Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game

Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-07-26
  • Current Version: 1.29.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 252.21 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 66 523


How often do you talk with your brain? Hey, friend, what’s up! It’s me – your crazy brain! Let’s talk a bit, I’ve made a surprise for you… If you are brave enough, ask yourself three simple questions: 1.Are you tired of following common rules? Good job, next one, please. 2. Wanna get some fresh ideas and unique insights? And the last one, but not the least: 3. Do you know how to start thinking in a different and unique way? So probably you’ve just failed now. Do not worry! I do know the right solution cause you cannot imagine how am I sick of stereotypical thinking! ► Shall we wash ourselves? Oh no-no-no! I don’t need your private details…. But have you ever washed me? I am about puzzle game «Brainwash»! It’s a creative method to make me feel special and free from common frameworks! Unusual jigsaw is a magic tool, which will make us think differently and solve unpredictable funny tasks. Let me make you interested and mention some: - match beloved to a cat or make a firework, - find a lion or even biscuits, - escape prisoner or choose father for a baby, - repair a tape or draw the tower of Pisa, - convert «lose» to «love» or feed ufo-cat. ► Why Brainwash is worth paying attention to? Top-5 key reasons: 1. There is nothing in common with old school puzzle games. 2. You will not get bored! Great variety of levels: from 1 to 100. 3. It saves your time – one level takes about 1 min. 4. User-friendly interface: easy to get the idea. 5. Stylish game tools and cheering motivation during the process. ► What I expect you to do now? • Download the game: choose the best online store according to your device (Keep in mind! There is only two possible options). Do it, I am watching you! • Switch on your logic. We need to excel it at max! • Press the button and be ready for some action! Are there any instructions for a puzzle game? No! It’s time to start acting without guides! Ready, set, wash your brain!



  • Love it

    By Eazy E~L
    Love the game, and the lord, Jesus Christ!! Do you
  • Thought it was gonna be another garbage game but wasnt

    By honest-reveiw
    This game actually is a nice break from other devs and oozes style while being well built the graphical choices are phenomenal no matter the small difference overall i like it and its quality
  • This game is disturbed..

    By audbaby722
    Seriously. There are tons of levels with animals smoking and there was one with a monkey grabbing onto a man’s nuts under a cloth and another of a pizza shaped like a middle finger. Really bizarre and I got a really bad vibe playing it.
  • Cool

    By ijhnjnnnjjnhjdftou
  • I love it

    By Catapult School
    Level 144 of draw was esspecially good people will listen to anything on a screen so it’s good to put positive messages like that besides that I just really like this game and think it’s fun keep up the good work also say games is rElly good thanks usually in helpful critic out ps sorry for spelling and grammar I’m not that young
  • Good game I think

    By Frank White Jr the Third
    Ok ✅
  • Good game

    By adjkvct
    Actually is satisfying good game not many adds or negative messages
  • Ads

    By CyiaBatten
    Too many
  • Awesome

    By amylocks
    Neat game
  • bruh

    By p3nguinb0y
    if you have seen a single ad for this game you know what I’m talking about. I was gonna make fun of this game, and wasted my time because this game is just an ad fest. thanks for wasting 10 minutes of my life, stop the inappropriate ads and just overall act less like clowns.
  • Nice game! But one problem

    By AubreyT
    This is a fun game but on 25 level its not even for kids but very fun game!
  • Hello

    By mhdhtsykccxgn
    It is so fun but add naked pictures
  • Idk

    By Plays with them sqrls
    It’s just good I don’t know
  • Ads

    By nernrgengfnhrnht$
    More ads then there is game
  • Why I like this game

    By blackpink13579
    The reason I like this game is because it’s hard and helps my mind grow stronger
  • Just delete this game

    By Light_Phieonx12245
    This game is horrible and I’m going to call the cops
  • Forever the best game ever

    By Famousgirl911
    This is amazing
  • Lüńå

    By Lüñå
    This game is then best sometimes I delete it Bec I don’t have room in my phone that’s why and ty for this game :)
  • Good

    By omg i cant beleive it 😛
    So good game
  • Change the age restriction.

    By TheBotWhoBeatU
    There are levels that should be 18+ to 12+!

    By osifhiyfhk
    This game is age inappropriate. On level 25 the duck looked very sexual with the ball in her mouth and the tight jacket. Instead of 12+ This should definitely be 18+ not even teenagers 12 or 13 should be playing this game! It is really inappropriate and you keep using women like they are objects or something. Even though i am a boy i think this is very offensive to women and they do NOT want to see this kind of stuff. This game is not for kids and if you are reading this review don’t download it unless you are 18 or over. Have a good day
  • Great brain teasers

    By Reading, Writing, Rithmetic
    This game stimulates you without frustrating you and makes sure you’re paying attention. It also makes you laugh.
  • Sexual assault

    By dis duk
  • Not great

    By Unicornlady504
    This app has super inappropriate adds not just their adds but the adds they show you. If I were you I would get rid of it.
  • A bit boring

    By goaoqkhxhdussja
    It’s kinda boring I feel like only 5-7 year olds would like it and I am 15
  • Inappropriate

    By i love roblox arianna salazar
    I like the game but there’s so much ads and there all inappropriate there this one ad that a girl was on a bed and this other girl was on her and the options were kiss her or push her on bed and another one were this girl said let me buy you a drink and the optioned were say yes or say no I’m straight which it revelry inappropriate for me as a child
  • The game


    By g he q def B red
    It’s my LIFE
  • WOW

    By akb316
    I’m new to this game so I don’t know if this is really really good but to my opinion I LOVE ITdownload now its a good game!!😽😽😻 Love abbey ❤️💜💚💙
  • Great game👌

    By im kinda weird
    I’ve already finished all the levels and the game must’ve been fixed while I wasn’t playing it because I haven’t really seen any inappropriate levels. But yeah, overall great game and I nape there will be more levels!
  • My thoughts

    By great board choices
    This game is just the right level of difficulty. And I love the different areas of challenge. Ads aren’t too bad either.
  • It’s so fun

    By Jalaya❤️💋
    It’s so fun I love it
  • Games

    By gracelynbaumgardner
    It has to many adds but other than that it is a really good game
  • I ilke your game

    By fllywh
    Cool game
  • This game is OK

    By I'm older
    I like it
  • Not for kids! Watch out!!

    By Aunt Crazy
    My son downloaded Brainwash with my permission but I had no idea how much adult content would be in the app AND the advertisements!
  • Maaaaa ADDS

    By Plenderleith’s
    Hi please read it .this is a great app but ADDS ADDS soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many adds it just makes it boring and not to great I like it but I don’t like it at the same time I mean it is ok .
  • Inappropriate adds

    By :kerryman:
    The adds/games that pop up are inappropriate for even 12+ as this is rated.
  • Awesome

    By Aloloolololo
    This game is so awesome I love all of the things that you can explore and find this game is awesomely fun please make more games like this it’s so cool I play every single day🤍🤎🤍🤎🤍🤎you should know how cool this game is
  • No.

    By stay away orage cheetoh
    Honestly when I get these ads I get one where it’s the searching the girl and it goes with to her boob and I hate it in my opinion it seems like you are sexualizing this so make boys download it to see boobs. Just stop
  • Very well

    By dorito totino
    This game tends to be very well at what it is doing but it has WAY too many adds
  • 99% ads

    By MasalaTea
    There are MORE ads than actual game play
  • Great game

    By a person any person
    Y’all did a good job
  • Good games

    By yellow-oga
    I love this game so much levels and fun everything else is awesome thanks for making this game and app :).
  • How I feel about the game

    By jaidensaurusrex
    I absolutely love this game🤩
  • Sad

    By Taiasas
    Add the nasty levels back🙄. Forget what those other people said. I didn’t get a chance to see the offensive levels
  • Read this review please!

    By Danielle12344554
    Hello, developers and readers. Please, I will make my rating go higher, if... you change the age rating. The x-ray part!? NO! That’s so unbelievable how low the age rating is on this. It was so sexual including the add. The went closer and closer from her panties, then backed away. WHAT. THE. HECK. take that descusting add OFF. all of those 2-9 younger kids who are playing fun games see that disturbing add.
  • Yay

    By Zoey thayer
    So good 😍🤪😄🥳😇😘😝😚🥰🤣😂😺😸
  • B

    By Navinas
    Best game but I think it needs something like Christmas cuz Christmas is this week where I am so that’s why I give it a four