ad, is terrible. thank you.
  • Turned into a different game

    By myjinngles
    I downloaded this game to compete to type faster but as I have continues to play it has turned into a fallguys copy. The game turned from typing as fast as you can to who knows the most about a certain topic. It ruins the fun of the main point which is typing.
  • Spelling Errors

    By turdcat
    So many spelling errors with the new version of this game!!! Hockey came up “hokey” Twitter “twitt”. There’s were SO many more. Facebook wasn’t considered a correct answer for “social media sites”...literally found this game through Facebook advertising?? The new version is so different from the original it should’ve just been a new game. It went from how fast can you type to a category quiz with fast typing.
  • Bad Update

    By .Nola.
    I loved this game and played it all the time until the new update. It’s the same thing every time and it’s a lot harder than before. I would really love if you could maybe change it so you could decide if you want the new version or the older version before the update. I just really loved the other version. Thank you :)
  • Hola

    By theexal04
  • Kind of empty

    By e.aCamilizer
    I like the overall concept but I feel like once you’ve one a game it gets less exiting. I feel like it would be cool if you had some type of goal or something, like if you get get a specific place you get a skin or something just so that there is something to aim for in the game. Other than that I loved the game and it was fun.
  • new update

    By Outrovertices
    I hate this new update, why would you turn your game that was truly built around fast typing to a garbage trivia game? Your game isnt evolving, its devolved into trash. Either change it back or lose money because this is absolutely pathetic
  • My problem

    By susan tyson
    My problem is that when I try to type and I make sure that every time everything is right, it says it’s wrong and makes me start over! I was really excited to play this but, it gets me frustrated when I can’t do it with out it saying that I’m wrong! I am very disappointed!
  • New update ruined game

    By epic stickman
    New update ruined game
  • Update trash

    By Kyara N.
    The older version was way better than this guessing game type version.
  • Update is not so good

    By Starleeny
    I used to really like this game it was fun and taught u how to practice typing but the new update is not my thing and there’s less games number 1 it’s not so much of a race anymore or a learning typing game it’s more so of knowing things. Number 2 they only let u play 1 game now before u were able to play like 5. And Number 3 weren’t u able to customize your character before? We all look the same now. Even though the character dosent matter but it was more fun bc u could tell who was who When did this game become a trivia?!?!?! This game is trash now imma go delete it
  • Type runner update

    By msr towers
    I don’t like the new update there’s no option to change it back and it’s only one game I hate it
  • Hate the new update

    By Izzy N F
    The old game was better not the new update I’ll think about re-down loading it if it goes back to the way it was
  • Too bad

    By jotarosho
    Not sure what happened but after update I can’t see any of the letters I’m supposed to type, just the theme of the race. Very disappointed this update isn’t good for others either
  • Horrible

    By Danny 2424
    I hate this game. It does NOT count all the answers. There was a round where you had to name a Sims game. I LITERALLY SAID THE SIMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It didn’t even count it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿
  • Bad update

    By Great Price
    I loved this app when it was just a typing game! I am deleting it now as since the update, I don't like the game at all. I liked how the other version had different ways of playing, and that I didn't have to think of answers. Very disappointed and kind of confused by this change. Giving two stars because I liked it so much before and also because... I don't know, someone might like this version. Although from the handful of times I gave it a try, there were a lot of answers that I thought should have counted but didn't.
  • Great but

    By animallover134
    Great game but to many adds
  • Trash

    By lydia6351
    Absolute trash sorry but true, it’s nothing like the ad and I will put in answers that I know 100% are right and spelled right and it will say wrong it also spells things wrong and is so dumb it should be deleted
  • Annoying !!!

    By bahdiwlsmzbxbabhakslsnab
    The ads make the game freeze and I lose my progress after having to log out completely. This game is terrible
  • More annoying than sweats in Fortnite

    By JH63728373
    The topic was iconic rappers. I put Eminem. Nope wrong. Logic. That’s good. Wtfreak. I also put McDonald’s for FAST FOOD restaurants and it’s says NO. please improve this app.
  • Fun game but...

    By unownpokemon
    I love games like this but a lot of my accurate answers aren’t accepted. For example, “hermione” was not accepted as an answer for “Harry Potter characters.” Or “chicken” was not accepted as a “type of bird.” I’ve also noticed several words are “corrected” after I’ve entered them.. except they’re now spelled incorrectly 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Terrible

    By misty wolf world
    I wrote the sentence correct more than once and it wouldn’t let me go to the next one.
  • I’m confused

    By smorehunter205
    I really love this game. Or at least, loved. It was really fun until the 1st 2nd 3rd and I think 4th places, came up when you have to think of the answers in that category, this might be an update you made that I don’t like (sorry) or I made it there and that’s all I get to do now, or it’s something I have to complete to get back to the regular. Please fix this!
  • different

    By I luv pikachu
    i used to really like this game but the new update is really different and it has less typing games than before. its okay now but not as good as it was.
  • Why change it >:(

    By jurrrneyyy
    I liked the game better when it was racing to see who can type the word faster not sports or Batman villains I hope they change the game back how it was because it was way better .
  • New Update is Trash

    By Bonzie Bonnie
    Okay, I never knew a simple typing game can turn into a trivia. What happened to other Minigames where you get to choose or automatically participate in? I deleted this game after the stupid update came. This game is supposed to something fun where you test your typing skills or something. Not use your head 24/7 in a trivia game. Kinda dumb... rather not wanna play something when a developer decides to add a whole other new different type of game to a specific categorized game smh
  • Trash

    By joseee400
    After the update now it’s a whole new game that I don’t wanna play. “Who knows the greatest pubs in Britain?” What kind of question is that? The game is stupid now and less diverse.
  • The devil game

    By tlarry ekfjjpkru
    This is one of the most worst games a have played first when I downloaded it it was good but after a while it got so bad
  • Confusing

    By confuzed playerr
    This games is trash. Whenever I type too fast “correctly”, it ALWAYS give me the wrong answer. Like how!? I’ve tried typing both slow and fast while observing the answer and I still get it wrong.
  • Concept

    By BunniQueen
    It would be better if typing the words show speed rather than theme.
  • Bad game

    By bitty006
    Zero stars I don’t know what to do
  • Stupid lies

    By grlicbread
    The game could be fun but why the hell do u have wrong answers. I got Bruno Mars songs on one and I entered 5 songs word for word and none of them counted. Another one was “common stuff found in tacos” I put chicken and it was wrong. What kind of bull is that
  • Correct answers are wrong

    By Ashley unicorn
    Cameron Diaz movies: Charlie’s angels (says it’s wrong) there’s something about Mary (says it’s wrong) etc Sections in a grocery store: produce (says it’s wrong) dairy (says it’s wrong) rice (says it’s right????) etc Etc etc for most of not many categories
  • Bring back speed typing

    By nickname1$
    This new update makes you play like categories. I want to go back to just typing the word. Horrible update and will not be playing until the other modes are back
  • Hard to work

    By DarkCucomber2
    It won’t let me enter my word when I type it in correctly
  • Wow

    By one1direction🆔forever❤️💛
    I was in awe when this happened. It was a great app and helped with my quick thing skills. But I immediately deleted it when this happened. The category was “famous music bands” when I saw that my face lit up and I thought “OH one direction duhh, they were the biggest band in the world.” The app said I was wrong. How DARE they not think that was correct! But I typed BTS and it was correct! Unbelievable! YOU SHALL NOT DISRESPECT 1D LIKE THAT! I do not recommend this app at all!
  • Please change back to the old format

    By Miss Lee 2 U
    When I first downloaded the game it was an actual typing game where you followed the words. Now it’s a guessing game with the answer key being limited. Please go back to the old format. Also, can I play against real people and not bots. I’d also like to be able to change my avatar. Thanks.
  • it’s ok

    By LM100308
    it was really nice when i downloaded it at first then the update happened and it’s just not as fun anymore :/ please bring back the old type run. thanks!
  • New Update

    By AJ_UnicornGirl41795
    I don’t know when it happened but there was a new update and now instead of just having to type the words it tells you too you have to think of answers in the categories. I don’t like this update and think it should go back to the way it was.
  • Falsely advertised and game flaws

    By Kkarly100
    In the advertisements it makes it seem as though you are given words and phrases to type, but in the actual game you are given a theme and you have to come up with words that fit in the theme and type them. I would be fine with this but a lot of words that fit in the theme don’t count for example. In the theme flowers, chrysanthemum doesn’t count as a flower even though it very much is. Also in the famous painters theme, Bob Ross doesn’t count, and honestly I’m personally offended by this. There are many more cases of this as well to the point that the game is very very very frustrating.
  • Deleted

    By eleasha,
    It was good before the update. I want to type words not answer prompts the fastest.
  • Too many ads

    By Coke giant
    Every time you move on to another level there is a 30-60 second ad that is unskipable. Also the game was way more fun before the update, it had lire to do and it was way easier. And the pictures are very misleading.
  • Makes no sense

    By TRainstorm
    I liked this game when I first downloaded it, but since the update, the game makes no sense. You used to be able to type the words that you needed to that were in front of you, but now it gives you a “theme” but no direction on what to type. Deleted the app. Don’t bother.
  • It’s so bad

    By xxxschoolnerd
    I can’t even type the word it always says I’m wrong even if I take my time to type it
  • ass

    By Fortnite mobile 🤦🏽‍♂️
    new version is awful