Swing Loops - Grapple Parkour

Swing Loops - Grapple Parkour

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-08-01
  • Current Version: 1.8.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 182.93 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 19 125


Now try to name at least one of the parkour games – can you? Hardly you can! But not this time – check on your own why the game «Swing loops» will be your favorite …and sure unforgettable one! ► Your mind keeps turning in an endless loop. Literally! Just close your eyes and imagine…A huge megalopolis, thousands of skyscrapers, even traffic jams (such a real game design, do not be that surprised!) and you are running right in the center of it. WOW! How do you feel about it? Not bad! And if we tell you that at some point of this race you are swinging and afterwards flying as a wild bird… What a crazy parkour game! Than you suddenly mention some more strange people around you. What are they doing here? Are they running towards the finish line. No way! ► Top-10 distinctive features of «Swing loops». 1. Gaming hierarchy: each level consists of 11 sublevels. You cannot be foxy and skip any of them to reach the next destination. Come on, be honest gamer. 2. Every sublevel differs from others within one level in terms of its route and features that you can use on your way. No place for boredom. 3. The game includes the elements of competition: there will be other runners along with you. That is why it is called «race». 4. Different opportunities in the field of action: jump, fly, run, go, even stop – do whatever you want to become the first! 5. New stylish outfits. Hey, in our humble opinion, they are stylish! Tastes differ. 6. Endless chances to start again. It is crucially necessary when you fall down from the 12-storey building. 7. Respect to the classical stuff: golden keys, diamonds, money and other «must collect» things. It is not an old school, but just a piece of good tradition, you know… 8. Highly realistic design of all locations: you can turn left or right and still observe the city around. It makes you feel inside the process for 100%. 9. The unique opportunity to double, triple or more your gathered treasures. It is such an easy way to become a greedy person, so watch yourself! 10. By the way about treasures, in particular colorful crystals. They can be of great help for you in purchasing such things as clothes, tools for climbing, skateboards, wings and water boats. Shopping is available according to your level. ► Someone wise and ancient said that our life is a swing rope. We are not Greek philosophers and thus we are not going to agree or disagree with this famous statement. However, the one thing we do know for sure: the more you play «Swing loops» the less mood swings you have! So download and stay happy all the time cause the game will not leave you a single chance to be sad!



  • okaythisisepic

    By AshpaltFan182
    swing swing go brrrrrrrrrrr
  • Too many mini games and ads

    By Kermit Gadber
    The game itself is fun, but it takes at least 2 minutes between rounds between the non-skippable mini games, ads, skin offers, and requests to watch more ads. Not worth playing
  • Too much ads.

    By mk m hq
    So why when I die a ad pop’s it doesn’t make sense.
  • A little glitch

    By Funnk1e
    I loved this game I’ve downloaded it yesterday and I can’t stop playing but there is a little glitch when I’m in a match it constantly kicks me out when I get an ad this is so annoying and this happens also when I play without internet another thing is when I get ads after the ad a black screen pops up then you have to wait 5 minutes to get the x then get off the black screen fix this please.
  • A Good game for people

    By Smug games
    This game is pretty fun swinging on hoops driving bikes and other stuff no I think I would change about this game is like he would have monthly updates and more customizability for the avatar and add add more skins that look appealing and unique
  • love it!

    By 🅱️EEG🅱️🅾️ℹ️😂
    it’s super fun when you’re bored and have nothing to do, and also one problem with it is it’s just too easy. I also wish you could play with real people too.
  • Can’t play

    By stonksMan Memelord
    Every time I try to load into the game it will kick me out immediately
  • Jklon

    By fjdkcnncvb
    Awesome game I’ve played it for a year now
  • Game is good but needs more levels

    This game is very fun but There needs to be more levels it gets a little boring playing the same few levels that are in the game
  • Pls read before getting

    By aeliol
    Well today I want to talk about what’s fun about it and what’s not cool about it. So first thing is that is the ads many games have ads but this app has a lot, so please fix that, and please add more girl skins that would great. Oh and also the cool thing about it is that instead of wasting your gems on new skins or something like that it has a ad that you can watch to get more skins. ( but still don’t like ads) Thank you for taking the time to read so maybe get this game.
  • No money

    By chjcjg
    The game has a bug for me the game won’t give me the money I earn
  • Absolutely Garbage

    By Pang_719
    The game won’t run for longer than 30 seconds without it freezing and crashing on me. Waste of a download
  • Very unhappy

    By Trentonbones
    Not a good game

    By cjdkhiyhuiuj
  • A little problem, somehow.

    By Smith, Xavier
    I know I had this game for months, but ummm...every time I complete a level my screen is dark. I have no idea what was causing it, I thought I broke it but I somehow found out I didn’t. Please fix this or make a update to the game.
  • Ads

    By Teethebosslady
    There are so many adds it’s not worth playing the game
  • How do I love

    By ta RRANCE
    Lala Lala Lala
  • Not as I expected

    By super fun but not fun
    You think that it would be good but it doesn’t work on phones which is very frustrating don’t think to download if you have a phone and are doing it
  • Too many videos

    By DooWhop33
    I understand you need to get some revenue. Just too many videos though. The game asks if you want to watch (no thanks) and then makes you watch anyway. Occasionally fine, whatever, make your money. But after every single game? Its ridiculous. I and Im sure many others delete as soon as we realize more than 1/2 the time on the game results in me watching a video. You would probably end up making more, if you can keep people longer. Good luck.
  • The game is great but it could be better

    By marcielo contiago
    You should add an endless mode and made the levels feel better and more dynamic
  • The exaggerated swagger of a black teen

    By jdksoxkxkksksjdkdkdj
    The exaggerated swagger of a black teen
  • Nope

    By Speedy21331
    It’s fine if there are some ads, but I refuse to play a game that asks if you want to watch an ad for something, then when you say no thank you it PLAYS AN AD ANYWAY. If I wanted to spend 45 out of 50 minutes watching ads I could turn on the tv, there isn’t any time to enjoy the game.
  • Make a better deatel

    By magana39
    Make it more interesting and more real
  • It needs more maps

    By icors-188
    I like this game overall its super good but after a bit of playing i realized i was basically playing on the same maps or levels over and over again and i think they need to add some more stuff to the game to make it more enjoyable but overall the swinging and everything is very good.
  • I would say it’s okay but...

    By Electro_GamesTV
    The drops you get after you collect are obviously rigged only got 1 rare item after 20 times doing it when the odds should be closer to get them 1/3 times instead of 1/20. On top of that the swing physics (why i got the game) are barely used and most of the levels are based off of power ups like the skateboard, jet ski, and hang glider. Those Are cool but should be power ups and not have complete levels based off of them.
  • Love it but one suggestion..

    By RatingAppsandgames
    I love the game! It’s so time consuming and honestly everything is great. Especially the music, which I did not expect coming from these types of games!! However, I would suggest a free play mode, where you could go as far as you’d like. I would love this due to the animation, music, etc. For the ads however, there seem to be a lot unless you put your device on airplane mode. But, please try to reduce the ads. Thank you.
  • Worst game ever I can’t even play

    By electricthunder62
    It keeps glitching me off and it gives you a horrible character a the start of the game
  • Good but bad

    By Slayrs
    It’s a good game but after about 30 minutes it kept closing and when I tried to restart it it would close again
  • One tiny request

    By johny jackoff
    I love this game just one tiny request please add a spider man suit or a miles morales spider man suit
  • Good game but...

    By I am poop scoop dop
    It’s good but you have to watch an ad for skins u already earned and it’s so hard to control your character. Please fix this.
  • Swinging

    By ovotrippy
    The exaggerated swagger of a black teen🔥
  • Decent game but not as advertised

    By kamalani__
    I bought this game specifically becuase it is called swing loops which make you think the majority of the game would be swinging. But the game is full of other things like jet skis or skateboard and while it’s fun they should make that a separate mode.
  • Ads

    By unicornrskys
    I love this game, but there is to many ads
  • Kicks me out

    By Giovxnnnni
    Every time I try to play it I get kick out immediately so I can’t play the game
  • What’s the point of the gems?

    By Tcavedo
    There’s gems in the level but what’s the point of them? No matter how many I collect, they only ever increase because of the key chest of the specified gem levels. Doesn’t make any sense to include them
  • This game is cool

    By Coopster521
    I like this game because I do
  • Amazing.

    By mgobluevictor
    Devs this is an amazing I would love to see a lot more games like these. If you are always unhappy about ads flick the WiFi of in settings and boom! Good to go overall amazing game.
  • Kicking me out

    By blaze499
    This game is amazing but am having a problem I keep getting kicked out and for some reason when I reopened the app it did it again
  • There is one problem for me . But pretty cool game

    By BlueDarkness36
    So when they give me the skin offer I try to tap the button for the ad when they’re gonna give it to me it won’t even accept that I tapped it! Though I like where you get to swing around really fast and you get to go on a jet ski and my favorite is the hang glider it’s really fun to glide the whole course if you can make it that far.
  • Skyla smith

    By yellowprison
    Every time I try and open the game it doesn’t open and goes straight to my Home Screen and telling by the reviews I just read. People shouldn’t download this game if it broken so to whoever is reading my review. ⚠️⚠️DONT DOWNLOAD THE GAME⚠️⚠️
  • fix plz

    By i am i player
    There’s a glitch where if your in the air and u slide down it will do the animation and it will pull u down plz fix.
  • Best game ever

    By nice kiddo
    The swinging is so good who ever made this game props to you my man
  • Really love it so far

    By Dubbrryder
    It’s almost like fall guys
  • Me

    Devs I love this game it’s not like a game on console but it’s good. To the players if you are unhappy about the ads just turn the WiFi out if you do then you won’t get ads
  • This is better than the add

    By ttvhulksmash
  • Nice

    By Honeybrown313
    This game is really good, I don’t see problems and it’s really fun!
  • It is ok I guess

    By Leadfut7
    I don’t like the graphics so that lost 2 star and I don’t like the characters so yea not yet that good
  • Good game

    By alksksks
    Good game
  • Terrible

    By Damin117
    Terrible stole reactions and songs in ads doesn’t even give mention and to many ads