Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game

Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-07-26
  • Current Version: 1.32.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 262.54 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LTD
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 69 773


How often do you talk with your brain? Hey, friend, what’s up! It’s me – your crazy brain! Let’s talk a bit, I’ve made a surprise for you… If you are brave enough, ask yourself three simple questions: 1.Are you tired of following common rules? Good job, next one, please. 2. Wanna get some fresh ideas and unique insights? And the last one, but not the least: 3. Do you know how to start thinking in a different and unique way? So probably you’ve just failed now. Do not worry! I do know the right solution cause you cannot imagine how am I sick of stereotypical thinking! ► Shall we wash ourselves? Oh no-no-no! I don’t need your private details…. But have you ever washed me? I am about puzzle game «Brainwash»! It’s a creative method to make me feel special and free from common frameworks! Unusual jigsaw is a magic tool, which will make us think differently and solve unpredictable funny tasks. Let me make you interested and mention some: - match beloved to a cat or make a firework, - find a lion or even biscuits, - escape prisoner or choose father for a baby, - repair a tape or draw the tower of Pisa, - convert «lose» to «love» or feed ufo-cat. ► Why Brainwash is worth paying attention to? Top-5 key reasons: 1. There is nothing in common with old school puzzle games. 2. You will not get bored! Great variety of levels: from 1 to 100. 3. It saves your time – one level takes about 1 min. 4. User-friendly interface: easy to get the idea. 5. Stylish game tools and cheering motivation during the process. ► What I expect you to do now? • Download the game: choose the best online store according to your device (Keep in mind! There is only two possible options). Do it, I am watching you! • Switch on your logic. We need to excel it at max! • Press the button and be ready for some action! Are there any instructions for a puzzle game? No! It’s time to start acting without guides! Ready, set, wash your brain!



  • Brain

    By alexander rogler
    I love this game it’s so fun
  • Good game but you have boobs??

    By o god grob
    You shouldn’t put boobs in it!
  • Worst App Ever

    By love38765432
    I only played the first level at this app but as soon as I finished it the app popped up and what’s even worse is that the Apple don’t let you skip it because there’s no x’s and if you try to it just pops up on the App Store and it want’s you to download it and I don’t like that .Also I haven’t experience before on these levels but if it wants me to search a woman of my kind because I am a girl or a man I will not do it this game is incredibly sexist even though I’m nine I’d say that this should not be on the App Store it’s horrible the age group should be raised to 18+ and why is this even on the App Store
  • My brain

    By Zaenel
    Great great brain is like BrainPOP
  • Less ads please it will be more fun with out ads

    By caden gregory
    Less ads
  • I just started on this device, but it’s amazing!

    By ummilikecheese
    I’ve done a ton more levels on my other device, but so far, on this device, IT IS #AMAZING!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CREATING THIS GAME!!!! 😹
  • Mocking Pandemic

    By AnimeMintTea
    The later levels are mocking the COVID pandemic and it’s incredible disrespectful. One showed an unhappy man walking to work while wearing masks on his arms, shoes and the crotch area which is highly inappropriate. I found two in the Assemble section. Another featured hazmat suits and families. Get rid of these! It is highly inappropriate and disrespectful to everyone.
  • Ok

    By alana mollico
    It’s ok it’s just you have to unlock the other things
  • Good

    By bgftyea
    I love this game it is so fun
  • I love it

    By #SlothVibes
    I love this game so much because it calms me down
  • I played the game

    By fuunny donkey
    This game is cool it’s like you have to find stuff
  • Game Of Ads

    By Missfit111
    This would be a great game if you could actually play. All the ads that pop up after each play is aggravating and makes it unappealing. You can’t play the game for the ads you have to watch. I understand there has to be ads unless you pay to have them removed but my goodness not so many you can’t even play the game. Will be uninstalling .
  • it was fun ig

    By lexi_thebest19
    i just finished the game and it was a good way to pass time i was a little inappropriate but the update took most of it off so ya👍
  • Inappropriate levels and commercials

    By WonderWolf9910
    Great game, but inappropriate. I downloaded this for my little sister (she's 6) and inappropriate commercials and levels pop up and teach her new inappropriate things and actions!!! PLEASE GET RID OF THEM SO IT CAN BE A GAME FOR ANY AGE!! >:(

    By Fritos Forever
    If you’re going to produce a game you should at least learn how to spell Wednesday. It is NOT Wensday. Having typos make this game look dumb. I thought this was supposed to train your brain. I’m out.
  • Please take out inappropriate things

    By L🦥
    The game is really fun but PLEASE stop the inappropriate ads and inappropriate levels. Please!
  • Eh

    By BlueBeastZane
    I finished every level. Didn’t really enjoy it.
  • I ❤️ this game

    By good but not suree oof
    It is fun and entertaining
  • I love the game except 1 thing

    By Problemo13
    I love the game but the only problem is after a level there is a ad
  • awful game

    By among us purple fedora
    play it and you will find out
  • What in the world

    By MamaSam0323
    Way to target children. This comes off as educational and the first few levels seem normal (so if there are any parents like me that watch for the first bit to make sure it’s appropriate, it does seem to be at first). Next thing you know, your child is completing a picture of a rubber ducky in a bondage latex suit complete with ball gag. Further researching has shown breast size addition, put the pe*is on the man, and X-ray of a woman showing her in underwear but the man is also a skeleton when xrayed. Even putting it at 12+ is insane to me. Rating needs to change.
  • THIS IS SO FUN!!!😊

    By super awsome gamer
    This game literally has exercised my brain 🧠 but some of the puzzles are kind of well….. easy I'm sorry 😞 if I offended you… buy the way I ❤️ the X-ray vision one. When I use the X-ray vision I pretend I am in an ad and don’t show all the…..details, you know what I mean, ANYWAYS I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂☺️☺️☺️🙂🙂😘😘😘😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🧐🧐🧐🧐
  • Good game

    By ian love evrebutey
    So this game I love it but there’s this level that is all black and if I try to go to the home button it doesn’t show but I press it and it shows a level like with a YouTube icon in VIP so like I’ll give it a for the reading is good right
  • Fun

    By hdhdhdvdghx
    This is a good game but it is hard to😊😊
  • Great Game

    By itwonetmechooseanickname
    Quick Summary at the bottom It’s honestly a really fun game and it makes it so much easier to pass time. The one thing I hate about it is the inappropriate ads but you can easily remove those (and all ads) by turning your phone on airplane mode. It takes time to unlock more levels but that’s the fun part about it. You have a goal (in this case getting more levels) to work towards and when you reach your goal you’re so proud of yourself. Take this from a person who’s already completed the game, another thing I’m not very fond of is the fact that you can complete the levels (660) in a few days if you play it every day when you’re bored. Quick Summary: (660 Levels) The game is fun if you turn on airplane mode (giving you no ads without any costs) and if you like games with short-term goals.
  • Very inoperat

    By the qawskndhd
    They need to make the game more not inoperat it is not like I am going to wipe down a window and the girl see me. It was almost rising to show her boob so Chang the game
  • Um...what the heck?!

    By 😇😇AngelGamer😇😇
    This game was awesome, until I looked back on the reviews. And some people are saying that it should be for 18+ . All the levels I did were fine but I’m trusting the others on this. DONT GET THE APP ITS A FRAUD. And some of the adds were horrible and not kid friendly. Like one of them was about erasing the girl and you could see her naked. This game is not good. I saw horrible ads this game needs new sponsors, ur the game itself isn’t bad it’s the ads. DONT GET THIS APP. I WISH I COULD GIVE IT ZERO STARS. The game makers have no respect for young children.
  • Fun and engaging

    By SouthernBelle57
    This game is both humorous and mentally stimulating, challenging without becoming discouraging. The one suggestion that I would make is to not include games that depend on speed or hand-eye coordination. Not all of your customers are young and fast.
  • Just an ad-pushing app

    By ellielove17
    The levels are ridiculously easy and there is an ad every 2-3 levels. you spend more time watching ads than playing the game. seems like the purpose of the app is just to push ads rather than provide a game.
  • Very inappropriate for children!

    By jwstubbe
    Should be rated 18+. My 12 year old daughter received a “middle finger” picture. Shame!
  • Joel

    By joel lian
    This is fun
  • Insane # of ads

    By K Stu47
    Title says it all. Levels take 2-5 seconds and every 2-3 levels gets you another add. More time watching than playing this app. Uninstalled after 25 levels
  • This is so much fun

    By AMckinley93
    Omg this is so fun I want to keep it forever
  • I like it but....

    By phieoema
    One thing is that I need more levels. I’ve finished all of them and need more. Plz update with more levels thx.
  • 😍

    By 😊💕😍😋😄
    I loveeeeeeeeeee this game
  • Love it

    By Eazy E~L
    Love the game, and the lord, Jesus Christ!! Do you
  • Thought it was gonna be another garbage game but wasnt

    By honest-reveiw
    This game actually is a nice break from other devs and oozes style while being well built the graphical choices are phenomenal no matter the small difference overall i like it and its quality
  • This game is disturbed..

    By audbaby722
    Seriously. There are tons of levels with animals smoking and there was one with a monkey grabbing onto a man’s nuts under a cloth and another of a pizza shaped like a middle finger. Really bizarre and I got a really bad vibe playing it.
  • Cool

    By ijhnjnnnjjnhjdftou
  • I love it

    By Catapult School
    Level 144 of draw was esspecially good people will listen to anything on a screen so it’s good to put positive messages like that besides that I just really like this game and think it’s fun keep up the good work also say games is rElly good thanks usually in helpful critic out ps sorry for spelling and grammar I’m not that young
  • Good game I think

    By Frank White Jr the Third
    Ok ✅
  • Good game

    By adjkvct
    Actually is satisfying good game not many adds or negative messages
  • Ads

    By CyiaBatten
    Too many
  • Awesome

    By amylocks
    Neat game
  • bruh

    By p3nguinb0y
    if you have seen a single ad for this game you know what I’m talking about. I was gonna make fun of this game, and wasted my time because this game is just an ad fest. thanks for wasting 10 minutes of my life, stop the inappropriate ads and just overall act less like clowns.
  • Nice game! But one problem

    By AubreyT
    This is a fun game but on 25 level its not even for kids but very fun game!
  • Hello

    By mhdhtsykccxgn
    It is so fun but add naked pictures
  • Idk

    By Plays with them sqrls
    It’s just good I don’t know
  • Ads

    By nernrgengfnhrnht$
    More ads then there is game