Comics Bob

Comics Bob

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2021-03-02
  • Current Version: 1.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 191.03 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 15 923


► Comics Bob – Mind-bending puzzles and classic cartoon fun! Comics Bob caveman! Comics Bob not clever man. Comic Bob love cave lady. Cave lady in danger. Comics Bob confused. Comics Bob need friend with big brain! ► Yabadaba-doh! Help lovable doofus Bob and his beautiful lady friend overcome the trials and tribulations of paleolithic romance in this wacky cartoon puzzle game where you make the choices for the hapless prehistoric heroes. Choose right or choose wrong, the answer’s always guaranteed to be a blast as situations unfold with the humor and ingenuity of classic cartoon capers. Sneaky saber-toothed tigers, manic monkeys, tricksy pterodactyls and even inquisitive aliens are all conspiring to rend our star-crossed stone-age lovers asunder, so you’ll need all your lateral thinking and puzzle-solving skills to save them, get them back together and ensure the future of the human race doesn’t go tumbling over a cliff into oblivion. ► Stone-age technology! • Endless prehistoric puzzle fun – enjoy dozens of unique levels of logic adventures with Comics Bob and his stone-age queen. Each situation has two possible outcomes: disaster or delight for poor bewildered Bob, but so much fun for you that you won’t mind trying again if you can’t get it right first time. • A Paleo diet for your brain – attune your sophisticated 21st century brain to the wild primitive thinking of the stone age, where the tools are simple but the the uses they can be put to are ingenious. You’ll need all your guile and imagination to choose the right answers and get Bob and his missus past the obstacles that stand in the way of true love. • Cave art, cave music, cave party! – the setting may be primitive and the gameplay couldn’t be simpler, but the graphics and music in Comics Bob are gorgeous, recalling over a century of classic cartoons and comics, and ensuring a joyful experience for players of all ages. • You can’t stop progress! – regular updates and new episodes ensure the fun keeps on coming. What’s Bob got up his loin cloth this time? You’ll never guess in this zany puzzle-solving adventure where the surprises never end. ► Get primitive! Tired of the complexities and stresses of hi-tech modern life? This is the game for you! Get back to a simpler and even sillier time when women were real women, men were really dumb, and romance somehow flourished nonetheless! Download Comics Bob today to explore a wild and wacky ancient world filled with colorful creatures and crazy situations, save humanity from its own stupidity, and enjoy innocent, endlessly entertaining pre-historic puzzle fun!



  • good game fr.

    By cher 💞
    butttt y’all been telling me for 3 weeks new levels were coming “next week” & at this point i think you’re lying to me 😂😂😂
  • Ad simulator 2021

    By deathwolf541
    Every button you push is an ad
  • Ads

    By 66777677
    The ads on the game were very creepy not appropriate for viewers
  • Ads galore!!!

    By PapaBear2766
    Way to many ads!!!
  • It’s alright but...

    I love this game. I really do but.. there is somethings that are inappropriate for kids and boys. The girl is showing lots of parts of her body. And boys that are playing this could just be staring at those parts. This is very unacceptable especially when LITTLE boys could be playing this. Please improve this problem. But other than that.. I love the game! I 99 percent recommend it.
  • I love it

    By ginny pigs
    It a cool game no ads no nothing I never had a good game like this
  • Awful

    By Commander Andy
    Avoid this one, too many ads, the puzzles are a guess and have nothing to do with logic, fact or reason.
  • like game but....

    By jj 507
    i love the game but the ad is two girls sexing PLZ CHANGE THE ADD
  • More levels

    By 😁 stay safe
    It’s almost been a month since new levels come plz put more levels soon!!!!!!
  • Good

    By poop_poop!
    This game is so fun it’s funny and I just love it I will play it a lot thank you for this! 👋!!!!
  • Ha ha ha good

    By josh houle
    Josh 8 out of 10
  • Worst game ever

    By Daniela cc ❤️ dolphins
    There are so many ads in this game but that is not why i am writing this review. The way you treated women in the game is embarrassing. You should be ashamed for the way you create women in this game. You might say “oh it’s just a game no need to worry” but that is not true no matter if it’s a game or a thought nobody should treat women like toys and men like kings. I would give this app -10000000 stars if i could
  • Good game

    By bandthetigerhunt
  • Good but

    By gymnastella22
    Let’s be honest it has way to many ads like way to many they start getting very annoying but the game is super fun but only for 12+
  • Stupid

    By Girlmeetsgames
    This game is so dumb and unrealistic if someone is in the mirror behind u why use a comb to brush your hair
  • G

    By ismail_s5

    By kelli_f
    I love this game so much, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for a game where you can choose without doing all of the puzzles.It’s so fun and addicting to play i play it in class all the time!
  • Muchos anuncios

    By mucho anunsios
    Muchos anuncios
  • Meh..

    By Thanielb
    Too many ads and had to uninstall
  • Don’t bother

    By Sborder
    Just a story game with an ad serve after 1-2 choices. I uninstalled.
  • False alarm I needed to update my game

    By dgickyxkgxkycgk
    Sorry I only needed to update download this game so good and very addictive 😛🤫
  • I’ve got a problem

    By babyyoda🧸
    Ok so I downloaded this game because it looked fun.. but I had clicked the don’t save me for one of the levels (I forgot) and it still showed me an ad. There are just too many ads! Please don’t hate me for saying this!😓😓
  • زق

    By rmz98
  • Terrible

    By gamer stud dude
    This has to be the dumbest game ever. If you think at all you’re gonna be wrong. Choose between an umbrella and a hair dryer. WRONG! Now you watch an ad before you can start over. Then it’s on to the second selection. You’ll be wrong again and have to watch another ad. When you finally reach the end of the level you get to watch another ad before you can move on. I played three levels. That was enough.
  • Why this game makes no sense

    By the info wriiter
    There are several times in the game we’re some times the right choice was completely unrealistic and unpredictable like the times a mouse scared a preasroric leopard and instead of a ladder to get out of a tunnel you had to blow up a frog into a ballon that some how lifted you up
  • ..

    By ImaginationIV
    To many freaking ads
  • About game

    By OVI00987
    This game is very short. I already finished in half an hour. Update is fast unless your customers go away. But gameplay is good
  • Mommy

    By Dramey1
    This game is so fun I just want aplay itFor like forever this game is so fun you guys should download it
  • Great game

    By TheeChefJ
    This game is so much fun
  • Comics bob

    By Timothy Templeton
    This game is so boring
  • Discussed

    By King Kahi
  • Waiting for more levels

    By kaden smyers
    Very fun! Waiting for more levels!
  • Inappropriate horrible

    By embowen
  • New levels?

    By Goldguyplays
    When is there new levels?
  • Fun but I need a way to remove ads

    By Cpt icicles
    Love the game but the ads are way to much
  • Gold

    By treeqzwa
    Nice app to play
  • Ads.

    By Bug110169
    To many ads.
  • Not far in

    By Broaklen
    I gave this a four star cause I am not quite far in yet so I am enjoying if
  • weird

    By corgi411
    all comic type things are odd/ but this is just straight up random and weird. it’s okay i guess but i hardly kept of for a day and adds play at random times
  • Too many adds

    By Mads4566
    Far too many adds to even bother with the game.
  • ew

    By XxfrenchsuperstarxX
    ads every 2 seconds and it’s super boring
  • Don’t play unless you want to make yourself dumb

    By gigib0513
    This game is so stupid. The outcomes are super unrealistic and so sexist
  • You should be ashamed

    By justjenni87
    An ad for this game popped up on my FIVE YEAR OLDS game!!!! Two naked girls tongues kissing and licking each other in a hot tub?????? Your ad is ridiculous. I am beyond mad. You need to change your ads.
  • It‘s not fun at all

    By チャンフー
    It’s not fun at all. And there is too many ads, almost every level you passed you have to watch a ad. 一點也不好 垃圾遊戲 千萬不要下載 別上當受騙。每一關每一級過了之後都要被強迫看廣告 很噁心!
  • Inappropriate, disgusting, horrible

    By ggshhshsudjff
    This game is so bad. First of all the girl has almost no clothing on. You had to add the effects that make her boobs jiggle every time she walks. The ads for this game are disgusting the way you make the girl naked with something covering her more sensitive parts. This is completely horrible the way you portray women in this game. DON’T DOWNLOAD.
  • Is he?

    By Tomboy Ninja
    Is he sticking everything up his butt😂
  • Why?

    By -Bells-
    There is to much adds. Almost every time I click an answer I get an add and it’s really annoying so I uninstalled the game-
  • Things

    By boydegared
    This game is really good but when I pass a level it will not let me go on to the next level.
  • Ignore Fake Reviews

    By Nik and Rachel B
    This is a dumb game which throws ads at you every 15 seconds. Even without the ads it wouldn’t be very fun. Ignore all these fake five star reviews.